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Super Street Fighters,The popular 2D fighting ARPG! Hey! Come toChallenge the Bosses of Chaotic City! Start your journey and seekhegemony for Fighting City, K.O your opponents fighters and becomethe King of Street Fighting! the latest arcade games totallyfree!endless Street Fighting action a new style ARPG iscoming!Melee attack, single attack, defense, the most abundantskills’ system, upgrade the skills according to your own needs andrelease the awesome skills!! Eliminate your enemies. Unique spellsystem combines boxing, karate, kungfu, wrestling, strengthen yourpower and stats! Different levels and gameplay! evils are waitingfor your challenge! Let’s beat all the opponents!latest arcadegames totally free!endless boxing action a new style ARPG iscoming!The true heroes are born in the street fighting, feel thepower and strength in your hands, wielding a real fightingmachine.It's your time to be the master of kungfu fighters forFREE! Choose your favorite character and compete in street fights,do not let them reach your opponent to avoid a K.O.Come swing yourfists in this all-immersive mobile Fighting game.simpleside-scrolling interface and easy-to-learn controls, as well as awide range of skills you can mix for devastating combos. Anunprecedented brave combat experience!Fight on the street! Facevaries of enemies! Defeat them and take all their territories!Usequick reflexes and special moves, unleash fierce punches andcombos, K.O all opponents and become the king of fightingnow!Features:- The most classical Fighting arcade game Style!- Atiny installation package just 17M! You can play withoutnetworking!- Attention focused by millions of “Acuspansa” fightinggame fans! - Full support on 130000+ android device!- A metric tonof Street fighting COMBOS- Realistic Street fighting sound!- Easysliding and touching screen bring about continuously cool StreetFighting!- Cool special Street Fighting skills & Wonderfulstory & Skills upgrades- Multiple levels and scenarios-Entertaining physics engine- Experience Street fighting in arelaxing casual game!

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    Street Fighting:Super Fighters
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    April 24, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Kung Fu Fighting , The legendary fighting franchise returns withnew game plot! Free classic Fighting arcade games to enjoy withandroid device Now! In Kung Fu Fighting Game, player's characterLee is a martial artist that practices his family's Kung Fufighting style. He enter the City to rescue him sister, Lily. Intheir fights, Lee learn that the Lily became the target from thecriminal gangs, and decide to face him. Lee is very serious aboutKung Fu and loyal to his family. He has been given disciplinethrough his Kung Fu training by his father . He earned thenickname, “The Grandmaster of Kung Fu” due to his remarkable use ofhis Kung Fu fighting style. He uses the Kung Fu to fight withcriminal gangs Boss. Kung Fu Fighting Game can recall yourchildhood memories of arcade game ! Recorded in the history of theclassic arcade game, Compared with other fighting games,Kung FuFighting has been designed to be played with more easily .
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Street Kung Fu Fighters combines sophisticated the features ofAction Fighting and Role Playing Game, together have this excitingaction fighting game!Street Kung Fu Fighters delivers sweetunderground arcade nostalgia to you. Challenge yourself role inthis addictive, easy to use, old-school arcade FTG game.Street KungFu Fighters , Recall your childhood memories of arcade game ! Freeclassic Fighting arcade games to enjoy with android deviceNow!Recorded in the history of the classic arcade game, Street KungFu Fighters was one of the most popular. Compared with otherfighting games, this game has been designed to be played with moreeasily .We hope you once again to have a great time! !
Samurai Fighting -Shin Spirits 1.5 APK
Samurai Fighting - Shin Spirits, The legendary blade fighting gamereturns with new game plot! Free classic Fighting arcade games toenjoy with android device Now! Cheng is the protagonist fighter ofthe Game. He was the son of a fighter named Kun. Kun was a masterof samurai blade. As he grew, he became an avid samurai andpowerful fighter. One day, when he was twelve, he and his brotherYoka returned from an errand to discover their master Kun standingover his corpse. Enraged, Cheng physically attacked him for thekilling of their master. Yoka withstood the attack and left insilence.Shortly thereafter, Cheng depart their foster home toavenge the death of his master and confront the killer. Five yearson their quest, he still searches for yoka. He eventually discoversthat the real killer of his master was one of the four fighter ofhell, ShinKa. He engages him, but the hell fighter's superior skillquickly overpowers him. However, Cheng possesses the power of thelegendary Kirin, transforming various physical aspects and givinghim additional power. With his transformation into “awakenedsamurai”, he defeats hell fighter.Samurai Fighting Shin Spirits,Theblade fighting game can recall your childhood memories of arcadegame ! Recorded in the history of the classic arcade game, Comparedwith other fighting games,Samurai Fighting Shin Spirits has beendesigned to be played with more easily .
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Mad Slug 3: Ace Force,the classical 2D run & gun actionshooting game, fascinate many fans of worldwide for its intricatedot-pixel graphics, and simple and intuitive game controls! Themost highly praised title in the series among Mad Slug fans for itsrefined balance and game volume!Mad Slug 3: Ace Force ischaracteristic of run and gun video game: large numbers of enemiesand a player character with extremely powerful weapons. In most runand guns, contact with an enemy leads to annihilation. In this MadSlug III: Ace Army, however, contact results in the opportunity toperform a melee attack and the opportunity for the enemy to performa melee attack of his own if he has one. The player's melee attackis also much stronger than most shots. This leads to the abilityfor the player to run in and use melee attacks to take down anumber of troops, and the ability to quickly defeat enemies thatcan take plenty of damage like the mummies in iron warrior.Thereare a total of six levels, in locations such as forests, garrisonedcities, snowy mountain valleys, canyons, and military bases.Duringthe course of a level, the player also encounters POWs, who, iffreed, offer the player bonuses in the form of random items orweapons. At the end of each level, the player receives a scoringbonus based on the number of freed POWs. If the player dies beforethe end of the level, the tally of freed POWs reverts to zero.Inaddition to shooting, the player can also perform melee attacks byusing a knife and/or kicking. The player does not die simply bycoming into contact with enemies, and correspondingly, many of theenemy troops also have melee attacks. Much of the game's scenery isalso destructible, and occasionally, this reveals extra items orpower-ups, although most of the time it simply results incollateral damage.
Karate Fighter Fury Fight 1.0 APK
Fury Fight is a side-scrollingbeat-'em-uparcade game.The Game Plot of Karate Fury Fight involvestheabduction of Mayor Mike's daughter, Wendy, because he wouldnotwork with the MadJohn Gang to ensure their dominance ofthestreets. When the MadJohn thug Damnd contacts Mike and informshimof the dire situation, Mike calls up his daughter's boyfriendKing,king is a Karate fighter , The Karate fighter king then headintothe streets of Mero City to bust MadJohn's skulls, fightingtheirway through the hordes of goons littering the city (includingtheRastafarian thug Damnd, the "Japanophile" Sodom, former RedBeretand militia leader Rolento, corrupt cop Edi. E, andtheill-tempered Abigail), to get to Mad Gear's boss, Belger. Onthetop floor of a large building, Kung fu fighter King knocksBelgerout of the window, sending him falling to his death.Enemies can be grabbed simply by walking into one of them. Whenanenemy is grabbed, the player can perform a grab attack bypressingthe attack button or perform a throw by tilting thejoystick leftor right. A thrown enemy can be tossed at another foradditionaldamage. Items such as weapons, health recovery items, anditemsawarding extra points can be picked up by standing over oneandpressing the attack button.
Fighting Champion -Kung Fu MMA 2.1 APK
Fighting Champion:Ultimate fight is the new sequel of “Kung FUFighting” ,It is the real Fighting game compared to "Kung FuFighting". Ultimate Kung fu fighting Champion is a exciting arcadefighting game, it is the amazing arcade game,bring back your memoryof childhood. Enjoy whole game play with nice sound effects andreal fighting skills.So Don’t Wait install and enjoy UltimateFighting Champion game and become the champion of Kung Fu Fightingfighters.Kung Fu fighting was a worldwide hit in the arcades and ablast in the fighting game genre at its release thanks to the highquality of its game mechanics and its 6 Kung FU MMAfighters!::::::::: Features: ::::::::::- Easy sliding and touchingscreen bring about continuously cool Fighting!- The most classicalFighting arcade game Style!- A tiny installation package which lessthan 18M! You can play without networking!- Attention focused bymillions of “Kung Fu Fighting” player! - Full support on 130000+android device!- Silky smooth animations & Cool Kung FuFighting skills!- Realistic fighting sound!- Experience fighting ina relaxing Kung Fu game!Come on, challenge the Ultimate Kung FuFighting. Punch in all enemies, kick out all other Kung Fufighters. Rush into the duel field and become the King of Kung FuFighter.If you love this incredibly cool and fun Coin-Op ArcadeFighting Game then you'll also want to try your hand at more greatfighting game published by Us!