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Jungle adventure island is a classic adventure carryinganexploration into your childhood. super hero fighting gameswithjumping gameplay, running and destroying enemies on thisstunningJungle.HOW TO PLAY+ select character hero+ Use the buttonsto jump,move, shoot.+ Collect coins.+ Run to the end of the map toskip thelevel.FEATURES+ Easy, intuitive control.+ 4 character hero+Freegames, no need to buy+ Suitable for all ages.

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    Super Hero Fighting Games
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    March 29, 2018
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Play Animals One Touch Soccer Game - have fun with fast arcadegameplay, simple controls and unique art style. Tap and swipe toaim, pass the ball between players - be precise! Tap as fast as youcan to defend.It's very easy to play this game (but, it's not easyto complete it!). Just tap the screen at the right moment to kickthe ball straight. If you press the screen and move right or left,you can adjust swerve (it's often needed to avoid the opponent).And - that's it!
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Christmas Match 3 is a fresh new experience that you won't findanywhere else! If you are bored with sagas, quests, adventures andeverything in-between but love a good matching free game, THIS isfor YOU!So you think you can do this? Try it today for FREE and seeif you can match 3 your way through the challenging puzzles ofChristmas Match 3!::: How to play :::1. Match cute icon three ormore same picture.2. Achieve the target points to level up.3. Don'trush! but time limit!
Animals picture for boy and girls 1.0.1 APK
Solve the Animals picture for boy and girls by dragging anddropping the image tiles. You can choose between different puzzlesizes and there are lots of images with different difficultiesavailable.This Free jigsaw like puzzle game helps your kids developmatching, tactile and fine motor skills while playing 30 differentAnimals Puzzles - horse, cow, pig, sheep, duck, chicken, donkey,dog and cat, bee, butterfly, mouse, monkey, penguin, frog. It is afun and educational learning game for preschool children andtoddlers including those with autism.
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Jungle adventure island is a classic adventure carryinganexploration into your childhood. super hero fighting gameswithjumping gameplay, running and destroying enemies on thisstunningJungle.HOW TO PLAY+ select character hero+ Use the buttonsto jump,move, shoot.+ Collect coins.+ Run to the end of the map toskip thelevel.FEATURES+ Easy, intuitive control.+ 4 character hero+Freegames, no need to buy+ Suitable for all ages.
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This is an educational app to help your learn the alphabet usingflash cards!Let’s your child enjoy learning to spelling EnglishAlphabet Dinosaur A to Z. Learn to practice correct pronunciationand know a vocabulary of an Dinosaur animal with a colorfulDinosaur picture. Start your education today with ABC AnimalsDinosaur Shadow Puzzle with Coloring Book Free Pages.This Appincludes 5 games:1.ABC Flashcards Puzzle provides kids the best wayto get started learning the alphabet, which contains a total of 26letters of the alphabet, each word card are voice-enabled, andrelated phrases and pictures to enhance kids interest inlearning.2.coloring book animals pageAllow your child to expresstheir artistic abilities with Animals Coloring Book. With over 45cute and simple images your child will enjoy this activity atlength. Large color pallet allows for easy color selection andencourages creativity. While there are no mistakes in coloring, ifyou choose to make and changes simply click on the eraser featureto make any changes or remove and imperfections . Promote hand eyecoordination through fun coloring pages.3. big jigsaw puzzleInShadow Puzzle, the children complete the game by matching the realimage of an object with its shadow image.There are many puzzlesconsisting of the vehicles, farm animals, ocean animals, fruits andshapes in the game.Once the game is completed successfully, a miniballoon popping game comes at the end of each section.Shadow Puzzlefor Kids is very useful for toddlers, kindergarten and preschoolkids.It has been carefully designed and developed for the preschoolkids at the ages of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.4. basic englishvocabularyLearn the basics of English with this FREE app. This appwill help you learn English from the beginning in an easy step bystep way. Once you complete this course, you will be able to speakand understand the English language at a basic level.Even thoughthe lessons are all in English, it is easy to learn because we donot use explanation to teach English. Instead, we use images, audiofiles, and helpful recording features in an organized step by stepmanner to make sure everyone can learn basic English. If you knowat least the English alphabet, then this program can really helpyou learn English.5.easy spelling wordsSpelling Learning for Kidsgame is to spell english words and it will teach how toread,write,spell and pronounce words for three year oldkindergarten. Spelling Learning for Kids Educational game includebasic English words likeanimals,birds,vehicles,objects,colors,numbers, shapes etc.SpellingLearning for Kids is best game for first,second and third gradechildren to learn English alphabets words , phonics pronunciationwith Montessori learning method by match the alphabets of words.this game increase difficulty depending on your child age andknowledge so any age of child can learn spelling dictionary withfun.
Memory Games For Elderly 1.0.0 APK
Memory Games For Elderly :There are so many picture here.Howtoplay-8 different game levels-find all matched cards-colorfulimagesof objects to be easily
easy english vocabulary games 1.0.0 APK
Easy English vocabulary Games is an application for childrentolearn English vocabulary in a fun way.Learn English for Kids isafree educational application for kids, children and starterstolearn basic English words in a fun way Kids English vocabularyisan application for children to learn English vocabulary in afunway. Kids just have to go through the finger pictures that comeoutevery photo in high resolution is the text of the word anditssound to pronounce all the vocabulary of English.This appincludes6 games1.abc quiz game Find all the hidden words for eachword.Thisgame will improve your vocabulary, concentration andspellingskills.FEATURES- A fun way to memories and learn Englishwords andthe alphabet or ABC- Discover hidden words by combiningletters-Improve your vocabulary skills and your concentration-Simple andEasy game-Vocabulary has words from different categorieslike:animals, fruits and vegetables.2.animal dot to dot - connectdots -There are 4 categories. Connect the Dots is a game designedtoteach your kids to recognize and pronounce numbers, alphabetsandanimal names. Fun and easy, watch your kids hand–eyecoordinationskills improve as they tap on the dots or connect thedots byfinger-drag drawing. The numbers or alphabets are pronouncedasthey connect the dots in the sequence. Kids will also learntocount numbers or alphabets in the process. Watch theirexcitementwhen they successfully reveal the hidden animal uponconnect alldots.3.abc tracing for kindergarten - alphabet tracingabc tracingfor kindergarten - alphabet tracing is the besteducational app fortoddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners tolearn tracinguppercase alphabets from A-Z. It also helps yourchildren to learnphonics and popular first words that eventuallyhelp in improvingtheir speech skills4. animated toddler puzzles-beautiful puzzlePuzzle Kids takes learning seriously with aselection of drag anddrop object puzzles designed especially forchildren. Eachmini-game challenges your child to locate andmanipulate shapes,solve jigsaw puzzles, and recognize how shapesfit into a largerpicture, all with a colorful and easy to useinterface that’sperfect for tiny hands. Any toddler, kindergarteneror preschoolercan have fun with Puzzle Kids.5.matching games forkindergartenKidswill enjoy this simple and funny matching game.Matching picturesgives children the opportunity to notice aspecific element of apicture like color, shape, and itspurpose.Often children noticethe color of objects or drawings anduse that to identify details.In this game, your child will alsomemorize the shape or thelogical connection of each picture to findits match. This skillwill be very useful when kids are trying tolearn to identifyletters, numbers, or shapes, since formation, andnot color, willbe the distinguishing feature. This is a very goodexercise toimprove child memory skills. Encourage your kid tostudy.6.englishpractice prepositions- 1st grade learning gamesPreposition Masteris a fun and educational game for kids andEnglish languagestudents of all ages who want to learn and improvetheir languageskills in a more entertaining way.