1.0 / December 21, 2018
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Tap to hook and make incredible jumps. Make it too long or tooshortand see your character fall! Avoid every obstacle that standsinyour way. Keep planking your way to higher and higher scores.Unlocknew characters along your trip! Main Features: Choosedifferentcharacters. Collect stars to unlock next level. Easy toplay andsmooth controls. Amazing sounds and graphics.

App Information Stick Man Swing Superstar

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    Stick Man Swing Superstar
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    December 21, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Shockwave Games
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    145 - Block A2,Commercial Area,Wapda Town, Lahore, Pakistan
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Stick Man Swing Superstar 1.0 APK
Tap to hook and make incredible jumps. Make it too long or tooshortand see your character fall! Avoid every obstacle that standsinyour way. Keep planking your way to higher and higher scores.Unlocknew characters along your trip! Main Features: Choosedifferentcharacters. Collect stars to unlock next level. Easy toplay andsmooth controls. Amazing sounds and graphics.
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OMG! Hungry Shark Tag is here. You are trapped in a world whereifthe shark bites you, you turn into one. Hungry Shark is arat-a-tatgame where you must escape the shark attack. Escape andrun whereever you can, because this might be your last battle.Twitchy as itmay sound but the hungry sharks are acting like hungrydragons.This shark attack game requires a lot of skill for rookieswho haveplayed zombs royale. The shark is here to get you and youwill turninto one if you are caught. The game will be over, and youwillalso start attacking other people. So do your best to escapeandrun from this last battle. It’s a very twitchy zombs royaleworldwe live in. The hungry dragon like sharks are after you andwantyou for dinner. The area where you fight your last battle isverysmall, so escaping and running won’t be easy in this zombsroyalegame. The shark attack is real as they will only multiplylikehungry dragons and the longer you escape and run shows yourskillin rat-a-tat. The survivor at the end wins the last battleandbecause of his magic escaping and running skills, everyonewillturn back to human because of the last survivor. So, will youbethe last survivor in the last battle and become the hero oftheday. The shark attacks will stop, and this twitchy game willstartagain. Show your skills in rat-a-tat and win every lastbattleagainst the hungry dragon like sharks. **Features &Things todo** - Twitchy escape and run game - Amazing game play -Uniquegame never seen before - Love Rat-a-tat? Play this! - SharkAttackEscape that will test you for sure - Can you be the onlySurvivor?