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Striker Soccer Euro 2012 is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at majorretailers, carrier stores and online at http://www.MOGAanywhere.com#1 Sports and Kids games for iPad #2 Sports and Kids games foriphone #6 Top New Google Play. Over 300,000 downloads in first twoweeks. The first unofficial football simulator for Euro 2012 with3D simulator for European Cup 2012! Pick your favorite Europeannational team from among the 16 strong nations competing for theultimate European soccer glory, the Euro Cup 2012 and play to becrowned the champion! Prove you are the best commanding yourplayers on the pitch! These are the main features you can find inStriker Soccer Eurocup: - 2 game modes: Friendly match or Eurocup -Joystick support - Two players game with joysticks - You can choosebetween the 16 national teams participating in Euro 2012. - Formatand schedules similar to Euro Cup 2012: the group stage, thequarter-finals, the semi-finals and the final. - You can set thebest tactic for each game. You have 7 formations available. - Thegame offers three levels of difficulty. - Full control of yourplayers: shooting, passing and tackling in an easy manner. -Control the effect and lower or raise the height of the ball usingaccelerometer. - Soccer simulator in full 3D environment. - StrikerSoccer Euro Cup has been developed with Unity3D, the Most optimizedgame engine for mobile device. Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/StrikerSoccerOfficial Twitter:http://twitter.com/StrikerSoccerS

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Being a famous youtuber is everyone's dream! In Youtubers Life youwill know how it feels to be a star! Learn the day-to-day life offamous Youtubers in this simulation game! What will be the theme ofyour channel? In this simulator you will have to manage your timeto take care of your daily obligations and upload weekly videos tothe channel. At first it will be difficult to get followers but themore videos you upload, the more they will increase! Do not getaffected by the comments of your haters, Become a popular youtuberand live your life surrounded by luxury! Before building your videochannels you must create your own avatar. First decide among avariety of hats, hairstyle and shirts, make your avatar a fashionvictim and dress them up with the most modern clothes. But becareful, manage your money well and do not make unnecessarypurchases because every coin saved will bring you closer to yourgoal: To become a millionaire! Once you're ready, the realadventure begins! Choose the theme of your channel, there aremultiple options! • Fashion channel: Design your own clothes,tailor every aspect of your life and attend fashion events whileinterviewing the world's top models. If you are lucky enough youwill be able to share the runway like a proper model. Are you readyto star in the world's hottest magazines? • Cooking channel: Playthis simulator to become a chef and upload your favorite recipe orteach how to cook a delicious dessert. Do not forget to edit thevideo to make the food look tastier. Be ready to work at the bestrestaurants in the world and take some ideas from othersinfluencers! • Gaming channel: Record the best gameplays and othergamers will become your fans. Buy the best pcs, consoles and videogames to create the coolest videos. Search for geek videogames andcriticize their gameplay, it will generate debate and fostercomments! Be a gamer and manage your money to get as many videogames as you can. • Music channel: Make videos of your favouriteartists and cover their best songs. Soon you'll be able to playlive in front of thousands of fans! Are you ready for thislifestyle? Developing a channel is not easy, so manage your moneywell and do not run out of resources to be able to go shopping. Ifyou follow any video blog, maybe you can take some tips from him toincrease your followers. Make yourself the most popular vloggerbut… are you ready for all kind of comments? Youtubers Life is asimulator that will teach you how it’s like to be a social mediastar and live a life like Jacksepticeye! Reaching stardom is easy,but the responsibilities of being an influencer are very hard.Manage your time and money and do not stop uploading videos to yourchannel or you can lose some subscribers. You should go shoppingfrom time to time to update your wardrobe! In Youtubers Lifesimulator you will be able to: • Go shopping and customize youravatar so it looks like whoever you want to be! • Become a vloggerand show your followers what video games are your favourite ones inyour channel. Be the most popular gamer. • Manage your channel andedit videos from your studio. • Put yourself in the lifestyle of abillionaire, be present in social media! Copy from others blogsgamers gamers' channel! • Go to exclusive parties with yoursubscribers, and live a billonaire lifestyle! Join your friends tosee who is most popular youtuber in this simulator game. Do youthink you are capable of saving money better than your fellows whenthey go shopping? Do they build their channel with differentdecisions and do they reach their goal of becoming a millionairefaster than you? Become more popular than your friends on socialmedia to attract the richest sponsors!
Striker Soccer Brazil 1.2.7 APK
U-Play Online
New instalment of Striker Soccer Saga! This time you have to leadyour soccer national team to glory in the 2014 World ChampionshipBrazil. You can play four different game modes with 32 nationalteams competing in the 2014 Brazil World Championship. Apart fromthe 32 national teams, you can play with other 28 teams invited toparticipate in Road to Brazil. Including the best features of theprevious instalments which had over 12 million downloads, StrikerSoccer Brazil offers new modes and awesome features on the occasionof 2014 World Championship Brazil. This application offers in-apppurchases. You may restrict in-app purchasing using your devicesettings.CHOOSE FROM 60 NATIONAL TEAMS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD Youcan choose your favourite national team from all the teamsparticipating in the 2014 World Championship Brazil such asArgentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, USA, France, Netherlands, England,Italy, Mexico, Portugal, or Uruguay. And you can also play withother national teams invited such as Bolivia, Qatar, China, Egypt,Wales, Guatemala, Jamaica, Malaysia, Morocco, New Zealand, Panama,Paraguay, Peru, Senegal, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey orVenezuela.4 DIFFERENT GAME MODESPlay FRIENDLIES or turn your teaminto champions in the WORLD CUP mode (it includes qualifyinground). Enjoy the new ONLINE COMPETITION MODE in which you willplay to add points to your national team country ranking and so winREWARDS every week. Another new feature is the ROAD TO GLORY MODEwhere you have to complete 35 missions on the road to claim the2014 World Cup title.Awesome Features:✔ Set a match-winning tacticfor each match. You have up to 7 different formations available.✔Three levels of difficulty✔ Full control of your players on thepitch: shoots, passes and tackles in a simple and easy way. ✔Format and schedules similar to World Championship: the groupstage, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the final.✔ Earnkeys and coins to purchase new skills.✔ Intuitive controls forexperienced players and newcomers alike.✔ 3D visuals and vibrantanimations bring the game to lifeStriker Soccer Brazil supports thefollowing languages: English, Spanish and French. Download now andconquer the World cup trophy with your national team!Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/uplayonlineTwitter:http://twitter.com/uplayonline
KarmaRun 2.0.3 APK
U-Play Online
KarmaRun will be the official game of the Club Media Fest secondedition which will reunite the top LATAM and spanish youtubers.http://www.clubmediafest.com/Jump, slide, dodge and destroy all theobstacles with three of the most popular video game youtubers!GuideRubius, Mangel, aLexBy, Willyrex, Vegetta777 and sTaXx by worldsfilled with traps and enemies and test your reflexes: broken boxes,burst ice blocks, jump spiked traps, dodge fireballs, ends dragonsusing your bow and arrows to reach as far as possible in thisendless runner.Prove you're the best of your friends, collect allthe gold bars, get all the diamonds and beat your high score!✔Seven characters await you. A wizard and three of the best spanishyoutubers: Rubius, Mangel, aLexBy, Willyrex, Vegetta777 and sTaXx.✔Defeat a wide range of enemies, skeletons, spiders, zombies andincredible dragons.✔ Five different stages full of obstacles:prairie, snow, forest, lava and space.✔ Over 40 levels with ranksand exclusive rewards✔ Up to 120 available missions✔ Collectmystery boxes and find rewards✔ Collect power-ups and upgrades toincrease your final score✔ Very simple touch controls: move left toright, jump, slide, swing, tap to launch an arrow✔ And exclusive 3Dgraphics!KarmaRun is available in English and Spanish.Join us onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Karmarun/699009263539336Followus on Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/karmarun
Train Crisis Plus 2.8.0 APK
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***** NOW 7 COMPLETE ERAS INCLUDED! ********** This full version is100% ads free and has unlimited tries for levels. *****Would youlike to travel through the history of the railroad? This amazinggame lets you play in four different railroad environments, whereyour goal is to overcome all the obstacles that appear on eachlevel and guide each colored train toward its correspondingdestination.Download Train Crisis now! A puzzle and addictivestrategy game with HD graphics where you have to prove your quickmind and reflexes in full 3D environment.Train Crisis promiseshours of challenging fun!Features: - 7 Eras of rail-road history(Industrial Era, Far West Era, Modern Era and Future Era).-Spectacular High-definition 3D environments that recreate perfectlythe three eras with many details as vegetation, animals, mountains,rocks, tunnels, banks, portals, etc.- Train Crisis provides 168challenging levels for players to conquer.- In-game tool to helpyou solve puzzles more easily.- Social features with Google PlayGame Services: leaderboard, achievements, shared friends progress-Cloud saving: share your progress across multiple devices andrestore it upon reinstallation- You must interact with severalelements to get past the level: changing junctions; timed trafficlights; trap tunnels; transportation of money; ghost trains andparts of the track obstructed with rocks you must blow up.-Spectacular colorful graphics effects with explosions of trains androcks.- Support for Android 4.4 (Kitkat) inmersive modeVisit ourFacebook site and twitter. Keep you informed on last news andannouncements of Train Crisis HD:https://www.facebook.com/traincrisishttps://www.twitter.com/traincrisis
Striker Manager 2016 (Soccer) 1.4.1 APK
U-Play Online
Striker Manager 2016 is the new version of the award-winning sportsgame web browser, now available for mobile devices. Manage your ownsoccer team and compete against thousands of other people aroundthe world.Customize your sport city, reach agreements withsponsors, set your tactics, manage new signings and create your ownDream Team.✔ Incredible 3D live football simulatorThis uniquefeature in a mobile manager lets you view live matches, study yourteam performance and your opponents strategies. Make useful tacticsadjustments and watch your team stands in victory.✔ The Competitionis servedJoin our great community and compete against thousands ofmanagers in the Striker league to be promoted up to first divisionand fight for winning the Striker Cup. Do you need morecompetitions? Create and organize your own private championship andplay friendly matches with your friends!✔ The most comprehensiveplayers’ marketManage your squad with new signings, renew yourfavorite’s players, loan out your talented prospects and invest inschools where you can train your young talented players.✔ Negotiatewith other managersTake benefit of our chat and private messagefeatures to negotiate new signings with other managers and reachagreements.✔ Management & FinancesHire staff members to helpyou manage the different areas of your club. A good scout will findbetter players and a financial adviser will help to monitor yourfinances. ✔ Achievements and missionsMore than 200 missions arewaiting for you with great rewards. Get all achievements to provewho is the best manager of Striker Manager. ✔ Cross platformplayPlay for free anywhere and anytime. Start playing in yourSmartphone and continue playing on your computer.Manage your ownteam and enjoy the most complete soccer managersimulator.Highlights:• Play for free anywhere, anytime• Customizeyour sport city• Live soccer with the best 3D simulator• Manageyour senior and junior teams• Design unbeatable tactics andformations• Compete with your friends and scale in therankings• Invest in schools and create your top elevenAn activeInternet connection is required to play Striker Manager 2016.Takebenefit of Cross-platform and manage your team in:http://www.strikermanager.comFollow us on Social Media!Twitter:@strikermanagerFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/strikermanagerIfyou have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send us ane-mail to:info@strikermanager.com
Striker Soccer America 2015 1.2.9 APK
U-Play Online
This time you’ll have to lead your national team to the top in the2015 Copa America of Chile. You can play four different game modeswith 12 teams present at the 2015 Copa America, or compete with sixother invited teams. The game includes the best of the previousversions, which have accumulated more than 30 million downloads,adding new ways because of the America 2015 Cup of Chile. CHOOSEBETWEEN 18 NATIONAL TEAMS OF AMERICA You can choose your favoriteteam between 12 teams participating in the 2015 Copa America ofChile: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador,Jamaica, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. And youalso have the ability to play with other invited teams like USA,Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama. 4 DIFFERENTGAME MODES Play Friendlies or make your team champion of America inthe competitions. Enjoy the challenge mode where you must gocompleting up to 10 challenges in your road to the title ofchampion of a modest selection. Another novelty is the ONLINEEVENTS MODE where you can choose a team from a real match of theCopa America and accumulate points to get great prizes. ONLINEEVENTS WITH THE REAL MATCHES OF THE COPA AMERICA During the courseof the Copa America you can choose one of the teams highlight matchof the day and have the opportunity to accumulate points for yourfavorite team. Play as many matches as possible and lead theranking to get great prizes. Also, if your chosen team wins theevent, prizes are multiplied by 2! Incredible features: ✔ Recordand share your game highlights with Kamcord! ✔ Set up the besttactics for every match. You have up to 7 different availableconfigurations. ✔ Three levels of difficulty. ✔ Full control ofyour players: shooting, passing and mowed, easy and simple ✔Multiplayer Events where you compete with your favorite teamagainst all users of the game to get fantastic prizes. During theCopa America results in real matches will result on the events. ✔Format and calendars similar to 2015 Copa America of Chile: acompetition with 12 teams participating in league and knockoutphase, another 18 American teams also league and knockout phase andlast a league of 18 teams with round matches. ✔ Earn coins to buypower-ups for your teams and players. ✔ Simple controls for bothexperienced players and novice. ✔ A game that comes alive withvibrant graphics and 3D animations. Download it now and conquer theCopa America with your team! Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/uplayonline Twitter:http://twitter.com/uplayonline
Striker Soccer London 1.7.2 APK
U-Play Online
Striker Soccer London: your goal is the gold!Enjoy this specialthemed version for the London 2012 Olympic games for free, whichincludes all the features of the successful Striker Soccer Euro2012 with over 3,8 million downloads. Play with all the nationalfootball teams taking part in the 2012 Olympic games. Emulate themin schedule following the real matches calendar and beat thechallenge to the Gold Medal.Main features:✔ 2 game modes: Friendlymatch or London cup.✔ Choose between the 16 national teamsparticipating in 2012 Olympic Games.✔ Format and schedules similarto 2012 Olympic Games : the group stage, the quarter-finals, thesemi-finals and the final.✔ Set the best tactic for each game. Youhave 7 formations available!✔ Three levels of difficulty.✔ Fullcontrol of your players: shooting, passing and tackling in an easymanner✔ Control the effect and lower or raise the height of theball using accelerometer✔ Soccer simulator in full 3D environment✔Now with kids mode! Easy controls to let everyone enjoy thefootball✔ And a funny penalty shootout mini game!Download it, enjoyand win!Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/uplayonlineTwitter:http://twitter.com/uplayonline
Swipe Basketball 2 1.1.9 APK
U-Play Online
Following more than 100,000 downloads and 4/5 stars with SwipeBasketball, comes the continuation of the only basketball game thatfully integrates physics and effects of a 3D engine. Swipe yourfinger to get the perfect shot and become the best. Now you canhave your own team and see your position in a global ranking so youcan become the best!Get ready to overcome all kinds of challengeson the basketball field with several shooting modes and aspectacular 1vs1 mode. You can also play alone or with friends, youdecide! Three game modes, gifts and surprises await you in SwipeBasketball 2.✔ Grab the ball and fling towards the basket to shootit.✔ Three different game modes: Streetball campaign, global andmultiplayer events.✔ Multiplayer Mode so you can challenge yourfriends and see who is the best player on street basketball.✔ Fivedifferent fields and up to 15 final bosses to defeat on ArcadeMode.✔ More than 75 challenges on Streetball campaign✔ Daily questsso you can train everytime.✔ Global events where everyonecompetes.✔ Incredible slam-dunks, crossovers , blocks, shoot fakesor charge foul: you choose your tactics and how to face youropponents on a spectacular 1 vs 1 mode!✔ Exclusive gameplay: yourcharacters and your team will be unique with over 7.000.000different customization possibilities.✔Exclusive charactersrepresenting basketball legends. Check them out in the store andget them!✔ Wheel of fortune and lucky shot: receive every daysurprise items.✔And all this with stunning 3D graphics and awesomeeffects.✔ Facebook and Google + connectivityJoin us onFacebook:http://www.fb.com/uplayonlineFollow us onTwitter:http://www.twitter.com/uplayonline