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Returning reels to Southwire is now REEL easy.With Southwire’s Steel Reel Return App, you can:
• Request reel returns and set your preferred pick up date
• Scan reel barcodes with your smartphone camera
• Send an email to Southwire’s reel return team
• One-time registration sets your personal preferences for easyuse
• Available for both iOS and Android

Please Note: This app is not intended to be used with theSIMpull REEL™ payoff system. Any requests regarding the SIMpullREEL payoff system should be directed to your electricaldistributor.

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Southwire® Conduit Fill Calc 2.1.1 APK
Southwire has created this great tool to help electricians,engineers and contractors answer the question, “What size conduitdo I use” per the NEC®, includes fill percentages and jamprobability. If you do not have the NEC book handy or do not wantto spend time manually calculating the Conduit Fill %, this is theright app for you. The app provides quick and easy navigation.Enter the Conduit Type and Size and specify your conductors. TheApp will calculate the Conduit Fill % as per NEC Guidelines.Southwire Company is North America’s leading manufacturer of wireand cable used in the distribution transmission of electricity.Throughout its history, our company has sought to deliver powerthrough our products, our service and by helping empower ourcustomers, employees and communities. The App Answers the question,“What size conduit do I use” includes fill percentages and jamprobability per the NEC®. With one click, you can email yourresults.
Project GIFT Connect 24-7 APK
This mobile app allows you to:Login and select one of 26 ProjectGIFT teams based on your location that you will stay connected withthroughout the year.View event schedules by team and location tonot only see what your team is doing, but what others areparticipating in as well.Create your own personal schedule ofevents you're most interested in attending throughout the year.Postupdates to events and groups.Interact with a real-time feed of allevent activity, that showcases which events are trending, mostpopular photos/videos, and popular discussion topics.Earn points,badges and prizes for being active on the app and at events. Checkthe leaderboard to see how you compare to other participants in andoutside of your team.Stay up to date on Project GIFT news andsuccess stories across the company. Connect with Southwire andProject GIFT through other social media tools available with oneclick using the app.Expand your professional network and havefun!Features of the App:Update - a quick way to share photos,videos, comments, successes and which event you'reattending.Activity Feed - the real-time pulse of what's happeningwith Project GIFT companywide. See what people are saying, viewphotos and videos from different events, and find trending eventsand discussion topics.Event Calendar - view the calendar for yourProject GIFT team as well as a full calendar for Project GIFTcompanywide. (event info, location, times, etc.)Users - see who'sat an event and connect with them using the app.Polls - Youropinion counts! Participate in polls and surveys to telladministrators what you like and what you'd like to see more of fordifferent events you participate in.News & Updates - Find outwhat's new with Project GIFT across the company.
Wire Guide 1.1.3 APK
The Wire Guide app’s primary use is to help DIY enthusiasts ornovice electricians choose the correct wire and cable product fortheir particular application. This app is intended for retailersand consumers. Wire/conductor images are shown alongside thecorresponding packaging, to help ensure the correct product ischosen off the retail store shelf.
This private use only app is used for theSouthwire National Sales Meetings for the purpose of scheduling,downloading and commenting on break out sessions.
Southwire Voltage Drop 2.1.1 APK
Southwire's voltage drop calculator will help you determine theproper wire size for an electrical circuit based on the voltagedrop and current carrying capacity of an electrical circuit.Determines wire size to meet specific voltage drop limits orcalculates voltage drop for a specific conductor run. When sizingconductors, calculations limits wire size to voltage drop and NECampacity. Southwire's Voltage Drop Calculator is designed forapplications using AWG and KCMIL sizes only.
Southwire Volt Drop Calculator 1.0 APK
Southwire's voltage drop calculator willhelpyou determine the proper wire size for an electrical circuitbasedon the voltage drop and current carrying capacity of anelectricalcircuit. Determines wire size to meet specific voltagedrop limitsor calculates voltage drop for a specific conductor run.Whensizing conductors, calculations limits wire size to voltagedropand NEC ampacity.
SW CS&S Community APK
The Electrical Division Community App keeps Southwire employeesinformed on recent news, products, and goals within our division.It provides an outlet for open discussions on topics within ourindustry, as well as the ability to engage socially and sharecontent related to Southwire products and services.
Southwire® Conversion Calc 2.1.2 APK
Southwire's Conversion Calculator helps to convert copper toaluminum or aluminum to copper, pricing unit of measure, conversionfactor and weight per product length. Preloaded with many cablesfor calculation.