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Stylish Dress DesignsWe wear multiple styles of dresses in a day.We start our day with the professional look attire to coming backhome to wear the casual dresses which offer comfort and relaxation.Evenings and nights are usually for the party wear or formaldresses while nights are ruled by comfortable night dresses.Dressing up and wearing the best stylish dress is very importantfor the girls and women. This is why, when they dress up in a fancyway for a party or wedding ceremony, they make sure they have puton the most stylish dress to impress the people around them.Stylish Dress Designs 2017-2018:On a regular basis, we often scrolldown pictures of beautiful and trendy dresses on FaceBook andInstagram. It’s time you get more information about them. Pakistaniand Indian girls love to wear the following stylish dress designswith style:Designer-wear Stylish Dresses:We all know about theefforts our designers put in the dress designs to make a dress looksmart and trendy. They make it their duty not to repeat a dressdeign in the following season. Every season and year bring new chicdesigns which become viral as soon as possible. This year, the shotangarkha with bell bottom pants, net fabric coats with pants,kurtis with gol damaan and front short and back long are quitepopular. The designer shirt prints and dresses are unique andinnovative. By saying hello to the latest embroidery styles, use ofstones, threads, tussels and motives, the designers have added agreat touch to the dresses. Smart and Elegant Dresses:You can playwith different fabrics and colors, combine them and produce a greatnew outfit. The most common fabric for fancy stylish dresses thesedays is silk, net, chiffon and georgette these days. You can make along floor-length maxi dress or summer knee-length frocks and wearthem with straight pants or tights. There are ton of maxi dressdesigns that you can follow. Browse our gallery to get the best oneand ask your tailor to make an exact replica. Traditional AsianStyle Dresses with a Modish Touch:According to the Asian tradition,girls can either wear the old style Anarkali frocks or the angarkhastyle shirts and kurtis. Sarees and heavily embroidered salwarkameez are few of those irresistible fashionable styles that everygirl and woman know about. Play with their color contrast, use newmodern style laces and buttons to make these traditional dresseslook even more stylish. The fabric commonly used to designtraditional dresses include the light chiffon, fancy jamawar,lavish banarsi cloth, aurganza and other pretty fabrics.AppFeatures:* All Dress Designs in better quality.* Share images withyour Friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.* Please rate and post yourcomments/opinion for improving.

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Bangle Designs LatestYou are all dressed up in the beautiful attireand perfect heels but, you still feel incomplete. Why is that so?It is quite popular that the girls and women take a lot of time ingetting ready. It’s true as no girl would like to compromise herlook for the event. Each and every girl and woman wishes to lookgood in her colorful, embellished dress and pretty accessory. Theaccessory items that look well with the addresses are jewelryitems, handbags and hair accessories. The jewelry accessory that isunder discussion here includes the intricate and delicatelydesigned bangles. Although the bracelets, rings, earrings andnecklaces have their own benefits, the bangles are the best ones tocomplete the look. Types of Bangles Perfect for Pakistani andIndian Ladies:The Pakistani bangle designs pictures posted on thisweb page are the latest designs of the year. They are loved by awide range of people and are available in multiple styles. Fromgold to silver, diamond bracelets and pearl loaded bangles,anything that looks good on your wrist are in fashion.Thistraditional ornament is available in the following designs:• GoldBangles for Women and Brides:The gold bangles are the most preciousand expensive ones. The bridal bangles are heavy and made from puregold. They are either in a thick or thin solid cylindrical form orin the shape of glass bangles. Floral design is usually carved onthe gold plate of the bangles. Adult women wear the gold, silverand platinum bangles all the time. At times, you can also find thebeautiful diamonds or stones studded in the gold bangles. Theyoffer a marvelous look. • Glass Bangles for Traditional andCultural Events:Whether it is Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Kalwa Chautevent, Holi or any other Pakistani or Indian cultural event, girlsget dressed and wear bangles to celebrate the occasion joyfully.The most commonly worn bangles are the glass bangles. They areavailable in plain simple design as well as with glitter on them.You can get hold of glass bangles in red, blue, yellow, orange,green, black, golden and in any color you want. • Silk and ThreadWork Bangles for Everyday Use:These bangles can be easily craftedat home as well. Many girls buy thread, beads and other accessoriesto make these beautiful and colorful bangles. They are available inall sizes and come in a variety of patterns. App Features:* AllBangles Designs in better quality.* Share images with your Friendson WhatsApp and Facebook.* Please rate and post yourcomments/opinion for improving.
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Stylish Bed Sheet DesignsThe one thing that is most prominent in abedroom is the bed sheet placed on the bed. It can entirely changethe look of the bedroom from a dull, boring one to elegant, vibrantor cool one. The bed sheets are available in a variety of sizes.The king bed size bed sheets are large and come with 2 pillowcases. Many other bed sheet sets contain cushion covers and quiltcovers as well. They are often placed under the bridal bed sheetset category. The wide range of cover in which the bed sheets arepresent includes white, off-white, gray, blue, red, maroon, orange,yellow, green, golden brown and a lot of other colors.Stylish BedSheet Designs for Your Bed Room:The different styles of bed sheetloved by the people are given in the pictures. You can visit theimage gallery and get your eyes a treat by looking at the amazing,classy and in fashion bed sheets designs.There are several types ofbed sheets. They include:• Cotton/ Linen Bed Sheet:This type of bedsheet is the most commonly used and most preferred bed sheet. Theycome in plain design as well as in printed form. The prints usuallyinclude floral designs, patterns, geometrical designs, abstract,polka dots, stripes or other stylish designs. • Fancy EmbroideredBed Sheets:The fancy bed sheets are embroidered and are full offloral or other embroidery patterns. The thread work or thebeadwork done on the bed sheet looks quite good. • Bed Sheet Setwith Silk Covers and Pillow Case:Such bed sheet sets with silkcovers and pillow cases are bought for the brides. They areincluded in the wedding packages or spread on the hotel’s suites. •3D Print Bed Sheet:The 3D print bed sheets give a 3D look with itsdesigns, colors and cool contrast. They look lovely and classy.Such bed sheets are made according to the latest style. AppFeatures:* All Bed Sheet in better quality.* Share images with yourFriends on WhatsApp and Facebook.* Please rate and post yourcomments/opinion for improving.
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Wedding Jewelry SetIs your wedding jewelry set for the big dayready? If you are reading this article, either you are abride-to-be who is looking for beautiful jewelry set designs andtheir pictures or are a jewelry dealer trying to find out thelatest trends in jewelry so far. In the former case, the good newsis that we have loads of pictures of mind blowing and beautifulbridal jewelry designs. Whether you are a Pakistani bride or anIndian bride, you’ll simply love our collection. We offer stylishand trendy diamond jewelry set pictures for Western brides as well.Even if an Eastern bride plans on going elegant and chic on herwedding, she can also make use of these designs. Trending WeddingJewelry Sets for Asian Brides:The latest and new styles of jewelryitems for brides are as follows:Modern Gold Jewelry Sets:Thewedding jewelry sets these days are either made of pure gold orcontain some artificial pieces likes beads, stones or rhinestones.The design of the set is highly inspired by the traditional and oldjewelry sets. We have seen brides wearing jhummar, matha pat’ti orsingle-sided matha pat’ti apart from the regular heavy earrings,ring, necklace, and bangles as well. The Hyderabadi gullu bandnecklaces and Indian Kundan jewelry sets are also admired by thebrides. The photos attached deliver amazing jewelry set ideas forevery bride out there. Artificial Jewelry Sets Offering TrendyItems:The famous rani haar is everything a bride wants to wear withher mesmerizing attire and gold jewelry set. It gives a heavy andfancy touch making a bride look even more beautiful. It is usuallyartificial made up from colorful beads like red, white, dark greenor of the dress color. The gold pendant attached to it gives anoverall royal look to the necklace. Other than this, completeartificial jewelry sets are also available in the market. Theyresemble the gold sets a lot and are designed carefully keeping allthe details smooth and shiny.Diamond, Ruby, Stones and ZirconiumJewelry Sets:The Western brides wear this type of jewelry sets withtheir pretty white bridal dresses. It adds a spark to their look.From the teardrop crystal jewelry set to the diamond choker,emerald jewelry set or ruby necklace, everything looks perfect onthe bride. The diamonds and stones in all sizes are used indesigning the jewelry sets. The western bridal jewelry includesstylish coil style bracelets, silver and pearl vine hair comb andother hair accessories as well. Have you ever seen the classiczirconium cubic earrings? They are simple and bride’s all timefavorite jewelry piece. App Features:* All Jewelry in betterquality.* Share images with your Friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.*Please rate and post your comments/opinion for improving.
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Embroidery Design PatternIf we broadly classify the embroiderystyle, there are two types of embroidery designs. One is the simplehand embroidery patterns while other is the pattern crafted througha machine. The quality of both the embroidery patterns is quitegood. These embroidery designs are drawn on dresses, bed sheets,kitchen cloths, TV covers and even mobile phone covers. Girls andwomen have a strong liking for the embroidered dresses. You can getdifferent video tutorials and images through which you can learnhow to do embroidery on the fabric. Hand stitch embroidery patternshave a special look. They are not only beautiful but also involve alot of effort which makes the crafted fabric special. BestEmbroidery Design Patterns for Beginners and Experts:If you are abeginner, you’ll get good information about the types of embroiderystitches in this article. Even the experts can refresh their basicknowledge and learn from this article. The various types ofbeautiful stitches made from colorful woolen threads are asfollows:• Cross stitch• Running stitch• Fly stitch• Satin stitch•Short and long stitch• Blanket stitch• Herringbone stitchThecombination of these embroidery stitches is used to make a perfectpattern. The different patterns are as follows:Border EmbroideryPatterns:The different border designs that you can make fromembroidery threads are the daisy or floral patterns through runningand French knot stitch. Zig zag, chain pattern and spirals are alsodrawn on the fabric.Embroidery designs for dresses:The patternsdrawn on the dresses are a bit different. They are drawn on theneck, sleeves and shirt borders. The patterns include boxes,flowers, leaves, birds, peacocks and what not. Give it a try andyou’ll love it! Browse the pattern gallery below for more pictures.Embroidery Patterns for Household Covers:The household covers likeTV, computer screen, remote control, kitchen basket, teapot or anyother item cover is designed with embroidery patterns as well. Forthe covers of kitchen items, you can look forward to embroideredpattern that includes teapot design, bread, basket, fruits andsmall flower designs. The mobile phone covers are crafted withlatest and cool patterns like those of cute birds, animatedcartoon, graphic style text or any border that the user wants. AppFeatures:* All Embroidery Pattern in better quality.* Share imageswith your Friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.* Please rate and postyour comments/opinion for improving.
Baby Stylish Dress 1.0 APK
Baby Stylish DressThe dress style and designs of a baby girl changeas she grows into an infant, toddler, school growing child and soon. From a simple short t-shirt and cute underpants to the fancyformal party frocks, you’ll find every kind of fashionable dressfor your baby doll. Prefer buying bright, vibrant colors for yourgirl. Little kids look good in lively colors and it also reflectsthe camera well for pictures. Without a doubt, they can carry thelight and naïve color in a style as well but why not give ourlittle girls a reason to shine bright? Gone are the days whenchildren used to wear a simple dress with no stylish design. Now,mothers like to dress their baby girls in stylish designs anddesigner wear dresses. The most common type of stylish dresses seenfor 2017-2018 are as follows:Baby Stylish Dresses for theSeason:Fancy Net and Frill Frocks:Baby girls love to wear fancyfrocks with frills, net, lacework, stones, embroidery and colorfulmotives. They are made from chiffon, silk or net fabric. Lovelyblue, purple, pink and red are the most loved colors. Accessorieslike stone, fancy pin, broche and ribbons are attached to thesefrocks. The Pakistani and Indian families look forward to jamawarand banarsi fabric cute frocks for their girls. Floor-Length MaxiDresses:For occasions like formal parties and wedding ceremonies,baby girls wear long length maxi dresses like the elderly girls andwomen. The back of the dresses is often like a fishtail lehenga andthe body of the dress is embellished with fancy thread,rhinestones, silk motives, ribbons and flowers. For casual wear,printed dresses with dropping sides are also in fashion. ShoulderLess/ Sleeveless Dresses:Some of the elite class families go forthe pretty sleeveless, half sleeves or shoulder less dresses. Suchattires look amazing on children. Although they give a bit grown uplook but are the best alternatives to casual and simple girlsoutfits. Paired with the right kid’s shoes and a long necklace,baby girls look the best!Gowns for Little Elegant Girls:Shortundershirts and a bit lengthy gowns on the tops are another stylishdress that the girls can wear. It can be paired with churidarpajamas, trousers, baby girl’s Capri, jeans and pants. AppFeatures:* All Dresses in better quality.* Share images with yourFriends on WhatsApp and Facebook.* Please rate and post yourcomments/opinion for improving.
Eye Makeup Steps 1.0 APK
Eye Makeup Step By StepGetting ready for a party or event oftenmeans applying makeup on the face especially on eyes, lips andcheeks. Eye makeup is diverse. It includes applying eye shadows,brow liner, eyeliner and mascara. These four things form the basisof stylish eye makeup and come in various styles. From the famoussmoky eye makeup to nude eye makeup; all the styles are loved byfashionable girls and women. Even applying simple eye liner orkajal pencil also do the trick but that is the simplest eye makeupthat girls do while going to university, shopping or to a friend’splace.On this page, we have brought the simple eye makeup steps ofthe key applications so that you know how to go ahead from thebasics. Learn them so that you have an idea of how to experimentwith the classy shades. For detailed makeup guidelines, step bystep tutorial pictures and videos are also available on differentplatforms.Basic Eye Makeup steps:The three things that you mustapply on your eyes are as follows:• Eyeliner for Small and BigEyes:The different styles of makeup include applying differenteyeliner on every event. The eyeliner styles that give a classy andchic look include the cat eyeliner winged eyeliner, simple thinliner, Arabic eyeliner, double flick and slept-in-smudge eyeliner.The main rule is to gain control over the eyeliner brush. Somegirls use the pencil liner while others go for line brush or paintliner for the perfectly drawn look. There are two types ofeyeliners. One is the typical black one while other eyeliner is thecolored one. Matching your dress color, you can get any coloredliner you want.• Eyeshadows for Events:The color of the eye shadowusually depends on the dress color while few sexy and hot looksinvolve the smoky eye makeup. From the rocker eyes to sexy smokyeyes, mint eyes, colored eyes and glittery eyes, you can try themall by simply experimenting with different types of eye shadows. •Mascara for Voluminous Lashes:The main purpose of applying mascaraon the eyelashes is to give them a voluminous look. The key tip isto apply the eye mascara from the roots to the tip of the lashesand not vice versa. Use high-quality, waterproof mascara brand forbetter results. App Features:* All Eye Makeup in better quality.*Share images with your Friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.* Pleaserate and post your comments/opinion for improving.
Hair Style Steps 1.0 APK
Hairstyle StepsIf there is anything other than the dress style thatcan change your look completely, it is the hair-style. Girls andwomen are so many that you can dress up for a whole month withdifferent styles. The most trending hairstyles these days includeshort and medium hair. Whether you are wearing an Asian dress or awestern style dress, the pictures of the collection we have postedbelow will help you find the best for the formal party/ event. Youcan get a detailed step by step tutorial videos from YouTube orlook for photos which present all the steps in an order of what todo first and what next. Trending Hairstyle Steps for DifferentEvents:Ladies, it’s time that you get hold of the hairstylingessentials. They include hairpins, hair-brush, hair-spray,straightening rod, curler and a blow dryer. Most of the fashionableand stylish girls have these things at their place. Are you gettingready for a wedding event? Or do you have a night party on theweekend? Practice the steps shown in the images to make a grandappearance in the event. Hairstyles for Short Hair:If you recentlywent to your hairstylist and got a short haircut, all you have todo is tidy them up and you are ready to go. You can go with theshort ponytail style or the short hairpins. The side flick and bandsuits girls having short hair a lot. Medium and Long HairHairstyles:The good news for all those who have medium and longlength hair is that they can practice more than a dozen styles andlook pretty every day. From the high puff style to the side partedand twisted, half pony up, side parted and one-sided curls, looseopen curls, one-sided open and many other styles are in fashion forgirls. As the quick and easy for medium hair are quite popular, youcan make them in literally 5-minutes and go to the party. Manygirls style their hair even before going to college every day. Youcan also use hair accessories, flowers, bands and clips on yourhair to add some spark to your style. Up-Dos and BraidHairstyles:Another way to make a cool hairstyle for thin and thickhair is to put them in a bun and add curls in the front. Side buns,back buns and messy buns are the most common ones. Even thecelebrities and famous personalities love to wear a bun to a formalevent. Next are the different designs and styles of braids. Justmention this word on Google and you’ll get a complete list ofvarious braids that you can make. Waterfall braid, fish tail,simple braid, a simple one with accessories, date braid, sidebraid, Jack Sparrow style braids and what not. Even those withcurly hair love to experiment with these different styles ofbraids. App Features:* All Hair Styles in better quality.* Shareimages with your Friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.* Please rate andpost your comments/opinion for improving.
Night Dress Designs 1.0 APK
Night Dress DesignsA good night’s sleep guarantees a good start ofthe day. Not only do you feel active and alive but also greetothers with great pleasure. By dressing up in perfect night dress,you can sleep comfortably for a long time in peace. There areseveral types of night dresses 2017. You can go for the one youlike and make it your trademark night suit. The mere job of thenight dress is to make sure you feel comfy and relaxed. For thosegirls and women who love to look hot in their night dresses, thereare several sexy night dresses styles that they can go for. NightDress Designs for Women:T-Shirts and Pajamas:The multiple dressdesigns that you can opt for the night include the casual shirtdress with soft pajamas. Wearing a t-shirt or a dress shirt fornight provides a comfortable position to sleep in. you can pair itup with the bottoms you feel most comfortable in. While many girlslove to wear Pajamas, others go for cotton trousers and tights.Most of the night t-shirts have a colorful graphic image, cartoonpicture or a quote printed on it. The pajamas and trouser for girlsare often simple or might have a stripe or check pattern on it.MaxiSilk Night Dresses:Most of the fashionable and stylish girls chooseto wear silk short or long maxis at night. The lovely silk fabricand the beautiful yet simple laces on the maxi look simply amazing.This dress provides an attractive look. The length of the dress isusually up to the knee or shorter than the knee-length maxis. Theycan be in silk, satin or net fabric. Colors like blue, red, maroon,black, nude, green, pink and purple are used to design thesedresses. Night Suit with Trouser:Women also like to wear checkeredtrousers with similar pattern loose short kurta style shirt on top.This dress style is often available in shades of blue, brown, whiteand black. Such night dresses are available in the market andonline stores as well in every size. Silk Night Robes:The nightrobes are made of silk and available in colors like red, black,blue and gray. It is light and convenient to wear and look quitegood on women. App Features:* All Night Dress in better quality.*Share images with your Friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.* Pleaserate and post your comments/opinion for improving.