1.0.0 / October 18, 2017
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Enjoy the mayhem, smash and crash stickman dummies, destroyvehicles and have fun with our arcade app - Stickman CrashingAnnihilation!Place different obstacles, throw your new supercolorful stickman controlling various colorful vehicles trying tosmash and squish your stickman’s rivals and have fun destroying itsbones!Are you ready to start most massive crash test experimentever? Discover interesting and colorful variants of vehicles andstickmen dummies to have more fun! Destroy different interestingold bicycles, giraffe or unicorn vehicles or even tractors andlocomotives!Perform amazing stunts and tricks throwing your mountedstickman down to the other stickmen in your terrifying decorations!Get maximum points for the stickman destruction placing differentkinds of trampolines, moving saws and large hammers! Be the realdemolisher with this amazing game!Remember that the more damage youcause, the more points you earn! So think ahead and be resourcefulwhat and where you choose to place the next object! Aim and hityour opponents – knights, barbarians, werewolf, and tramps - to geteven more points!Earn points to unlock all types of fantasticvehicles and skins for your stickman to fully customize it! Wreck,smash, destroy and dismount all sorts of vehicles using colorfullypatterned stickmen with Stickman Crashing Annihilation!Enjoy thisoutstanding demolishing game for all ages!Stickman CrashingAnnihilation features:• Craziest stickmen crash test simulator gameever!• Many, MANY different unusual interesting vehicles and mountsto crash• Different types of colorful stickmen ragdolls and dummiesto demolish• Addictive gameplay with simple and intuitivecontrolsEnjoy wide range interesting mounts and vehicles and crashthem all with Stickman Crashing Annihilation!Privacy policy:http://pocketgamestycoon.wixsite.com/pocketgamestycoon/single-post/2017/08/01/POCKET-GAMES-TYCOON-PRIVACY-POLICY

App Information Stickman Crashing Annihilation

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    Stickman Crashing Annihilation
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    October 18, 2017
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Pocket Games Tycoon
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Breed and train your racing dinos, improve their skills and createthe best dino racing team ever with Dino Factory Simulator -Jurassic Race!Take your dino, improve its characteristics (speed,armor, jump, and energy), and start the ride! Choose funny dinosaur(Allosaurus, Velociraptor, Rhamphorhynchus or even a racingTriceratops) and use your fishing rod with a bait to control themovement of your reptile! Fish, egg, feather, even an old sock orbattery – your bait can be of any kind!Control the movement of yourcartoon dino, ride fast and jump over the obstacles like stone,log, or even a gopher! Use the acceleration mode to leave youropponent far behind! Earn points for each winning to improve yourdinosaur even more, or unlock a new one!Enjoy this funny dinoriding, racing and training simulator and have fun!Dino FactorySimulator - Jurassic Race features:Many funny dinos to ride on –Velociraptor, Allosaurus, Triceratops and otherOpportunity toupgrade and customize your mountRealistic riding obstacles andracing condition for all the fans of hurdles tournamentsSimple andintuitive controlsProve to other participants that you can win theride and collect all achievements and medals!Your use of DinoFactory Simulator - Jurassic Race is free of charge in exchange forsafely using some of your device's resources (WiFi and very limitedcellular data), and only when you are not using your device. Youmay turn this off from the settings menu. Please see our TOS forfurther information:http://pocketgamestycoon.wixsite.com/pocketgamestycoon/single-post/2017/12/19/POCKET-GAMES-TYCOON-PRIVACY-POLICY
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Ever tried to jump with a pogo stick? A pogo stick is a device forjumping off the ground in a standing position, through the aid of aspring, or new high performance technologies – so try it right nowwith our new fantastic Stickman Pogo Stick Jumper Crash Test andyou won’t be disappointed!Participate in this fantastic modernjumping contest! Challenge yourself with different obstacles onyour way and remember: it’s not so easy to avoid accidents andcrashes when you’re jumping really fast! Be wise and careful, evadehigh walls and control your jumping angle not to fall down;otherwise your game is over!Earn points for successfully completedlevels and different chests collected on your way and unlockdifferent colorful skins for your stickman hero! Buy newinteresting pogo sticks and enjoy great variety of interestinglocations to play! Check our new ultimate Stickman Pogo StickJumper Crash Test game and just have fun!Modern trends and sportsare so amazing! Jump with the help of your pogo stick, check yourskills in balancing and maneuvering down the fantasticsurroundings, variate your game with awesome hats and skins and donothing but enjoy!Stickman Pogo Stick Jumper Crash Test features:•Fantastic pogo jumping contest for all ages• Challenge yourselfwith various obstacles• Unlock interesting skins and pogo stick•Enjoy colorful 2D surroundingsPlay Stickman Pogo Stick Jumper CrashTest, jump though interesting places, evade obstacles, avoidcrashes and falls and have fun!Privacy policy:http://pocketgamestycoon.wixsite.com/pocketgamestycoon/single-post/2017/08/01/POCKET-GAMES-TYCOON-PRIVACY-POLICY
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Create your own oil mining empire! Start from the small tower andraise it up to the giant oil refinery with our Oil Business Tycoon- Idle Clicker Capital King game!Explore the system of oilextraction – right from the finding the oil well on your farm tothe stage, when your oil becomes the most expansive in theworld!Tap your towers to pump oil, build storage to keep it beforeselling and invent new technologies of refining to upgrade yourfactory and earn more money! Check and unlock different oil fieldsto pump more and more!Use earned money to purchase new equipment,construct new buildings, or hire personnel! Become as rich as areal oil magnate and make your first step to the world dominancewith Oil Business Tycoon - Idle Clicker Capital King!Oil BusinessTycoon - Idle Clicker Capital King features:Realistic oil refineryworkflow simulatorJust tap and idle to collect money!Unlockablebuildings and upgradesBuild your own oil refining empire like now,get the reputation of the cunning dealer and have fun with OilBusiness Tycoon - Idle Clicker Capital King!Privacy policy:http://pocketgamestycoon.wixsite.com/pocketgamestycoon/single-post/2017/08/01/POCKET-GAMES-TYCOON-PRIVACY-POLICY