1.0 / July 9, 2015
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If all your life you've been waiting to be aprestigious fashion adviser, to be part of the large firms and bepart of a team of stylists recognized and respected don't hesitate,this is the perfect game for you! An application with excellentquality graphics and full of the most realistic models of thehistory with the most innovative and stylish styles in thecity.

A big event is coming and your magazines company has been advisedto help by giving opinion with the outfits that the girls will wearon the catwalk, you will find the opportunity to transform into thebest advice and work on your passion. A pastime where you will notregret going, where you'll spend unforgettable moments with yourfriends or playing alone, enters in this world full of colors andcostumes. Women all over the world will come to your shop foradvice and get beautiful, your primary task will be to make themlook beautiful and elegant all the time, do you think you can meetthis fun challenge? You have to be kind and respectful all thetime, as girls will dress according to your professionalism, tostart you must take the sizes of the girls and choose theappropriate attire for each of them, whether long dresses, leatherskirts, semitransparent blouses and shoes and clothing appropriatefor different types.

Your main mission is to advise properly, making it the end of theshow a success and earn a good reputation for your wonderful work.It is very simple to perform, just swipe your finger across thescreen and guide your character in the decisions that you thinkmost appropriate, show your gift and make much money, Luck!

App Information Stores and Luxury Shopping

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    Stores and Luxury Shopping
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    July 9, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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  • Developer
    Nadine Games
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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Juegos de Caballos 1.0 APK
Nadine Games
Has sido siempre un fanático de las carrerasde caballos y no sabes que hacer para participar en una de ellas?Pues aquí te damos la oportunidad de transformarte en un montadorprofesional sin ni siquiera salir de casa y sin coste alguno, a quéesperas? Si lo tuyo son los animales no te puedes perder estefantástico juego en el que lo pasarás genial con tus amigos yfamiliares jugando sin parar y en donde os podréis retar paramostrar quién es el jinete más destacado de la historia.Si estás listo para enfrentarte con el reto y ganar la copa deoro al corredor del año entra ya y empieza una aventura llena deadrenalina junto a tu fiel amigo. Deberás ser muy persistente yentrenar duro cada día en la pista de la hípica, pues para llegar aser los mejores tendréis que practicar durante horas todo tipo dedoma: natural, vaquera o racional equina. Tendrás que tomar elliderazgo y mandar a tu poni en los movimientos imprescindibles quecreas oportunos, pero no tengas miedo, para ello existen lasriendas con las que podrás dirigir en que dirección deseas ir, yasea para delante, atrás, izquierda o derecha. Una vez los pasosestén entendidos debes aprender a saltar con mucha agilidad ydestreza, pues el salto es una prueba muy importante en el certameny el fin será no tocar lo más mínimo la barra, poste o piedra quetengáis que brincar porque sino perderás la partida y volverás aempezar de nuevo.Escoge que raza de corcel prefieres, un español, un inglés, unárabe, un frisón o un pura sangre y ponte el material necesariopara competir en el recorrido: silla de monta, polainas, botines,bocados, espuelas...etc. Una vez la carrera haya acabado no teolvides de ofrecer agua, pienso y alguna zanahoria como premio a tupotro, muestra que eres el mejor y recoge el triunfo en el podio.Suerte!You've always been a fanof horse races and do not know what to do to participate in one ofthem? Well here we give you the opportunity to transform into aprofessional editor without even leaving home without any cost,what are you waiting? If animals are your thing you can not missthis fantastic game where you'll have a great time with friends andfamily and playing non-stop where you can challenge you to show whois the most prominent rider in history.If you are ready to face the challenge and win the gold cupenters the corridor of the year now and start an adventure full ofadrenaline by your faithful friend. You must be very persistent andtrain hard every day in the horse racing track, because to becomethe best you have to practice for hours every kind of dressage:natural, cowgirl or rational horse. You'll have to take the leadand send your pony in the essential movements that you thinkappropriate, but fear not, for that there are the reins with whichyou can steer which direction you want to go, either forward,backward, left or right. Once the steps are understood must learnto jump with agility and skill, as the jump is a very important inthe competition test and the end will not play the slightest rod,pole or stone that you have to jump because otherwise you will losethe game and come back to start again.Horse race choose to prefer a Spanish, an English, an Arab, aFriesian or a thoroughbred and get the necessary to compete on thecourse materials: high chair, mounted, gaiters, snacks, spurs ...etc. Once the race is over do not forget to provide water, feed anda carrot as a reward for your horse, show you're the best and pickup the victory on the podium. Luck!
Archer 1.0 APK
Nadine Games
Are you ready to live the most spectacular andfun experience of your life, you are passionate about sports ingeneral and you can't stop for a second? Then don't miss thisamazing game of archery, an application full of adrenaline withwhich you'll have a great time playing with your friends and familyor alone, cause there is no need to challenge any opponent, put thelimits you are able to overcome and challenge yourself!A pastime with high quality graphics, the most innovativedesigns of the screens and a really easy interface to use, do youdare? Here you'll declare in a very characteristic form ofgymnastic, everything is based on the wisdom and the pulse of theperson who is playing, only with these two rules you can defeat thestrongest competitors. To start you must train hard every day theaim and the touch with the arcade, for it grab your gun firmly,place the crossbow at the right place and shoot very accuratelyagainst the middle that will be fifty meters away. If you can shootright in the middle of the target it will mean that you're a greatshooter, if not practice more often to achieve your goal. There arecountless of objects to point, from apples, watermelons andpomegranates to poles, straw dolls and stuffed rabbits.Don't be afraid and rehearse your movements and releasesfrequently to become the tournament's top sniper, the public of thestands will encourage and will focus on you, don't disappoint themand prove your gift. Get down to work and win. Luck!
Card Game Solitaire 1.0 APK
Nadine Games
Ready to spend unforgettable moments with yourfriends and family or debate by yourself? Then don't miss ourawesome solitaire application, a pastime full of unknowns thatyou'll have to solve with your own mind and show your patienceplaying against the smarter board of history, don't miss it!Without leaving home you will spend moments of authentic joy, ifyou're a fan of puzzles, everything related to chance and you'rewilling to solve the most complex puzzles this is the perfect gamefor you, enter now and live an experience out of the common! Inthis mission you must be very skilled and have the ability to stayfocused all the time, as you will need much intellectual prowess.To start the game you must go in search of an ace and do everythingpossible to find one moving the stairs from side to side if youneed it. The cards should alternate black and red colorsdownstream, differently it will be impossible to attach a card ontop of another. Be careful, because the main goal is to not getstuck on any occasion, cause if not you'll have to steal tab tocontinue with the game.If even so there is no way to move you'll lose and you'll have tostart over again, but don't panic, show that you can witheverything and beat all. With excellent quality graphics and veryeasy interface to use you'll not stop playing, Luck!
Dress Up Enchanted Princess 1.0 APK
Nadine Games
Ready to be the chief assistant of theenchanted castle outside of town and advise the princesses who livein it? Well here's your chance to make your dream com true fixingthese beauties in the way you like and according to your personaltaste, what are you waiting for? Enter now and show your goodstyle!In a few days it will open a big party in the court and all womenwant to be beautiful and elegant for the occasion with the newdresses of the season, so your task will be to advise them and makedifferent pieces combine together. If you are ready to make moneyand show to the world your gift in fashion start now to work hard.To begin your work you must take the measures of the queens fromthe palace, take the metro and measure the hip, waist, legs andfeet; once this process is finished show your skill as a seamstressand manufactures handmade costume for each of the girls, you haveall kinds of textile fabrics and prints at your disposal: silk,wool, cashmere, nylon, cotton.... and many more that will makethings a little easier. From the election make different clothes:underwear, blouses, coats, sweaters, leather shoes ... etc.They will let you recommend for each and they will trust yourskills to dress properly, so don' disappointment them and transforminto a professional advisor. Thanks to you the right prince willlove them, Luck!
Make Up The Descendants 1.0 APK
Nadine Games
Do you want to own your own beautician andmakeyou rich with your own hands? If you've ever consideredyourself avery talented person to take care for others, you liketo learn newinnovative techniques and you want to have a goodtime, don't missour fabulous Spa application with which you canplay forever withoutleaving home, what are you waiting for?Your new business is about to open its doors and the entirecitywill be looking to pick up a date with you, so you have to godownto work if you want to get all the work ahead. Your firstcustomerswill be the four singers called "the descendants": Carlos,Jay, Maland Evie, these guys just finished a concert and need torelax andget beautify treatments for their bodies. Do not paniccause you'llhave all the necessary materials to complete your task:wax forhair removal, massage oils, hot stones, hot water jets,manicureset, cosmetics, crayons, hair dyes... and many others thatwillmake things easier. Don't neglect to offer a refreshinglemonade toease tension and apply hydrant cream for the areas thatneedit.Show to the whole world your gift to fix and beautifyotherpeople, thus you'll triumph over the planet and gainexperience.You'll have a really easy interface to use, just swipeyour fingeracross the screen and guide your character in thedecisions thatyou think appropiate, Luck!
Basketball Triple 1.0 APK
Nadine Games
Are you passionate about all games relatedwith balls and you can't stop playing with them? Then don't missthis amazing basketball application with which you will enjoy greatgames with your friends and family without even leaving home andwith the most actual virtual mediators of the screens, don't missit!If you want to become a professional of basketball and be part ofthe most famous team of the season you just have to enter and showyour skills on the track. You will enjoy excellent quality graphicsand a really easy to interface to use, hit the button and start anexperience out of the ordinary, you will not regret it! Your maintask in this mission is to score as many points as possible to geta complete set to hit x10, once you overcome the score you'll goadding extra qualification that will give you more opportunities towin the game. Be careful with your opponents, because they will doanything just to eliminate you and advance you, so muchconcentration and put your limits to end with the victory in yourhands. Put on your best sneakers, grab hard the ball and train youraim and skill to score at the rim of this peculiar sport.Each time you complete the score the difficulty of the level willincrease and it will be harder to excel, if you can't sneak theball you will lose the game and you'll have to start over again,but don't panic and get down to train very hard, once you discoverthe pace you will not stop, Luck!
Waxing in Beauty Salon 1.0 APK
Nadine Games
You consider yourself a girl who always goesto the last trend, you love to go beautiful to make the others seehow well you can fix yourself and you would like to do the samewith the other women? Well then you can't miss this amazing beautygame with excellent quality graphics, the most innovative virtualsketches of the screens and at no cost, what are you waiting for?With a really easy interface to use you will spend moments ofauthentic joy without even leaving home, just swipe your fingeracross the screen and guide your model in the decisions that youthink appropriate. If you're craving go to work enter now and putyour own limits! Here you will be part of the most famousbeauticians team's of the city, you've been hired because of yourreputation in your previous work and for your greatprofessionalism, so get down to work and let your boss speechless.To begin choose the girl you prefer and start practicing with her,start to shave their arms, legs, back, and then his face, but becareful not to make your patient suffer because this area is verysensitive and she will leave disappointed to other aesthetic. Takebands of cold or hot wax, alcohol to disinfect, razors and hairremoval laser device for those who want a permanent shaving.Once you're done with the different methods and procedures applysome moisturizer throughout the body and aloe vera in the face toavoid redness and pimples. If there are any loose hairs takes thetweezers and eliminate them, Luck!
Dress Up Magical Queens 1.0 APK
Nadine Games
Are you passionate about fashion and you don'tknow what to do to work on a runway with the best princesses of theworld? Here you will live a fascinating experience and you'll learnall about the costumes of the queens of the palace, so if you wantto experience a magical adventure enter now and see it foryourself, go for it!In this pastime you have to get the protagonists of the paradelook resplendent, elegant and perfect for the occasion, because abig party at the castle is about to open its doors and they must bevery settled. Do not panic because you'll have all the necessarytools to satisfy your work, from oil for relaxing massage,hairdresser session, makeup and cosmetics to beautify the face to amyriad of items to spruce ladies: couture dresses, strapless dress,skirts with ethnic prints, cashmere tops, ballerina shoes ... andmany others. Do not neglect to apply the small details that arethose that make the difference: gemstones, diamonds, jewelry,crowns, pearl earrings ... etc.Once you finish the procedure of wardrobe apply some hairsprayon the hair and perfume on the neck to release a fresh fragrance.Triumph in the kingdom and win admiration for all the guests of thecelebration, good Luck!

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ROOT REQUIREDXPOSED FRAMEWORK REQUIREDIF You dont know What is XPOSED Framework then do not try thisapplication (it wont work)Hi Guys,I read about the Xposed framework in xda and other websites.somewebsites have really good tutorials about it.So what I understandis that we can modify a function and its return values using theXposed Framework.I have created and Xposed Module For Changing (MASKING) the IMEI Noof the PhoneChange Means How Other Application gets the IMEI No of the deviceusing below codeAs you all know,The Value is not permanent as it is an XposedModule :)XDA-Developers Threadhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-imei-changer-t2847187Pro version :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.imeichangerproStepsInstall appEnable module in xposed frameworkCome back to app and enter new valuePress ApplyGo to xposed moduleOpen framework pageDo a soft rebootOpen the appAnd you can see new valuecheck the value by dialing *#06#, you can see the new value