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Stickers is an app contains huge set of gif photos Thegifscategorized under senses expressions ( stressed , angry ,happy,crazy , sleepy , smile , waiting , excited , nice , hi , sick,thinking , congratulations , love , miss , win , please , shocked,omg , annoyed , whatever , scared , no ,yes , cool , bored , sad,thank , hungry , sorry , wow ) Via this app you can: 1. searchbycategories ( tags ) 2. search by text 3. display trends gifs4.share gif file 5. download gif file Enjoy :)

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    September 10, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Adham khwaldeh
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Spacecraft 1.1 APK
Spacecraft is a highly addictive game where you have to swipe yourfinger to avoid getting hit by the platforms. Relax your brain withSpace Ball ! It is fast and addictive gameplay with eye-catchingdesign ! The new and exciting arcade game you cannot do without.Spacecraft is a highly addictive game where you have to swipe yourfinger to avoid getting hit by the platforms , the speed willincrease immediately so stay focused if you want to achieve highscores. One of the top graphics games on the app store. Fly themaximum possible distance in space. Dodge obstacles in the wayusing the accelerometer of your device or destroy them A uniqueDragging arcade, casual game for you you've got a metal ball thatyou need to move from one platform to another Features - 20 levels- Single player game mode - Local high score records - Faster youmove your finger, more you curve the ball - Do not let yourself behypnotized by the central star, it seems to dance! Enjoy * New HDgraphics with cool sound effects * Cool effects * This game willkeep you busy hours This version is suitable for mobile and tabletsThank you for downloading this for Free Just relax and enjoy.
Bird and blocks 1.4 APK
Help the tiny orange bird make his way up through the dangerousspikes and obstacles. Tap the screen to change the bird'sdirection. Fly your Bird around the obstacles and away to safety.Avoid the spikes and barriers and score as many points as you can.Bird Blitz is an addicting new arcade game. You'll love it! Avoidthe spikes and collect dots to score points by jumping up andfalling down. How many points can you score? Do you want to becomethe lord of birds? Take you rocket and fly, remember to avoid thespikes along the way to glory! How to play: All you have to do istap left or right side of the screen to move the character to thatside. Earn coins by avoiding spikes! As you play throughout thegame, there will be power-ups that will make you invincible for alimited time! We will add more power-ups and levels as the timegoes past! STAY TUNED! Features: - Beautiful Minimal Art Style -Simple 1 Touch Controls - Fun and Challenging - Cute and relaxingmusic! - Free To Play - Nice background music - Cute arts. - Simpleand fun one tap controls. - Compete for the best score in theworld. simple but fun hyper-casual game. How far can you make it inBird climb/fly? Come download today and have fun! It's FREE Avoidall the spikes dropping from above for as long as you can. That'sit. It's as simple as it gets.
Truck adventure 1.3 APK
Amazing Truck Adventure game with HD graphics. Drive through allobstacles to get to the finish level. Game has infinitely number ofrandomly built levels. Enjoy it! you've built the Truck Adventureof your dreams. Now you must conquer the junk obstacles as you tryto get out of the junkyard! Drag and drop items like cinder blocks,barrels, crates and beams to build a path for your monster machineto drive over the junk cars, trucks, buses and walls. Avoid all theobstacles on your way, control your Truck Adventure with Physicsbecause trucks to bounce, drift and tire slips as real driving!Play this awesome car game, race to the finish. Encounter andovercome randomly generated terrain with your Truck Adventure andbeat as many levels as you can while causing mayhem and destructionalong the way! Amazing addictive Truck Adventure game with HDgraphics. Drive through all obstacles to get to the finish level.Game has infinitely number of randomly built levels. Enjoy it!Avoid all the obstacles on your way, control your Monster Truckwith Physics because trucks to bounce, drift and tire slips as realdriving! Monster Truck Game is the best truck amazing game.Fantastic, addictive game with HD graphics. Your driving skillswill take you to the next level of game. Drive through allobstacles to get to the finish level. Game has infinitely number ofrandomly built levels. Enjoy it! Avoid all the obstacles on yourway, control your Monster Truck with Physics because trucks tobounce, drift and tire slips as real driving! Key Features * TruePhysics realistic game, Realistic vehicle and real FUN! * Differentbackgrounds * Thrilling and addictive to everyone! * Stunning HDGraphics art design * Attractive background sound play * Fastaction Extreme fun - authentic physics, - Addicting monster cargame - Easy to play - Leaderboards - Destruction - Racing fun -Random terrain - Keep coins - Endless fun * True physics realisticgame, realistic vehicle and real fun! * Different backgrounds *Thrilling and addictive to everyone! * Stunning HD graphics artdesign * Attractive background sound play * Fast action extremeracing fun * True Physics realistic game, Realistic vehicle andreal FUN! * Different backgrounds * Random levels * Thrilling andaddictive to everyone! * Stunning HD Graphics * Attractivebackground sound play * Fast action Extreme racing fun * HDgraphics * Thrilling and addictive gameplay * Simple controls *Good performance, works on all mobile devices * Unlock more trucksand worlds by collecting coins
IMEI Checker 3.2 APK
It is very simple to see your IMEI and device ID, this applicationChecks device IMEIs by read device info or scan bar code or writeIMEI, that’s help us check IMEI number Validation in many ways.Phone IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15-digitunique number which is used by a GSM network to identify validdevices and provide specific services to such mobile phones. Youcan use the app to check the IMEI of your device and it even worksfor double sim phones too. designed for you who need to knowquickly what the IMEI of your phone, or tablet is smartphone. comeswith an analyzer that analyses a given IMEI and tells you if itsvalid or not. delivers everything you should expect from such IMEIchecker and analyzer. you have doubts about the origin of the IMEIof the equipment? Do you really want to know if an IMEI is blocked?With this application you can consult it safely and with 100%reliability. Check IMEI connects with official IMEI databases,giving answers in seconds and with 100% reliability. To check IMEIand get the 15 digital number you can either take a look at the boxof your phone or simply dial (*#06#) on your Android or iOS device.Once you find your device ID IMEI you can learn so many thingsabout your device, - including SIM unlock status. - when it waspurchased, in which country it was purchased. - the network statusand a lot more. - Automatic calculation of the IMEI checksum - Showyour IMEI number. - Show your information about sim. - Show yourandroid information. -IMEI Information (IMEI 1 for dual sim phones)-IMSI No (Subscriber ID) -Sim Serial -Manufacturer -Model -ProductName -Phone Type -Network Operator -Network Operator Code -NetworkType -Mobile Data -SDK Version You can also run an IMEI blacklistcheck test and find out whether your phone is blocked in certainnetworks or not. If you are about to buy a new phone (iPhone orAndroid phones), and wondering whether it’s locked or not, it’sblocked in a GSM network and the seller is telling the truth,simply download this IMEI checker and analyzer app for free,provide the requested data and wait for the device IMEI status toproduce. Free Mobile IMEI Status Check comes with a clean and neatdesign and the interface is so user-friendly that you’ll get thewhole idea after browsing through different menus for the firsttime. the GSM network your device is locked in, Blacklist orblocked status of your phone, or IMEI All manufacturers supported,we are always updating the list of supported manufacturers to makesure all Android and iPhone devices. You can always use the freeIMEI checker feature to find out whether your device is supportedor not. IMEI tools is a simple app that lets you view IMEI detailsfor your phone. It also contains a means of activating engineeringmode for your device. Consult official databases, gain exclusiveaccess to the GSMA database (GSM Association) which currently hasmore than 800 mobile operators (Movistar, Claro, ATT, T-MOBILE,etc.) as global partners and 200 companies Similar, with the mostcomplete IMEI database in the world. Also access the official IMEIdatabases, so that they do not re-sell a phone reported in anothercountry as new. Check whether the given IMEI (15-digit number) isvalid or not by calculating the Check Digit (using Luhn algorithm)and then comparing with the Check Digit of the given IMEI. There isalso the option that allow you to fetch data (Brand and PhoneModel) from the popular website www.imei.info. Save a history withthe queries and share the IMEI consulted with your friends. Checkthe device blocked, blacklisted, late bills for any mobile deviceon any network. Get FREE GSMA reports for all manufacturers Forcontinuous updates and improvements, rate this app, comment whatyou want and share this with your friends. How does this free IMEIchecker and analyzer work? Please rate us and thanks for use this.
Memory game 1.7 APK
Memory Match is a great matching games for adults but also anamazing and challenging matching games for kids and seniors. It isa memory game for everyone were you have to distinguish betweenbeautiful images, full of colors, and find the pairs. Exercise yourbrain with brain games every day. Take this memory challenge andyou will see the difference! Kids Matching Game is a game to testyour memory and matching skills. Ideal game for kids to stayentertained and learn all at the same time. Stimulate your memoryand have fun with memory puzzles by Senior Games. A completecollection of games that will help you develop your memory skillswhile having fun. Our game includes classic games like matchingpairs and more innovative games. Senior memory games belongs to acollection of games designed to stimulate different cognitive areasin adults: Memory, Attention, Processing speed, VisuospatialFunction and Coordination. Brain games. Match pictures and find outhow good is your memory! Pictures match games. Train your memory,concentration, accuracy, attention, the speed of thinking and logicskills and much more. This game is a great way to exercise yourmemory and keep your brain fit! Why accept this memory challenge?well, this game will not only improve your memory increase yourspeed and can help you with short term memory problems “PictureMatch, Memory Games for Kids - Brain Game” is a game designed forkids and toddlers to help improve their memory through a series offun and interactive games. You can play a story mode to challengeyour skills every day or if you are in a hurry you can play a quickmode game A game that will improve your memory and brain power. Youmust memorize a board with several pairs of disordered images.After a short time they will cover up and you will have to find allthe couples, but hurry up, time runs against you. There are 3 timemodes (No time limit, normal and hard) and 10 levels to which moredifficult. Are you ready to challenge your memory daily with"Memory" ? A great game to exercise your memory ! How to play •Memory Matching Game is set up into 3 different levels: easy,medium, and hard. • Choose the level of difficulty. • Tap cards toreveal an image, memorize where each image is in order to find it’smatch all before the time is up. • Things that move include cars,buses, trains, trucks, planes, boats, and even a tank. • As yourmemory improves and you want more of a challenge, choose the nextlevel with more • cards and fun images of animals, sports, thingsthat move, food, and people. Features - Helps children withcognitive learning skills - Memorization - Children can identifythe cute images for their names using recognition skills - Keepskids engaged while improving their memory and concentration - Seehow you stack up against other players around the world - ParentalControls: Turn off sound, timer, go ad free with in-app purchase -Play by making matches of pictures - Card packs with funny cats,food, fruits and vegetables, flags, shapes, letters, music, sport,attractions and numbers - Simple and easy-to-master interface - 3themes at your option (dark, light, custom) - Play together withyour family, kids and friends in multiplayer mode - Small app size- Match pairs of cards - Different levels of difficulty - Colorfulimages of logos to be easily remembered - Helps children withcognitive learning skills - Memorization - Children can identifythe cute images for their names using recognition skills - Keepskids engaged while improving their memory and concentration We hopeyou enjoy our find the pair game, Memory Match. Improve your visualmemory, sharpen your mind and train your memory every day. If youhave any suggestions for improvement or want to stay tuned aboutupcoming games, follow us on our social networks. Picture Match, afree casual and puzzle brain trainer game for everyone
Muslim Guide - pray time 5.0 APK
Mus simple application view and notify pray time for multiplelocation this application view Alqebla direction in multiple mode 2dimension, 3 dimension and on google map. Contain list of AllahName's. Contain simple widget for Tasbeh. finally you can get praytime online for more precises Large Islamic book library Near memosque Islamic daily invocations Islamic radios Holy Quran withmultiple languages Islamic galleries Ramadan Imsakia ZakatCalculate We ask you to pray for us Enjoy ......:)