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Professional Wrestling is a form of a sport as well as it is an‘art performance’. The sport being very common in Japan and NorthAmerican Countries, it exhibits a unique style and set ofcharacteristics in each country. Each wrestling match is ostensiblya competition of athletics and strategy. For those just introducingthemselves to this entertaining sport, this application will takethem through the basics of Professional Wrestling. The applicationwill help them in understanding all the slang terms used by in theworld of Professional Wrestling, techniques, sport rules andstrategies.The application will be the best guide and onlinedictionary for the beginners and the sport fans with lot ofin-built features to quickly search the newly added terms andorganize their favorite terms with easy navigation. All the termsare arranged alphabetically with the meaningful and easilyunderstandable description.About App : 1. Favorites - It helps youadd your favorite term in a separate list2. Search- SearchFunctionality helps you search terms easily3. Simple and Easy UserInterface4. FREE Download!!This application offers youeasy-to-understand definitions for the most commonly used terms!Wewould really appreciate if you share your feedback and rate us . Itwon't even take 30 seconds & will go a long way in helping usbuild better apps for you.Any Suggestions or Criticism??? Pleasewrite to us on [email protected] & we will write back to you.Thanks,Team Winjit Privacy Policy -http://www.winjit.com/privacy-policy.html

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थोडा सा किचन में परिश्रम और आपके इंटरनेट कासही उपयोग बस इतना ही चाहिये आपको एक परम स्वादिष्ट रेसिपी बनाने केलिए. Nishamadhulika .com और Winjit Technologies आपके लिए लाये हैभारतीय तथा कुछ अन्य कुइसिन का वह बहेतरीन खज़ाना जिसे आप हमेशा सेपाना चाहते थे! इस विशाल देश के विभिन्न प्रकार के खानो का लुत्फउठाइये मुघलाई से लेकर पंजाबी, दक्षिन भारत से लेकर बिहारी और बंगाली,मुंह में पानी लाने वाले व्यंजन जो आप भूल गए हैं या फिर नये व्यंजनखोजिए !! अपनी रोजमर्रा की ज़िंदगी में कुछ जैम या अचार का स्वादलायें या फिर रोज़ बनने वाले खाने को और ज्यादा मज़ेदार और सेहतमंदबनाइये, त्योहारो को दीजिये एक नया रंग त्योहारो के लिए दी गयी स्पेशलरेसिपीस से या फिर बनाइये जबरदस्त डेजर्ट्सी !! खाना बनाना सिखियेविडियो रेसिपीस के द्वारा ! शेयर कीजिये सोशियल मीडिया पे अपनेदोस्तों और फैमिली से ! बस अब दिल से बनाइये और खिलाइये अपने अपनों को..इस एप की विशेषतायें१) हिन्दी और अंग्रेज़ी दोनों भाषाएं में प्रस्तुत२) अपनी मनपसंद रेसिपीस के विडियो देखिये३) २G / ३G - Wifi सब पे चलने वाला एप४) मुख्य प्रकार की व्यंजन पदथी- बेकिंग- चाट और स्नैक्स- सुप्स / सेलेड्स / एपिटाइज़र्स- चटनी / अचार / जैम- मिठाइया / डेजर्ट्स- त्योहार / व्रत रेसिपीस- सेहतमंद खाना- किचन के लिए टिप्स और ट्रिक्स- पारम्परिक व्यंजन शैलिया जैसे की नॉर्थ इंडियन, साउथ इंडियन,राजस्थानी, गुजराती, सिंधी, मराठी, बिहारी, बंगाली, पंजाबी और अन्यशैलिया- मुघलाई , चाइनीस, और इतालवी व्यंजन- रोज़मर्रा के खाने को पकाने का नया तरीका- अपनी पसंदीदा रेसिपीस को सेव करें- अपनी पसंदीदा रेसिपीस को शेयर करे फेसबुक, ट्विटर, वाट्स एप, औरई-मेल परअगर आपको हमारी रेसिपीस पसंद है तो हमें रेट करना ना भूले और अपनेदोस्तो और फैमिली को हमारे बारे में बताना ना भूलें !! अपने सुझाव औरअपना स्नेह हमारे साथ [email protected] पे लिखेThe stir of a spoon and the instructive beam of your router is allit takes to whip up a gastronomical star quality bite, with ofcourse that squeeze of a micro burst of a lemon shower to top itoff. Nishamadhulika.com in association with Winjit Technologiesbrings to you the secrets and culinary brilliance of India’s bestfood recipes you ever wanted to get access to! Pan the expanse ofthe nation from Mughali to Punjabi, from South Indian to evenBihari and Bengali lip smacking bites you had long forgotten oreven better, discover recipes you didn't even know existed! Open upyour world as you open up bottles of jams and pickles and spicesand curries to cook daily healthy staple recipes to sinfuldelicious festive delicacies and desserts. Let video recipes add awhole new dimension, as cooking becomes a home activity that evenkids can watch and enjoy as you all whip up a scrumptious bitetogether! Share your favorite recipes with family andfriends..after all when you discover something wonderful…it needsto be shared, albeit in your best Chinaware!The App features are:1) Supports both Hindi & English Languages2) Watch Videos of your favourite recipes3) Works on 2G and 3G/Wifi4) Food categories include:• Baking• Chats & Snacks• Soups/Salads/Appetizers• Chutneys/Pickles/Jams• Sweets & Desserts• Festival / Vrat Recipes• Healthy Eating• Tips & Tricks for Kitchen• Regional Recipes from as North Indian, South Indian, Rajasthani,Gujarati, Sindhi, Maharashtrian, Bihari, Bengali, Punjabi and othercuisines• Recipes from Mughlai, Chinese, Italian cuisines• New ways to cook daily staple recipes5) Save your favourite recipes6) Share your favourite recipes on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook orthrough EmailLike us Love us Hate us? ( nah, of course we know you don’t hateus!) If you have enjoyed the recipes and the experience the appbrings to you, kindly spread a good word and rate us positively onthe app. Let the word spread faster then we can spread butter onour morning toast and let the world discover a good biteinstruction guide too! Have some spicy criticism coming our way? Wecan sure ‘stomach’ that too.Write in to us at [email protected]
The Assam Tribune APK
The Assam Tribune is an English daily newspaper published fromGuwahati and Dibrugarh, Assam. It is the highest circulated Englishdaily in North-East India.First published from Guwahati, it is nowpublished simultaneously from Guwahati and Dibrugarh. The newspaperis perhaps the best in the North-Eastern RegionThis App from Assamtribune targets to reach its Tech Savvy Users who can now enjoy thesame content on their mobile phones and tablets. Now get the dailydose of news just on a single tap and keep yourself updated withall the happening news across world and India. Privacy Policy -http://www.winjit.com/privacy-policy.html
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Hanuman Chalisa - the word of Bajrang Bali, his aura, his bahubal(power). The sound of the Hanuman Chalisa mesmerizes and empowersthe devotee. Reading or listening to the Chaupais make you a betterhuman being, purifies your thought and makes decision makingeasy.This Hanuman Chalisa app is made for the ultimate HanumanBhakt. Feel the aura of Hanuman with the amazing audio and read theHanuman Chalisa in 11 differentlanguages.1.English2.Hindi3.Gujarati4.Tamil5.Telugu6.Kannada7.Malayalam8.Bengali9.Punjabi10.Marathi11.SanskritAlsowake up to the sound of Hanuman Chalisa by setting it as youralarm.The app also allows you to write 'Ram' and donate the jaapsas a great gesture and obeisance to Lord Hanuman.So make HanumanChalisa a part of your lives like a million other bhakts.Bolo JaiBajrang Bali and hit download now. We would love for you to rate uspositively on the App store please. It won't even take 30 seconds& will go a long way in helping us build better apps foryou.Criticism??? Please write to us on [email protected] & wewill write back to you. We can't have you unhappy, canwe?Thanks,Team Winjit Privacy Policy -http://www.winjit.com/privacy-policy.html
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Deshdoot is Maharashtra's leading local daily that captures thepulse of local news from the state. Get Breaking News alerts onyour phone & stay in touch with the happenings in your city.This app gives you all the important news in Marathi & Englishso you never miss out on any local happenings. If you are fromMaharashtra, living there or abroad, Deshdoot is a must have. Getit now!We would love for you to rate us positively on the App storeplease. It won't even take 30 seconds & will go a long way inhelping us build better apps for you.Criticism??? Please write tous on [email protected] & we will write back to you. We can'thave you unhappy, can we?Thanks,Team WinjitPrivacy Policy -http://www.winjit.com/privacy-policy.html
Uvasaggaharam Stotra APK
Uvasaggaharam Stotra is to pay respect to 23rd Tirthankar BhagwanParshvanath and seek his help in making all Upsargs vanish (Infact, the literal meaning of Uvasaggaharam is removal (har) ofupsurges).This Stotra was composed about 2,100 years ago by ShreeBhadrabahu Swami, a very powerful Jain monk.Another powerful Jainmonk was Varahmihir, could not bear to see his brother getting theAcharya position and getting more respect. Varahmihir became angrywith Jains and the Jain religion on the whole.It is said thatVarahmihir after his death became a ‘Vyantar dev’ and startedgiving Upsarg (pain) to the Jains on earth. His actions born mainlyout of jealousy and anger towards his brother Bhadrabahu Swami,brought a lot of ruin to Jains.At such a difficult time the peopleapproached Bhadrabahu Swami for help. Moved by their plight,Bhadrabahu Swami wrote "Uvasaggaharam.” This Stotra evokeddemi-gods and they had to come to earth every time somebody read itwith full concentration. This application is created from theperspective of providing the user the convenience of reciting theUvasaggaharam Stotra while on the move. We would love for you torate us positively on the App store please. It won't even take 30seconds & will go a long way in helping us build better appsfor you.Criticism??? Please write to us on [email protected] & wewill write back to you. We can't have you unhappy, canwe?Thanks,Team Winjit Privacy Policy -http://www.winjit.com/privacy-policy.html
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'RAMAYANI' is a soulful music album where all main events of theancient Hindu epic 'The Ramayana' are beautifully depicted inpoetic manner by Shri Anup Jalota & Anuradha Paudwal. DownloadNow!This latest version we have made following changes1. ImprovedUser Interface2. Easy to use with simple navigation3. Now you candownload as well as share 4. Best part its Completely FREE!We wouldreally appreciate if you share your feedback and rate us . It won'teven take 30 seconds & will go a long way in helping us buildbetter apps for you.Any Suggestions or Criticism??? Please write tous on [email protected] & we will write back to you. Thanks,TeamWinjitPrivacy Policy - http://www.winjit.com/privacy-policy.html
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Miss your home temple where you could perform Pooja and spend twoquick minutes in silent prayer every day? This app lets you do justthat. Download and install your own, private, customizable, mobiletemple. Perform your complete prayer ritual along with bhajans andaartis from wherever you are. It simple and easy: - Choose thedeity you want to worship- Choose a temple design from options ofwooden, gold, silver etc.- Offer flowers, incense and prasad- Playbhajans aand aartis As the app features various deities, you canpray to the various forms of the Almighty based on the day of theweek. Because faith binds the pious, we are sure that many like uswill rejoice with this app.