2.0.0 / July 24, 2017
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Prison break! Catch a criminal!“A famous criminal broke out aprison using a special capsule.” With this breaking news starts anew contest of superhero, who is going to hunt his old enemy inorder to save this city from chaos and destruction. Your enemy isone very unpredictable assassin. You’ll never know what he isplanning and why. But one thing in his creed will never change -his main duty is to revenge. But he will do it in a such amazingway, that even you will shout “Bravo!”.The battle of Good vs. Evilis never-ending. It’s like playing hide-and-seek, where one persontries to catch another one. The only difference is that the lastmatch of the game will effect on the future of the city. Hone yourstrategic and hunting skills to become the ultimate defender. Thisis a survival challenge. Let’s see how will develop this war ofjustice and injustice.

App Information Super Devil&Dare Hero

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Hero City: Iron Legend 1.0.0 APK
A secret laboratory is exploded. This would become a detective casestory, where you should search clues, look for a hidden objects andinvestigate the case. But … after this explosion our hero got asuper power. What now? Join super champions team and start huntingcriminals.Completely change your identity and, if you need, evencreed.Solve a case and fight criminals.Fight alone against an armyof mutants.Protect the city and save people’s lives.Join asuperheroes team!You are the last hope of the world!Learn how touse a superpower. Unlimited power, but great responsibility - it’stime to understand how to be a superhero.
League of Super Heroes 6.0.0 APK
League of Super Heroes - new battle for the fate of Universe hasstarted!Universe of the superheroes is about champions, who haveunited together to fight against a dark force. Only together theycan defeat their enemy and save this world from destructions andchaos. But what to do if somebody destroyed best friends league andtook over them? And now there are nobody who can stop his evilplans. Even if there are some gods among people. In our new gameyou should try to defeat a main villain by yourself alone. Therewill not be a team of ninja or best friends. There is only onewarrior in this warfare. It’s a new episode of mobile wars. So, beready to show all your amazing skills and power.Be on the guard ofthe justice, don’t let criminals to create a chaos. Catch and takedown all smugglers in the city.Stop the invasion of mutants.Reuniteleague of superheroes.Find an artifact of the time and travelacross the time.Rescue people from the fire.Fight alone or createyour own team of superheroes and save the Universe!
Age of Superheroes 8.0.0 APK
Do you think that only good guys can become a superheroes? Even ifyou made some mistakes in the past, there are still chances tobecome a hero of the comics world and join superheroes justiceleague. That is what happened with our main hero. His life was likea part of the gangsters action blockbuster. Casino, racing, strikeswith police. But one day he decided to sneak in the secretlaboratory, where were hidden something really expensive to sell.But remember, if you are going to steal something from a secretlaboratory, always pay attention to the signs. Maybe there are someradiation. As the result, now we have an adventure story in openworld, where you as main hero will decide how to use a super power,It is not enough to have it, but much important to use it in aright way. Enjoy outlaw way of life in open world.Hit thejackpot!Outrun the police, don’t let to chase you.Prepare for thebattle with the most powerful person of the city.Take part in aspeed racing, burn the asphalt.Age of Superheroes - enjoy asuperheroes life!
Firefighter Simulator 1.0.0 APK
Fire alert! A new mix of open world and simulator game. This cityneeds a new hero to help people in their daily life. This time itis not about fighting against gangsters or mafia. Rescue citizensof the city in the fight against flames. Ultimate life simulationgame in which you can become a real firefighter. Try to experiencedaily life of the fire department, be a part of the real heroes’team.EXPERIENCE. Step inside the world of firefighters. PREPARE.Get in the emergency vehicle and drive it in high speed on citytraffic roads to reach the fire spot in time. DECIDE. Guide thefireman through numerous challenges.Extinguish the fire sometimesis like playing a casino or Russian roulette. You can hit thejackpot and win this battle for the life. But if you lose, it wouldcost the lives. Whenever an unfortunate fire accident occurs –fireman team is already on the way!
Iron Avenger Story 3.0.0 APK
Iron Avenger Story - find a truth about your past and prepare forthe future fight. It’s a new contest between dark and good forces.But this time something really important is hidden behind. Will yoube able to destroy your enemy and save the Universe? To become aspider with unlimited power or a captain of the star expedition youshould first of all deal with your own identity. Meet with yourparents friend, doctor from the secret laboratory and find outeverything about their life. What happened with them? Who is thekiller? And how this truth will effect on you? This story willchange your reality!Find out how to use your super power in anappropriate way. Fight for the justice, don’t let bad guy hurtothers.It's time for revenge!Your desire of the revenge will becomethe main force in this game. Being superhero means not onlyfighting against dark forces and saving the Universe. There is alsosome personal reasons, that could create a new identity. Check yoursuperpower, get revenge, but always think about frontier linebetween assassin society and superhero league.
Detective Story: Real Crime 3.0.0 APK
You got one more case to solve. This time it is not about murdercases or hidden secrets of some gangster lords. It is more serious.Your sister was kidnapped and you, as a real detective, shouldinvestigate this accident. This is not only your duty asprofessional seeker. It is about your personal fighting with crimeunderworld. To cope with a new task you should follow kidnapper’srules. Do whatever he wants and it will bring you to the rightdirection, where you will find your sister. But be careful, anymistake can cost a lot. He is watching, every your step andmovement. Nobody knows how long will continue this game - 60seconds, 5 nights or 7. It’s your detective skills againstcriminal. Investigate crime scene for clues!Prove your detectiveskills!Bring the criminals to justice.Examine clues, look forevidence, analyze everything.
Crime Action Driver 4.0.0 APK
Your character is a perfectly normal guy living in a quite city.But one day everything changes. Mafia comes to town and establishnew rules. They control police and city authorities. Whatever…Donot take it so easy. In the past they had some business with hisfather, some dark affairs…you know. Now his dad is dead and can youguess who have done it? Now it’s your turn to fight for justice.One guy against mighty crime gang, can you deal with it?Go up tothe top of the mafia rank. Reach their boss. It’s hard to be alegend of the underworld, but you should try!Plunge yourself intothe atmosphere of open-world crime city.Join the urban war with thebiggest crime gang. Attack villains to control the areas aroundyou.Expand your crime empire Apply your strategy to Increase yourincome and protect your territory.
Turtles: Ninja Superheroes 1.0.0 APK
Turtles: Ninja Superheroes - are you ready for a new amazingadventure with favorite turtle heroes? In our new adventure game,you should choose one character from the team of ninja heroes andgo through thrilling quests. Join the legend and complete allrelentless quests!Play classic ninja turtles quests!Your city wasattacked by villain and his army. And the only person who can dealwith this challenge is you. Destroy your enemy’s plan and don’t lethim to take over the world.Compete against your powerfulenemies!This is a special contest for superheroes. Are you able tocope with this task and defend your title as champion?Differentlocations full of thrilled quests and missions.Look for a clue tostart a new mission. Choose a character and decide how your battleis going to last. Become an ultimate champion of this specialcontest.Don’t let your enemy to use a bio weapon and turn peopleinto mutants.Destroy a secret laboratory to defeat enemy.Fightagainst crime, deal with terrorists and rescue hostages.