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FEATURES: - Place sticky notes with arbitrary size and position. -Specify text color, font size and background color for each note. -Edit notes from the home screen directly. HOW TO USE: Help buttons("?") are prepared for each screen. After setting the livewallpaper, the menu will be displayed when you double tap on thehome screen. * Double tap may not work on the device (homeapplication) which the double tap gesture is assigned to anotheroperation. In this case, please open the app and edit sticky notes.If the app is not set as an active live wallpaper, the button tomove to the live wallpaper preview will be displayed on the screen.Please set as live wallpaper by the following procedure: 1. Openthe preview screen of the app with that button. 2. Tap "Set aswallpaper". When you return to the home screen, the app isdisplayed as the live wallpaper. In the following models, you canselect whether to set only to the home screen or set both to thehome and lock screen. Please set the app to the live wallpaper fromthe home screen settings which can be opened by long press on theblank area of the home (or the device settings). - Xperia series(Android 5.0 or later) - Galaxy series - Android 7.0 or laterdevices (excluding some devices) - Other devices that can choosethe setting screen DISCLAIMERS: - No wallpapers included. - TheSoftware is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, expressor implied. In no event shall the authors be liable for any claim,damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tortor otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with theSoftware or the use or other dealings in the Software. - The appuses Material icons. https://material.io/icons/

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    March 9, 2019
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Image 2 Wallpaper APK
This application sets a picture as a wallpaper with/withoutresizing. Select a picture from the gallery, resize it, and set itas a wallpaper. Tutorial video from AppInterview available now!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKpWfn96xPs You can also activatethis application via "Intent". Select a picture in the gallery oranother app, and "share" it with this application. * Image 2Wallpaper introduces a brand new UI in v2.0. You can go back to theclassic UI with the "Back to Classic UI" button. FEATURES: - Bothphone and tablet are supported. - Resize selected image as you wantor to fit to the home screen. In addition, you can keep the size ofthe image (Dot by Dot, DbD). - Align the image arbitrary, or snapit to the edge of the home screen or the wallpaper. - Tile theimages or retain margins (borders). - Set the color of the margins.- Rotate, flip, crop the image. - Save the image to the storage. -Apply image effects: Gray scale, Sepia toning, Color level autoadjustment, Brightness adjustment, Contrast, Saturation, Gammacorrection and Blur. DISCLAIMERS: - No wallpapers included. - Livewallpapers are not supported. TIPS: * For Google Now Launcherusers: The launcher displays the left part of the wallpaper. In thepreferences tab, please check "change default page" option on, andset the number of pages to 2 or more, the default page to 1. *About the lock screen wallpaper: Because Android OS prior to 7.0doesn't provide standard APIs for this operation, this app cannotdo anything directly. However, if you save the resized image, youcan set it to the lock screen from the gallery with your device'sstandard tools. * Cropping uses a lot of memory. If you get an outof memory error, please crop the image with the gallery etc. beforeusing it with this app. Android robot: The Android robot isreproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google andused according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0Attribution License. Translations and others: Russian and German(and improved English): Thanks to Alexey Eberhardt. Polish: Thanksto Dawid Holko. Turkish: Thanks to Can Elalmis. Indonesian: Thanksto amk. Spanish (version 1): Thanks to Alfredo Diaz. Chinese(version 1): Thanks to milfin. (Texts in Spanish and Chinese addedin version 2.0, and new texts added in recent versions aretranslated by machine translation.) Tutorial video: Thanks tohttps://twitter.com/AppInterview
com.shirobakama.logquest2 APK
Important note from the translator : First of all, sorry for thewait. Due to a lack of free time on my part since June, thetranslation went nearly to a halt. While I still plan on releasinga complete version, I have no idea when it will be. In order torespond to popular demand, I made an agreement with the developer :The current translation has been nearly complete for some time andwill now be released in its current state. For the parts still injapanese, the developer translated them himself for the time being.It will obviously have errors here and there but it should at leastprovide the overall meaning in english for those who don't want tomiss anything. The missing parts are events in the adventure logfor the quests (but goals and descriptions are done) and thedescriptions in the monster log (but names and abilities are done).All missing parts that were translated by the developer will beshown between { }. In the meantime, please enjoy the currentversion of Logging Quest 2, report typos if you can (except for thesentences between { } of course) and don't forget to spread theword! -------------------- "The ultimate quest you don't actuallyhave to do." - Android Authority This game is an automaticadventure RPG (Idle RPG). It is the sequel to "Logging Quest".Assemble a party of up to 3 characters, change their equipment intown, define their skills and send them in a dungeon. They willprogress automatically, you just have to sit back and watch as theygain experience and grow. Notes from the developer: - Please read"Getting Started" at first.http://games.shirobakama.com/logging-quest-2-en/how-to-play-en -You can play this game even if you did not play Logging Quest 1. -For Android 2.1/2.2 Users: Please refer to this page.http://games.shirobakama.com/logging-quest-2-en/for-21-22 For quicktips about how to play, check the "Help" section from the "Other"button. For detailed instructions about how to play, visit thefollowing link (also accessible from the "Other"->"About thisapp" section from the "Other" button) :http://games.shirobakama.com/logging-quest-2-en To report errors,share your opinions or request a feature, please use the commentsof the blog : http://shirobakama.blogspot.jp/ 【Story】 In a timewhen monsters inhabited forests and lakes near towns, humans, elvesand dwarves coexisted peacefully. In this era, people often grew upand died in the same town, never leaving its walls. Only a fewbelieved in their own talent and went on a journey in search ofwealth and fame. They made a living from exploring labyrinths andruins scattered throughout the land and often settled problems innearby villages at the same time. People living in the security oftowns admired them since they helped reduce restlessness. They werecalled adventurers. This is the story of the youths from smallvillages across the country who decided to become adventurers…【Application permissions】 "Network communications" to displayadvertisements and confirm time. "Hardware control" to enable thenotifications. "Storage access" to enable data backup. 【About thisapp】 Application icon and game illustrations come from "TyouenKusanagi" http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=1526497 For thevarious materials used in this app, please visit the following link: http://games.shirobakama.com/logging-quest-2/about_app Thank youto everyone who helped with their wonderful materials. 【Specialthanks】 Everyone who comments on the blog Everyone from the LoggingQuest Strategy-Chat thread of the Smartphone board at 2ch.FurryRage for the english translation, please send a mail tovogel.valentin@gmail.com if you have any remark about thetranslation. The idea of automatic adventure was found in the"Whipper" application. Thanks for this interesting game.
Image 2 Live Wallpaper APK
This application set an image of any size to wallpaper easily,without cropping and borders. * IMPORTANT NOTICE for v2 * Theautomatic changing and the scroll adjusting features have beenmoved to my another app. If you are using these features, pleasemigrate to another app according to a notice shown in this appafter updating. Sorry to trouble you. You can download an olderversion here (Android 2.1/2.2 users can use this):https://sites.google.com/site/shirobakama724/imglivewp/v1 * Sincethis app is Live Wallpaper, please set as Live Wallpaper. FEATURES:- Both phone and tablet are supported. - Resize an image to fit ascreen automatically. - Fix wallpaper scrolling in any home app. -Can set different images for portrait and landscape, and for thelock screen. - Register images via "Intent" HOW TO USE: When youopen the app from a launcher icon, you can configure the settings.In addition, you can set the app to Live Wallpaper from the app infollowing steps. ( If you have the device with Jelly Bean (Android4.1) or later, please jump to step 3.) 1. Tap the button at the topof the app. Live Wallpaper chooser will be opened. 2. Select "Image2 Live Wallpaper". A preview will be opened. 3. In the preview,select "Set wallpaper". After a while, the wallpaper will bedisplayed in the home screen. * You can open Live Wallpaper chooserby long-pressing a blank area in the home screen. DISCLAIMERS: - Nowallpapers included. TIPS: - If you get out of memory errors,please check "Do not hole image", "Low-res work image" and/or "16bit color depth" options. Xperia users (Android 4.0): If youspecify a lock screen wallpaper in the device setting, thatwallpaper is shown in the lock screen, not Live Wallpaper. To resetthis, open the device setting, Display -> Theme, and select oneof the themes. After that, please set this app to Live Wallpaperagain. Xperia users (4.1): Live Wallpaper cannot be shown in thelock screen normally. To show, open the device setting, Security-> Screen lock, and select other than "None" or "Swipe". Xperia(4.2 or later) and Galaxy S2 users: Live Wallpaper cannot be shownin the lock screen. The static wallpaper is always shown. The lockscreen settings in this app cannot be affected. Android robot: TheAndroid robot is reproduced or modified from work created andshared by Google and used according to terms described in theCreative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. Translations: - Chinese:Thanks to milfin (version 1). Thanks to Asx (partially stringsadded in version 2, imported from SB Wallpaper Changer.) - Russianand German (and improved English) (version 1): Thanks to AlexeyEberhardt.
Logging Quest APK
This game is an automatic adventure RPG (Idle RPG). Change yourequipment in town, define your tactics and send out your characterto a dungeon. Your character will gain experience and grow. Notefrom the developer: "Logging Quest 2" is released! I hope you wouldenjoy the sequel too. Please open from "More by..." section. Forquick tips about how to play, check the "help" section from themenu button. For detailed instructions about how to play, thebackup function and strategies, visit the following link (alsoaccessible from the "about this app" section from the menu button): http://games.shirobakama.com/logging-quest-en 【Applicationpermissions】 Network communications to display advertisements.Hardware control to enable the notifications. Storage access toenable data backup. 【Icons】 Adventure log icons and item icons comefrom "沙夢" (http://sunayume.jp/)Use allowed by the author. Fight logicons come from "臼井の会" (http://usui.moo.jp/frame2.html)Use allowedby the author. Tab icons come from "REFMAP" category at "First SeedMaterial" (http://www.tekepon.net/fsm/)Use allowed by the website.The use of these icons was allowed for this software only and mustnot be used in any other way except to play this game. 【Specialthanks】 Everyone from the Android Game Dev thread of the Game Devboard at 2ch. Everyone from the Logging Quest Strategy-Chat threadof the Smartphone board at 2ch. FurryRage for the Englishtranslation, please send a mail to vogel.valentin@gmail.com if youhave any remark about the translation. The idea of automaticadventure was found in the "Whipper" application. Thanks for thisinteresting game.
SB Wallpaper Changer APK
This app automatically changes the wallpapers. You can selecttriggers from time interval, locking / unlocking, rotation, doubletapping and by widget. You can specify sets of images for the homescreen and the lock screen, in each orientation (portrait andlandscape). Both phone and tablet are supported. Images areautomatically resized to fit your screen. * Reviewed by AndroidAuthority Indie app of the day:http://www.androidauthority.com/sb-wallpaper-changer-review-522994/* This app is Live Wallpaper. Please set as Live Wallpaper.AUTOMATIC CHANGER FEATURES: - Change the wallpaper automaticallywith following triggers. You can enable some of them.   * Locking /Unlocking   * Rotation   * Time interval   * Double tapping on thehome screen - Change the wallpaper by widget. - Specify sets ofimages for the home screen and the lock screen, in each orientation(portrait and landscape). - Apply effect when changing thewallpaper. - Choose the order of the wallpapers from by name,random (completely random), shuffle (shuffle all images at first,and show one by one). - Select images by directories orindependently. - Select include subdirectories or not. OTHER BASICFEATURES: - Resize images to fit in the home screen. - Adjustscrolling amounts automatically to display a whole image, or fixscrolling. HOW TO USE: When you open the app from a launcher icon,you can configure the settings. In addition, you can set the app toLive Wallpaper from the app in following steps. ( If you have thedevice with Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) or later, please jump to step3.) 1. Tap the button at the top of the app. Live Wallpaper chooserwill be opened. 2. Select "SB Wallpaper Changer". A preview will beopened. 3. In the preview, select "Set wallpaper". After a while,the wallpaper will be displayed in the home screen. * You can openLive Wallpaper chooser by long-pressing a blank area in the homescreen. DISCLAIMERS: - No wallpapers included. - Rotation andcropping features are not supported. Please use other applications.TIPS: - If you get out of memory errors, please check "Use LowerResolution" and / or "Use Lower Color Depth" options. If you stillget erros, please use smaller images. - New images added todirectories become candidates when closing the app (preferencescreen). (Because a directory scanning took some processing time,it is running when closing the preference.) - Shuffle and Random:With Random, the app selects an image every time randomly (howeversame image is not selected). With Shuffle, the app records imagesalready selected, and selects randomly from not selected images,until all images are selected. For example: if there are threeimages A, B and C, with random, images might be selected as A, B,A, B, C, A... with shuffle, they might be A, C, B (all images havebeen selected here), C, A, B (same), B, C, A... Recent Galaxy andHTC (and some other devices) users: In these devices, the defaulthome app (TouchWiz/Sense) does not support the wallpaper scrolling.You can use another home app for scrolling (such as Nova Launcheretc.) Galaxy users and Xperia users (5.0 or later): You can set alive wallpaper both to the home and the lock screen from the homesettings (Galaxy) or the device settings (Xperia). Xperia users(4.1): Live Wallpaper cannot be shown on the lock screen when thescreen lock is "None" or "Swipe". Open the device settings,Security -> Screen lock, and select other than "None" or"Swipe". Xperia (4.2 or later) and Galaxy S2 users: Live Wallpapercannot be shown in the lock screen. The static wallpaper is alwaysshown. The lock screen settings in this app cannot be affected.Translations: Simplified Chinese: Thanks to Asx. TraditionalChinese: Thanks to 黃冠霖 (鳳梨牛奶).
Power Notifier 1.0.5 APK
This simple application notifies you a connection and adisconnection of a power supply by sounds. You can select soundsfor AC power connected, USB port connected, and a powerdisconnected, respectively. The sounds can be selected from presetsounds of the device. No LED notification. No vibration. Thanks toAbu Iyad for Arabic translation in the app.
CmpTable Generator APK
This app generates a comparison table for products or services etc.You can easily edit a table, and export as an image. FEATURES: -Edit a comparison table with rows and columns. - Register a numericgrade, a text, a comment and an image to each cell. - Change acolor of texts and a background of the cell. - Register a text oran image from sharing (intent). - Export a table as a PNG image. -Export a table to a file as a backup. TIPS: - You can copy, move orinsert by long-pressing the target or the point. - If you get outof memory errors while exporting an image, please select a smallerwidth of an image from the app settings. - There is no limitationin a number of tables, rows and columns. However, the large numberof the rows and the columns might cause out of memory errors.
CustoMagica Live Wallpaper β 0.10.4 APK
This live wallpaper shows multiple images (layers) on thewallpaper. You can animate these images independently.* Becausethis app is a live wallpaper, please set as an active livewallpaper.FEATURES:- You can place multiple images in arbitrarypositions and sizes on the home screen.- You can set the width ofthe wallpaper. If you set the same size to the display width, thescrolling will be fixed.- You can animate a position, a size and arotation for each image.- You can show texts instead of theimage.ADVANCED FEATURES:- You can specify an app to run whentapping each image.- You can control to show or not to show some ofimages according to some conditions:  Date and time, the batterystatus, on the lock screen etc.- You can export/import settingsto/from a file.IMPORTANT NOTICE:This app can execute arbitraryoperations such as executing apps, send messages etc. If you importsettings which is made by third party, verify carefully that thesource is trusted and the settings are valid and harmless.HOW TOUSE:When you open the app from a launcher icon, you can configurethe settings.(A detailed help will be coming soon. Sorry for theinconvenience.)In addition, you can set the app as a live wallpaperfrom the app in following steps.( If your device is Jelly Bean(Android 4.1) or later, jump to step 3.)1. Tap the button at thetop of the app. Live Wallpaper chooser will be opened.2. Select"CustoMagica Live Wallpaper". A preview will be opened.3. In thepreview, select "Set wallpaper". After a while, the wallpaper willbe displayed in the home screen.* You can open Live Wallpaperchooser by long-pressing a blank area in the home screen.FOR GALAXYUsers:If you want to set the app to both the home screen and thelock screen, open the menu from the home screen, and set the app toboth as a live wallpaper.DISCLAIMERS:- No wallpapers included.-This app is a beta version. The exported files may not be importedin future version.- This app is provided "as is" and I can not beheld responsible for any damage caused when or by using this app.