1.2.5 / April 5, 2016
(4.2/5) (620)


Summon the heroes!
Admin will give you gifts 10 times per day!

Plenty of gifts are in the mailbox!

Summon Three Kingdoms Heroes!
Your master sends a bunch of gifts everyday. Even 10 TIMES aday!

Your mailbox is packed with big surprises everyday!

Why? Because our team is going to send you valuable gifts fully10 TIMES a day!!

Unique! Unreplaceable!It’s totally different!!

Completely NEW era of web-toon Three Kingdoms just began.Experience terrific and fascinating actionsyou never imaginebefore,

Summon Three Kingdoms Heroes right now.
The early bird catches the worm!

Beyond the game.You can feel cartoon in ‘Heroes Summoner’

Stop playing boring and dizzy 3D games anymore

Super Easy and Simple controls letting even grand-mom plays!

Stunning graphics and well-made story like a carton

Tower of Infinity! Every day is a new battle! Ascend the Tower,challenge your skills and reap epic rewards at the top!

Fortify your camp’s defense against attacks from other player!

App Information Summon the heroes

  • App Name
    Summon the heroes
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    April 5, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email elitede3626@gmail.com Privacy Policy
    서울특별시 금천구 가산동 60-21
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https://goo.gl/nEMn0hFreestyleBaseball2 OPEN!!★ Freestyle Baseball’s News Updete (1.5.0) ★1. Add New Pitching Form (Left-Hand Pitching)2. Add new costume items3. Add Tapjoy (Free Charging Function)☆ Freestyle Baseball has surpassed 1.2 million downloads. ☆1 vs. 1 Online Gameplay! Unique Matches & Thousands ofRivals! Personalize your Baseball Player to Throw Harder, HitHarder and Play Harder!Brace yourself for an unforgettable baseball battlefield.Freestyle Baseball pits street smart pitchers against mean-streetbatters in a 3D freestyle score-a-thon. Set in a detailed,realistic 3D urban environment, player customize characters faceoff against NPCs or one another in real-time. With every successfulpitch and run scored, players build up skill points and otherrewards, gaining the ability to learn new skills in batting andpitching. Players can personalize their characters with a hugevariety of customizations including clothing, hair styles, andequipment, expressing themselves and enhancing theirperformance.Single player campaigns, custom one-on-ones against defeatedNPCs, and real-time multiplayer mode make Freestyle Baseball abaseball battle that never strikes out! Gear up, get some gold,accumulate battle points, and dominate your opponents in thehottest new sports game of the season!::::::::::::::::::::::FEATURES::::::::::::::::::::::▶ MULTI-PLAYER MODE:Show off your skills by battling real-life opponents in real-time,wagering your skills against their battle points to boost yourreputation and buy new bling in the shop.▶ SINGLE PLAYER MODE:Face off against Freestyle Baseball’s own star NPCs, defeating eachone to gain skill points, advance levels, and unlock special itemsin the shop. As each NPC is defeated, their character becomesunlocked in the custom game mode.▶ CUSTOM GAME MODE:Hone your skills against NPCs in custom game mode. As each isunlocked, you’ll gain valuable practice time and have a perfectpick-up-and-play option available anytime the mood to strike out abatter strikes you!▶ FLAWLESS GAME DESIGN & RESPONSIVE MECHANICS:Switch off batting and pitching every other inning, and refine yourskills at both. Simple game mechanics make learning FreestyleBaseball easy, but it’s going to take talent to rule thestreet!▶ SPECIAL SKILLS:Use your skill points to improve your swings and pitches, andacquire new specialized moves to stump your opponents. As youprogress, special Deadly Skills will become available whenadrenaline runs high and the rage gauge fills. As a pitcher, addnew pitches to your arsenal: fourseam, curve, fork, changeup, andslider. Combine them with deadly moves like twister, illusion, andarrow to become unstoppable. When batting, activate your powerswing to up your chances of a well-placed hit becoming agame-changing home run!★ Freestyle Baseball Review ★148 Apps Review:http://www.148apps.com/reviews/wannabat-review/Idownloadblog Review:http://www.idownloadblog.com/2012/09/11/wannabat/★ Facebook ★https://www.facebook.com/FreestyleBaseball
Summon the heroes 1.2.5 APK
Summon the heroes!Admin will give you gifts 10 times per day!Plenty of gifts are in the mailbox!Summon Three Kingdoms Heroes!Your master sends a bunch of gifts everyday. Even 10 TIMES aday!Your mailbox is packed with big surprises everyday!Why? Because our team is going to send you valuable gifts fully10 TIMES a day!!Unique! Unreplaceable!It’s totally different!!Completely NEW era of web-toon Three Kingdoms just began.Experience terrific and fascinating actionsyou never imaginebefore,Summon Three Kingdoms Heroes right now.The early bird catches the worm!Beyond the game.You can feel cartoon in ‘Heroes Summoner’Stop playing boring and dizzy 3D games anymoreSuper Easy and Simple controls letting even grand-mom plays!Stunning graphics and well-made story like a cartonTower of Infinity! Every day is a new battle! Ascend the Tower,challenge your skills and reap epic rewards at the top!Fortify your camp’s defense against attacks from other player!
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◆ Open World Growing Tap game: Drifting Girl! ◆ A funtap-RPG-fishing game! ◆ The adventures of a Drifting Girl in theworld that has been submerged in water! ◆ Cures insomnia in thebeautiful sound of the sea YOUTUBEhttps://www.youtube.com/c/DAERISOFT Check your coupon code on theYouTube channel. Please click Subscribe and Like button. Home pagehttps://goo.gl/wDvnvn https://www.facebook.com/daerisofthttps://twitter.com/daerisoft ■■■■■ Game Introduction ■■■■■ Thesurvival of a girl who drifts around in a world that was submergedin water! A new open world game by DAERISOFT, a popular Google Playgame developer! Let’s fish and explore in the world you have neverseen before! ■■■■■ Game Features ■■■■■ ■ First release of a collegestudents’ development team, Team Tapas! Please expect more contentsto be updated! ■ Communication game where we communicate with usersto make a fun game together! - It’s true! - I could not believe itat first either! ■ A new game that drifts you into tomorrow! - It’strue! - I started playing without thinking...- ■ A healing gamethat heals your mind with beautiful sound effects! - Again, true! -It cured my 30 years of insomnia.- ■ A beautiful game where you canlearn about amazing fish around the world! - True, again! - I’venever seen fish like these before. LOL. Fishing? RPG? A fun-filledtap-RPG-fishing game! Infinite collection! Heal your heart withsoft colors, graphics and sounds! Every review you leave encouragesus to make a better game. Thank you!
Shooting Warrior 1.0.5 APK
Game information and news can be checkonFacebook page.Support Korean,English.Easy & Fun Puzzle action game!User RatingWhat did you like about the game?-Very creative gameplay. Nice graphics. Great strategy game.-It’s a game with high octane action and good background musicthatmakes the game even better. I feel the game is alsoverysmooth.-The great sound effects. It really fits the game. I also lovetheunique gameplay where you use a cannon to send your soldiers inthebattlefield.-The shooting of the soldiers that help your army advance.-The graphics are cute. I like the shooting warrior feature tomakethem on the field. It’s funny.=============================================Game information and news can be check on Facebook page.http://www.facebook.com/DAERISOFT onFacebookpage please click "likes".http://www.daerisoft.com============================================
용랑무쌍전 2.1.4 APK
진영 약탈 RPG! 네것이 내것이 된다!지루하고 똑같은 게임은 비교불가!!!!무장,병사를 키우고 상대진영을 약탈하라!삼국 영웅들이 무림으로 타임슬립된다면??-삼국시대의 각 영웅들이 무림으로 들어왔다! 큰일났다!-국내 유일의 진영관리 RPG!-극한 타격 RPG! 이런 독특한 컨셉은 위!아래! 어디에도 없었다.-방대한 시나리오! 친구와의 PVP! 진영건설 !-난세의 삼국 무림 시대에 지금바로 진출해라!-상대 진영에 침투해 돈과 점수를 획득하자!!-터치만으로 손안에서 펼쳐지는 액정을 깨트리는 액션!!방대한 무림에 지금 바로 진출해라!등장인물:조자룡,초선,제갈량,장료,하후돈,조인,사마의,장량등공식카페:http://cafe.naver.com/yonglangmussang공식페이스북:https://www.facebook.com/yulgangmussang공식카페에 가입하시면 각종 이벤트들을 확인하실 수 있습니다.1. 용랑무쌍 결제를 했는데 아이템이 지급되지 않았어요 짜증나요 화나요 뿌수고싶어요!!!- 그시각이 새벽이던 아침이던 저녁이던 낮이던 새가듣던 밤말은 쥐가듣던 바로 elitede3626@gmail.com으로 닉네임 알려주세요. 다른회사처럼 고객센터가 7시까지하고 그러지 않습니다.24시간 진행하고 있습니다는 약간 오바고 최대한 빠르게 잠만자고있지 않다면 1시간내로 처리해드립니다.빠르면 1초도 가능합니다. 고객님은 소중하니까요.2. 용랑무쌍 운영진은 몇명인데 이렇게 대응이 빠른건가요?- 운영자는 GM신지 하나입니다. 비밀을 말씀드리자면 그림자 분신술이 가능합니다.궁금하면 회사로오세요.회사오시면 1 골드 드립니다. 후후3. 이게임의 공략법이 궁금합니다.- 일단 카페로 오셔서 나만의 공략에 현재까지의 공략법들이 올라와있습니다. 상세히 나와있으니확인해주세요.본인이 공략법을 올려주신다면 로x 당첨 확률이 0.01 % 올라갑니다.(영자버프)4. 운영자 정상이 아닌거같아요 뭐 잘못먹었나요?- 아니요5. 게임을 하다보면 멘트가 나오던데 게임라디오가 뭔가요?- 광장이랑 상점가를 왔다갔다할때 DS메시지는 제가 실시간으로 발송하는메시지 입니다.잠깐잠깐 시간날때마다 퀴즈쇼도하고 사랑고백도하고 노래도 부르고 ㅋㅋ 그냥 놉니다.퀴즈쇼 정답을 맞추신 분에게는 보석을 드리기도하지요.키워드:다에리소프트,daerisoft,용랑무쌍전----개발자 연락처 :070-4134-8986서울특별시 금천구 가산동 60-21faction loot RPG! Yes it is mine!boring compared to the same game is not!!!!armed soldiers raising the faction lootBe!Three Kingdoms heroes ?? If the sleep time inWulin- Each hero of the Three Kingdoms period have enteredthe Wulin! It was a big deal!- Camp administration only domesticRPG!- Extreme blow RPG! This unique concept is positionbelow! There was nothing.- Extensive scenario! Friends and the PVP! Constructioncamp!- Make just now entering the era of the Three KingdomsWulin anarchy!- Let penetrate the opposing faction obtain money andpoints!- Just touch the liquid crystal in your handkkaeteurineun action unfolds!Make advancing right now, thevast Wulin!Characters: jojaryong, focal line, Zhuge Liang, Zhang Liao, XiahouDun, join, Sima Yi, storage amount,etc.Official Cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/yonglangmussangOfficial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yulgangmussangSign up for the official cafescan be found various events.1. yongrang I did not pay forthis item, payment Warriors did annoyed angry Did I want tosprinkle trouble !!!- Bammal that time who was thismorning at dawn the day which was the evening which was a birdwhich was heard just heard rats elitede3626@gmail.com   Tell us as a nickname. Contact the 7 o'clock anddo not do like other companies.   24 hours and little progress has Obama and wewill process within the hour if you do not sleep jamman as quicklyas possible.   As early as possible a fraction of a second.Because I own is important.2. yongrang Warriors are goinginde staff are so few respondfaster? - Operator is one GMdestination. Tell you a secret shadow bunsinsul sleep ispossible.   I wonder if you come to the company. The companywill come one gold. Jujuy3. That any wondergongryakbeop. - Once you have come to thecafé you come up with so far in my own gongryakbeop attack. So mein detail   Please check. If I had given up the chance ofwinning gongryakbeop as x goes up 0.01%. (Englishbuff)4. What do you think ahningeonormal operator had wrong?  -No.5. When cement is a game that Iheard out of the game. What radio?  - When you go backand forth DS Square Shopping Center yirang message is the messagethat I sent in real time.    Each quiz show Wait Wait time it clicks,and also to love her songs to sing ㅋㅋ just knob.    A quiz show for answers matchusin minutesfrills also give the jewelery.Keywords: the Erie soft,daerisoft, yongrang Warriors ago
Avengers Maker 1.0 APK
Making Avengers Released!Increase the speed of your hero.Create your strongest Avengers.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Jewelry = 1 point- 7 Jewelry = Booster mode- 100Point = Speed up 1km- Banner off button = closing banner-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am Avengers!Avengers Maker!!Keywords:Avengers Maker,daerisoft,hero,Avengers,Driving,Carcrash,daerisoft,Black box,Safe Driving,Driver'sLicense,License,Racing Games
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Novice drivers are very difficult to drive.Here are driving games.Do not drive if less than 20 points.Watch out!Games for people afraid of driving.Amazing Game.Awesome! Drive safely!Easy does it.Keep out of my way.Make a way! Good luck to you.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Jewelry = 1 point- more than 5 points = Pedestrian jaywalking- more than 10 points = 1 more Pedestrian jaywalking- more than 15 points = Reverse driving car appeared- more than 20 points = Obstacles emerge.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please drive safely while avoiding.Driving at various time points.-The driver's view.-Top view-Observers view.I'm the safety keeper game! Car crash!!keywords:Driving,Car crash,daerisoft,Black box,SafeDriving,Driver's License,License,Racing Games
GETCHA GHOST-The Haunted House 2.0.48 APK
■■■■■online comic■■■■■ Episode 1https://moot.us/lounges/205/boards/969/posts/4158538/webtoonEpisode 2https://moot.us/lounges/205/boards/969/posts/4304848/webtoon-2------------------------------------------------------------------Ghosts are gathering all over the world?! Capture Ghosts with yourcamera and solve puzzles with them! The people are in danger! Nowit's time to save them together by Summoning ghosts you'vecaptured! ■Finally, Getcha Ghost is released! ■Enjoy ghost-huntingwith splendid characters from the ! ■Real-time 1v1 Duel Mode added!Now you can have fun with your friends! Just 10 minutes! Don’t missout on all of the gifts and prizes from the GMs! ■■■■■GameFeature■■■■■ Try inviting your friends and enjoy the 1v1 Duel Modetogether. This game is based on the . Enjoy the spooky butentertaining stories and adventures of ! You can watch it onNetflix or YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/user/cjenmtooniversehttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLObURnEFJ80VHOJwY0Zl0F1IrvyRPqk-pCapture ghosts around you, just like the TV show! Upgrade yourcharacters, earn more rewards and save the people! YOUTUBEhttps://www.youtube.com/c/DAERISOFT Check your coupon code on theYouTube channel. Please click Subscribe and Like button. HOME PAGEhttps://goo.gl/wDvnvn https://www.facebook.com/daerisofthttps://twitter.com/daerisoft ■■■■■How to Play■■■■■ There areghosts around me? Capture ghosts with your camera in Capture mode!Play along with simple puzzles and fight against evil ghosts.■[Capture Mode: Capture Ghosts that will fight at your side!] -Slowly turn your phone around and... AHHH! Ghost! - Capture Ghostswandering around you and create your own collection! ■[Combat Mode:Fight against evil ghosts and earn rewards!] - Enjoy a variety offun with Single Mode, 1v1 Duel Mode and Giant Ghost Mode! - Callupon the good ghosts you’ve captured and defeat the evil ghost! -How many rewards you will get after defeating them? 'GETCHAGHOST-The Haunted House' always welcomes feedback from you. Yourprecious reviews will be appreciated!