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Working out can be difficult so why not make things easier? StupidSimple Workout tracks your exercises and calories burned, and helpsyou build a stellar workout routine. Whether you’re gaining muscleor losing weight, Stupid Simple Workout has you covered! Features:Intuitive Workout Tools Log your exercises and track your caloriesburned with the touch of a button Customize your workout circuit:set the reps and sets, weight, intensity, distance, etc. Buildcustom workout routines based on fitness goals and types ofequipment Pre-set expert workouts for beginners and beyond Planyour workouts ahead of time for exercising on-the-go Save yourfavorite workout routines and add custom exercises Log exercisesfor every body part (core, chest, arms, shoulders, back, lowerbody, cardio, etc.) Goals automatically increase over time to pushyou and keep you progressing Body Tracking Tools Integratesseamlessly with our Stupid Simple Diet Apps Track your weight lossand muscle gains progress over time Create before/after picturesand track your progress visually Advanced Tools for Results Emailyour fitness progress to yourself Display your workout summariesand review workout history Easy navigation and a simple userinterface Stupid Simple Workout is the easiest to use, mostconvenient fitness tracker ever. You can build new habits andimprove your well being with Stupid Simple Workout. Are you finallyready to take control of your health and fitness?

App Information Stupid Simple Workout - Exercise Fitness Tracker

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    Stupid Simple Workout - Exercise Fitness Tracker
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    September 11, 2019
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Venn Interactive, Inc.
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    Health & Fitness
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    170 S. Lincoln St. STE 150 Spokane, WA 99201
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Stupid Simple Fasting is the easiest intermittent fasting trackerever. Find the fasting rhythm that works for you and discover theeasiest way to lose weight, find mental clarity, and save money ongroceries while you're at it. Stupid Simple Fasting featuresseveral different fasting options: 16-Hour Intermittent Fast: Apopular and easy to follow fast for maximizing fat loss. You caneat your dinner, then start the fast until lunch time the followingday. 24-Hour Fast: Push yourself towards making your fitness goalsand break your reliance on the emotional need for food. You’ll feelaccomplished and lighter as you make your 24-hour fast. CustomFasting: Setup a custom program to meet your particular fastinggoals. You can choose your fasting duration and then start yourfast when you are ready. After you create a custom fast, you caneven make it a favorite for quick access next time. AdditionalFeatures • Track your water and salt throughout your fast.• Helpful motivation when you need it with a simple button tap.• Sync your fasting app with other devices. • Works great acrosstime zones for all of your travels. • Take before and after photosto track your results. • Review your history to look for areas forimprovement. Integrates with our other fitness apps, Stupid SimpleKeto, Stupid Simple Macros, and Stupid Simple Paleo. Why fastanyway? Fasting is a terrific way to retrain your mind and body toeat only when you are truly hungry. From a scientific standpoint,fasting is the metabolic state where you have completed thedigestion and absorption of a meal (around 3 to 5 hours aftereating). While you fast, your body continues to burn excess fat.You might start out fasting from dinner to breakfast, and then worktowards fasting from dinner to lunch. With practice, you can fastfor longer periods of time. It’s important to only use fasting forhealthy weight loss. Fasting can be deadly for people under thenormal recommended weight for their age and gender. You can usefasting with most diets. A popular combination is using fastingwith the Ketogenic diet since the Ketogenic diet is already burningfat for fuel. There are also different durations for how long tofast. A popular choice to start out with is the 16 hours fasting/8hours to eat window that lasts each 24 hour cycle. Once you conquerthis you can consider trying out intermittent fasting where you’llfast for 18 hours in between each meal. If you eat dinner the nightbefore then you can start your next meal as a late lunch lunch, andso on. There are several other extended durations for fasting. Werecommend starting out slowly, feeling confident with the durationand then making adjustments to fast for a longer time. Fastingisn’t appropriate for everyone. Please consult your doctor beforestarting a fast. This is especially important if you are diabetic.We are only here to help you track, your doctor is there to helpyou do it safely.