1.0 / October 29, 2013
(4.1/5) (21)


Step by Step - is a revolutionary musical entertainment, this is areal music studio, both for experienced musicians and beginners youcan take with you! With the Step by Step, you can make musicanywhere! It is fast, compact and powerful application for creatingmusic. With which you can create any kind of songs and tracks.Without any musical knowledge. You can easily create a musicalmasterpiece that can truly be proud of. In an application builtmany tools and synths. Flexible configuration will help you choosethe best sound. You do not have that will not deter other than yourimagination! In the next update will add a song to share with yourfriends online. While she is working under Beta. With our programyou can repeat such as music tracks from the movie Pirates of theCaribbean, Game of Thrones song Coldplay - Clocks and many more!Thumb controlled interface, simply click on the matrix to addnotes, select different instruments and percussion on the righthand side and let it all come together. Advanced options is wherethe FX / Key / Scale and tones can be changed.

App Information Step by Step HD

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    Step by Step HD
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    October 29, 2013
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    Android 2.0.1 and up
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    AED 3.59
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    Ukraine, Kiev region., 07400 Brovary Karalenka
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