1.1 / November 9, 2014
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An NEW action packed game with hours of gameplay!PLAY FREE FOREVER!

App Information Street Killing Gangster

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    Street Killing Gangster
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    November 9, 2014
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    Android 2.1 and up
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King Of Guard Fighter 1.2 APK
King Guard Fighter slashes its way tochallenge with simple game mechanics. and tactical gameplay.FEATURES:Characters include an Ottoman warrior who wields a dagger and usespowerful slap attacks, a Kazakh shaman who uses spirits to attackand curse her opponents, a half-beast with his pet which helps tocreate combinational attack patterns, a templar knight who resistsand counters opponent‘s attacks.* Ultimate Power Moves to destroy your opponents:Destroy your opponent with a character specific method when theyare on low health and you are on the winning round.From art direction to gameplay, King Of Guard Fighter Androidbrings the complete KOF experience to the Android platforms. Thegorgeous graphics of the world-famous fighting series have beenfaithfully recreated, taking full advantage of the latest Androidhardware. The use of the Virtual Pad/Joystick perfectly reproducesKOF's controls, creating a simple, user-friendly play-style toeasily perform special moves and combinations.King OF Guard Fighter is also optimized for MOGA Controllers.
Billiard 3D 2.1 APK
Game Instructions:As the rich and varied gameplay, and thus controlof the game is relatively complicated way, through this help,players can quickly become familiar gameplay.You can slide up anddown the screen to turn pages.Press and hold the cue directionadjustment button to adjust the club's direction, that direction ofthe ball.You can change the intensity of the sliding battingefforts.Click the button to start hitting shots.Press and hold thezoom button to zoom in or out on the scene.Mini tables: tables fordisplaying thumbnails of scenes throughout, in order to hit theball when aiming.Click mini-tables switch can show or hide minitables.Click the View button to toggle and freedom to implement thefirst-person perspective view of the switch.First-personperspective: the camera has been behind the club and hit the balltowards the goal. The simulation of a real scene angleshots.Freedom perspective: the camera orientation is inconsistentwith the direction of the ball, change the camera orientation doesnot change the direction of the ball.This perspective can show theentire scene.Sliding screen: slide the screen left and right toadjust the camera's azimuth, vertical sliding screens can adjustthe camera's angle of elevation.Billiards origin:Billiards in thefourteenth century AD, in the United Kingdom Victorian England,billiards very popular attention, in some wealthy families, notonly pay attention to the billiard room with luxurious, but duringplay activities, as well as strict etiquette activities someregulations still in use. As in the play, there are guests, gentlyopen the door burglary must not talk loudly and is loud, so as notto affect the play's quiet thinking. Another example is in theplay, you can not ask yourself is facing or near their standing,not just brandishing clubs and other uncivilized behavior.Billiards is an elegant sport, billiard hall, room, also havesimilar loud noise and smoking are not allowed expresslyprovided.It is a billiard widely popular in the international sportelegant interior is a ball with a club on the stage, relying on thegame-winning score is calculated to determine the indoor recreationsport.Billiards has developed into a diverse: there are Chineseeight-ball, Russian snooker, English snooker, carom, snookerbilliards and snooker, snooker most common of which has become aevents.
Street Killing Gangster 1.1 APK
An NEW action packed game with hours of gameplay!PLAY FREE FOREVER!
Circus Knife And Beuty 1.1 APK
"Circus Knife And Beuty" is a knife throwingsimulator for mobile target.You can choose from the four targets.Do not hurt the beuty!In addition, you can adjust the direction and speed of movingtargets.For each settings state the best result of the game is saved.The goal of the game is to get the most points.How to play.Touch the screen. Move your finger so that the tip of the blademoved to the location where you want to throw a knife. Remove yourfinger from the screen. Knife thrown.When you aim pay attention to the direction and speed of thetarget. It is necessary to aim with anticipation.Scoring:The game uses colored target.Points are added for hit:Green + 1Blue + 2Red + 5Yellow + 10When hit in the human game ends.Bonus.You are invited to hit the target of a certain color. If you dothis, then you get an extra knife. This will allow you to make moreshots and get more points.