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Doing the splits is a position which is indicates greatflexibility.Doing the splits can not only be used in gymnastics,but also invarious forms of dance, cheer leading, figure skating,martial arts,synchronized swimming and more. This article providesstretches thatcan enable a person achieve the splits. This can beused for frontsplits or side splits, however each variant usesslightly differentmuscles.Stretches For Splits Features :• How toStretch• Physiologyof Stretching• Warming Up• The Stretch Reflex•Stretching to Preparefor Doing the Splits• What Happens When YouStretchmportant safetynotice, though, before you get started: Ifyou’re struggling alongeither step listed here, don’t push it.Spend more time over thenext few days or weeks increasing yourflexibility, then give itanother try when you feel much morelimber.

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