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Speed Cleaner & Booster, Cache removal, Cache creek app, powercleaner app and clean sweep cleaner all in one tool that all youneed for your android.Super Cleaner is the best ever and fantasticcleaner app for android. This android phone cleaner app with junkcleaning, phone boost and monitor your system by over Millions ofusers worldwide. Phone cleaner Make your phone faster than ever.you can boost ram with its boosting feature. This Super CleanerBoost as optimizer and cleaner, it is device cleaner, memorybooster, trash cleaner, app manager, CPU Cooler, CPU cooler master,Battery Saver, Game Booster and Ram booster all in one tool thatclean junk files. Your android has become leggy and freezes? oryour battery has started draining quicker than ever? or your phoneoverheats and needs to cool down? then Super cleaner is the bestsolution. Super cleaner also reduce your CPU usage by killing thebackground apps and CPU cooler algorithm cool down your phone. Itscleaning techniques so efficient as a master cleaner. Super CleanerBooster will lead you clean sweep. It 100% free phone cleaner app.Features:✓ Ram Booster - Smart booster - Super cleaner makes youvery convenient to boost your phone with 1 tap. By its RAM Booster-RAM Cleaner function free up RAM and memory to boost your RAM.✓ CPUCooler master - Cooler 2018- Professional temperature monitoringand controlling feature that closes apps and services consumingheavy resource and CPU usage that cools down your phone.- Its CPUcooler heat minimization algorithm is highly effective to Lowerdown phone temperature.- Cooler master is a free feature that helpsleading cooling CPU cooling the phone and the phone quickly aspossible.- Cool down your phone by Device Cooler & CPU CoolerMaster 2018. Free up your RAM by closing background running apps.✓Battery Booster - Battery Power Saver- After boosting and cleaningthese power-hungry apps draining your battery by Super Cleaner theapps will hibernate and the phone battery life will last longer.✓Game Booster - Game Launcher- Game Booster that gives you the mosttop speed.- Boost your device's performance with just one touch.Optimize the CPU, RAM and many other things automatically forGaming and max performance! Boost game speed by Dr.Booster.Note:Please Contact us at appsprecinct@gmail.com for givingyour feedback, any question or suggestions.Your feedback, Questions& suggestions is very important for us.

App Information Super Cleaner - Cooler Master 2018

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    Super Cleaner - Cooler Master 2018
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    July 24, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Applications Precinct
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Cooling Master - Phone Cooler (Fast CPU Cooler) APK
Cooling Master - Phone Cooler is a totally free cooling app thatcool down phone temperature Cooler Master is a Professionaltemperature monitoring and controlling app that reduce CPU usage.Device Cooler is a professional temperature monitoring andcontrolling app that prevent CPU Overheating during multitaskingmake phone faster. Cooler app behave as Smart Cooling Master, CPUCooler Master, Auto CPU Cooler , Phone Cooling master, DeviceCooling Master, Phone Cooler that all you need!.. Cooler Masterdetects and closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPU,GPU, RAM usage and cool down your phone and lower down phonetemperature in real time . Now multitasking with ease and comfort,without having No worry about device overheat because of coolingand phone cool down functions. Keep your device performance smoothand optimum with smart phone cooler and Cool down phone andoptimize its speed. Device Cooler behave like Phone CPU Cooler,Cooling Master, Cooler Phone. Enhance overall performance of yourphone with CPU Cooler master. It is a best Cooling Master andCooler Phone Pro application. CPU Cooler for android phone worksfor you in a perfect manner, Clean cache memory, free up RAM,provide real-time temperature monitoring. Cooling Master forandroid detects all heated processing then uses smart cooling andheat minimization algorithm is highly effective in increasingbattery life for phone in heavy usage, reduce CPU usage and betterperformance in multimedia and game usage. Cooler Master and itsheat minimization algorithm is very effective to reduce CPU usagewhich ensures cooler battery and long battery life and betterperformance in multimedia and game usage. Auto CPU Cooler forandroid for tablet is also available. Features of Cooling Master -CPU Cooler Master: ✓ Real-Time Device Temperature MonitoringMonitors phone temperature in real time, so you can see the changetemp from moment to moment. When the temperature is too high,Cooling Master (CPU Cooler) will alert you for one tap to cooldown. ✓ Dynamic Overheating App Detection/Controller CPU CoolerMaster analyzes CPU usage dynamically and detects overheatingapps.We use our original temperature detection and temperatureprevention technology to so you never miss any hidden heated apps.Cooling app collects each app’s usage of CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. andapplies the smart algorithm Temp Control Engine to analyze the appscausing the phone to overheat. It then marks each app’s tempheating level, so you never miss any hidden heating apps. ✓ One Tapto Cool Down Allow you to close overheating apps with one tap tocool down feature and allow you to reduce CPU usage and cool downyour phone. ✓ Ignore List added Apps added in ignore list toprevent from cooler process ✓ Power Saver mode - Smart Charge -Battery cooler CPU Cooler display charge status in real time,accurately estimating remaining charge time, allow you go for cooldown your phone and battery cooler
Ram Booster - Cleaner 2018 2.0.8 APK
Pro Ram Booster - Clean Master - is a super easy Android RamBooster tool or you can call it speed booster for android toextreme Speed up memory, Super Cleaner, Cache Cleaner, CPU Cooler,ram analyzer, Cooler Master and kill all extra Back running app andincrease speed on phone for ultimate boost fitness of your device.With this Ram Booster or ram master, you can boost ram and boostyour phone speed:master boost by cleaning Ram and save batteryusage that makes your battery last longer after using this 1 clickcleaner, and can help you get up to 50% more battery life for yourAndroid phone! Enjoy this beautifully designed ram booster 2018,One-Click Ram Optimization, Clean Master, ram speed,one tapbooster, hone booster, Super Cleaner, clear memory, free ram mobilebooster, Battery Monitor & Battery Saver and Booster app, itssuper easy Cleaner which is easy to tap and swap and enhancebattery life and make your phone cool with this smart devicesapp!Pro Ram Booster - Clean Master Features:*START BOOSTINGThis ProRam Booster can boost up RAM by kill tasks & clean up Junkfiles to boost your phone in average of 70-80% faster. Simply tap"START BOOSTING" button to boost your phone with one click speedaccelerator and Boost all selected back running threads with thisbooster app. This ram boost notify cleaner can even save batteryafter clear ram and Indicates your phone speed with percentage. Itwill also resolve All RAM threads & errors on clicking.*SIMPLEINTERFACE- Simple and easy interface of this ram booster- Purematerial design- Users can choose which apps to kill- Detailed oflisted running apps*RAM OPTIMIZER - RAM optimizer on only singletap and cleaning master will start work.*BATTERY SAVER &BATTERY MONITOR Monitor all apps with this super ram booster thatdrain power while not in use and remind user about high consumptionapps. Indicates how much battery power will be extended if you useOne-tap saving ram cleaner. Monitor all running-apps' powerconsumption with this memory booster app and list you the detail toapp manager, Battery Monitor, clearly shows the status of batterylife and usage;This Pro-Ram optimizer and cache cleaner will beperfect for everyday use and boost up your phone & save batterywithout any professional knowledge.
Mind Reader - Card Magic Trick 1.0.5 APK
Mind Reader - Card Magic TrickWhat if your Android phone could beso intelligent and can blown you mind, that it would read yourmind?Are you ready to Surprise and astonish your friends with thismagical amazing Mind Reader trick? It’s only fantasy and you canget hint of this mind read trick when you will try it few times.But this is a best Magical Mind Reader application to blow yourmind . You can try it with your friends to amaze them with itsmagic.A bunch of playing cards from the deck will be shown to you.You have to select a card in your mind as the deck is quicklyriffled through. In a moment, this app will reveal the card in yourmind like magic! With this trick in your phone, you can be a hootat any party. It is pure illusion and you can make out the trickafter you use it a few times. But this is a great app if you wantto impress your friends.Tag: Mind reader, Mind Reading, MagicalMind Reader, Card Magic, mind tricks, Illusion magic tricks, Magic
Super Brightest LED Flashlight 1.1.2 APK
Super - Brightest LED Flashlight is a instantly turns your deviceinto a bright flashlight. Its a simple, free flashlight app withLED lighting and several switching modes. Free plug-in like theStrobe / Blinking light making Brightest Flashlight one of the bestproductivity tools for your device.Try the best LED Flashlight onthe market!Features- Material Design- its FREE!- No need for a realflashlight- Insanely bright flashlight with widget- Brightestscreen light- A Flashlight, which is always available when you needit.- Stunning graphics - The most beautiful flashlight you can getin hand!
- Strobe / Blinking Mode - Blinking frequency adjustable-Bulb light mode- Police Lights plug-in- Widget
Portable WiFi Hotspot Booster 1.0.6 APK
Fast Portable WiFi Hotspot and Internet ThetringFast Portable WiFiHotspot pro is an app to share Your wireless internet with freewifi hotspot. Turn on your tethering & portable wifi hotspoteasily and improve your sharing experience of internet (2G / 3G /4G-LTE). Its an easy and fast way to share your wifi internet. Thisfree wifi hotspot use expert mobile hotspot router and wificellular techniques.How to use Fast Portable WiFi Hotspot?- EnterSSID- Enter Password for protection- Press "ACTIVATE" button-Internet sharing notification will showNow enjoy your internetsharing with your friends!
Game Booster - Game Launcher 1.0.7 APK
Do your games run slow? See too much Lag?It's time to unleash thefull potential of your phone or tablet!Game Booster - Speed Masterwill give you a boost of performance that should reflect on asmoother and better game play with less lag and more responsivecontrols.it is the best Cleaner App too can be as called the bestClean Master.It works as a game launcher eliminating thebottle-neck issue that most Android devices experience with memory,caused by bloatware, too many currently running apps or evenregular use, depending on the hardware specs. Game Booster - SpeedMaster temporarily pauses these unnecessary processes makingpossible for your games to take advantage of a larger amount ofresources.One of the simplest and effective solution to speed updevices and gain max performance .Normally device slowness is causeby the RAM incompatibility issues and adapt high memory using forprocessing. How it works?To accelerate games (or even apps) youmust launch them from inside Game Booster to experienceturbo-speed!.• Tap the game icon to boost launching it• Play thegameHighly Recommended by Users:♥ Nice! It helped my low-end phone[run] some performance demanding games! ♥ Great! It also speeds upFacebook, Google, WhatsApp, Hike, etc ♥ Absolutely the greatestgame optimizer...♥ Boost apps like no other...Features:♥ PureMaterial Design♥ Simple tab selection to select a game to boost andlaunch
Fast Battery Charging 1.2 APK
Fast Battery charging booster - Battery SaverBattery life is commonissue that smart phones users still facing. While the Android OShas made many improvements to increase battery life and retention,there are a few select smart phones that have the built-in fastcharging capability. Fast battery charger reduce the charging time30 to 40% and save your time and energy. Free fast charging batteryinitialize a limitation for your device whenever it is connected toa power source. Then your device use a special mechanism to boostyour charging time, Takes a less amount time to charging. Thisthing increase the charging speed and reduce the time. Cool downyour phones and gives you a optimal performance. Turn your ordinarySmartphone into a fast charging capable device with a simple andeffective tool. Fast Battery Charging not only improves chargingtime but also extends your battery time. This app is an ultimatetool, which can boost your battery charging speed. Fast BatteryCharging will automatically activate when you connect your chargerand it will boost your charging speed.Why is your mobile phonecharging slowly? This would probably because in the course ofcharging process, your phone’s microprocessor is still being dealtwith hidden applications that might suck up battery such as 3G,GPRS, Wifi and internet browsers and the light screen as well asaudio system is not optimal for charging. By using Fast BatteryCharging, those problems mentioned above could be addressed toenable your phone to be charged with fast charging time. It is keyfeature of this app. It will prevent your device from overchargingFast Charger Booster is you’re easiest solution to gainingan increased charging speed by 40-50%. Turn your ordinarySmartphone into a fast charging capable device with a simple andeffective tool. How Fast Charging Booster works? The app initiatesa powerful limitation set up for your device whenever it isconnected to a power source. This enable the phone to use the leastamount of battery from apps and processes during charging, hencereducing the amount of heat loss generated from the flow ofelectrons, increasing the charging speed. How Fast Battery ChargerBooster works? The app initiates a powerful limitation set up foryour device whenever it is connected to a power source. This enablethe phone to use the least amount of battery from apps andprocesses during charging, hence reducing the amount of heat lossgenerated from the flow of electrons, increasing the chargingspeed. How to use it?- Launch the app and plug in your charger inphone- Open charging mode and start boost for charging fast.- Itwill automatically turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth and enhancecharging power.Features - Simple and easy to use interface - Viewuseful stats about your phone battery - Automatic fast chargestartup after one time initiation - Displays battery Temperature -Displays battery Percentage- Alarm of full battery - Displaysbattery fully charged estimated time- Displays time remaining forbattery drain and charging- Smart battery consumption reductionfrom apps and processes during charging - Automatic turn off forbattery hogging features like cellular data, WIFI and Bluetooth- 25plus languages support
Easy Uninstaller - Cache Cleaner (App & Games) 1.2.2 APK
Easy App Uninstaller – Cache Cleaner is a handy and smart tool toeasily manage storage space on your Android Smartphone. Performsingle or batch uninstall operations for unwanted apps thatpersistently take up phone memory, reducing the device performance.Simple, smart, efficient and user friendly app to remove unwantedapps taking up phone memory. Clean and smart design lets you listout apps taking unnecessary space on device and easily uninstallthem with single click. It behave as a Cache Cleaner and junkMaster Clean .Fastest and simplest uninstall tool onandroid!Features of Easy App Uninstaller: * Remove applicationeasily by single click!* Display application name, version,installation time and size* Easy and smart User Interface for appshandling* Perform single or batch uninstall for multiple apps*Detailed list displaying data on installed apps* Easily finddesired apps* Apps sorting by name, Size and date* Internal and SDcard memory display* Various sort modes* Filter system apps whichcannot be uninstalledNote: System apps can not be uninstalled usingthis app.