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Step application is for the TBMs tomaintaintheir Camp Details.Step Application can be used to viewcampreports details in Manager's login for their respective TBMs.Stepapplication is an easy and simple way to keep log of thecampdetails for TBMs. Step application for TBM login has theusefulfeature which shows the patient screening graph. Stepapplicationis for the field to maintain their daily activity.

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Tazloc Activity App 1.0.15 APK
This App allows TM to plan Track and analyseScreening Camps with doctors
Arogya Connect 1.0.0 APK
An application for internal team membersofLupin Ltd for providing information of diabetes screeningprogramsand raise requisitions for support materials andcampconduction
Doctors day 0.0.3 APK
Doctors day helps to collect doctor data
Partners In Care 1.6 APK
Partners in care is CRMmobileapplication.
Medment - Medicine Reminder 1.1.6 APK
Quality healthcare outcomes dependuponpatients’ adherence to recommended treatment. The first steptowardimproving patient adherence involves accurately assessingwhetheror not patients have followed the treatments recommended tothem bytheir doctor.Medment- Medicine Reminder App is simple to use and makessurethat you or anyone you care about never misses an importantdose ofmedication.Revolutionary Medment mobile app is the output of yearsofresearch in the area of patient non adherence and its impactontreatment outcome.Medment- Medicine Reminder app works as a treatment managerwhichassists people by reminding them to take their medicine ontime withits interactive talking medicine reminders. Medment alsoimprovesadherence behaviour of people through health literacy in10 Indianlanguages to achieve their treatment goalseffectively.Medment- Medicine Reminder App is ourfirst-of-its-kindcloud-synced, multilingual smart phone treatmentmanager. With ourtechnology, patients not only remain connectedwith doctors butalso get help in diagnostic test.Moreover Medment- Medicine Reminder App empowers patients’familymembers to play their important role in keeping their lovedonehealthy and tracking the patient medicine adherence.So, keep yourself and loved ones safe and never forget totakeyour meds again with Medment, the easy-to-use medicine reminderandtreatment manager app that helps you remember when to takeyourmedicines to improve your treatment adherence.
WalkApp 1.1.7 APK
Technology has made our day to day task tooeasy. People spend their lives moving from car seat to officechair, back to car seat, and then to couch. Research has linkedsitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns,including obesity and metabolic syndrome — a cluster of conditionsthat includes increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excessbody fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels.However, you can fight the effects of prolonged sitting bystanding & walking up for 5 minutes every 90 minutes. Walkingis low impact, requires minimal equipment, can be done at any timeof day and can be performed at your own pace. To remind you aboutthis, WalkApp can be a good companion. WalkApp once activated willprompt users to stand up & make a move at preset timeintervals.
G and G Conect 1.0.1 APK
This application allows the FSO to planandexecute activities as well as listen to standard detailingandrecord their own detailing
G and G Connect 1.0.11 APK
This application allows the FSO to plan andexecute activities as well as listen to standard detailing andrecord their own detailing