1 / April 12, 2016
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Super Armada! Ayo MenjadiPenguasaLautan!
Game Strategi Kapal Perang yang belum pernah adaSebelumnya.Didukung dengan Fitur-fitur Terbaik dan tampilan 3D yangkeren!Bersiaplah menjelajahi dan Bertempur di Samudra ini

Efek Spesial Game:
1. Grafik
Didukung dengan grafik tercanggih, puluhan para ahli yangtelahriset bertahun-tahun untuk menciptakan tampilan dan efekyangsempurna, siap memanjakan mata kalian semua!

2. Tunjukkan Kecerdasan Dan Strategi-mu
Sudah bukan zamannya Pay For Win, main pakai uang belum tentuhebatlho, karena disini membutuhkan strategi yang sangat rumit,butuhkomando yang cerdas dan cepat,. Ciptakan strategi terkuatuntukmenjadi Penguasa Samudra;

3. Sistem PVP & PVE Terbaru
Lupakan game strategi yang lainnya, Rasakan teknologi perangPVPyang terbaru, tak peduli perang 1 Vs 1, ataupun perangrampokberamai-ramai dengan klan, yang dibutuhkan bukan hanyastrategi,tetapi kerjasama tim adalah kekuatan yang palingmutlak;

4. Equip Tercanggih, SistemModifikasiAksesoris
Tunjukkan Strategi kamu disini, banyak peralatan danaksesoriscanggih yang siap mendukung kamu untuk mengalahkan musuhdanperompak jahat di lautan luas, ciptakan kombinasi yang unikdancapai kekuasan Tertinggi.
Tunggu apalagi, buktikan keberanian dan kecerdasan kamu diSuperArmada, Rasakan dorongan adrenalin paling dashyat!

[Hubungi Kami]
Jika anda menyukai game ini, atau menemukan masalah dansaran,jangan sungkan menghubungi kami dan berikan rating yah!
Fb fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/IDSuperArmada

Super Fleet!ComeBecome Ruler of the Ocean!
Warship Strategy Game that has never existed Previous. Backed bytheBest Features and 3D are cool! Be prepared to explore andFought inthis ocean

Special Effects Game:
1. Graph
Powered by the most advanced graphics, dozens of experts whohaveyears of research to create the perfect look and effects, readytospoil the eyes of all of you!

2. Indicate Intelligence and Strategy-mu
Is not the time Pay For Win, the main use of money isnotnecessarily great, you know, because here requires averycomplicated strategy, took command of the smart and quick ,.Createa powerful strategy to become Ruler oftheOcean;

3. The system of PVP and PVE Recent
Forget other strategy games, Feel latest technology PVP war,nomatter the war 1 Vs 1, or the robber war abuzz with the clan,whichrequired not only strategic, but teamwork is the mostabsolutepower;

4. Equip most sophisticated, ModificationSystemAccessories
Strategies show you here, lots of equipment andsophisticatedaccessories are ready to support you to defeat enemiesand evilpirates in the vast ocean, create a unique combination ofpower andachieve Top.
Waiting for, prove courage and gumption in Super Fleet, themostnotorious Feel the adrenaline rush!

[Contact Us]
If you like this game, or find the problem and suggestions, donothesitate to contact us and give ratings yah!
Fb fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/IDSuperArmada

App Information Super Armada

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    Super Armada
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    April 12, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Email efunsea@gmail.com
    Address:Flat/Rm.1 3/F ASSUN PACIFIC CENTRE NO.41 TSUN YIP STREET KWUN TONG KL Hong Kong Email:hkefun@gmail.com
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Bomb Me 2.0.3 APK
★New version and new sever are coming. Comewith us!!!★★There's no doubt that playing such a nice game on summer holidayis very fantastic!★★Come and join Ranking match for iPhone5!!!★Who's ready to pass through the Fairy tale trail (witch, princess,King, Frog prince and Snow White… )?Have you ever wanted to play DDTank on your smart phone? Join us inBomb Me!Girls love this game. Show off your shooting skills and make girlsgo crazy!New version coming! Why not join us to have fun and enjoy some coolstuff at a great discount for one crazy day?What people are saying:It is an amazing game; It is the best shooting game that I haveever played. I love it! I got very nice, addictive and thrillingexperience.It is no doubt a very good time pass. One of the best game and oneof my favorite time pass. RF.I love this game!!! It's amazing!!!Bomb Me and my phone are like peas and carrots. They're delicioustogether.Features:★Amazing-looking and special attack with terrific graphic andeffect.★Over 1000 types of sweet weapons.★Play and date with beauties and get married.★Easy and fun to play and the graphic is very amazing.★Recommended by over 100 casual game sites.HOW TO PLAY:1. Tap on the screen and drag to aim your shoot, and release toshoot.2. Tap right-bottom button to set the power and release toshoot.3. Gear yourself up in the shop.Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latestnews:http://www.facebook.com/vsplaybmhttps://twitter.com/BombmeMeFor business cooperation, please feel free to contact us bybusiness@efun.com
Hero Dream 3.2.0 APK
PLAY FOR FREE! NO.1 HOT & HIT GAME! Beready to join the fantasy world in Hero Dream! There are gorgeousscenes and various special effects of the battle! Card collection,fantastic hero evolve ways, competition or cooperation withmassively multiplayer, all this factors make the game easy tolearn, but difficult to master! More fun, more surprise! Couldn’twait any more? Let’s explore this mysterious land now!Players' Comments:★ "What an easy to play but not easy to reject game!"★ "Hero Dream is so interesting and lots of unknown things. It’salso made me "I never feel lonely in Hero Dream. Tens of thousandsof players are online at the same time!"THE NEW VERSION FEATURES:★New function: "Combo Skill". Combo heroes will activate comboskill during the battle. More than100 different Combo Skill!★New function: "Cross Server Guild Mine". Conquer the Crystal Minein Demon Battleground to collect Guild Resource.★New function: "Destiny Shop". No more Destiny Spin and just buywhat you want in Destiny Shop!★ New Function: “Jewelry Combination”. Jewelry can be upgraded toSuper Jewelry Card★New System: "Goal System". 7 Days Goals! Complete all the goalsand get a powerful 5-Star Hero.★New Heroes with awesome skill!★ Optimize functions. Unlock 2 Warehouse Slot each Level.FEATURES★ More than 140 heroes★ Rich and engrossing story line★ Interactive communication★ PLAY FOR FREE, vast rewards to claim★ Highly strategic collocation of the heroes.★ Dynamic skeletal animation system makes the battle more vivid andrealNone of any games would be able to challenge this game! As astrategic card game, Hero Dream is full of surprises andchallenges!Not everything is about power, Hero Dream requires quick wit andcareful planning. What you accomplish will only be limited by yourdesire and determination! Come and show your wisdom and courage.You are the super hero in the Hero Dream!Already a fan of Hero Dream? Like us on Facebook for the latestnews: https://www.facebook.com/vsplayhdFor business cooperation, please feel free to contact us bybusiness@efun.com
Legendary-5v5 MOBA game 1.0.60 APK
1. New main interface2. Add Player Clan system3. Open Ladder4. More new heroes and skins5.Optimizing other functionsThe best MOBA game in 2017. One minute to become legendary!“First Blood, GANK, Penta Kill, ACE… …”Yes! Legendary is the most popular MOBA game in 2016. Play 5v5battles with the global players. Just one minute, you can becomethe legendary in the game. Do not hesitate to show off yourstrategies and manipulation! GANG UP!! Gather your friends to playtogether! Over 100 heroes’ skins are waiting for you to select. TheGroup Battle is on! What are you waiting for? Come and get theFirst Blood![Game Feature]-5v5 battles10 Man Battles, 5v5 real-time battles against millions of otherplayers! Strategically defeat your enemies on all new interactivemaps!-One minute to become legendary.It’s so easy to play and will not take you a lot of time. You canbe the legendary within one minute. Eight minutes, you can finishthe game.-GANG UP. Fight with your friends.You can gather your friends in a team to fight against otherplayers. Where are your bros? Bring them in!-Over 100 heroes’ skins are waiting for you to select.Mechs, Ancient defenders, Legend heroes… … There are so manygorgeous heroes’ skins are waiting for you-Not just PVP, but also PVE.There are also many combat modes for you to fight. It will never beboring![Contact Us]Offical Website:legendary.efunen.comOffical Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/EfunLegendary/Customer Service:customer_service04@efun.comGM Wechat ID:efunyxry
Ancient Fear 1.9.2 APK
The peak of RPG in 2015 comes to you!With fantastic 3D frames, Ancient Greek mythology will be shown inyour eyes. You will be totally shocked by the new magic world whichis with carefree operation system and amazing battle.〓〓〓One finger to control perfectly 〓〓〓Slide to dodge easilyMove with releasing skills〓〓〓Guardian Fights With You〓〓〓To be Athena, Zeus or Goddess of the Dawn? It’s your choice.Diverse guardians and buff as you like.〓〓〓The normal equipment can be the most powerful〓〓〓The instance gives your equipment and make it stronger.You can obtain additional attribution after collecting set.〓〓〓Group Battle, Exclusive Instance, PVP〓〓〓One on One battle, group of monsters can be beat down easily.Exclusive instance of team and alliance, gather your friends andFight.PVP qualifier, Guardian will fight together.〓〓〓Fashion And Skill As You Like〓〓〓Diverse skills and serial attack as you want.Special fashion system to create exclusive constellation set※※※Warriors! Set foot on the journey to save the world with yourcomrades!※※※Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/efunaf
Fairy Legends 1.10.05 APK
◆◇Top the Korean Mobile Game Rank List◇◆Classical love ARPG, 2015 Grand English Version is officiallyreleased!Features:◆Particular Bidirectional Skill Tree System—Four professions andeight sides of growth◆Hundreds of realistic magic scene: From glacier to volcano,fantastic scene with super strong sense of immersion leads you toexperience extreme magic.◆Heart-shaking stereo: Different scene matches with different styleBGM. Put on your headset, or miss the surround melody.◆All kinds of Map with powerful Boss: Volume Maps + Legendary Boss.Extreme PVE to challenge your own limit◆Multiplayer In-Progress Battle: 100VS100 without any pressure!Multiplayer In-Progress Battle. Never stop fighting!◆Amazing Tower Defense Fight: Monsters come wave after wave.Survive for 100 waves and you will be the real man!◆Fresh across Server PK: Invincibility in your server already?Fight cross server with other stronger to become the finalKing!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------【Profession introduction 】▼Knight Weapons: sword Defense system: with the highest HP and defense capability Fury series: strong attack output, become invincible equipped withcrit▼Ranger: Weapon: fist Defend series: control the field in a short-distance war, providethe powerful BUFF help. Assassination series: broke out in a short-distance war, has theoutstanding personal abilities.▼Master Weapons: sickle Elemental series: Remote outbreak, groups Terminator Evil series: use voodoo curse to torture the enemy to death▼God messenger Weapons: short stick Divine series: a center providing cure and supply for a team Arcane series: emphasis on destruction, can control the fieldremotely-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Large-scale magic MMORPG mobile game, sweeping around Asia, hasthe most beautiful scene and super cool PK system! HD Particle FlowTechnology presents the wonderful frames to challenge your visuallimit. Colorful Mount, Novel Map, Fierce Battle Fight and ArdentTeam War are waiting for you! Particular Bidirectional Skill TreeSystem, Four Professions, Eight Sides of Growth, Different Activeand Passive Skill Formation help you to forge your own king! Stopthinking! Action right now!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/413574668818709Customer Service E-mail: customer_service03@efun.comIf having any business cooperation purpose, please feel free tocontact us via: business@efun.com
大侠总动员 APK
★★2014业界最期待手游大作——真动作武侠卡牌《大侠总动员》震撼出击!★★★★登陆即送超多丰富好礼!更有全新iPhone 6Plus等你来拿!★★真武侠卡牌降临,伪武侠退散!还在无脑卡牌对撞,看数值战斗?Out了!马上加入真功夫世界!手动释放武功,掌控出招时机,轻功闪避,借力打力,完美呈现你的宗师级武学境界!武林群侠完美收录,最强侠客阵容由你打造!在这里,没有最废的大侠,只有最强的掌门!立即下载,再现心底最真实武侠世界!● 数十家权威媒体鼎力推荐,资深团队巨资打造创新武侠卡牌!● 打断,控制,反杀!手控大招告别无脑卡牌!真实还原武功精髓!● 武林群侠最全集结,你想到的武侠人物都在这里!穿越混战一“触”即发!● 专业配音团队倾情制作,精致音效,全方位改写你的游戏体验!● 最丰富炫丽招式特效,真实呈现一招一式,拒绝千篇一律战斗特效!业界年底收官大作,《大侠总动员》开创武侠动作卡牌新时代,真功夫就在这里!不服来战,手下见真章!更多精彩玩法,请关注官方网站:http://kungfuclub.efunen.com官方FaceBook入口:https://www.facebook.com/EfunDXZDY客服邮箱:DXZDYCS@efun.com--------------------------------------------------------------------海量玩法震撼开启:✸ 经典关口谁能突破:传说黑木崖、幽幽古墓、神秘百花谷,所有邪教人物坐镇守关!✸ 新颖任务战斗提升:战斗经验值+装备绑定突破设置,多方助你提升队伍战力!✸ 战斗系统自排法阵:除自动战斗,玩家可以自排侠士法阵,手动战斗,更有临场感!✸ 勇闯普通/精英副本:众多大侠齐聚,故事将如何展开?快来一探究竟!✸ 血战武林:即时匹配,残酷车轮战,谁能战到最后!✸ 探索古墓:海量宝藏等你掠夺!★★2014 hand travel industry's most anticipated masterpiece - realaction martial arts card "heroes Story" shock attack! ★★★★ login Jisong over many rich Gifts! The newiPhone 6Plus more waiting for you to come and collect!★★Cards come true martialarts, martial arts pseudo Tuisan! Still no brain card of thecollision, see the numerical fight? Out it! Join now Kungfu world!Manual release martial arts, moves to control the timing, dodgedodge, leveraging the power, perfect presentation of your realm ofmartial arts master class! Martial arts Heroes perfect collectionof the strongest line-up to you to create a knight! Here,most waste no heroes, only the strongest ofthe head!Download now reproduce the heart of the most real world of martialarts! ● dozens of authoritative media fullrecommendation, senior team heavily to build innovative martialarts card!● interrupted, control, anti-kill! Hand control big move for nobrain card! True to the essence of martial arts!● Martial arts Heroes of the whole assembly, you think of martialarts people are here! Through the melee a "touch" that ismade!● professional dubbing team portrait production, refined sound,comprehensive rewrite your gaming experience!● richest dazzling moves effects, real show one by one, refusestereotyped battleeffects!industry end endingmasterpiece, "heroes Story" to create a new era of martial artsaction cards, real skill here! dissatisfied to war, menpinpointing!More exciting games are played, please pay attention to theofficial website: http: //kungfuclub.efunen.comOfficial FaceBook entry: https: //www.facebook.com/EfunDXZDYCustomer Service Email: DXZDYCS@efun.com--------------------------------------------------------------------Massive play shocked to open:✸ Who classic mark a breakthrough : the legendary black woodCliff, faint tombs, mysterious Baihua Gu, a cult figure all sit offguard!✸ new task fighting enhance : combat experience breakthrough setvalue + binding equipment, multi-team help you enhance combatcapability!✸ fighting system since the row circle : In addition toautomatically combat, players can customize row paladin circle,hand fighting, more immersive!✸ Rebel General / elite copy : many heroes gathered, how the storywill unfold? Come and find out!✸ bloody martial arts : Instant Match, wheel brutal war, who fightto the last!✸ Exploration tomb : Massive plundering treasure waiting foryou!
仙域争霸 2.1.2 APK
>> 仙魔大战 一触即发不是你死就是我亡!!<<****************************************************************************************开混沌,仙魔出,魔潜伏人间;上蜀山,伊人见,回眸一线天。战妖王,天书现,大战玄冥界,比武场,往事间,血洒纷纭前。吾等无所畏惧,吾等踩着弱者的鲜血,吾等终将踏上仙魔的王座。*****************************************************************************************===游戏背景===光明之后必有暗流涌动。接连两次惨遭大败的魔教中人暗中蛰伏,等待时机一雪前耻。二十年前,在新一代魔尊“血神老人”的带领下,魔教狂妄地对正道宣战,开始了浩浩荡荡的正魔第二次斗剑。魔教一败涂地。魔尊欲复原元灵却终被封印。某日。伴随着巨大的爆炸声,一股带着强烈魔气的黑烟飞快往峨眉飞来峰方向飞来。于此同时,一个懵懂平凡的峨眉弟子正在这里练剑。一切的传奇,就在这里开始……===游戏特色===★手机PK,就是这么爽。(注意:游戏太刺激,心脏承受能力弱者勿入!)告别不过瘾的次数限定,在万人大世界,随心所欲地PK厮杀!这是一个发泄压力、释放愤怒的超级大战场,快来挑战吧!谁能踩着弱者们的灵魂与身体踏上王者之路,谁能尊享无上的荣耀!★精致场景,尽享精美画面。惊艳绚烂的战斗技能特效,极致爽快连击的畅快打击感,史诗级的剧情,力与美的完美结合!★摇一摇,女神到。大话筛、对对碰、摇一摇,摇出御姐,萌妹子、一起来双修。让你一键交友,轻松无忧!★仙魔对战,超热血PVP。风云再起,战场厮杀,仙魔对决不死不休!自由掌控,随心所欲,何惧万人厮杀,在这里,你就是王!!★萌宠炫骑人人有最萌宠物、酷炫坐骑,你的伙伴由你决定!实力魅力双丰收,从此王者不寂寞!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/efunxyzb客服邮箱:Efunxjcy@gmail.com如有商务合作意向,欢迎邮件联系我们:business@efun.com>> fairy magicimminent war is not your death is my death! ! <<< /B>****************************************************************************************Open chaos, out of fairy magic, magic hidden world;Shushan, Iraqis see, Review Yixiantian.Battle the demon king, bible now, war Xuanming community,Tourney field, between the past, die in diverse ago.Wudeng fearless, Wudeng stepping weak blood, Wu Deng eventuallyembark magic fairy throne.*****************************************************************************************=== game background ===After the light must be simmering. Evil human brutally defeated twosuccessive secretly dormant, waiting for the opportunity beforeshameful.Twenty years ago, in the new generation of Mozun "Blood God oldman", led by Evil arrogantly declared war on the right way to starta second mighty magic sword fight now.Evil failure. To recover Mozun spiritual element but eventuallyseal.One day.Accompanied by huge explosions, with a strong surge of magic gassmoke coming fast towards Emei klippen direction.Meanwhile, an ignorant mundane Emei disciples are hereswordsmanship.Everything legend, it started here ......=== Game Features ===★ phone PK, is so cool.(Note: The game is too exciting, the weak capacity of the heart donot enter!)Limited number of farewell is not fun at people big world, want toPK fight!This is a vent pressure, releasing anger super big battle, come tochallenge it!Who's the weak stepping foot on the soul and body of the king ofthe road, who can enjoy the supreme glory!★ exquisite scene, enjoy the beautifulpictures.Amazing fighting skills gorgeous special effects, fun combat fluultimate refreshing batter, epic story, the perfect combination ofstrength and beauty!★ Shake, to the goddess.Westward screen, right right touch, shake, shake out the royalsister, Meng sister, together alike.Let your friends a key, hassle-free!★ fairy magic battle, super blood PVP.Revival, battlefield fighting, fairy magic duel dieendlessly!Gain control, arbitrary, why fear people fight here, you're theking! !★ Meng Chong Hyun riding Everyone hasThe most adorable pet, cool horse, your partner is up to you!Strength charm double harvest, since the king is not lonely!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/efunxyzbCustomer Service Email: Efunxjcy@gmail.comIf business cooperation intention, welcome to email us:business@efun.com
Perang Hunter 1.1 APK
Game Indonesia pertama yang memungkinkan Andamelakukan perang klan secara bersamaan dengan Teman anda! Denganpetualangan yang penuh dengan Kejutan, anda akan dibawa pada duniayang penuh fantasi! Dan jadilah Hunter Terkuat untuk melepaskanDunia Dari Kerajaan Dosa dan selamatkan dunia!!Fitur permainan:# Sistem sosial yang lebih lengkap* Bebas mengganti Job karakter# Bebas melakukan transaksi dalam game* Perang klan secara bersama dengan teman# Kostumisasi KarakterInformasi Fitur permainanKalian bisa melakukan pertemanan, karena Game ini dibekali denganChat window yang memiliki fitur rekam suaraBersiaplah menjadi Raja Hunter dari semua server yang ada, lewatpertempuran 3 lawan 3 dengan para hunter yang lainPara Hunter dapat melakukan pergantian job karakter sebagaiPendekar Pedang, Master tinju sihir, slayer, dan Master senjata.dan semua mempunyai banyak cara untuk memperkuat karakter yang andainginkan.Hunter anda dapat menjadi berbeda lain Dari yang lain dengan adanyafitur kostumisasi yang sangat kaya, dengan adanya jubah, hewantunggangan, senjata yang keren, serta sayap HunterSetiap karakter memiliki efek pertempuran yang berbeda dan akanmembuat anda pertempuran semakin berada dalam dunia pertempuran.Anda akan merasakan Slogan Game Pertempuran terseru di IndonesiaBukanlah sekedar nama. ---------Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/peranghunter/Situs Resmi:http://peranghunter.id.efunsea.com/Email Resmi: peranghunter@gmail.comIndonesia first game thatlets you perform a clan war simultaneously with your friends! Withadventure full of surprise, you will be taken on a world full offantasy! And be Hunter Strongest to release World Of Sin kingdomand save the world !!Features of the game:# The social system is more complete* Non replace character Job# Free transact in game* War clan together with friends# Character CustomizationInformation Feature gameYou can make friends, because this game is equipped with a Chatwindow that has a voice recording featureBe prepared to be King Hunter of all existing servers, battlethrough three opponents 3 with the other hunterThe Hunter can do the job change of character as the Swordsmen,Master boxing magic, slayer, and Master weapons. and all have lotsof ways to strengthen the character you want.Hunter else you can be different from the others, with the veryrich customization features, with their robes, riding animals, coolweapons, as well as wing HunterEach character has a different battle effects and will make youfight more firmly in the world of battle. You will feel the sloganWargaming terseru in Indonesia is not just a name.---------Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/peranghunter/Official Website :http://peranghunter.id.efunsea.com/Official Email :peranghunter@gmail.com