/ June 7, 2017
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Subway Ninja Rush Temple Burka adalah sebuahpermainan petualangan ninja jumper dan ninja running yangmenyenangkan dan tak berujung.
ayo ninja kids run Hindari semua rintangan di Temple dan lepas darikejaran macan kumbang.
Raih score Tertinggi di ninja jump ini

Play Now ninja running 3D
1. Swipe to escape from obstacle and block
2. jumping to avoid block
3. duck to avoid being hit games
4. shooter stars to break object
5. race the fast is possible
6. very very easy Controll swipe and touch Screen

Ayo ninja kids Download dan mainkan sekarang Ninja Rush 3Dini.
Subway Ninja Rush TempleBurka is an adventure game ninja and ninja running jumper andendless fun.
ninja let kids run Avoid all obstacles in the Temple and escapefrom the pursuit of a panther.
Achieves Highest score in this jump ninja

Play Now ninja running 3D
1. Swipe to escape from the obstacle and block
2. jumping to avoid blocks
3. duck to avoid being hit games
4. Shooter stars to break objects
5. race the fast is possible
6. Controll very very easy swipe and touch Screen

Come on kids Download and play ninja now Ninja Rush 3D.

App Information Subway Burka : Ninja Rush 3D

  • App Name
    Subway Burka : Ninja Rush 3D
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  • Updated
    June 7, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.1 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Kids Happy Games
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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UpinIpin adalah karakter dari serial kartun3D, upin run naik pesawat buatan ipin jengjeng yang sangatpopulerdan banyak penggemarnya.upin runner beserta ipin dash adalah bocah kembar yang cerdasdanbaik hati upin suka menolong opah bersam dengan ipin , upinipinadalah anak yatim piatu yang tinggal bersama nenek dan kakrosyaitu kakak upin dan ini yang sangat galak tapi sebenarnya kakrossangat baik hati dan menyayangi upin jeng jeng ipin dash .dalam game ini upin jeng jeng dan ipin kartberpetualanganmenggunakan pesawat zet buatan ipin dash dan upinyang jadi pilotnya , hati hati dengan ayam goreng raksasa yangterbang melayang kelangit yang di lempar raksasa jahat , bantu upinagar ayam gorengtersebut tidak mengenai pesawat nya karena jikaayam gorengtersebut mengenai pesawatnya maka pesawat tersebut jengjeng jengakan hancur .ayo download dan mainkan game upin pilot peswat beserta ipinjengjeng sekarang dan rasakan keseruannya.Do you want to be the fast, great, best of the best racer?Challengeeach other in Upin Dash Ipin Kart Air Racer the superRacing freeRace game and join the journey to be the bestdriver.UpinIpin is acharacterfrom the cartoon series 3D, artificial air ride upin ipinrunjengjeng very popular and a lot of fans.upin runner along ipin dash is a boy twins intelligentandgood-natured upin prefer opah bersam with ipin, upin ipin wasanorphan who lives with her grandmother and kak ros namelybrotherUpin and is very fierce but actually kak ros very kind andjengupin ipin love jeng dash.In this game upin jeng jeng and ipin kart adventure usingaircraftzet-made ipin dash and upin who finished his pilot, carefulwithfried chicken giant fly float to the sky throwing evil giant,helpupin that fried chicken is not on her plane because if thefriedchicken on the plane then the plane jeng jeng jeng willbedestroyed.let's download and play games upin ipin jeng pilots and theirplanesjeng now and feel have fun.Do you want to be the fast, great, best of the best racer?Challengeeach other in Upin Ipin Dash Air Kart Racer free RacingRace thesuper game and join the journey to be the bestdriver.