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Strange Super Hero needs to escape island where he has tofightpowerful skeleton heroes. This is a war between superheroandskeleton power rangers. Skeletons skull are super villains andtheyare not going to let you escape this island easily. You havetofight like a hero and kill all the enemies. This is a survivalofthe fittest. You are trained for such situations, use bow andhuntall the enemies with the arrows. They'll run for their lifeandyou'll have to hunt them down. You are the last hero left inthisbattle, this is not a simple war game if you have alreadyplayedother games of war. If you are looking for a superherofightinggames then this is the best superhero fighting game. Thisultimategrand shooting battle will decide who's the super hero. Youare thelast hope and you have to fight this battle alone. SkeletonArmy isall over island and they'll come from every direction. Theyarewell equipped with arrows, bows, swords and other heavyweapons.Start a mortal battle against the super villains. Become anStrangesuperhero, survive on the scary island and defeat evil! Buttodefeat the supervillain will not be easy, because they justdoesnot give up! You must defeat them with all your strength!Rememberthat the fate of the inhabitants of the future and thepresentdepends on your battle! You will have to take responsibilityforthousands of lives. Prove that you are worthy of being anStrangesuperhero! Fight not for glory, but for the honor! You are aheroof a grand war, and for you there can be no mistakes. So, whowillwin? An Strange superhero, or super villain? Everything dependsonyou! Though you are a super strange hero with super powers&strange abilities but that doesn’t mean your duty would beeasy.Killing villains in the war zone where the battle withskeletons istaking place is a very challenging task. The plus pointis that themore challenging the duty the greater sense ofachievement andsatisfaction it brings. Whether you are looking fora best newaction game or a best superhero game, this is the gameyou shouldplay. How to play: 1. Watch out for the enemies asthey'll appearfrom everywhere 2. Use map to locate enemies and killthem beforethey reach to you 3. Use left side of the screen to fireand rightside to move around Features: - Action filled thrillingfirstperson shooter (FPS) game. - Simple, beautiful, user friendly&clean UI - Immersive 3D graphics. - Fun and easy controls-Challenging and addictive game play - Destroy your enemies inacruel battle - Plenty of missions to keep you entertained

App Information Strange Super Hero vs Villains

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    Strange Super Hero vs Villains
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    February 16, 2021
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Blockot Games
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Winter Mountain Sniper - Modern Shooter Combat 1.2.5 APK
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Join in the fun of destroying base of armed terrorists in thisfreeonline modern firing game for action seeking players. In thisnewfree first person sniper game, you are the main character thatwilldefeat criminals and save the world. Your team is deployed inthemiddle of winter season on this dangerous mission, so you needtoweather the frost bites and wreak havoc on terrorists. It isyourduty as a leader of your squad to lead your team intosuccessfulmissions before these criminals use their weapons oninnocentcivilians. Accept the role of a hero and stop all enemyplans ofcity destruction from becoming a reality. Hide under thecover ofthe cold snow like an expert sniper and use your rifle topinpointvehicles of enemy and destroy them. As an elite heroshootersniper, you will have the chance to choose from verity ofportableand blasting weapons from your secret spot on mountain.Take outyour sniper rifle and shoot to eliminate all enemy personalusingperfectly smooth controls made for players easy targetachievement.You also have the option to throw grenades and blastersconverselyon the criminal’s hideout to finish them off. Become thebravesniper player on this snow covered slippery mountain, facingcoldwinter storm. Use your best gaming skills to not onlycrushconfidence of these evil doers but you must also survivethisfrosting winter weather on mountain tops. You must quicklyhuntdown enemy base house and use your rifle to take longdistancerange shot to defeat these offenders. Annihilate all enemyjeeps,runaway vehicles and tanks by following them in your owntanks. Asthe protagonist of this awesome & mind boggling enemysniping3D free gaming world, you are virtually undefeatable so takelongshots, short range shots and let bullets fly from your snipergunto become best player. In this serene surrounding in this new2018sniper special combat game, protect your country from terrorismbyeradicating everything standing in the way of finishing yourtask.Don’t hesitate to move forward in front of your mates and bethefirst to pull the trigger fast to shoot down, maim withenemyshooters and gangsters. Don’t let anyone escape the furyofamerican senior war hero sniper bullets in this amazing freeonlinecombat mission game. In this multi-level game you will begivenmore army artillery weapons and bonuses but you must win eachlevelto unlock these benefits. Train your ears to the sound ofbulletsfrom pistols, rifles and tanks in this realistic gamingenvironmentto be successful on every platform. This multi-levelsnow packedcovered mountain terrain gameplay will challenge theplayers intoentering the enemy base camp like an unseen ghost toeliminate allthe terrorists. Player will be thrilled to play withadvancedconsole like controls for quick trigger pulling and hittingthetarget with precision in this free first person online gamewithawesome 3D graphics features. This will be a fierce fightbetweengood and evil so give all terrorists a fatal blow on everyleveluntil you’re the last standing man and win this game. Sodownloadand start winning your first mission right now and getglued toyour gaming screens!
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Horror sniper clown in the dead is a jungle survival horror game,itis a first-person survival horror in a realistic 3D worldFreeshooting games. The story is nerve breaking and you got toconqueryour fears to play this terrifying game in Fps shootinggames. Soit all started when Sam went to the jungle for hunting, hekept onhunting till it got late in the evening. Realizing it prettylate,he jumped into his jeep and drove it pretty fast that hecouldn'tsee what was in front of him. His jeep crashed and when hewake up,he finds himself caught in a trap. It was all dark and hecouldn'tsee a thing. The only way to escape from trap was to cut itbut itwasn't an easy job as when he started cutting the trap, hefoundhimself in the middle of haunted area filled with creaturesandparanormal activities. Now Sam has only one option to survivethishorrific night, to cut the trap and run towards the nearesthut,but reaching to that hut isn't easy either as he has to fightwithcursed creatures, monsters and ghosts. One thing Sam isn'taware ofis that this setup was created by the scary clown who hasso manyvictims in the past. He is a blood hungry clown and he'llbemerciless if he catches you, he is a serial killers so beware.Onceyou set yourself free from the trap, there is a haunted housewhichmight be a place you want to go in order to survive the nightandwait for the day light. The door is closed and you need tobecareful as you don't know what's inside waiting for you.Yourmission involves freeing yourself from the trap and getting ridofthe evil ghosts. You are hero escape from blood killer withmagicalpowers. An all new survival escape simulator game for thesurvivalgame lovers filled with horror and paranormal activities.If hecatches you, he will kill you. There are many horror,frightfulactivities at evil mansion of rivals. There are houseshaunted by aresident devil. Survival in this wilderness is a tough.Breakoutfrom this mysterious evil village of horror residence andneighborswith monster assassin. If you like horror games withunexpectedtwists you will love this point adventure game. This heroescapeblood killer battle adventure is very challenging andengaging. Youcan't determine who is angel who is devil.Extraordinaryatmosphere, nervous scenario and blood-curdling flow.Experiencedeep, dark atmosphere of horror and terror withunsettling ambientmusic and freaky, unearthly ghost voices andsounds. SpecialFeatures Amazing 3D Haunted Jungle Interesting GamePlay Smooth andintuitive controls Thrilling and challengingMissions Horror music& sounds Fearful and tension atmosphereParanormal horror andcreepy game Live in the horrific horrorstories and feel the screamsounds If you are a fearless player, youwill face with yourphobias in a terrible and haunted house Do notlook scared in frontof your demon enemy
Counter Terrorist SWAT Shooter- Fps Shooting Games 1.5 APK
Blockot Games
Get ready to be an incredible super striker selected for aspecialops mission by the navy army in Counter terrorist war fpscommandofree shooting games 2020. Put an end to terrorist's evilplans inthis Free 3D FPS action gun shooting game. CounterTerrorist SWATShooter is a free 3D military army action game fullof gun shootingexplosive missions. You are a trained modern fpscommando shooterand you are being sent on a mission to killterrorists in thebattle zone. Terrorist teams have been spreadingterrorism forquite some time now and it's time to pay back in thisbreathtakingmodern war action game. Terrorists have been destroyingthe peaceof this country for a long time and you as a last commandoheroneeds to put this to an end. USA Army military has launchedaspecial ops mission against terrorists and you are selectedforthis shooter mission to kill the terrorist. Military forcehasselected the bravest warriors for this mission of heroes toattackterrorist camps. Army is providing you with modern weapons&super weapons to combat the enemy & win this war. Usethevarious modern weapons & military guns provided bymilitaryarmy to strike hard & eliminate the terrorists. Countertheenemy attacks to increase your chances of survival &success.You are known as the finest army sniper rifle shooterwithbrilliant survival skills, having the experience of modernweapons& guns in various combats, battles, missions &war.Military army has once again chosen you for a special opsmission.Terrorists will be ready to counter attack & strikeback so bealert all the time. Villain enemy is equipped withweapons &guns like sniper rifle guns, pistol & machine gunsbut whatthey lack are the skills you have. Destroy the enemydefense &eliminate all the terrorists to prove that you are theonly truewar hero. The best rifleman & sniper rifle gun shooterof themilitary army. There are rebel camps in the outskirts ofthebattlefield which needs to be destroyed as well. You have tostopthe revolt which has been initiated by super villainsandterrorists of Army. Swat team and naval army will also joinarmygroup in this battlefield mission. You all have to worktogether tocounter the terrorist strike. Training of army toprepare forfuture war is very tough which not only made you afittest goodsoldier but also taught you how to destroy your enemy,how to dostealth killing and attack terrorist bases in commandomissions.Global terrorist have put everyone in terror and explodingall thebridges and roads to stop the army to reach warriorsbattlefield.Special forces are also going to join this commandocombat shoot.Go to the shooting arena with special operationsforces and launchan assault on the terrorists in the war ofresistance. Terroristshave made heartbreaking stories againsthumanity and they areexpecting an assault from the trained armyassassin forces to endthis blood & chaos. Watch out for rifleman and shootingassassin hiding in the shadow. You can see theirshadow andeliminate them with sniper. Shots for military shooter,fight tosurvive in this shooter battle. This is a new modernwarfare, takeout the refuge and dispatch them to the near facility.Expect armybase attack and get ready troopers for army snipercombat. If youare a fan of counter terrorist games then play thiscommandocounter terrorist strike game. Features of CounterTerrorist SWATShooter: - A lot of gun shooting action filledmission - Plenty ofguns to choose from - Challenging &addictive gameplay - 3Dimmersive environment - Top-notch soundeffects
West Mafia Redemption: Gold Hunter FPS Shooter 3D 1.2.0 APK
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Play the best FPS commando 3d encounter gun strike 2020 freeshooting game of western era. Get a chance to use amazing weaponsof that time and show your shooting skills to the world. Go back tothe old western era where there is no mercy and you are on your ownin these western games. Go on a hunt of Gold but beware of yourenemies who are on their way to snatch it before you reach in freeshooting games 2020. Don't let them take what is yours. Fight thoseenemies and make sure no one survives otherwise you'll be introuble in sword fighting games 2020. Like playing action gamesespecially with awesome survival missions of gun games encounterfps? Then download and accept the challenge to survive in thisWestern themed gameplay! Fight like a hero sheriff of the old townin west as a cowboy and defeat gangsters with pistols and rifles inbest new games. Take part in the #1 exciting 3D western adventureon horse to explore the world of gunfighters! You can play as acowboy or cowgirl in this awesome action game. Here your missionswill be to challenge and duel with enemy team and earn rewardsafter you take out bandits! Explore the ranch and the old town inwestern side and complete various tasks in the game to find hiddenloot. Cowboy become a hero or a sharif, who is needed in thiswestern area! Show your action shooting games skills in thisgangster game with west theme as a hunter! This free game is fullof thrilling adventures and shooting matches as gunfighter todefeat the mafia gangs. Realistic western style environment andmultiple modes to test your skills cowboy. Ride your racing horseand enter the town! Find the gangsters and save the civilians orjust accept the challenge of a thrilling battle to defeat themafia! Who will win the fast gun draw match to become a hero ascowboy in the history of great western in western games! Freedownload, play on the go and become a cowboy who is a gunfighter.It is a kill-or-be-killed frontier out there! Join the open worldof an Old West style gaming action as a western cowboy now! GameFeatures: - Western environment complete with old town - Advancephysics used for more realistic animation - Choose your weapon likepistol, rifle gun or shotgun from gun store - Cool sound and visualeffects like gun shooting and horse racing effects - Customizablecowboy characters with dozens of clothes and other features -Multiple modes with various activities and tasks in the game -Different horses and weapons to help you complete missions
WWII Zombies Survival - World War Horror Story 1.1.7 APK
Blockot Games
WWII Zombies Survival is a first person shooting game. As an armycommando kill zombies to escape haunted town of world war (ww2).All the tasks given in this thrilling game is very sensitive, andyou have to complete each one to move on the next mission. Thedifficulty meter increases with every mission, so be careful andread the objectives of the task carefully. Amazing and smoothcontrollers: help the player to accurately aim and shoot atzombies. Realistic 3D graphics: for real life experience for gamersin this free downloadable fps gaming app. Unique game play:features zombie town, player will use stealth to overcome this newthreat to the world. Contains slow motion effects: which will bereally entertaining for the player to watch and play. Engagingsounds and background music with zombies groaning, soldiersshouting and gun fire shooting/reloading of guns.