8 / January 8, 2016
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Sugar Blast Mania legend of candy diamond puzzle and casual matchthree explosion game which is suitable for kids & adults.Simplyswitch & connect the jelly jewel and candy gem. Match 3 or morecandy jelly to blast it! Match 4 and more, donating a super herobomb. A crush & burst will help to collect more stars toachieve the super blitz hero leaderboard. Set your sail & startthe power to crush the candy jelly in this Sugar Blast maniaadventure with Betty! Float through candy gem and over the rainbowfarm as you explore the candy fruit ruby land. Match your way tosweet victory in saugus levels! Be the King of Match 3.

App Information Sugar Blast Mania

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    Sugar Blast Mania
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    January 8, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    7/1 Thachai Sisatchanalai Sukhothai 64190
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Candy soda deluxe is a top new frenzy crushmatch 3 puzzle addictive & delicious matching game for kid andadult for free !Candy soda is a match 3 puzzle like jewel game where you can matchand collect sweet jelly candies in this amazingly delicious juicyadventure, guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth for phone andtablet.A new juicy jam flavour theme of candy blast like Match-3 willcrush journey game from the alternative to the makers of hit appsjewel match 3 game match candies to collect them, and sweeten juicyland legend saga of the value of neighboring object. Easy to learnbut challenging to the king of candy dash blaster master!The gummy candy soda are looking to spoil like fruit adventure thecandy kingdom saga Journey. Will you and your friends stop thegummied 3 Match Garden Game before it’s too late?Play best rate funny king of frenzy juicy valley and addictiveadventure match3 jelly puzzle game with lots of fun levels . Candysoda smash mania are everywhere as the match 3 frenzycontinues.- Play the easy & hard mode Award winning match 3 game withbonus- The candy gummay drop bomb line can eliminate the candy storyaround.- The Color-changing candy war can eliminate to any other coloredCandy .- Blast the Candy fruit shaped jewels and bring peace to theKingdom- Smash & Discover Wild and Cute over 100 levels of actionpacked fun- Best Rate to Stunning Graphics and a Beautiful AdventureSoundtrack- Suitable for Phone and Tablet- Fun without RPG game battle connect- Play Online & Offline in many row game- Share Facebook & invite you friend to Play- Find hidden object items and match itChallenge every aspect of your like star king brain to be the firstone to clear all frenzy saga of thousand levels!Sweet soda legend that smash garden shocking experience, and thewhole world word & puzzle game , crush all of jelly ballscoreboard, you can submit your high score star challenge of globalothers, try to play now!
Nitro Drag : Traffic Speed 3.0 APK
Own the streets with the ultimate 3D racing simulator, Nitro Drag:Traffic Speed. Burn asphalt and leave cops in the dust as you driftsick curves on the hill climb and smash down city streets dodgingtraffic.Traffic Speed allows you to build monster rides for the mostextreme drift and drag racing experience. Customize your car tosuit your unique road warrior style. Want nitro? A Tokyo slammer? Ahigh-speed champion? We got you.Build your ultimate racer team with the in-game manager. Go towar with rivals in the racing nation.A multi-player version lets you challenge your friends to alightning fast no limit rider death race.The multi-level solo gameplay offers hours of turbo-fueledracing. If you have a need for speed, this is the game for you.Features:- Polished 3D graphics.- Customizable rides, including N20 boosts and more.- Realistic physics, thunderous crashes!- Multiple game modes, no parking here!==================================Own the streets with the ultimate 3D racing simulator, NitroDrag: Traffic Speed. Burn asphalt and leave cops in the dust as youdrift sick curves on the hill climb and smash down city streetsdodging traffic.The multi-level solo gameplay offers hours of turbo-fueledracing. If you have a need for speed, this is the game for you.Explore a number of races, from intense mountain drift runs tochaotic drag races through busy traffic. Race and win, to improveyour stats and open up tougher challenges.Build your ultimate racer team with the in-game manager. Thebest drivers need to be impressed first, destroy them on the roadto add them to your team. Go to war with rivals in the racingnation. Winning with your team opens up greater access to boostsand better rides.A multi-player version lets you challenge your friends to alightning fast no limit rider death race. Can't find anyone thatwants to play? Racers all over the world await your challenge withyour race finder. Prove beyond a doubt who the toughest no limitrider is.Traffic Speed allows you to build monster rides for the mostextreme drift and drag racing experience. Customize your car tosuit your unique road warrior style. A Tokyo drift slammer? Ahigh-speed drag champion? A gnarly, beefed-up muscle car? We gotyou. As you race, you earn profit you can transform intoperformance. Build up your team to expand access to better cars,races, and boosts like nitro.If you have a need for speed, download Nitro Drag: Traffic Speedright now!Features:- Polished 3D graphics.- Intense, realistic gameplay.- Customizable rides, including N20 boosts and more.- Realistic physics, thunderous crashes!- Multiple game modes, no parking here!- Different race environments to explore.- A scoreboard to track your progress.
No limit Police Drag 3.0 APK
"No limit Police Drag Racing experience exotic racing game asaprovocation.
Drift Speed Racer 3.0 APK
Drift Speed Racer – An Exciting 3D Racing Game For All AndroidSmartphone UsersAlthough there are plenty of drift games on Google PlayStore, ifyou truly like drift racing then downloading Drift Speed Racerwould be right for you! The game is completely free of cost andcompatible with all smartphones and tablets. If you are gettingbored waiting for something or someone then simply pull out yourphone and let this game occupy and draw you in completely! If youlike fast cars, stunning 3D graphics and simple gameplay then thisis the game for you. The game is quite superior in comparison toother drifting games available on Google PlayStore.Playing Drift Speed Racer is extremely easy because there are nocontrols, all you need to do is to tap in order to drift. Ontapping right your car will drift to the right direction whereastapping left will cause your car to drift to the left direction.The controls are fairly easy to remember and there are nocomplicated maneuvers that you need to pull!Some of the features of this highly entertaining racing appwould be:- Completely free of cost to download- Fun to play- Controls are very easy to remember- Offers a real feel with HD graphics and a 3D environment- Animation of the game can be customized- HD camera angle- Engaging sound effects- Compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets- 24 different levels available for playingDrift Speed Racer is one of those racing games that are capableof capturing your interest and holding on to it right from the veryfirst moment you play the game. Be warned that this is a highlyaddictive game! What gamers love most about this game is itsstriking graphics and engaging gameplay. Considering the fact thatthis game is developed for Smartphone and tablet computers, itdefinitely offers more than expected. The game has the 'wow’ factorin it and is capable of keeping you on the edge of your seat whileyou try to make your way through some of the difficult tracks!You can play this game with your friends with the help of theinternet as well. The game allows you to engage in a friendlycompetition by challenging your friends. There are twenty fourdifferent levels to choose from. Simply choose a fast racing car ofyour choice and drift to the end of the race track in order tocomplete the game. Some of the levels are particularly challengingas the tracks are extremely dangerous and peppered withobstacles!All in all, Drift Speed Racer is a good drifting game foreveryone who enjoys a good car racing game. The game has received alot of positive reviews from Android users on Google PlayStore andit is a highly recommended one. If you are bored of average carracing or drifting game then you should definitely download thisone and experience the difference. For those who do not get theconcept of drifting, it may take some time to get used to it butonce you master the art of drifting, you will be able to trulyenjoy this game!
Nitro Racer 3D 3.0 APK
Experience the 3D Nitro Racer GamingIf you have a thrill for speed, then the Nitro Racer 3D Racinggame is all you need to give you that rush of adrenaline. Theclassic 3D visual arena of the game takes you into a whole newworld of racing against time. You will experience a whole newgaming experience with this game.The racing cars are in line set to hit the roads, and they areentirely under your control. All you have to do is to feel thepower unlock within you, get your nerves on track, and challengeall odds to reach the finish line and win the race. It is all underyour supremacy to set the streets on fire.Just a highlight on the main features of the game:The leading edge technology of 3-dimensional graphics in iOSGamesHigh fidelity images enhance the racing arenaPowerful sound effects that take you into the reality ofracingAn extensive range of cars to select from, which include all timeclassics from Audi, Ferrari and LamborghiniFeaturing tracks of different level of distance andcomplexityIt is free and easily downloadableRace the way along the track with twists and turnsNitro boost feature that helps to fill up your nitro.Customize your car with different coloursThis game without a doubt will get you highly addictive, inswirling through the highly twisted narrow streets and packedlanes, dodging cars and speeding to the maximum. It is all runningin the mind, to get past, to avoid crashes, to knock down ongoingracers, pick up points and even indulge in aerial stunts. Even ifyou possess the best driving skills, you will be at the edge ofyour seats to meet up with this exhilarating level of challenge. Itis all about experiencing the pragmatic dynamics of physics at itsbest. It takes drag racing to a next level altogether.The fully loaded upgrade system of the game allows you to selectthe combinations of cars, distances and conditions. A few tricks tohelp you improve your chances of winning. Ensure to use the Nitroboost feature to fill up the nitro by speeding and overtaking otherracers and then it can be used to boost up to a maximum speed. Incase you want to get the practice going, you can switch to thequick race mode. That is where all can habituate the angles of thedeep-seated turns. Tap the gas pedal to rev up the engine. Shiftinggears at the right time is essential to winning. The green zone onyour tachometer is the perfect shift point. Tap the button to shiftup. Each race you win you gain cash. In addition, good starts andgear changes are also rewarded in cash as Skill prize. As youprogress and breakthrough; you will unlock new cars, upgrades,visual modes and races.All that you need is to get the Nitro Racer game from the dealerand install it. From day one you will be hooked on to thisincredible racing experience of racing in reality.
Neon Speed Racing 3.0 APK
Neon Speed Racing- A High Fidelity 3DGraphicRaceFor anyone searching for an exciting racing game, NeonSpeedRacing is the perfect choice.Computer games have been changing every day with new andmoreentertaining ones coming into the market. Anyone with aSmartphonemust be having a certain game that they enjoy when theyare notbusy. Today, you are only required to download an app tostartenjoying incredible games that have been designed withfantastic 3Dgraphic. Neon Speed racing game is one of the advancedracing gamesthat we have in the market today.What is Neon Speed Racing?It is an app designed to provide the gamer with some of thebestfeatures that any racing game can have. Categorized in thegenre ofendless arcade racing, Neon Speed Racing also a futuristicracinggame that is very easy to play. It is not expensive and thusanyonecan afford to download from app stores and install it intheirSmartphone. It provides the gamer with an opportunity to testyourdriving skills by taking them through busy futuristic citieswithbeautiful roads but full of traffic. You need to avoidclashingwith other motorists to stay in the game.In the Neon Speed Racing game, you are provided with anexcellentchoice of cars to choose from. These are the mostluxurious carsthat can buy using the point coins earned after youwon a race.From the famous Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mazda andMustang arejust some of the car models that you can select to racewith. Othercar models that you can also choose to use as yourracing car arethe Mitsubishi and Motorola. The game also allows youto refillyour car at the various located on the futuristtracks/highwaywhenever your tank goes dry. You will also findmechanics who willfix any problem with your car.How to playPlaying this game is very easy, and you do not require anyspecialtraining to win the race. You are only required to learn howtomaneuver the traffic and avoid clashing with other motoristorpedestrians. Keeping your car on the track is the mostimportantthing in this game. To achieve this, you only need to tiltyourdevice screen (Smartphone) to dodge the traffic. Similarly, youcancontrol the race by touching the screen. To accelerate, youareonly required to touch the boost button for your car to gainspeedthat is necessary for winning a race. Remember that, the moreyoudrive, the more score and points you will get.Key features of this app•It is an app with high quality and stunning 3D graphics thatmakesthe game very entertaining.•It has a fantastic futuristic Design•It is in the design of an endless race to dodge traffic, andyoucan race for many miles without stopping.•It is very simple to play since you only need to tilt and tapgamecontrols•The car handling is very and realistic thus making the gamemorefun•It stands out in visual display with an amazing view, andthespeed is just incredible.Neon speed racing is indeed one of the awesome 3D games thatyoucan have a lot of fun playing. It has fantastic features thatwillquickly make you an addict to this game. Downloading it fromappstores is free, and this anyone can afford it.
3D Street Racing Fighter 3.0 APK
"Driving cars does seem easy right?…..Wrong!And 3D Street Racing fighter will prove to you why.3D Street Racing Fighter is a 3D racing game available fortheandroid platform. It is a perfect mix of high action andendlessdriving. 3D Street Racing offers endless racing withstunning 3Dgraphics .This 3D Street Fighter racing game is styledsimilarly tothe need for speed and asphalt franchises with its veryexcitingraces.Full Description of 3D Street Racing fighterThe racing game is a simulation game and the behavior of thecarsis livelier and has a lot of foundering collision they arefatal butthey just offer entertaining part of the racing game.When one racesand win you are awarded with money that can be usedto buy newvehicles or even personalize the ones that you alreadyused in theracing.3D Street Racing fighter has a high different level ofdifficultyas one continue to rise the hardest of the level makesit moredifficult to even finish the race among even the firstfewcompetitors of the race. Speed Cutting Edge 3D Graphicsandimpact-crash sound effects.3D Street fighter offers a solid playing ground experience,withstunningly awesome cars .The objective of the game basicallycan beachieved through concentration and keenness.How to playOne has to finish the races on the track and complete allroutessafely. It has offers eight different vehicles, each with itsownunique design and features. Though not all eight vehiclesareavailable at once, one will need to unlock them one by one asyoupass from one stage to another.With this game you will have the thrill of driving inthestreets’, seashores’ and country sides’ roads. Itfeaturesincredibly amazing vehicles with intense trafficcompetitionthroughout.The basic moves of the game are pass through packed streetsofthe city ,avoiding crashes and taking down traffic cars ,pickingupmore coins and performing more of dynamics and high speedaerialstunts.The Street includes ten tracks that one has to master, theyarefull of curves, straight highways, and obstacles that willputdriving skills to the examination. The opponents naturally trytoalways take advantage of mistake that one makes.Features of 3D Street Fighter RacingThere is an option of upgrading and customizing your ownvehiclesthroughout different races.· One Earns cash as that is a reward for unlocking new cars.· It offers more of crash sound effects and graphics in 3D.· The players keep on playing extra levels once they completeonelevel.· It has breathtaking visuals and its tracks are amazing.· One can pick their favorite color with many choicesonoffer.· The wheels of the cars can be customized into 9differenttype’s option.· It has turbo bonus and striking drift.· One enjoys over 10 hours of gameplay situation in themassivecareer mode with 48 levels.· It has detailed racing maps on offer.· No bugs hence smooth driving is guaranteed all through.· Impact crash effects and incredible sound effectsareexhibited.ConclusionIn general, 3D Street Racing fighter has great videoresolutionwith 3D presentation and good aspect ratio. It takes thespeedchallenge to the next level. It is a test of speed between thebestof the bests. With its easy to use and swift controls, thisfastpaced game will surely bring out the adrenaline rush out ofallracing fans."
Overdrive Drag Asphalt Racing  4.0 APK
One controls their car by tilting theirdeviceand pressing the on-screen brake and throttle buttons. Itsracetracks are more like roller coasters which loop and spiral intoalldirections. Random speed boost tiles litter its landscape andyouwill have to use them to progress to the next level. Thisracinggame is quite tough….why? One can ride on a racing trackwithoutcrashing even once and still fail to win the race.These cars are high-powered race cars designed primarily forthepurpose of racing. Take control of one of them and prove thatyouare the real racer But Winning the first place is a realchallenge.However, the car you will be given is going to overcomeanychallenge with ease. You may choose either a peaceful way tofinisha track or an aggressive oneWith hundreds of games coming live everyday onlyProfessionallyCreated quality games like these can give you thebestexperience.We bring you the best 3D racing games and we’realwayson track.Racers of all levels together has a chancetocompete.Practice your lines through the most cool game in the world.Most exhilarating 3D racing action and entertaining physicsbaseddriving game.Fast Car War Race 3D: Feel the Power! Race your dream car intheultimate Scenario: 3D graphics with addictive game-play, thatwillhave you swerving through oncoming traffic, collectingpower-ups,and knocking other racers off the road. You can freezethe enemycars OR shoot them with gun and missile, Also repair yourcar fromdamages. You can also use nitro to boost the car to wintherace.Enjoy the fast speed racing game! Test your driving skillsindifficult levels. Collect coins to upgrade car, avoid enemycars,keep your car undamaged in given level to win the game. Earncashand upgrade your car and also customize your vehicleswithdifferent colours. Enjoy all colours free for your all 3dvehicles.Challenging environment used to improve your drivingskills. Facethe challenges of unique city environment with manydifferent cars.Collect coins to upgrade your car and reach evenhigher score. ThisFast Car Race 3D provides Best racingexperience.Asphalt Racing 3D Overdrive Car RacingDon't stop for anything else you will get smashed byuncontrolledpolice chasing your car.Features:- 4 visually amazing and challenging 3D Sets.- Simple, smooth and effective Controls.- Hours of addictive Gaming.- Vibrant and cool sound effects.- Cool Real Tractor- Multiple difficulty levels- Great sounds- Universal for iPhone, iPod and iPad- Improve hand eye co-ordinationThe Asphalt contains many challenges and hazards, but nonecanstop brave men to explore it. And the only thing that keptthemsafe is Good old Supercar Suv .Let us bring those classical supercar on Roads and race to seeifthey can give you the same thrill.