10 / January 2, 2017
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Strawberry Shortcake is a top dessert, and this game shows you howto create it! You get a collection of organic farm fresh strawberryslices and wild baby strawberries(virtual of course!) You get asponge cake bottom and fruity cake layers! Then there is thewhipped cream section with many dollops of fluffy whipped cream!Your goal is to make an awesome Strawberry Shortcake from thoseingredients by dragging them into your custom combination! All thistakes place in a cute farm and strawberry patch setting! Then whenyour ready with your dessert, the app will take a picture of itautomatically when you share it with friends through social mediaor just email! You can compete for the best looking fruityshortcake! Try making a really tall one! When your ready for thebest dessert and baking dressup game..this is the one by far! Senda Strawberry Shortcake to a friend on a diet, or send one tograndma and see if she can make a real one for you!Features:- thebest strawberry shortcake dressup, add lots and lots ofstrawberries and more!- a cooking games that's also a dressupgame!- good looking sponge cake and ingredients - easily share thegame with others, show off your shortcake- mamma style food prep -fun game to play

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    Strawberry Shortcake FarmBerry
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    January 2, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Munchie Games
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