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Battleground is waiting for you, stickman hero! Start your shadowkung fu warrior career without leaving your room! Choose the beststickman fighter according to your preferences and rush into thering to defeat all your crafty stickman opponents! Play StickmanShadow Kung Fu Ring and become the strongest shadow warriorever!DEFEAT THE STRONGEST KUNG FU WARRIORS EVER• Here’s your chanceto learn one of the most interesting martial arts – not karate,taekwondo, aikido, boxing, muay thai, judo, wrestling, kickboxing,capoeira, and sumo – but kung fu itself! • Just choose the perfectstickman hero looking like a real shadow ninja and be ready to kickthe spirits out of shadow bodies!• Mind that every kung fu fightermaster has its own characteristics, stats and super combo strikes,to choose wisely!BE READY FOR THE GREATEST FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE•Learn interesting strikes, blows, and punches and use them fromdifferent stances to achieve the really amazing result!• Earnpoints for each successfully defeated shadow warrior and unlockmore cunning characters or power up your current one!• Enjoyamazing shadow atmosphere of this interesting martial art game andbecome a real champion of kung fu fighting!CHECK INTERESTING GAMEMODES FOR MORE FUN• Try survival mode, where your main goal is tosurvive as long as it even possible fighting with various enemiesone by one;• Enjoy single mode, where you should pass three fightswith one opponent successfully;• Watch ladder mode, where youshould kill every rival in series;• Check training mode, where youcan check your skills and abilities!Join Stickman Shadow Kung FuRing game and prove that you’re worth the first place in thetournament list of this fantastic challenge! Check the skills ofyour stickman warrior, perform different kung fu tricks and stuntsand just enjoy this amazing martial art!Privacy policy:https://kaniwevskyart.wixsite.com/infinitylanestudio/single-post/2017/02/16/INFINITY-LANE-STUDIO-PRIVACY-POLICY

App Information Stickman Shadow Kung Fu Ring

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    Stickman Shadow Kung Fu Ring
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    July 13, 2017
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Infinity Lane Studio
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