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The best action games and top 1 feature arcade games on GooglePlay.Stick Super Battle: Dragon Fight Hero Warriors Tournament isthegame with super heroes to protect the earth from the extremelyevilinvaders outside the universe. You will become Z warriorssuper Herofight against invaders. Use ultimate power, ultra attackball skillwill be kill all invaders in shadow. Join Stick SuperBattle: DragonFight Hero Warriors Protect Earth and your Universefrom the bigvillains now! Control your heroes to destroy allenemies , boss, allvillains. A super hero game about Stick SuperBattle that you can'tmiss out!

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    Stick Super Battle
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    August 27, 2021
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    No.222 street Monivong, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Cat Pop Island: Bubble Shooter Adventure 8.8 APK
Cat Pop Island - Bubble Shooter is the best puzzle & blockadventure game on Google Play. Bella is a cat mom in Far AwayIsland - a beautiful Island at the end of the world. One day, GiantOctopus - Captain of the Black Force pirate boat come Far AwayIsland. He saw that this was a beautiful island and a lot ofresources, so he captured all the people on the island and tookover the island. Luckily, Bella was in a place they didn't see.When Bella returned, everyone on the island disappeared. And Belladecided to go chase the pirate boat to save her kittens andvillagers. On the way she met and made friends with many strangecandy friends and have super powers. Their team successful or not,it depends on you! Toy match 3 creates a blast and you will win.Cat Pop Island - Bubble Shooter toon has no characters witch orlike panda, bunny but the characters are more attractive and theyare cookie stars of the islands saga they come to. Don't wait!Please download and help them save all people.
Metal Strike War: Gun Solider Shooting Games 7.6 APK
In the early years of the twenty-first century, human beingswithintelligence and developed science have produced a varietyofmodern weapons and organisms, as well as robots for lifeandprotection. people on earth. However, a large financialandterrorist group quietly produces destructive weaponsandgenetically modified organisms that someday dominate theearth.Metal Strike War is the best action adventure game on GooglePlayand is suitable for all smartphones and tablets. In order towin,you have to fully immerse yourself in the character,createyourself a clever move tactic to avoid the bullets as well asBOSSof the enemy. Shoot guns at the enemy's base: Shoot, shoottheplane, shoot the enemy's elite task force, raid, ambush or useafleet. Your power. The game starts when the protagonistnamedGraves takes command from the commander announcing thesituation ofthe world. Graves will command the army to attack themilitary zoneand the legions of world-renowned terrorists. Pick upa gun andcounter strike a hundred , a thousand sniper hunter, amillion SWATenemy, Sniper Zombie . Let attack all striker todefend.--------------How to play------------------ The game's playfocuseson skipping skills, flipping over the air, running toshoot,avoiding bullets and destroying enemy units as well asenemies'BOSS. In the game there will be many items that supportplayerssuch as armor protecting the drum for a certain time,picking upboom, changing guns and upgrading guns players must usethe maximumsupport items new war win and go through the stage. Eachlevel willhave 3 small maps, at the end of each map players willencounterBOSS and this is the last gate is full of difficultiesbecause BOSSwill be more powerful and more skill, promising to makeplayershave an exciting experience. . Through each map, BOSS willbe moreand more awesome, more skill and beautiful than many. ******WeaponSystem ************* System weapon of the game: eachcharacter willhave 5 guns. The top four guns of the characters areequallyequipped. The last gun will be the characteristic gun ofeachcharacter. - Pistol ( Desert Eagle) - Colt - AK-47 - Laser -M60(machine 60) - M4A1 - Shot Gun (Hunting gun) - Sniper Rifle-Paintball - Uzi - Minigun (NEW). - Energy Blast (NEW). -Kel-TecKSG: This is the basic gun in the game. - AK Future: This isaspecial type of gun that splashes out a lot of bullets at once.-HK243: With this type of guns, you do not have to worryaboutobstructions or dizzy areas on a straight line. - FR-27: gunwith atorrent of bullets. - The last gun system: The last guns willhavetheir own individual characteristics for each player. You willfeelmore confident when choosing a hero that will really fityourskills. - Flaming Guns: With the advantage of high speed,damepowerful and damage to many objects at once it will be aperfectchoice for your adventure. - The rocket launcher: It has tofireevery rocket but with very strong attack power. - Laser wavegun:Shoot a wave of laser. Metal Strike War: Gun Solider Shootinggamesis an offline shooter, not an online game, nor a 3d game, butyoucan completely compare scores with other players throughtherankings, ability Complete the mission system of the game,shareyour scores and achievements online on facebook, twitter ...WithMetal Strike War, whether you are male or female, boy orgirl,adult or young, boy or girl can play the game and whether youareanywhere: on plane or train, digging gold or racing, on the busoron the bus can play the game whenever you want. Now wait,downloadnow Metal Strike War: Gun Solider Shooting games on yourphone andrescue the world.
Magic Jewels 2: New Story Match 3 Games 5.9 APK
Magic Puzzle Legend 2: New Story Match 3 Games is a fun andexcitinggame, graphics and a whole new story. The puzzle game hasgreatgraphics and sound that fits all smartphones and tabletsdedicatedto the Google Play store. Step into the game you have tosolve themagic puzzles, unlock the levels and really be no smallchallengefor your brain. Enjoy the fun hours in this game thatconnects themagical magical objects of witches and wizards and becareful youcan be addictive with this particularly interestinggame. On the wayto the game you may be a bit scared with Halloweenis magical spaceand magical spells and wizards filled with magic.Do not be afraidto use items in the game like skulls, pumpkins,hats, mushrooms,moons, poisonous apples, poisonous spiders,witches to shoot theball and win. Each time you match more than 3items of the sametype, or more advanced items such as Magic Fire,Crystal Ball andMagic Book will create an explosion to destroyitems and new items.Let's combine the items to create awesomeexplosions and pass alllevels! Explore the magical world of MagicJewels Legend: Match 3Games includes the Witch city, magic school,castle, hills,waterfall, cemetery, haunted house, graveyard,island, cave…----------------- How to play -------------------- -Find and swapor merge 3 or more magic items to complete a validstep - Receivefree daily bonus & gift and dimond dash freegift. - Defeat theenemy by combining items - Create powerfulcombos by combining morethan three magic items - Train your braindaily with over 1000levels with increasing difficulty. Join thismysterious andadventurous adventure with this special adventuregame. - Play yourway to match the magic world of Magic JewelsLegend: Match 3 GamesUse the right items in the Halloween shoplike skulls, pumpkins,poison apples ... to clear the board -Connect facebook to checkyour progress through the rankings,connect online to know that yourfriends are also playing and atwhat level. - Special play: Superhard is good for your brain tofunction best. You can download freegames and play offline gamescompletely because this is not anonline game. - When playing agame, you also have to have rationaltactics to not spend your timeand completely immersive character -You can play games anywhere,anytime, even when you're digging gold,playing sports, on the bus,playing cards, on the airplane or on atrain. You can play the gamewhile you are cooking or in the office,racing or soccer, shootingor martial arts, kung fu training canplay the game whenever youwant. - Game for all ages from male orfemale, old or young, boy orgirl, adult or children, over 18 andunder 18 can play and feelfull of fun. ADD TO FAST QUICK PLAY WITHPOWER-UPS - Magic Book:Created by matching 5 items Combine it withan item to destroy allmatching items - Magic Combo: Start levelwith Magic Fire andcombine Crystal Ball - Wizard Spell: Deletes allitems of the game- Free movement: Move an item freely even withouta suitable item -Magic Broom: Scan an item from the game - MagicWand: Select 8connected items to destroy them - Magic Clock: Use totrack timeand diamond classic to complete the table. Wait until youdo notdownload Magic Puzzle Legend 2: New Story Match 3 Games onyourphone. ---------------------- CONTACT --------------------Officialwebsite at: http://www.onegame.mobi Follow Onegame Inc onFacebookat Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/www.onegame.mobiPrivacypolicy and terms and conditions: Http://onegame.mobi/policyContactemail: onegameinc@gmail.com
Magic Jewels: New Match 3 Games 9.2 APK
Magic Jewels: Match 3 Games is a fun and exciting game. Thepuzzlegame has great graphics and sound that fits all smartphonesandtablets dedicated to the Google Play store. Step into the gameyouhave to solve the magic puzzles, unlock the levels and really benosmall challenge for your brain. Enjoy the fun hours in thisgamethat connects the magical magical objects of witches andwizardsand be careful you can be addictive with thisparticularlyinteresting game. On the way to the game you may be abit scaredwith Halloween is magical space and magical spells andwizardsfilled with magic. Do not be afraid to use items in the gamelikeskulls, pumpkins, hats, mushrooms, moons, poisonousapples,poisonous spiders, witches to shoot the ball and win. Eachtime youmatch more than 3 items of the same type, or more advanceditemssuch as Magic Fire, Crystal Ball and Magic Book will createanexplosion to destroy items and new items. Let's combine theitemsto create awesome explosions and pass all levels! Explorethemagical world of Magic Jewels: Match 3 Games includes theWitchcity, magic school, castle, hills, waterfall, cemetery,hauntedhouse, graveyard, island, cave… ----------------- How toplay-------------------- - Find and swap or merge 3 or more magicitemsto complete a valid step - Receive free daily bonus & giftanddimond dash free gift. - Defeat the enemy by combining items-Create powerful combos by combining more than three magic items-Train your brain daily with over 1000 levels withincreasingdifficulty. Join this mysterious and adventurousadventure withthis special adventure game. - Play your way to matchthe magicworld of Magic Jewels: Match 3 Games Use the right itemsin theHalloween shop like skulls, pumpkins, poison apples ... toclearthe board - Connect facebook to check your progress throughtherankings, connect online to know that your friends are alsoplayingand at what level. - Special play: Super hard is good foryourbrain to function best. You can download free games andplayoffline games completely because this is not an online game. -Whenplaying a game, you also have to have rational tactics to notspendyour time and completely immersive character - You can playgamesanywhere, anytime, even when you're digging gold, playingsports,on the bus, playing cards, on the airplane or on a train.You canplay the game while you are cooking or in the office, racingorsoccer, shooting or martial arts, kung fu training can playthegame whenever you want. - Game for all ages from male orfemale,old or young, boy or girl, adult or children, over 18 andunder 18can play and feel full of fun. ADD TO FAST QUICK PLAYWITHPOWER-UPS - Magic Book: Created by matching 5 items Combine itwithan item to destroy all matching items - Magic Combo: Startlevelwith Magic Fire and combine Crystal Ball - Wizard Spell:Deletesall items of the game - Free movement: Move an item freelyevenwithout a suitable item - Magic Broom: Scan an item from thegame -Magic Wand: Select 8 connected items to destroy them - MagicClock:Use to track time and diamond classic to complete the table.Waituntil you do not download Magic Jewels: Match 3 Games onyourphone. ---------------------- CONTACT --------------------Officialwebsite at: http://www.onegame.mobi Follow Onegame Inc onFacebookat Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/www.onegame.mobiPrivacypolicy and terms and conditions: Http://onegame.mobi/policyContactemail: onegameinc@gmail.com
Guardians of Kingdom : Idle Defense (Premium) 0.02 APK
***Premium version's bonus: Gems and Coin for beginner. Easy toplaybut hard to master! Guardians of Kingdom : Idle Defense WarFight isan awesome RPG - strategy game with cool actions andadventurousfactors. Download for free and fight against giantmonsters todefense your kingdom. Create an army of your own.Upgrade and craftyour items in order to create the most powerfuldefense formationagainst waves of enemy. Guardians of Kingdom :Idle Defense Warfeatures: -And RPG and strategic game: create ateam combined ofheroes with different abilities. -Auto fight mode:You don’t have tofight the monsters manually, therefore have moretime to enjoy otherfeatures of the game. -Mines: you can still getgame materials evenwhen not playing. -Diverse skill system andheroes: you can create ateam of different heroes, skills andclasses. Smash enemy waves withyour formation. -Level up yourhero, collect support ones, upgradeskills and items to strengthenyour formation. -Discover materials,recipes to craft rare andlegendary items to make your heroesinvincible. Guardians ofKingdom : Idle Defense War , a simple andaddictive strategic RPGgame that can be played with one finger.Join the cause and becomethe most powerful army of the kingdom.
Super Stickman Heroes Fight 3.0 APK
Super Stickman Heroes is the best action and fighting arcade gameonGoogle Play. Players can choose their Super Heroes, upgradetheultimate power, join the tournament of all universes and climbTOPon worldwide rankings. 👉Unique graphics, amazing music andsoundeffects. 👉A lot of Heroes for you to choose! Please collectandlevel up them 👉The upgrade system is huge but easy to use.👉Diversecombat skills: Hame attack ball, Final Blast, Spider web,ThunderFlash, Roar of the God, Iron Gun Machine, Brave Soldier,DragonSword, X beam... ( And many skills A to Z, all in onegame).👉Unlock many mode and face many challenges. 👉7 Leagues in PvPMode:Beginner, Amateur, Pro Player, Top Player, Legend, God,Ultimate👉Climb top of the word in PvP Mode to get super rewards forthestrongest man. Download Super Stickman Heroes now - toexperiencethe world's best fighting action game.
Thunder Fighter Superhero: Strikers Shoot 'Em Up 5.8 APK
Thunder Fighters Superheroes: Galaxy Shooter Attack Earth Warsthebest Arcade shooting game of 2019 and going to reached the10million milestone download in 2020 on Google Play. This game isaaction game, shoot fighter , shmup with unique storyline andnewgameplay transform fighting war. It is completely differentfromother classic alien shooter games of the same genre.ThunderFighter Squadron: Space Shooter will have both offline andonlinemode ( single player and multiplayer). Especially this is thegamethat players can transform their fighter into robots withmorepowerful combat power and stronger skills. Other chickenshootergames, other squadron games have never done that. You willbe afalcon and Big leader hawk captain of The One-Team underUniverse Iarmy. You will control the greatest fighter , fight toprotect youUniverse. In the storyline, you will chase and retakeblueprint ofSuper Robot Mountain King from Crulel. Crulel is a spyof UniverseX who entered our army and stolen the blueprint. Enterthe gameInfinity squad assault right now to know more about thestoryline.****** The Features****** Destroy enemies and getpower-up item,gold to increase your power or upgrade fighter. Earngold toupgrade or buy new fighter. Transform fighter to Robot byevolutioncard. Level system very balance and attractive. GlobalLeaderboard.Mission system, achievement system , daily task arevery diverse.Complete mission to upgrade VIP rank. Join Communityto connect allpeople over the world DON'T HESITATE, if you haveever played 1942,1943, 1945 classic arcade shooting or any otherSHUMUP games,Please download Thunder Fighter Squadron: StrikersShoot 'Em Up andenjoy this game. ★★★★★★★★★ CONTACT US★★★★★★★★★ Wealways try toperfect our product for our user. We want more ideasfrom you.Please contact us : Visit our Offical siteat:http://www.onegame.mobi Follow us on Facebookat:https://www.facebook.com/www.onegame.mobi Privacy Policy:http://onegame.mobi/policy Top Action Game:http://en.onegame.mobi/action-game Top AdventureGame:http://en.onegame.mobi/adventure-game Top ArcadeGame:http://en.onegame.mobi/arcade-game Top PuzzleGame:http://en.onegame.mobi/puzzle-game Top StrategyGame:http://en.onegame.mobi/strategy-game Top RacingGame:http://en.onegame.mobi/racing-game Top SportGame:http://en.onegame.mobi/sport-game Top RPGGame:http://en.onegame.mobi/rpg-game Email contact:onegameinc@gmail.comFeedback: http://en.onegame.mobi/contact
Stickman Shooter : Gun Shooting Games 10.0 APK
Welcome to Stickman Shooter : Gun Shooter Games - The bestactiongame for mobile - The fastest game on Google Play Store ! Doyouwant to test your reaction with falcon Kill Shot ? Use KungFuSquad with gun be like Japanese Ninja Warriors or Chinamartial-artMaster, Thai Fighter. Pick up a gun and counter Soldiersstrike ahundred , a thousand stickmen hunter, a million metal SWATenemy,stickman Zombie (These stickman was evolute from black fromred) .Fast, faster , fastest ! Don't need be a sniper, a gunner, agunshooter , and have not to run, you only need tap tap and taptodestroy all enemies in stickman war. ********* How toplay************* - You must destroy killer stickmen from Top,Middle ,Bottom at screen. - Contract : 100 point = 10 coins. - Killa thiefyou earn 5 coins. - Use coins to buy modern weapons in theshop****** Weapon System ************* Many guns in CS and CF !!!-Pistol ( Desert Eagle) - Colt - AK-47 - Laser - M60 (machine 60)-M4A1 - Shot Gun (Hunting gun) - Sniper Rifle - Paintball - Uzi .-Crossbow - Silverlight gun - Minigun. ****** Feature ****** -Youcan choose so many weapon to destroy enemy. - You cancustomiseyour stickman with thousand of costume. - Compare scorewith allpeople on the world. - Share your high score with allSocial Friendbe like Facebook, Twitter, Zalo, MySpace, Instagram... - Reach topof the world with world ranking system. - Play gameanywhere andanytime ! Because Stickman Shooter: Gun Shooter andShooting gamesdoesn't require you always online. You can play it onthe street,in the plane, in the subway, in the car on the road,even in atemple. OK ? Just simply is offline game !****************Comingsoon******************* - Multiplayer online!******************NOTE ************************ * This game issoamazing so you shouldn't play game 2 or 3 hours / day to keepyourhealth. * In game , have a blood scenes and violence. You maywantto keep away it from your kids , younger boys and girls. Letchoosethe coolest costume , the strongest weapon and show yourfriend !Let's download game and start combat with Stickman Shooter:GunShooter and Shooting games Fury NOW!