2.0.8 / June 30, 2016
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This is the story about a boy and his journeyto return the old man’s magical potion bottles. The magic bottleshave strange powers: with each bottle he touches, he turns into adifferent creature. The old man promises to turn him back into aboy when he gets all bottles back.

Collect bottle to unlock new characters and collect more points.The game consists 8 different characters each have its own weapon.The weapon’s power can be increased by upgrading the character sothat it can kill enemy faster.

Archer: - Brave Archer shoots arrows.
Warrior: - Noble Warrior throws spear.
Spikey: - Spikey shoots spike balls that traverse along the area,but beware if player gets hit by the spike ball it would bedisabled for some time.
Bomber:-Bomber plants bomb, the number of planting the bomb islimited which increases as player gets upgraded like 1 bomb with noupgrade, 2 bombs with first upgrade, 3 bombs with second upgradeand 5 bombs with third upgrade. Any enemy coming in blast rangewould be destroyed.
Wizard: - Wizard uses its magical fire to destroy theenemies.
Dino: - Dino throws hot fire breath.
Gunner: - Gunner is a super gunner alien, can shoot in onedirection till first upgrade after second upgrade it shoots in bothdirection.
Speedy:- It throws a burning aura in the direction it is currentlyfacing. The aura lasts till it hits one enemy if speedy is notupgraded at all. The aura lasts up to two enemies collision ifupgraded once, for three enemies if upgraded twice, the lastupgrade makes speedy’s aura last for until the user power down thespeedy.

The characters that can shoot cannot shoot while walking.Upgrading is common for each character. 5 upgrade points for firstupgrade, 15 upgrade points for second upgrade and 21 upgrade pointsfor last upgrade

App Information Super Eight

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    Super Eight
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    June 30, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    5,000 - 10,000
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    Visit website Email info@digeebird.com
    17,18,19 Ashram Complex, Behind 56 Dukan, New Palasia, Indore-452001, Madhya Pradesh, India
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