2.0 / March 13, 2013
(3.4/5) (600)


Strobe Light for Android features 4 differentstrobe settings to choose from. It also has 4 different colors tochoose from for strobe colors. Strobe Light is a very simpleapplication that allows you to be the first one to stand out in thecrowd. It's great for parties, raves, and Halloween.

Now Available on NOOK and Kindle Fire!

Note: Does not work with camera flash


App Information Strobe Light

  • App Name
    Strobe Light
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    March 13, 2013
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Ninja Pig Studios
  • Installs
    100,000 - 500,000
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Strobe Light Ad-Free 8.0 APK
This is a basic strobe light that flashes onand off. This strobe light is very basic so don't expect much fromit and don't leave a 1 star rating. It is supposed to be a basicapp that you can just turn on and use in a time of need. The screenflashes on and off fast or slow depending upon your choice at themain menu. Also we may be adding other features and colors ifpeople like what we have done so far.. I hope you enjoy this basicstrobe light.Note: Does not work with camera flashThere is a version is Ad-Free. If you don't want to pay adollar, please go and download the Ad version called StrobeLight.Enjoy!!!
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Strobe Light 2.0 APK
Strobe Light for Android features 4 differentstrobe settings to choose from. It also has 4 different colors tochoose from for strobe colors. Strobe Light is a very simpleapplication that allows you to be the first one to stand out in thecrowd. It's great for parties, raves, and Halloween.Now Available on NOOK and Kindle Fire!Note: Does not work with camera flashEnjoy!!!
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Beach Ball Mayhem Beta 3 APK
Beach Ball Mayhem is a game to see if youcantap all of the beach balls in a certain amount of time. The gameiscurrently in early Beta so it is far from finished. Thecreator,Jordan, is a 16 year old high school student fromCalifornia whocoded this application in the programing languageLua. I hope youlike what you see so far and keep this applicationinstalled sincemore updates are on the way soon. I worked very hardon this soplease report any bugs to me via email instead of leavingone starcomments.Thanks for downloading and enjoy.* Compatible with Motorola Xoom*
Annoying Pig Game 5.0 APK
"He’s not trying to deceive you with thatname,it really is what it sounds like, an Annoying Pig Game.Albeit it’san annoyingly addicting one." ★★★★★ - GoneGoogling.comAnnoying Pig Game is a helicopter style game where you havetododge frying pans and collect coins. Compete against yourfriendswith Open Feint leader boards to see who can get the highestscore.Collect coins for 250 points extra added to your score, andcollecttornado's for a 2x score multiplier. Funny quotes andsayings makesthis game fun for the whole family. The Ninja Pig gamemoderequires you to dodge ninja stars which are hurled at youwhiletrying to collect coins and ninja tokens for specialpower-ups.Download to start having the best time of your life!Download links for Blast Monkeys and Zoo Club are included inourgame for even more fun and excitement.Enjoy the most addicting game on the Android Market!NowAvailable on Nook Color and Tablet!Note: Older devices may have minor stability issues.