1.2 / September 15, 2015
(4.5/5) (116)


Super Flaming Hero Adventures is a newactionpacked superhero games game where you have to beat enemies,crossdifferent obstacles, overcome dangers and fears whilecollecting asmany coins & jewels as you can to score thehighest.

The goal of this action-adventure game for Android is toguidethe hero to his princess. But first, the hero has to get tothemagic potion that can lift the curse from the princess. You havetouse your intelligence and logic to guide the flaming boypastcunning traps. Interact with different objects clearing yourwayfor the character. Help the boy to defeat the cunning ninjaandother enemies.

Game Features -
• collect gems in the daily challenge
• fast action
• Slash dozens of enemies with the special abilities,ninjagaiden
• Earn coins to unleash your full power!
• Collect gems in the daily challenge.
• multiple Worlds & Theme – Jungle, Sky, Underground..
• multiple Challenging Levels to cross in each world
• achievements & Abilities to Learn how to Fly, Ride, RunandSwim
• dreat game control
• excellent Quality Graphics – HD 1024p

So what are you waiting for. Just download your game andplayaction games with the most adventurous addictive running game,sothat you can show the real gamer adventurer in YOU!

App Information Super Flaming Hero Adventures

  • App Name
    Super Flaming Hero Adventures
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    September 15, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 3.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Nary Mobile Apps
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
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Face Touch 1.0.4 APK
Tired of the same kind of profile picture,wanna change it with more original one’s ? "Face Touch" It's a musthave App for that ! Here is the new brand of "Flag Face", the newFLAG maker that will help you to create your funny avatar for yourcountry flag on the face, with the flag on your picture ! Do itwith our Face painting app.Face Touch is the best face changer style ever. Add flags fromaround the world to your pictures with our best pic effect apps andenjoy it.Are you a big supporter of your country on its national days ?Face Touch is the logo designer that you need. This photomanipulation app allow you to support your country until the end.Get your facepaint flag fashion style and try it and change yourprofile picture to show to all your friend how a great patriot youreally are !Put the flag of your country or any other country that you loveon your face, get it paint in few steps and get the "flag face" onyour picture as if it was done by a professional Photo booth propsapp.This "Make up face" with flags is so simple to use. Choose oneof countries flag and match it with your picture, you can alsoadjust your photo so it can fit perfectly, this logo maker willbring in the passion of supporting your country in national days oreven when it’s world cups.Face Touch suggest Flags for 40 country around the world, withbest logo graphic, create your own design with your favorite flagwith the best painting ideas and the best football league flagquality! Moreover this is the most popular photo editing App. It'is simple and fast, within 5 seconds you get the best logoinspiration, by using the logotype on our various best logospainter, and add it to your painting gallery."Face Touch" lets you add the country flag to your photo andupload it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and you can also shareit anywhere you want. Start supporting you football club by makinga flag of you and your country, no need to learn photoshop or anykind of a complex editing photo app that make it in a Photo booth,spend no money because our Face Touch is FREE tool! Use it as muchas you want as a "flag face" to your profile pictures, this artistmake up logo maker is the best of all because it works with anadvanced technology to make the best logo quality ever on yourpictures or face!Face Touch use a logotype our more than 40 countries, to let youcreate a design that fit all your pictures, here is a new way tosupport tour favorite country.Try this new make up fashion forpictures to support your country with new painting ideas You wannamake up face ? Get this face swap app now and change your flag faceprofile picture to whatever country you select and celebrate yourfavorite flag! This is new country supporting way ! adopt it beforeyour friends ! Get for free the best realistic painting effect withthe most flaging home makeover !How to use profile picture flag:- Choose picture from your painting Gallery- choose Your make up face country flag more than 180 country- Adjust The logo painter- Make your face flag available on all your network apps- Enjoy, and Have FunJust load the app and discover the power make up, with superrealistic painting magic effects and enjoy your best country flagamong the best flags of the world on your photo and photos of yourfriends and loved ones and celebrate glory of your country.
FacePaint - Flag face 2.0.1 APK
Love your country? so paint your art galleryand your face flag with our face painter app! It support all flags.There are many ways to show how much you love your country andhow proud you are to be a part of it. For example, you can keeptalking about your patriotic feelings out loud whenever andwherever possible. But the chances are you will lose your voice or(which alarms us more) get people around a bit worried about you.Since, well, you know, you will sound really strange. That’s why wehave a better option to offer - Facepaint online.It will take two steps. First you use your portrait and one ofthese free photo effects to paint your flagface with the colors ofyour country’s flag. Then you share the result with your friends onsocial networks and wait for praises. You can even print yourportrait with patriotic face paint on out and hang on a wall.Anything is possible.And now about sport fans. Cause they can also put these ‘flagface paint’ templates to good use. Either for major events in theworld of sport or to support their country team on a localchampionship. It’s the best way to give your selfie a patrioticlook!By the way, for sporty persons and sport fans we have a specialSport selection of frames and effects. Why not go and check itnow?So brief, you want to change your profile picture? This paintingonline application is for you !WHY USING PAINTING ONLINE APPLICATION-> Create avatar for your national day! Do it with Flag Facepainting online.-> Add american flag or US flag to your own pictures ! getFacepaint and enjoy!-> Are you a sports fan and you like UEFA and champions league ?It's a must have flag face app.-> Planning to watch matches of Affrica cups ? It's a must haveafrican flags app!-> Do you really support your favorite team in the internationalcups? It's a must have flag face app.-> In love with your country colors? It's a must have africanflags app!-> Super realistic painting effects with high face paintertoolsAre you a true patriot or a loyal sports fan? Then get ready tosupport your country on a major sport event or just express yourpatriotic feelings by painting your country's flag on yourpictures.SUPPORTED FLAGS- 100 flag of the world :- American Flag .- France Flag- Russian Flag- British Flag- US Flag .- Mexican Flag- Australian Flag- Frensh Flag- Russia Flag- Canadian Flag- Italian Flag- India Flag- Morocco Flag- International flags : Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia,Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia andHerzegovina, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Côted'Ivoire, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador,England, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala,Honduras, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan,Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova,Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, North Korea, Northern Ireland,Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, PuertoRico, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Serbia, Singapura,Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka,Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan,Thailand, Turkey, USA, UAE, Ukraine,United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela, Wales, Zimbabwe, Morocco,Egypt..INTUITIVE INTERFACE- Facepaint application support many kind of mobile systems, andproduct high levely picture definition.- Fast to manipulate and easy to work with- Almost, you are just 5 seconds and you get result of flag of theworldDo download our free photo editor app of face painter, Itsupport all flags, get cute results and share them with yourfriends: post it on Facebook, watsapp, Instagram, tweet or sende-mail.
Show your support to frensh people. SupportFrance and humanity - Say No to Terrorism!FLAG FACE SHOW application gives many choices of countries flags( For example USA Flag ) in order to add them to your own picturesof your profile.This application permit you showing your support and yourboycott for any type of violence or terrorism. say no to anymouvement of terrorism like ( ISIS , boko haram ..)With FLAG FACE SHOW, You can take in time a photo of your faceor import it from your gallery . Then you can add your favouriteflag from different countries .By the wat, do you like sport ( Football , Basketball , Handball, Hockey , Rugby , Tennis) ? With this application, you will findalso what you need and it is for you too .. indeed you can put thecountry flag of the country team you supportAPPLICATION FEATURES :-You can edit , crop , add text to your profile image-Give effect to your image like opacity, brightness, contrast-Select image from camera/gallery-Delete unwanted background-Select background from lot of attractive flags-Save share image to your friends by facebook , twitter ,instagram-Many flags :► FRANCE► USA ( United States of America )► GERMANY► CANADA► NEW-ZELAND► MOROCCO► INDIA► ENGLAND► AUSTRALIA► PALESTINE► SPAIN► BELGIUM► JAPAN► POLANDSo let's download your copy of FLAG FACE SHOW, share it withyour friends: post it to Facebook, twetter or send e-mail.
Hijab Style 2016 - You Make up 1.0.0 APK
The brand new Make up Hijab is here!Do you want to Look pretty in the Hijabi Fashion? is itnecessary for you to look pretty in your daily selfies ?! thatgives you the strength in your daily living? It's cool, lookingafter your general well being is highly primary. In brief, "YouMake up - Hijab Style 2016" is here for you."Hijab Style 2016" is the best photo manipulations for everyMake up Artist who love "Modern Hijab fashion". Make lovely HijabiFashion photoshoot! Plush Hijab costumes like Jilbab, Burka, Tudungand more photo montage Hijab templates are waiting for you. Get“Hijab Style 2016" as soon as possible and be hot in these cutephoto booth props. In few minutes you will have a natural beautymakeup and cool pic stitch in a Hijab wearing style!This "Make up Hijab" allows you to look pretty using effects ofthe most expensive muslim makeup salons! Keeping up with hijabfashion trends of nude makeup, Glamor makeup, star makeup, dailymakeup, chic makeup and other kinds of makeups that make you lookyoung and beautiful, so you instantly have a supernatural beautymakeup effect the same you can get in a muslim makeup salon."You Make up" put between your hands a variety of Hijab fashionand make-up styles always updated with the last looks and seasontrends of professional Make up salons! This Photography app teachesyou step by step how to make yourself look pretty in hijabwear.This "Make up Hijab" brings together over professional Hijabstyles, Beauty Supply and Makeup salon skills , shared over manypractical beauty makeup tips, regularly updated, simple andpractical, so you can look young in beautiful Tudung in fewsteps.Hijab Style 2016 app provides high quality hejab fashion photoswith all kind of looks, burqa, jilbab and too many other hijabfashion photo design, In few minutes you get a hijab beauty homemakeover as if it was created by a fashion hijab designer and tookby a fashion hijab photography. Take a daily selfie and add yourfavorite hijab style! And Make up it to send it as an Eid greetingswith an extreme makeover applying a sticker fashion hijab design.This photo manipulations app provide both : Hijab style 2016 withmake up power.WHY SHOULD I USE IT ?This Hijab beauty app helps all hijabers and non hijabers to tryon some cool home makeovers hijab fashion dresses with a clearfashion guide updated with the last fashion collection looks andseason trends of last fashion hijab designers .It is very concerned about how to choose the Muslim fashion ofparty dresses for Hijab wedding women that will be matchingcombined with a model of a modern hijab party to be charged. Bywearing hijab outfit for party that will provide the right fit andfeel of an elegant and charming for each pair of eyes looking at aperson. So look pretty in Hijab Style with this photo manipulationapp let your smartphone be your make up salon!APP FEATURES• App for all ages• Check out pictures from gallery or camera for editing• Eye color by replacing different eye makeup color with differentstickers.• Apply different hair color shades like red head, blonds, purple,blue, burgundy etc...• You can quickly resize and rotate photo with intuitivetools.• Pick out your favorite Hijab photo montage design from over 30photomontages• Share your Hijab makeover on Facebook, Twitter, through email orby SMS."Hijab Style 2016 - You make up" is a free woman Hijab selfieapp that contain the best selection of latest hijab fashion trends2016 and tudung suits made in different arab countries and muslimcultures. Stay happy using "hijab styles" and modern tudung with anartist make up by using the best "Face Make up" app to create Hijabselfie fashionable photo montages.Make the best Hijab Female pictures! and screenshare yourgorgeous hijab look make up with your friends across all socialnetworks like facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, Instagram,Picasa, Flickr and others.
Gold Fish Adventure 1.1 APK
The Story of Gold Fish is simple. Thiscute but clever little flying fish is lost in the sea and lookingfor it’s home. So, you need to guide it to turn right or left toavoid all barriers , jelly Fish, sharks, crab, seahorses and snakesare making aquatic surface bleakhurdles, without a missed step !Remember the story of Ninja fish? this is the Fighting Fish youloved to watch and you itched to help, and you are all set to takecharge of this one, called Rocket Fish!!Gold fish is here to show you how to improve your reflex andtest your basic gaming skills if they are in place or not. And ifyou like, escape games you will be bowled over by Gold Fish! Onceyou look at the high definition environment made with the mostadvanced technology and the beautiful worms in the background, youwill know what we mean.Gold fish is a Free game to play with the cutest Flying fishever, that you will help through all those jellyfishes and barriers!!Live the fish adventure! No escape for the poor Rocket Fish!Waiting for you to help him out it’s not only a flying fish butalso a fighting fish! get into Rocket Fish game and enjoy helpingout this strong Fish called Rocket Fishin his Fish adventure!!Gold Fish is a great reflex game that test your skills through aflying fighting Fish in the rocketeer fish game, moreover this is aFREE GAME to play so come on and Try Gold fish the game we solovingly created. It is our story to the best fairytales we heardgrowing up. Somehow felt that fish is always a creator that alwaysneeded help to got its due. This game is how we would like to helpit out. Do your good deed for the day and help Bi Fish fly its wayhome.WHY SHOULD YOU PLAY IT• An adorable Fish called Rocket Fish• Magical background• high definition in finger ‘tap’ controls• One missed ‘tap’ and the Rocket Fish is goneHelp her to win with dangerous daemon in deep sea!
Photo Power Editor 2.0.0 APK
Photo Power is the latest photobooth collagemaker free, very professional, and it is totally FREE software.I made this art photo application to help you for photo editing,and to make your photos more cute and funny with super creativeframes and cute photo grid equiped with lot of free photo collage,bumper stickers, cool backgrounds, fun text with layout design andmany super custom made photo effects,We developped Photo Power Editor to help you combine multiplephotos with various frame layout and grid frames then share onsocial media networks them at a time!Photo Power is a powerful collage maker free aplikasi to recolorphoto and add thousands of special effects to your photo with manyprofessionnal filters, equiped with the best photo editing tools ifyou want easily changing your custom made photo to a veryattractive and sexy picture with many varied filters.By using this editing app, you can full-color prints andpictures that look like fine art print , without the fine artprices. So whether you are a business owner decorating yourfacility or a professional artist, you can create artistic custommade pictures on your mobile phone or tablet and makeupprofessionnaly your face..Layouts Select from many page layout tabsStickers Choose them from our library of bumper stickers orupload them on the internet right from the application if you wantto make christmas images or tattoo ideas for example ....Text Variety of fontsBackgrounds Cool backgrounds ,tumblr backgrounds, colors andcool patternsCrop Cut unwanted tumblr backgrounds from your favouritepictures.Filters water filters , special effects to enhance yourpicturesHigh Definition Save high definition HD photos to yourphone’s galleryMany photo booth sources take pictures from your camera orupload it from your galleryShare Share the collages you create with friends andfamily.Stickers Bumper stickers with lovely art print.Art Print Create Artistic pictures that look like a fine artprint board.Modify You can do your best photo editing after saving atany time you want .The photobooth Gallery of this our application has also :SOME SPECIAL FEATURES:- Nearly 150 grid frames with style square frames in differentaspect ratio- Simple and Photo editor free to edit your custom made photoeasily- One-tap auto enhance- Adjust contrast, brightness, color temperature andsaturation- Crop, rotate, and straighten your art photo- Color balance- Special photo stickers and many photo frames- Cute camera special effects- Color Splash- Color temperature (“Warmth”)- Sharpen and blure- Focus (Tilt Shift)- Draw and add text- Invent your own funny memes or photobooth pictures- Share on social network like Instagram , Facebook ,Whatssap- Cosmetic tips: removered-eyeandblemishes,whitening of theteeth---- > Download Photo Power, the best photo editing aplikasiand be sure you are choose the best one for making funny and cuteart photos for your gallery.
Make up Power 1 APK
Who needs Photoshop when you can edit yourown photos on your Smartphone with the best and the simplestapplication of virtual make-up around the world ?>WHY DO I CHOOSE MAKE-UP POWERLook more attractive, flawless or even glamorous on your selfiesand get beautiful portraits with Make-up Power, Become the star youalways wanted to look like, use Make up Power! Make up Power letsyou enjoy capturing and creating magazine-quality pictorials!How is that possible? Make up Power has most advanced tools andbeauty supply to make up your face in photos and turn them intoawesome faces.Make up Power allow adding the effect of a professional make-upand a correction of the tone of the skin on your face. To look HOT!This special tool helps you to get rid of buttons, of dark zonesaround eyes and around unhealthy skin.HOW TO USE ITJust 3 steps to make it perfect:1 - Take a new photo or select one from your gallery which youwant to make up using the best makeup tool,2 - Select the makeup that you want to apply to your phot,3 - Then create the best looking selfie photos using Make up Powerand get celebrities look as if your make up is done byprofessionals!WHAT IF..Need to solve the problems of the skin on the photo? You suffer oftoo many imperfection on your face? Say no more, Make up Power isthe best makeup application that will help you going to make itfast and almost as a pro! Your photos are going to be justperfected! More, with Make-up Power you can share your new lookswith your friends via Facebook, instragram or even whatsup isn’t itawesome?BACK TO REALITYOf course, cosmetic products cannot ever speak ;) But there ismagic of another sort! Discover MAKEUP POWER app that will enhancea face retouch in a photo with the wave of a magic wand, Justselect a portrait photo from your Samsung mobile or make a shotwith your camera and let the app do the rest.It-s just like in Makeup SALON , that applies eye and skinmakeup, removes wrinkles and oily glare, whitens the teeth andperforms smart color correction in seconds. Besides, itautomatically removes red eye, if necessary. You don't have tolearn to use complicated software like Photoshop to retouch yourphotos!FEATURES AT A GLANCE* Fully automatic face retouch* Skin makeup (skin smoothing, including removal of face shine,imperfections and wrinkles)* Eye makeup* Red eye removal* Teeth whitening* Beauty supply* Color enhancement* In case there are several faces in a photo, all of them getenhanced!* Awesome artistic effects* Easy sharing and savingWHAT'S MORE?After automatic enhancement has been performed, you can compare thebefore and after photos to evaluate the changes and see faceretouch. Meticulous users can tweak the settings (exclude someoptions they think unnecessary). What's more, you can apply variousartistic effects to your retouched photos to make them look moreappealing. Use 'Retro Sepia' and 'Black & White' effects tovintage your photos. Also try awesome background effects for a bitof a festive look. Finally, share your enhanced photos with theworld via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail or save it to your photoalbum.Make up Power is the best way to look marvelous on photos. Solet your smartphone be your makeup salon and LOOK PRETTY ! AndWHAT IF.. everybody enhanced their portraits with thisBeauty Supply Application, how beautiful the web world couldbe!