2.7 / May 26, 2016
(3.2/5) (59)


With every rebirth, you become stronger!RPG-like clicker game,“Summoner's Warrior”Save the world with just a tap!Exhilaratingbattles with simple operations!Infinite battling strategies!Themore you tap, the stronger you become! Exciting tapping game!Defeatthe strongest Satan with Summon, Skill, and Card. “Point”Yourstatus starts over when you are reborn.Go up your status withstrategy!The card function let you operate the game inauto-mode.You may be able to complete the game without doinganything, if you use the cards effectively.Summon monsters, andcomplete the game with ease! “Story”In 1988, magical beings showedup suddenly and bared their teeth to humans. Since then, thebattles between the two had been continuing on for a long time. In2088, the war was drastically changed by the hand of Satanhimself.Satan filled his castle with miasma and built a shield. Asa result, human can’t enter there. Humans keep losing their waytrying to find and invade Satan's castle, so they are forced to goback. In 2092, in order to defeat Satan, they developed “gates”which are used to transfer magical beings, we call this the gate.Human beings have finally begun to fight back.This is the story ofa brave warrior who battles at these gates with repeatedrebirths.“The message from the game developer”I’m Kotehina, anindependent developer. I create game apps on holidays as a hobby.This is an old-fashioned, cool clicker game with 8-bit sounds andpixel art like the Nintendo Family's computer games. I’ll be happyif many people have fun with it.I created it for the first time.Please let me know if there are any problems or concerns by e-mailor in the comments field, if available.

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    Summoner's Warrior
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    May 26, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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