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McGraw-Hill is proud to offer a newmobilestudy app for students learning finance from Ross,Westerfield, andJordan’s Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 10e.The Study Financeapp that accompanies your textbook will allow youto study on thego… whether you’re waiting for a class to start,sitting on a bus,or just lounging on the couch.

Features of the Study Finance mobile app include:

· Flashcards of every key term and definition from thetextbook,and are customizable by chapters.

· Customizable self-quizzes that allow for more practiceandfeedback.

· Matching game which helps make learning key terms andconceptsmore engaging and fun!

· Videos that explain how key problems are solved.

The free version includes all the features of the app forfirstthree chapters. Obtaining access to the remaining chaptersiscompleted through an in-app purchase.

App Information Study Finance Ross 10 e

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    Study Finance Ross 10 e
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    June 18, 2014
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    McGraw-Hill Global Education
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    1,000 - 5,000
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MH Practice Marketing 1.0.56739.51 APK
MH Practice Marketing is the first in a seriesof 3D, multiplayer business strategy games designed for McGraw-HillEducation’s new line of digital learning products. A multiplayersimulation of the backpack industry, Practice Marketing enablesstudents to put their marketing skills to the test in a fun andcompetitive, real-world environment.
Study Econ McConnell 20e 3.0 APK
The Study Econ mobile app was built with the student in mind. Youare on-the-go, and your study tools should be, too!McGraw-Hill is proud to offer a new mobile study app forstudents learning economics from McConnell/Brue/Flynn Economics20th Edition. The Study Econ app that accompanies your textbookwill allow you to study on the go… whether you’re waiting for aclass to start, sitting on a bus, or just lounging on thecouch.Features of the Study Econ mobile app include:•Flashcards of every key term and definition from the textbook,customizable by chapter.•Student Powerpoints to help study key points from each chapter.•Basic math review for those pesky formulas we sometimesforget.•Customizable self-quizzes that allow for more practice andfeedback.•Search tool to look up any key term or concept found anywhere inthe app.The free version includes all the features of the app for firstthree chapters. Obtaining access to the remaining chapters iscompleted through an in-app purchase.