1.0 / April 28, 2016
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FlipWired 3D Games brings you an out-classFPSSniper Shooting Game, the Stealth Sniper, go ahead, grabyoursecret sniper rifle, take a deep breath, aim AND shoot to killinthis cold war! Bringing you the best sniper war game,StealthSniper Shooter 3D Free revolves around an assassin snipershooterwho is given missions to eradicate terrorists from the faceof theEarth! Get ready to be the hunter assassin and hunt criminalsandterrorists! If you a fan of FPS sniper shooter games,animalhunting and dinosaur hunting games, then this is the bestassassinkiller game you can ask for! This first person snipershootingaction game will throw you in the midest of battle of theassassin,in the sniper war, with a marksman rifle, ready to huntenemies inthe death war, on the frontline of the guerilla of thesniper vsmafia warefare! Use all your assassin sniper battle skillsin thisshooting action game to bring down your enemies!

If you are a fan of war games, hunter games, in which youkillenemies with deadly headshot, then you have to download thissnipershooting game FREE! With more than 15 levels, withvaryingdifficulty, this action gun shooter game gives you a blendof thirdperson shooter and first person shooting! You can switchbetweenthe FPS Shooter and TPS modes, switch to the FPS SniperBattle andShoot to Kill in this Marksman Battle OR switch to theTPS to TakeCover and avoid the dangerous kill shot of theenemies!

Episode 1:
Episode 1 has 5 missions. Your job is to take down the criminalbasepacked with gangster. Having beaten the police force, theythinkthey can't be brought under the law. You are on a secretmissionhanded over by the police task force, carry out aninsurgentoperation and take them all down! Time for a Sniper vsMafia andSniper vs Crime battle!

Episode 2:
Episode 2 is also packed with 5 missions. This time you moveagainstdangerous terrorist shooters! They have kidnapped varioushigh levelhostages and you're tasked with freeing them. So getready, becausethis time its Sniper Vs Terrorists. Remember, theseterrorists arewell trained in the art of combat and willannihilate you if you'renot careful. Go make deplete them.

Episode 3:
As you progress to the 3rd episode, you're again tasked with5missions. This time the forces of crime have joined up, itsahideout featuring both terroists and mafia gangsters. Time totakethe game to the next level and take them all down! Don't leaveasingle terrorist or mafia gangster standing! After you'redonetaking them down, the Boss Sniper will come. Make sure youhidebefore firing. He will deplete your life.

Game Features:
- HD 3D Graphics
- Mesmerizing Visual Effects of Bullets Flying
- Best 3D Sound Effects
- Best Marksman Game Play
- Realistic Marksman Simulation Experience
- Addictive Story Line of the Bravo Soldier
- Realistic FPS Game (First Person Shooting)
- Dual Modes, FPS Shooting and TPS (Third Person Shooting)
- Addictive Storyline of Stealth Shooting
- Multiple Secret Assassin Missions with Intelligent Enemies
- Health Packs and Ammo Packs

App Information Stealth Sniper Shooting Battle

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    Stealth Sniper Shooting Battle
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    April 28, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    FlipWired 3D Games
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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Rat Vs Cat Simulator:Pet Mouse 1.2 APK
Are you tired of wild animal simulator anddinosaur simulator games? Do you want to try out a new animalsimulator? How about pet simulation, maybe a Cat vs Rat chase game?FlipWired 3D Games brings you the best Pussy Cat vs Rat Simulator2016 game! This is for the lovers of pet animal games and crazykittens! In this new Rat vs Cat Simulator-Pet Mouse game, your jobis to help in the pet mouse escape from the pet kitty! Get ready torun away from the real kitty, who wants to bring food for herkittens, as you take control of the pet mouse run and find cheese.This Cat vs Mouse simulation will keep you addicted for hours!In this open world game, you get thrown in a cute Rat vs Cat warand find cheese and avoid mouse traps. Pussy Cat lovers will lovethis pet simulator game because the crazy cat is on a dangerousmouse hunt to bring food for her kittens! If you love kittysimulator and dog simulation games, this rat escape simulator willgive you the best gaming experience of your life. If you lovesurvival games, then you are going to love this new rat survivalgame!In this Mouse vs Cat Simulator, you play as one of the many petmice and eat cheese while running away from the Feline! There are 9interesting levels in which you enjoy the Mouse vs Cat.Rat vs Cat Simulator-Pet Mouse Hunt Game Features:- Realistic 3D HD Graphics- Open World Beautiful House Environment- 9 Levels to Keep you Entertained- Unique Game Play Experience- Pussy Cat vs Mouse Chase Game Mode in which you have to do a RatEscape- Mind Blowing Controls and Graphics- Elegant Graphical User Interface- 5 Different Pet Rat Models
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