1.3 / October 3, 2016
(4.8/5) (4)


Super Birds Adventure is an adventure game andit’s free! Run and jump your way across the different level andcollecting coins, but avoid the monster! Travel the furthest to seta new high score! Collect coins along the way to upgrade yourPlayer. This is a brand new game and has just arrived on Androidand Google Play! You'll love this runner-style game play andawesome graphics. Please email us to give feedback so we can keepimproving our free games. Thanks for playing
You will find yourself playing over and over again. The last levelis definitely a hard one. On his road, you are the first persongaming experience emotional and exciting. You will enjoy adventuresfull of danger. The game has a lot of traps, monsters, andunexpected situations through each level that we have built.
In heat jungle, player must pass so many threats to run to targetworld. The player can jump, run and can use weapon to kill monsterbut weapon is hidden in somewhere on the jungle to kill all enemieson the way. This is the best action adventure game.

Join the entire Adventure crew for their latest adventure andplay. Game features:

• Adventure through levels across many gorgeous hand-drawnlocations.
• Extremely challenging but rewarding puzzles on every level.
• Harness the power of the special birds.
• Free updates with new levels, new birds, obstacles, power-upboosts and challenges.
• Easy to learn, challenging to master.
• Well-designed free levels - each with unique challenges and funpuzzles.
• Easy to learn - hard to master! Can you score 3 stars on everylevel?
• Score Big Bonuses - drop large bunches of bubbles to score sweetbonuses.
• Unlock powerful boosts to help with challenging levels.
• Fresh and beautiful style, bright and vibrant graphics &effects.
• Simple controls! Lots of fun.
• Retro style run and jump platform game.
• Support phone and table.

Play the best adventure game from the makers of the super hitapps, "Horse Racing Pro" and "Run and jump 2D"! You’ll be addictedto Super Birds Adventure from the first hit!

App Information Super Birds Adventure

  • App Name
    Super Birds Adventure
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    October 3, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    10 - 50
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
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Run And Jump 2D, the hit sequel to the wildlypopular Jump game, includes all the same ninja climbing fun inentirely new, heart-pounding settings with all new enemies andpower-ups. Run And Jump 2D is now 100% more deluxe! Jump your waypast sea monsters, witch doctors, snakes, monkeys, fire-breathingdragons and enemy obstacles. Collect shields and amazing newpower-ups along the way. Hit three matching obstacles in a row fora bonus power-up boost. How far can you get? Stay alive!With over 100 million downloads, Run and Jump 2D is one of the mostpopular mobile games of all time. Accept no substitutes! Feel Parkour now! Dash as fast as you can. - From the makers of Run and Jump2D. More than 6 million addicted players can't be wrong!Quickly jump over and roll through obstacles, as fast and as far asyou can. Try to beat other player’s high score on up to 10different tracks. But brains aren’t the only thing you can eat asthe Run and Jump 2D gets into full swing. Devour the bonuses andpower-ups to activate the Giant obstacle with multiple lasersshooting out of its many eyeballs, sneak around the cities as anetherworld Ninja.Run And Jump 2D is a fun-packed thrill-ride of destruction,excitement and tasty brains! Who can gather the biggest collectionof charging obstacle? Can you survive the gaping chasms, powerfulbombs and streets filled with tanks with at least one flesh-eaterstill on its feet? Join the Run And Jump 2D and find out!How high can you jump?Journey up a sheet of graph paper, perpetually jumping from oneplatform to the next, picking up jet packs, avoiding black holes,and blasting baddies with nose balls along the way. Laugh withdelight as you blow past other players' actual score markersscribbled in the margins. And be warned: this game is insanelyaddictive!Red Alert! Evil minion’s obstacle wants to squeeze the planet intoa square shape. Who's got the balls to save the world? Oh yeah,that's right! Run and Jump 2D to the rescue! Roll, jump and bouncethrough 60 exciting levels full of adventure. Make your way throughtricky traps and defeat all monsters. Let’s challenge how far youcan go with Run and Jump 2D! Enjoy swinging action with simpleONE-TAP control! Aim the top in Rank Ratings, as well as Leaderboards.Features:- Many fantastical worlds to play in - Space, Jungle, Snow, FrozenIce. - Trippy obstacles to avoid.- Mad platforms to jump on (Broken, moving, disappearing, shifting,EXPLODING…)- Global leader boards, fun achievements! Beat your friends’scores!Run and jump on the high-rise buildings! Dodge the obstacles andperform missions.Collect and upgrade bonuses. You sit peacefully at the bar eatingsoup - when suddenly you see serial killer known from newspaper.It's not a good sign, so RUN FAST, RUN!Run And Jump 2D is brought to you by KanttGames. Run at theindustrial area in dusk! Let's take stick man far who isrunning.How to play -* Jump from building to building by tapping the screen.* If failed to jump to building, stick man will fall down.Press JUMP to jump forward- In midst of jumping, you can jump again (Double-Jump)- You can hang onto Balloon Tree and edges of floatinggrounds- Game is over if you hit the birds or fall- You can continue game at every 50 m using Gold* You will be able to use "continue" if do something...How far you can go by running on buildings!?
Car Racing in Dinos 1.0.7 APK
Car Racing In Dinos 3D is the best and unique car simulation game.Game with all desired features. The ultimate drive of racing game2020 and it is the best game of 2019 round game of 2020 all youhave to do is to go round and round. The ultimate drive of carracing in dinos. Burn rubber on a full lineup of 4 real tracks inmultiple configurations from top worldwide locations, A game forfans of extreme arcade racing, with real dream cars and phenomenalgraphics that will also please racing simulation enthusiasts. Carracing in dinos combines stunning, high fidelity graphics withaddictive game play that will have you swerving through oncomingtraffic, collecting power-ups, and knocking other racers off theroad. With astonishing physics, eye-popping tracks, and awesomecars, Fast Racing creates a new type of racing experience forAndroid users. The landscapes have been designed so the user couldexperience different environments and real driving chills.Landscapes include Desert, Hills, Beach, Cliffs, Jungles, Lakes andquite a lot of other too. There are two camera views in the game.Back follow cam and interior camera view. Both are equally awesome.Interior cam will surely give you goose bump on the dangerousturns. This car simulation game is one of its kind and we havetried to mimic the exact real bus driving experience for the usersthrough quite a research. Car racing in dinos is one of its kindSimulation game with different vehicles to choose from anddifferent game modes to Vehicles include: Police car Mini Car Pickup Off Road Ambulance Bulldozer Fire Truck Truck Car HelicopterTank etc There are two types of controls in the game. Select theone which suits you the most. Controls are mentioned below TiltControl: Control the extreme toy car with the tilt of your deviceButton Control: Control the extreme toy car using buttons on thescreen. Do you want to go fast and have no limits? Now you can,drive from a garage full of powerful cars on the most extremestunts in the world! Drive, boost, drift, roll, jump, and crashyour Dino car in our all new extreme jungle driver's paradise! GAMEFEATURES - Dynamic camera angles, witness your amazing stunts frommultiple views! - The best car driving physics - TWO huge openworld city environments, stunt city and drift city, more to comesoon! - Interact with real world objects and surfaces, crashthrough billboards! - Realistic vehicle damage, every hit andscrape shown with each collision - Authentic car lights and sounds- Huge selection of high quality police vehicles, all modeled offreal sports cars! - Easy to use driving controls both touch andtilt controls! We hope that you enjoy car racing in dino beautifulgame. Waiting for your reviews, feedback and analysis for us toprovide you with better game in the future and this endless moderesembles the all time favorite which is a Car Racing in Dinosaurgame.
Jet Mouse 2D 1.0.4 APK
Jet Mouse 2D is a blast on to your Android device in 2020. Simpleone touch game play! Complete objectives whilst earning coins tobuy some of the awesome jet packs and powers. Spend coins in thestore to grab power ups or upgrades to provide more oxygen andhealth, or a shiny new jet pack. Join our little cute Mouse; takethe jet to catch coins. He has mastered the engineering of the jetpbut still is having trouble getting it to fly - help her along theway and miss out the obstacles (some move!!!). Do you prefer gameswith stick backgrounds but still like the nonstop action andawesome heart-pounding thrills of more intense games? Check out JetMouse 2D, one of the coolest new family games from where you canfly with the craziest characters ever seen in a game, fly with themouse! Hunt and fight and win an extra exp bonus and a chance tocollect the solider drop. Use the items you collect to Upgrade yourgear and buy new Jets and Characters. Choose from variety ofHelmets, Overall Vest, Boots, and Jet for your tiny mouse. As youplay and grow in gear and levels you will get more State Pointsthat you will use carefully to strengthen your Character, adddefense Accuracy to increase your Speed. You get the more coins youcan earn and the better Avatar you will have, compete with skilledCharacters on your place in the top scores charts and become thebest tiny puppet with the largest kill strike - double kill, multikill, ultra kill, unstoppable! Why be a bird, when you can be aflying Mouse? Make your way across the map as you gather cheese toeat. Make sure to avoid incoming cats that will be ready destroyingyou once collided! The dream is each of us everyone. Even thelittle mouse - dreams of becoming an astronaut and go to the moon.Our hero wears a jetpack and off to meet adventure. On his way, ourflying mouse meets a wide variety of enemies, pass the differentlevels. Along the way the mouse to collect the stars, collect coinsto buy weapons and upgrade your stuff. All enemies are insidiousand dangerous, everyone owns distinctive skills. All the littleanimals differ from each other, they are the real monsters. Fun andcrazy times as Jet Mouse 2D fly through strange colorful balls. Oh,and watch out for those stinging yellow jacket bees! It’s enough tomake anyone crazy. This is crazy fun! Use your skills to help theMouse collect gold and silver coins to unlock new characters, evenone in an airplane! After lift-off, simply touch the screen toascend and release to descend. he want to start an excitingadventure, would you join him? Keen reflexes are your best weaponto avoid the obstacles in your path. ** How to Play ** Tap thedevice screen to make Mouse use her jet Features of Jet Mouse 2D: -Beautiful cartoon & hand drawn like graphics - Fun physicsbased game play (swing a mouse along jet to get forward) - Makeyour run through various landscapes (temple ruins, waterfalls andjungles) •Unlimited Levels of play •Best Mouse in the world with ajet •Mind blowing graphics •Slow to fast speeds as you level! -Unlock special powers such as a jetpack, chili speed boost andeagle ride - Cloth your mouse differently (gas mask) - Differentkinds of ropes (vines, snakes, burning ropes etc.)
Easy Namaaz 1.1 APK
Assalatu ImaduddinEasy namaaz (Nemaz,Nemaaz) (Namaaz Sunt e Nabvi ke Roshni main) isa basic and very useful Android Application for kids and adults tounderstand how to offer prayers.This is a complete guide of Namaz and its also has 40 Asaan MasnoonDua's which is essential for kids and adultsto learn and read every day. This book show the Asaan Tareqa ofNamaaz (Nemaz,Nemaaz).This book Targets Muslim society. This book also help Haji or hajisduring HajjThis book will teach you diyanet. This book also help you to finecorrect or right salah times.App has these functionalities:1)HD format images2)Full listing.3)Easy navigation of Duas and Namaz4)Easy User interface.5) u-verseThis app contain:* Four (4) Kul Shareef* Ayat ul Kurseh* Duaye Qanoot* Wazu kay Faraez* Emaan ka Biyan* Six Kalmai (Kalemah, Kalimeh, Kaleemah)* Taharat Ka Biyan* Wazo ka Tariqa* Gussal ka Tariqa* Tayammum Ka Biyan* Namaz Ka Biyan* Namaz e Jumma* Namaz Ki Niyyat* Azan (Azaan)* Takbeer ya Akamat (Taqbeer ya Aqamat)* Azkar e Namaz* Tasmeeh (Tesmeeh)* Namaz Ka Tariqa* Mard ar Aurat ki Namaz ka farq (Way of Nemaar for male andfemale)* Guide of All Namaz* Masnoo Duaeen* ezan vakti* U-verse (uverse)* namaz saatleri* namaz vakitleri* namaz vakti* ezan (Azaan, Azan)* ezan vakti (azan vakti, azaan vakti)
Elite Deer Sniper Hunt 3D 1.0.9 APK
In Elite Deer Sniper Hunt 3D There would be one fantasy environmentgo and hunt like an assassin contract killer Escape into thewilderness as a deer hunter. 2020 it’s time to be a sniper assassinand hunt deer in this sniper shooting game. The game is filled withaction hunting & shooting. Those who love to be a deadly hunterwill love to kill deer from the front-line. The audio sound of theGun, animals, wildlife, forest, mountain & birds. Sniper 3Dshooting skills should be enough to hunt your desired animal allalone from the front-line. Don’t let the deer run away and beultimate hunter. Become the modern sniper of this era using bestweaponry. Plan your hunt as if it is a secret assassin missionbecause this is what real hunters do! The game is a first personshooter - (FPS). You are the Deer hunter. We must develop militarystrategy military attack quickly and accurately to kill - shoot theWild Animals! You are a hired killer, who escapes from theunderground. This is necessary for the country, to get the bestsniper, and fight for glory and freedom and takeover the desiredforest in the Hunting animals game. In this sniper game you are asurvivor of commando sniper elite army Soldiers and sniper team!You are an army sniper and the special officer of America soldierand your mission is to use the FLV shooting skills, aim and shootat animals. Now you have the wonderful opportunity to fight andprove them on the battlefield! Shooting at a target and become thebest sniper assassin in the war with the wild animals. It’s yourchance to go and fight for your country to save them from thedeadly animals As the sole surviving Commando (delta force/eliteforce) of a renegade attack against a ruthless opposing forcedictator, you are stranded on the front-line and hell-bent onpayback. You must use all of your specialized skills to survive theonslaught of the enemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers.Elite Deer Sniper Hunt 3D is a touchy subject about THRILLADVENTURE ACTION AND FUN. Deer is smart and clever animal so to bea professional hunter you must have good aim and shoot skills whileholding your breath as a 3D elite commando. Ultimate adventure inthe most realistic environment full of snow. Dense in this deerHunter encounter your shooting and hunting skills should be at partto win this elite front-line challenge while enjoying a bestanimals hunting experience in a beautiful and dense forest in asunny bright homeland season kind of environment tree stand. Youwill be expert shooter as in the shooting games. Users can lookaround the map by swiping the screen and moving anywhere there theywant. The game has 5 hunting stages so far. You hunt in valleysurrounded by mountains. FEATURES • First Person Sniper 3D ShootingFPS shooting game • Efficient Weapon Control & Zoom • Enemy AI(Artificial Intelligence) • 3D Graphics and Sound effects •Real-time Deer Hunting • Multiple back ground of jungle in snowyfields.
Virtual Magic Piano 1.0.2 APK
Play any song like a PRO without any practice. Real Virtual MagicPiano is the best multi touch learning, gaming and freestyle pianofor android. The Packed is with 6 Full Octaves, recordingcapabilities, various, music and beats playback features, beautifullightening animations. Learn how to play the piano easily. Play anymusic, chord, melodies in this interactive app. This is the bestpiano for Android. You can play and record music in this fun game.Virtual Magic Piano - Play Piano on Your Phone Have you everdreamed of becoming a music maestro? Playing Chopin or Beethovensongs on a grand piano? Now your dream can come true with VirtualMagic Piano! Virtual Magic Piano is a FREE piano game that everyoneis raving about these days. The rule of this music game is prettyeasy: tap on the black tiles and don’t tap on the white tiles. ---#Virtual Magic Piano 2020 TOP features: #--- • Awesome game designand graphic. • Simple to play, difficult to master. • Smooth gamingexperience. • New Game Play This real perfect piano comes with lotsof great features and modes including: ★LEARNING MODE★ In learningmode, you can learn how to play the piano for free! Master eachlesson in a fun and interactive way. Lessons include how toposition your fingers on the piano, understanding the elements ofthe keyboard, groupings & naming of the various keys, notes foreach position, staffs, clefs and chords. After taking the lessons,you'll learn how to read notes and play any song like a PRO. ★GAMEMODE★ Compete with friends and family, break world records in theleader board, and accomplish achievements and many more. You canplay the Virtual Magic Piano with any song including local music onyour device. Some pre-loaded songs include Twinkle little stars,Jingle Bells and merry Christmas, silent night, rap, disco, countrymusic etc. Unlike all other piano apps, you are not forced tofollow the fixed instructions (animated dropping bar). VirtualMagic Piano is specially designed to enable you to play in anyspeed, effortlessly. You can play your song slow or fast, alldepend on you and your mood and your style. With 40 milliondownloads on Google Play, this app is one of the best effortlessinstrument apps and games for your Android tablet and mobile phone!Please try it and play your favorite songs without any practice.Play piano on your smartphone. It comes with single and doublepiano keyboard, 6 octaves per keyboard and different sound banks.Sounds are a studio quality and they are taken from a real piano.You can use it for learning, showing lessons or you can record yourplay. Piano can now record your music in MIDI format so you canplay it on PC! Virtual Magic Piano has 128 musical MIDI instrumentsand over 12 studio-quality, sampled voices. Expendable instrumentsare unlimited with external Sound font files (.sf2). There are morethan 50,000 songs from our content partners are available. In theupcoming version, we will add multi-touch, note velocity, aftertouch, pitch bend, sampler, full feature recorder, MIDI sheet musiceditor, sensor force, multi-level volume change, recording, cloudload & save, co-op via WIFI and Bluetooth, full grand piano'soctaves, many skin, theme and visual effect, localized key namelabels, window animation, looped playback, hardware acceleration,tablet optimized, pen and s-pen support, haptic feedback and fullscreen option. This free virtual keyboard can load any MIDI file(.mid or .midi) and Karaoke file (.kar) and played in easy andcomfortable way. This is the best and easiest to use piano app forAndroid. Play and record songs on this free and beautiful pianoapp. Perfect Piano is an intelligent piano simulator design forAndroid phones and tablets. With in-built genuine piano timbre,this app can teach you how to play piano and amuse you at the sametime! Features - No annoying banner ads - Ability to record songsand play them back - Different timbres Synth, Acoustic, Brightpiano settings
Hill Bus Simulator 2020 1.0.3 APK
Begin your day as the drive Hill Bus Simulator 2020 and hit theroad with furies speed to complete your task and especially for toreach your trademark, so fasten your safety belt, start the engine,drive bus. This is one of the favorite top new trending games inthese days. This is the latest game that puts you at the edge ofdriver seat with full control to explore your skill and driving.The feature and easy interface will entertain you for hours andwill also improve you driving experience and skills. Enjoy like areal bus while driving a bus in this game. Hill Bus Simulator 2020will give you the sensations to drive a bus. Begin your journey inthe hilly areas on the most challenging and difficult tracks ever.It’s Experience 3D and mountains environment in this simulatorgame. Take your passengers from one town to other town whiledriving carefully on the dangerous tracks. Departures with yourpassengers from one town in the beginning of every level throughthese hilly areas tracks and reach to your destination. Be carefulon the sharp turns. Drive slow on these turns or otherwise youcould fall from the mountain. The graphics and animations are nextgeneration including animated passengers, 3D tracks. The safety ofpassengers is your first priority so always drive carefully. Thisgame has 2 different levels including the Instructions. When thegame starts the passengers sits in the bus. Then you have to takethem to their next stop to complete the level. You have to drive onthese tracks with full concentration because these tracks could bebit tricky and slippery. Experience the thrill of driving behindthe steering wheels on the tracks. Drive your bus to the bus stop.Adventurous Hill Bus Simulator 2020 with real-time physics, twistedturns and breathtaking game play scenes will go to add spices inyour passion. Driving a bus is never an easy task. It is Steeppaths, dangerous turns, mountain tops and uncertain weatherconditions. Passengers are waiting for their pick and drop service.Hill side drive will showcase your driving skills. Moving trafficwill be big hurdles while driving on these hills and mountains.Enjoy hours of non-stop fun with this. Get ready for Hill BusSimulator 2020 with hill adventure. Ensure safety but have fun too!Mountain top drive, twisted turns and breathtaking game play sceneswill make your day even better. Have you ever experienced a driveduring the winter season? Want to travel as hill and enjoy driving?Download now our latest simulator and show your skills with bus andhave fun all the way. It is Snowfall, greenery, mountains, and hilltops driving. Hill stations are top attractions for travelersespecially during the winter season, so take up the job of a driverand make sure your tourist reach safely to their destinations.Perfect hill climb bus driving will secure your driver duty and thesafety of your passengers. Roam around the uphill area, collectpassengers and drop them to their destination. Watch out forextreme hill climbing and do not crush the pedestrians while youdrive through the routes. Rush to your destination on scheduledtime. Become a real uphill climber and roam around the city tocollect passengers. We aim to deliver high quality games thatinclude simulator and much more. Safety is very important in thisbus so make sure your passengers are safe at all time. His is yourfirst priority. The second priority is in to make sure that youstick to the time schedule. Game Story: Game story is very simpleand short, you are a driver of passenger bus and you task is alsosimple Pick all the passengers and drops them at their respectivedestinations. But remember the steady, and zigzagging tracksFEATURES: • Thrilling Bus Drive with Paths • Amazing Environmentwith Hills, Mountains, Snow Etc. • Multiple Camera Modes to EnhanceGame play • A complete Hill Station Environment to Explore • Pickand Drop Tourist to their Destinations • Hours of Driving Fun