3.6.9 / January 4, 2016
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Stickman Puzzle Laboratory, which is aworld'smost complex Matchstick Men casual puzzle game, it is thetest ofyour intelligence and logic skills. This is a stickmanscience lab,we are trying to do physical chemical and biologicalexperiments,the lab is studying the various mystical experiment,alwaysaccompanied by a variety of bizarre incidents. In thislaboratoryinside, you will play as God, invisible changeeverythinglaboratory by constantly clicking anywhere on the screen,hiddenbehind the trigger organ, magical events, found hidden in asecretlab . Do you want to witness these strange events it? Comeand tryit!
● ◆ How to play Stickman Puzzle Laboratory
1. Click the Start button for the game, do not let people knowyouexist matches.
2. You need to constantly click anywhere on the screen, triggeringahidden event.
3. In the shortest time, triggered all the bodies, so astopass.

App Information Stickman Puzzle Laboratory

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Stickman Plane 3.6.9 APK
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Stickman Plane, Stick Man superiors received amandate to get the important stuff on the plane, according to thecollected information said to be in a safe inside the Stick Managents With a lot of advanced props finally came to the plane, itseems that a lot of problems personally need to deal with, when oneagent is not easy, we have started to move it, I hope the playerscan help match people successfully complete the task.
Stickman Go to Museum 3.5.8 APK
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Stickman Go to Museum, stickman who isplanning to enter the museum, the museum found hidden secrets,including antiques and fossils, alien, robot, you as the most agileof Matchstick Men, arduous task falls on your head on driving yourmotorcycle to the adventure of it. In this funny game, you have alot of methods to enter the museum, as long as you choose the rightitems, you can successfully enter the museum, discover the secret.Only choose the right way to be successful, you hurry to try!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★● ◆ How to playStart the game - Click PLAY button - click SKIP to start the game -the appropriate action according to the game tips - choose yourfavorite props.
Stickman Money 3.6.5 APK
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Stick man want money, the stick man guy isready to use all kinds of strange items into the bank, so he canget the money, but because he is always lack of a good luck allplans always can't succeed. The game goal: use a variety of propsbreak through the bank line!!!! Click on the screen with differentitem have different effect, successfully entered the bank and getthe money.
Stickman Go to Police Office 3.3.2 APK
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****** Game description ********Stickman go to the police station, and later by the police uncle inprison, was also guards laugh, matches the human condition isreally worrying ah ~ Fortunately, a friend sent the hidden secretof birthday cake, there are six items, you can choose to take theyescaped from the prison, the game has three successful outcome, totry to escape it. Select game six of gifts in which one, see if youcan out of here Oh!1, point the phone, and then point purse, and then point present,cross the border. 2, point drill string at the point as the samething, and then point the arrow below the arrow points above themid-point and then English (must be fast, unhappy lose.) Clearance.3-point lock picking, then breaking, point the red arrow to theleft, a little red arrow to the right (this step should be fast,otherwise the police would be stunned.) Then the door, pointchairs, Wangyoubianzou point toilet plugs , clearance******* How to play *********After the game has finished loading click PLAY - to start the gameand then click SKIP
Stickman Puzzle Camping 3.6.9 APK
new grounds
Stickman Puzzle Camping, this is the mostcomplex one stickman casual puzzle game that will test yourintelligence and analytical skills. In Stickman world, alwaysaccompanied by a variety of bizarre incidents. Stickman Festivalholiday, together they go camping, attend a big party. Here, thereare a variety of animals, including tigers, lions, wild boar,bison, wasp ,, horses, crocodiles, piranhas, spiders and the likeanimals. They're working hard, you need to stop anywhere on thescreen click, trigger hidden behind the organ, magical eventoccurs, you want to witness these strange events it? Come and tryit!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★● ◆ How to play Stickman Puzzle Camping1. matches people are camping, make them enjoy happiness.2. Keep clicking anywhere on the screen, triggering hidden behindthe organ.3. Do you need in the shortest time, triggered all the organs, donot let other matches have found to be successful.
Stickman Puzzle Train Lost 3.6.9 APK
new grounds
Stickman Puzzle Train Lost, which is a world'smost complex Matchstick Men casual puzzle game that will test yourIQ. This is a tourist attraction train travel, there are a lot ofmatches Passengers, a dark and stormy, always accompanied by avariety of bizarre incidents on the train. You need to secretlyprotect legitimate public and captains, uniforms bad. In the train,you will play a god, by clicking anywhere on the constantly tap thescreen to trigger hidden behind the organ, the magic of the event,you want to witness these strange events it? Come and try it!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★● ◆ How to play Stickman Puzzle Train Lost1. Click the Start button for the game, to protect the safety ofpassengers and hit the bad guys.2. You need to constantly click anywhere on the screen, triggeringa hidden event.3. In the shortest time, triggered all the bodies, so as topass.
Real Escape Room Hotel Puzzle 3.6.9 APK
new grounds
Real Escape Room Hotel Puzzle, which is ahome's seven-star hotel, you wake up in the hotel and later foundinside the sleeping room door was locked. You can not find the key,inside the room there is a wide variety of furniture, includingbeds, wardrobes, tables, televisions, vases, sofas, wall clock andso on, you need to find hidden tools in the furniture inside,including scissors, hammer, screwdriver, etc., then unlock allorgans, finally got your keys, fled the hotel. I can only think ofa way to find the hidden use of some items in each corner of thecombination of the use ingenious solution to the problem to findthe key to open the door to escape to go.★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★*** How to play Real Escape Room Hotel Puzzle1. After loading the game click PLAY to start the game.2. Click the items on the screen, and trigger events.3. Find all the tools, use of these tools open organ.4. Find useful items and clues to find the key, escape the roomnow.
3 Slice the Block 3.6.9 APK
new grounds
3 Slice the Block is a very interestingcutting block casual puzzle game, to be applied to a lot ofphysical knowledge to the cutting block, according to therequirements of a block to be cut to eliminate it fall. Your goal:cutting in a limited number of times, the success of all the blocksfall so you can enter the next level! It is a physics puzzle gamethat requires cutting a block box complete objectives, you can onlyuse a maximum of three opportunities to cut, come the ability tochallenge your own limits. You should be reasonable operatingscissors, cut the box, go to the next level.*************************************Game Features:1. High quality and gorgeous realistic 2D physics scene, very realphysical game engine.2. This game uses a real-time animation and sound effects andsmooth.3. The method of operation is extremely simple game, by sliding thescreen to the block to be cut.4. It includes a variety of different game modes, you can choose adifferent game levels.5. Details of game tutorial and instructions, including precisepicture and rich text, allowing the player easier to use.6. It has more than 100 challenge levels, continuously updated gamemodes and levels.