1.2.3 / January 15, 2018
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Super Grannies are coming!Run! Jump! Go far as you can!Collectcoins and get adorable grannies!

App Information Super Grannies

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    Super Grannies
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  • Updated
    January 15, 2018
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    Amateral Inc.
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    1-29-3-402 Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0044 Japan
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ちょーっと、ばあちゃんの話きいてかないかねぇ?? 埼玉の名物っつったら、おせんべーだぃねぇ 3秒焼いたら、ひっくりかえすまた3秒焼いたら、ひっくりかえす 5回ひっくりかえしたら、おせんべの出来上がり♪ ばーちゃんといっしょに、うまいおせんべ焼くんべ!!********* ・埼玉出身の開発者が真心込めてつくったアプリです。・本物のお煎餅が焼きたくなった方は、草加市に焼き方を教えてくれるところがあるので是非いってみて下さいね。・埼玉の方もそうでない方も、応援よろしくお願いします。 Innovation Cho, and ?? Hey Ika or notheard the story of Grandma After hanging Tsu specialties inSaitama, pollution Veda ~Ine Once baked 3 seconds, turn over Also,if you bake 3 seconds, turn over Once turned over 5 times, ♪finished of all pollution Along with bar-chan, good at yourpreaching Yakunbe! ********* · It is an application that madedevelopers Saitama born cordially. · If you wanted baked ricecrackers is real, but please try to say by all means because thereis a place that tells us how to bake in Soka. • Even those whoSaitama also not, thank you support.
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■あそびかた ・画面を上になぞる → 長いジャンプ ・画面を下になぞる → 短いジャンプ ・画面を左になぞる → 左に移動・画面を右になぞる → 右に移動 ■ルール ビルの谷間に落ちたり障害物に当たったらゲームオーバー。 どれだけ遠くまで走れるか競おう!走るスピードはだんだん早くなるから要注意! ■コツ ビルの谷間は【長いジャンプ】で越えられるよ。単発の障害物は【短いジャンプ】が便利だよ。 2つのジャンプをうまく使い分けるのが最大のコツ! ■ほそくコインはドンドン集めよう!500枚で1プレイにつき1回だけコンティニューできるよ! 今後アップデートでコイン交換アイテムを追加予定!※対応機種:うごいたやつ! ■ How to play -Trace on the screen → long jump · →short jump of tracing down the screen • The move to the left →trace the screen to the left • The move tracing to the right screento the right → ■ Rule Once the game is over hit an obstacle or fallin the valley of the building. Let's to compete or can run up tohow far! careful running speed because faster gradually! ■ TipsValley of the building is topped by [long jump]. [Short] jump ishandy obstacles one-shot. Tips of the largest of selectively usedsuccessfully two jumps! ■ capture Collect more and more coins! Youcan continue only once per play with 500 sheets! Add scheduled tocoin exchange items in future updates! ※ Compatible models: guy whoran!
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スタミナ制じゃないから好きなだけ遊べる!簡単操作の本格ロールプレイングゲームが登場!勇者を待ち受ける衝撃の結末を、君は最後まで見届けることができるか…魔王退治のクエストが今はじまる!手軽に遊べる王道ファンタジーRPG!当アプリは下記サイトのフリー素材を一部改変のうえ使用させていただきました。厚く御礼申し上げます。画像素材:ぴぽや様/臼井の会様/尾羽の小屋様BGM素材:魔王魂様Asmuch as you like because not a stamina system play!Full-scalerole-playing game of easy operation appeared!Or the outcome of theshock that awaits a hero, you can see through ...It begins quest ofSatan extermination is now!The easy play royal road fantasyRPG!This app we were after to use of some modification of the freematerial of the following site. Thick Thank you.Image Material:Pipoya like / Usui Kai like / tail feathers of the hut-likeBGMMaterial: devil soul like
Super Grannies 1.2.3 APK
Amateral Inc.
Super Grannies are coming!Run! Jump! Go far as you can!Collectcoins and get adorable grannies!