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Fight for women’s representation in politics and take on thepatriarchy! In celebration of International Women’s Day, play andlearn about the struggles women across the world face in achievingpolitical enfranchisement.

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Suffragette Roulette 1.0 APK
Fight for women’s representation in politics and take on thepatriarchy! In celebration of International Women’s Day, play andlearn about the struggles women across the world face in achievingpolitical enfranchisement.
BSL Education 1.0.3 APK
This SSC app allows students to access Science and Mathsterminology in British Sign Language. Up until now pupils, whosepreferred language is British Sign language, have often had to relyheavily on English and fingerspelling in Maths and Science classes.The Scottish Sensory Centre’s BSL Glossary project has gatheredexisting signs and created new ones using the underlying linguisticstructure of BSL; the end result is a BSL vocabulary that coversmany of the commonly used terms used in the Maths and Sciencecurriculum.Subject specific terms in BSL are grouped in the appalong with, for the first time, lab movies or examples for many ofthe terms that provide invaluable additional backgroundknowledge.This app will appeal to young deaf people at school whouse BSL and who want to learn independently. In addition manyteachers, Communication Support Workers, interpreters and parentsare already accessing the Glossary via the SSC website. This appenables them to use this invaluable resource on a mobile device;subjects are subdivided in the following way to aidnavigation:Astronomy• Constellations• Deep Sky Objects• SolarSystem• Stargazing• Stars• Other termsBiology (topics include)•Adaption, natural selection and evolution of species• Animals•Apparatus/ equipment• Biodiversity and the distribution of life•Cell structure• Cells, tissues and organs• DNA, proteins andenzymes• Fungi and Lichen• Genetic Engineering• Human Ear• Humanimpact on the environment• Photosynthesis and Respiration• Plants•Reproduction• Skeletal and muscular systems• Life on EarthChemistry(topics include)• Rates of reaction• Atomic structure and bondingrelated to properties of materials• Acids and bases• Carboxylicacids• Esters• Energy from fuels• Metals• Properties of plastics•Fertilisers• Nuclear chemistry• Chemical analysisGeography•Geology• Geographical Information Systems• Glaciology• Maps•Rivers• WeatherMaths• Algebra• Arithmetic• Geometry &Trigonometry• Probability & Statistics• Question types•MiscellaneousPhysics• Electricity• Electromagnetic Spectrum•Electronics• Energy• Force & Movement• Health Physics• Heat•Light and Sight• Measurement• Nuclear Physics• Radiation• Sound andWaves• Space Physics• Telecommunications
Diet Or Disorder 1.1 APK
The ‘Diet or Disorder?’ evidence-based App is co-created by anNHS-Swansea University team together with collaborators who aresufferers, carers and a mental health charity, with advice frompublic health, education and primary healthcare professionals toreflect real needs. This free App has been funded by the SwanseaUniversity Clinical Innovation Partnership (SHIPP), with money fromthe Welsh Government. Apps currently available are aimed at helpingpeople with established eating disorders to diary and chart diets,activity and moods. What is lacking are preventative and earlyintervention Apps for eating disorders aimed at members of thepublic. This is an important gap - research suggests that both thepublic and primary health care professionals vary widely inunderstanding of and responses to eating disorders, withsignificant, costly delays in both seeking and receiving help;whereas early detection and intervention leads to better chances ofrecovery. In fact, the draft NICE guidance for Eating Disorderswhich will be published soon emphasises the importance of promptand early diagnosis and referral for eating disorders. The ‘Diet orDisorder?’ App is designed for and tested by both experts byexperience and members of the public who are not familiar witheating disorders, as well as primary care health professionals. TheApp is made in Wales using UK standards but can be used in othercountries. Its information is based on the UK National Institutefor Health and Care Excellence (NICE), Welsh Eating DisorderFramework, and adult and paediatric MARSIPAN (Management of ReallySick Patients with Anorexia Nervosa) guidelines. This is consistentwith principles of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010, TogetherFor Children and Young People (Early Intervention and EnhancedSupport), Making Sense report (2016) and Prudent Healthcare, thatpatients with mental disorders should be detected at earlier stagesand receive appropriate and timely help in primary care. The App isaimed at young people and their parents as well as adults andprovides tools to support and empower sufferers and carers in aportable format. It has: a simple screening tool to help people toidentify whether they or someone they care about may have an eatingdisorder; psychoeducation about eating disorders and theirsymptoms;simple self-help strategies and links to resources; hintsand tips for how to successfully seek help in primary care; and asingle page format for presenting concerns to primary careprofessionals.