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Strike soccer has become in this Free Kick Football Game. Enjoyfree kick, penalty shoots, and win the soccer World Cup 2018 BestFree-Kick football game with different targets in various flickmatches and goal keeper. Become a football hero in penalty soccer,free kick and dribbling in a world cup soccer game 2018. Now, forfree, you have an amazing football game with nice graphics and allthe action you want of your soccer games 2018 to shoot a goal inthe World Cup Soccer freekick. Prepare your finger to special flickand free-kicks dribbling the wall and score in goal post in thisfree kick soccer! A LOT OF LEVELS IN STRIKE SOCCER 2018 Free KicksWorld Cup! More than 60 football levels. This soccer game includeschallenging targets on every matches. In some cases, you will haveto be a hero and score realkick over the barrier and thegoalkeeper. In others, you will have to score free shoot overcrates, crossbar, soccer goal, etc. Enjoy this football game as asoccer football hero and get all targets in each matches with yourfree-kicks. Customize your football striker with your team colourand win all matches of world cup soccer 2018. Face-off matchesagainst the goalkeeper and score goals with your finger skills inthis free kick soccer game. You can play for the worlds topfootball teams in this free soccer game. BE THE BEST SCORER OF THEWORLD CUP SOCCER 2018 When you shoot goal, you will get coins andother rewards after every level and equip the best footwear inorder to improve the scorer points and rewards. You could also wintickets and go to the roulette to get a lot of prizes that willhelp you to achieve the targets of each level and win thetournament with the top world teams and the Soccer Free Kick WorldLeague Win all matches with your strike soccer and become a realfootball star. Try news flick, soccer kicks and crossbar thegoal-post with the football ball. Get ahead on your soccer worldcareer. Improve your free-kicks, your dribbling skills and penaltyaccuracy to become a football game hero. Your fans will follow youin every match. Feel the adrenaline of every free kick, beat everytargets and win all the matches. The football game is awaiting foryou. The best free kick soccer penalty and realkick of the WorldChampion in this soccer games 2018.********************************* Twitter: @Aristokraken Facebook:www.facebook.com/aristokraken Google+:https://plus.google.com/1053986440488... Youtube: AristokrakenGames Instagram: @aristokraken And do not miss all the news andupcoming releases on our website: http://www.aristokraken.comRelease The Kraken!!!

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    Strike Soccer 2018 Free Kick
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    January 15, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Avenida Dolores Rodriguez de Aragón, nº 3, Portal 14, 4º C 29010 Málaga España
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Become the best moto race driver 2017 in this amazing racinggame!Drive through the asphalt in tonight's competition and try todo more kilometres than the rest of the superbike!Enjoy theexperience of racing your favourite moto Racing 2017 in afast-paced moto race full of speed!- Choose a moto for this bikerace. Each superbike has unique features, so choose the best cardsto upgrade the bike racing that suits you - Go full speed in thisextreme bike race! - Amazing circuits and graphics during this motoraces- Very intuitive to play: You just need to tap on the greenbutton and use the joystick! - Choose one if the three controlmodes.- In this 2017 motos game you will not get bored! Time willpass very fast when you play, as races can be repeated all overagain!- Unlock more than 29 bikes and 29 riders.- Be part of themost xtreme moto racing competition.- This funny games areappropriate for children and adults.Have fun in this addictive motorace game and good luck!-----------------------------Twitter:@AristokrakenFacebook: www.facebook.com/aristokrakenGoogle+:https://plus.google.com/105398644048828289367And do not miss allthe news and upcoming releases on our website:http://www.aristokraken.comRelease The Kraken!!!
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Compite in the most xtreme formula one turbo championship of theuniverse.One of the greatest formula car racing 3d gamesfree.Careful! Formula racing games are not just about speed, choosewisely when to pit stop so you get the best timing.Pick one of ourgreat formula racing car:- Hohnda: An orange car famous forcompiting in every formula racing games till today. - Mersede: Awhite racing car with xtreme speed- Perrari: Is the king of speedand the current king of formula racing games- Red boll: A blackformula racing car that feels like having wings.- Renoult: A yellowcar that used to be the fastest car on the circuit- Sober: a whiteracing car with the best top speed of formula racing gamesJust pitstop and unlock all the formula racing cars for free! Racing cargames 3d are not the same anymore, formula racing gamesevolve.Compete and win hundres of trophies to access new GPcircuits:-US Grand Prix circuit -Italia Grand Prix circuit -FranciaGrand Prix circuit -Alemania Grand Prix circuit -España Grand Prixcircuit -UK Grand Prix circuit -Colombia Grand Prix circuit-Republica Checa Grand Prix circuit -Suiza Grand Prix circuit-Brasil Grand Prix circuit Racing car games free at its top level,feel formula car racing 3d games free like never before.F1, Formula1, FIA Formula One World Championship and related logos aretrademarks of Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula One groupcompany. All rights reserved. This application is unofficial and isnot associated in any way with the F1 group ofcompanies.-----------------------------Twitter:@AristokrakenFacebook: www.facebook.com/aristokrakenGoogle+:https://plus.google.com/105398644048828289367And do not miss allthe news and upcoming releases on our website:http://www.aristokraken.comRelease The Kraken!!!
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Thrones is here, and it's free! Solve all the levels and freepuzzles by joining 3 or more gems and candies, to get the throneand be the new King. You will have to conquer all kingdoms,collecting all kinds of candy for dragons, tasty lollipop forkrakens, candies of red heart of the witch, sweet and delicious,broken ice of the savages, bear cookies or lovely butter cookies toprotect you from the cold of the winter. You can also use greenfire bombs, so using the bombs you can get more sweets for winterand dragon eggs to get the throne. Crazy Skills and Boosters: *White Wolf Sword: Legendary sword that destroys all the sweetlollipop, and can help break the ice candy you want to crush. *Dragon fire: Destroy and melt the sweet candy columns. * Gold coin:Use the currency wisely to solve the puzzes, you can let himexchange two candies. * Green Fire: this last ability can help youto destroy all the candies and chips of the puzzle. Gameplay Match3: * Move sweet candies and chips from different realms and makethree of the same candies in a straight line, which you can pick upand crush. * Get four or more of the same candy together and make amagic bomb to master the Realms. * By collecting and crushing thecandy, you can break the ice like a dragon, and collect the cookiesbelow. * If you are smart as a dwarf to make the green fire bomb,letting the bomb explode will make you feel like the King of theThrone. Crazy levels in the different Realms: * If you are afraidof conquering the throne, the Winter King will guide you to destroythe candy, dragons and all the enemies of your Match 3 puzzle. *There are more than 50 different levels in the game, through themyou will get great rewards like some Dragon eggs. * The adorabledragon is buried under the ice, melting the ice to save them. *There are a lot of delicious cookies, which you can crush toconquer the throne. Remember: * Choose wisely your movements totrigger combos. * Get special tokens that eliminate rows, columns,areas, etc. * Combine different special pieces to get even moredevastating effects. * Solve each puzzle in as few moves aspossible to get the three crowns. You can also: * Connect, unlockachievements and get to the top of the ranking of this free game. *Invite your friends to play and share your records. Who willfinally occupy the throne? Be a hero and become the next King!Twitter: @Aristokraken Facebook: www.facebook.com/aristokrakenGoogle+: https://plus.google.com/105398644048828289367 And do notmiss all the news and upcoming releases on our website:http://www.aristokraken.com Release The Kraken !!!