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Let's play the most exhilarating and electrifying game of theseason. Indulge yourself with dangerous and deadly quest againstterrorist, gangster and shadow mafia robbers in super hero. Its anaction and fun packed game. If you are looking for something newand astonishing game play, It's a right place for you. It's a timeto become real war hero. Are you ready to show your surpriseattacks with sneaky tricks against your ultimate rivals mafiaagents. It's time to be real super hero. Crime rate is growing inthe city and the situation is totally off the control for theMetropolitan Police. This time your city will become a war-headzone. Don’t let the underworld killers rule the streets. Being asuper hero, its your turn to show all your epic power and marvelousstrategy to protect the people and whole world. Use incrediblefighting skills and precise shooting proficiency to eliminate crimebattle. And become the most courageous and fearless war hero. Torescue the injured citizens from the city crime battle and fightwith gangsters is not an easy duty. Answer the call of the injured& rescue them! They call to you because they believe in yourmutant super hero strange powers & they know you will doanything to perform your duty. They look up to you as their superhero. Only you can help the military army save your country &city so help them whole heatedly to win this crime battle againstthe enemy terrorist forces, crime gangster & with the help ofyour super hero mutant strange super power rescue every injuredfrom the frontline. Life of an amazing super hero flying from onebuilding to another, rescue civilians and fighting with crime andwinning the city battle ,is a true hero thriller. The flying supersimulator gives you a complete action experience of city battleunseen in some strange hero games. Transform into super flyinglegend and Show the villains and mafia who's a superhero. Superhero is all about survival. Making a safe rescue of citizens fromthe criminals, villains & gangsters squad in mission.To rescuethe injured citizen from the war zone super hero need to show somemutant power and maneuvering strategy. Begin a desperate survivalmission to stand among the living in this bold adventure survivalgame. Save the humans on earth in the art of rescue. Fly around ingrand city with super hero vigilant power and rescue the kids andgirls from a burning sky scrapper, natural calamities and badly hitby car, truck or buss in futuristic rescue game. Super HeroFighting FEATURES : * Rescue people. * Defend the Battle City. *Incredible Hero abilities: sticking wall to wall, flying, throwingweb. * Fantastically exhilarating game play! * Multiple mission andgangster to fight with * Amazing 3D environment Download Now SuperHero Fighting Incredible Crime Battle and have fun. Thanks..!!!

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    Super Hero Fighting Incredible Crime Battle
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    February 11, 2020
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Action Action Games
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    135, Avtorkhanov st Grozny Chechen republic Russia
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One is a professional hunter when hunting wild jungle animals as anamateur killer of wild beasts. A real hunting and shooting gamewith sniper and assault guns that you might not get in your reallife. Player of this game experience a real hunting experience as ahunter in jungle with out the risk of their life. As a hunter witha special sniper and assault guns and pistols to shoot wild jungleanimals. You can kill bear, lion, stag, goat, and wolf right nowbut in next versions you will be able to kill more animals. So holdyour sniper and be patient. While hunting lion, bear and wolf beaware, they will attack on you and if you will not hurry thesebeasts will take no you to kill you and resulting in game over. Thetarget of sniping running animals is a little challenging. So useyour shooting skills to kill these animals before they attack. Youhave to complete the level by just hunting the animals that youhave in the description panel to hunt. Have a lifetime real junglehunting and sniper plus assault guns shooting action adventure....!FEATURES: - Real 3D Graphics. - Game Play is simple yetentertaining. - Easy To Control - An ultimate hunting action. -Multi-touch enabled. - No connectivity required while playing.
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If you are looking for hunting games that has huge game collectionswith stunning and spectacular graphics, then your search is over.Here you can do the all animal hunting in a Jungle. Then downloadand play Jungle Kill Shot at Google Play Store for your androiddevice. Hunting is the practice of killing or trapping any animal,or pursuing it with the intent of doing so. Hunting wildlife orferal animals is most commonly done by humans for food, recreation,or trade. In present-day use, lawful hunting is distinguished frompoaching, which the illegal is killing, trapping or capture of thehunted species. The species that are hunted are referred to as gameand are usually mammals and birds. So, you can do your favoritehunting after playing this game of the different animals like Lion,Deer, Beer, Zebras, Duck, Dinosaur, Wolf, and Bow with your weaponfor fun and excitement and can share it with your best friends.Feeland imagine, you are alone on a large strip of jungle land withhills and bushes around, bursting with dangerous wild animals, hellbent on attacking you, your property and your farm bred animals.It’s a survival game with multiple levels with more in the upcomingupdates. The jungle is lush green, but the night is scary, joinedwith the primal terror of the wild beasts like wild boars and bigbrown grizzly bears which is an essential component to authenticsurvival games. Game Features:• Excellent real look 3D environment•Vibrant, gorgeous, best-in-class 3D graphics• Efficient weaponcontrol • Efficient navigation control• Walking and moving aroundfunctionality• Radar Display• Life of hunter and object display•Challenging First-person shooter• Top Addictive animal huntinggame• Movie Quality sound effects and sound track• Easy GUI andcontrols• Beautiful Jungle with mountain and bushes aroundHow toPlay:• Move left and right with navigation buttons• Walk ahead andback with right side navigation button• Zoom in the scope buttonwhen you want to shoot with accuracy• Click the bullet button tofire• Once you killed the animal, move around and walk towardsnext• Kill all of them one by one within the time frame provided•Accuracy of navigation and fire will bring better resultDownloadand Play “Jungle Kill Shot4” and don’t forget to give your valuablefeedback and suggestions for the improvement. We are continuouslyupdate the game.
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Heavy Traffic RacerShort Description:Best Car Racing, take a long drive with awesome vehicles at highwaytrack.Description:Let’s race on the highway and over taking the heavy traffic in 3dHeavy Traffic Racer game which you can download free from GooglePlay Store for your android device. If you are a best car racerthen you must feel the thrill take the challenge of highway trafficand avoid to hit your car with other highway traffic cars.Car racing (also known as auto racing, motor racingor automobileracing) is a sport involving the racing of automobiles forcompetition. The main aim of an individual event is to drive thecar as fast as possible and win the competition. Car racing is themost famous hobby in the world. Sport car racing is a form ofcircuit auto racing with sports car that have two seats andenclosed wheels. The prestige of storied marques such asBMW,Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, Maserati, AlfaRomeo,Lancia, Jaguar, and Aston Martin is built in part uponsuccess in sports car racing and the World Sports car Championship.So you must feel the thrill of car racing and enjoy the top worldclass manufactured cars and have fun while playingHeavy TrafficRacer.Heavy Traffic Racer is top free car racing game where you driveyour car with highway traffic, collect coins, magnetic shield toearn points and unlock new cars to enjoy the fast paced heavytraffic track.Heavy Traffic Racer = Fast Car Racing + Highway Traffic Racer +Endless RacingHeavy Traffic Racer is a high impact endless car racing game whereyou drive your car with highway traffic and city traffic, putbehind the wheel of crazy vehicles and avoid to hit with them. Earncash to unlock and drive the others fast and furious cars to playat extreme traffic racer track. During game play you need to avoidto hit with the other heavy traffic like Cars, Trucks, Trawlers,School Bus, Ambulance and Heavily Armored School Bus.How to Play:• Left & Right button to control the steer.• Auto accelerate which makes the game attractive.• Touch break button to slow down.Key Features:• Cool 3d Graphics with Realistic Car Physics.• Endless highway road with fast traffic cars.• Smooth and realistic car handling.• High speed arcade racing with tilt controls.• Stunning and fabulous fast paced 3d visuals.• Multiple Cars to Play.• Action packed gameplay.Download & enjoy the “Heavy Traffic Racer” game and don’tforget to give your valuable suggestions and comments to improveour game.
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Do you love Deer shooting games and hunting in the jungle? Getready for a treat as we are about to bring you hunting in the greatwilderness! We will take you across the world where you will huntin the grassy alaskan mountains, and lush green forests. Use yourhigh powered fire power to take down Deer’s.You will hunt deer’sbut can also hunt the different wildlife that is around the forest.Earn great rewards for completing the levels which you can use topurchase more weapons and unlock the different seasons. Go on andtake a shot at the animals; you will be rewarded handsomely and soyou can take home the exotic deer trophy! The Deer hunting willtake your breath away! Flowing rivers in the jungle and animals allfor your taking if all you love is Deer shooting games! Game Play:-As being a Hunter you have to Hunt deer’s within the time in eachlevel. You are equipped with Pistol, assault and Sniper gun and,you have to hunt deer with your accurate firing tactics. If youmiss your fire, it will alert the Deer’s and they will run away.You have to kill the running deer if you want to complete yourmission even after missing your fire. To hunt deer’s within timeand complete the missions, you need best and accurate firingskills, focus on the object, make a quick and sharp decision inthis action game. Here is Deer Hunting in jungle game with real 3Dgraphics of jungle environment. The game is developed consideringthe most popular and addictive hobby of hunting Deer’s. If you haveever been a hunter or shooter using Pistol, Assault and sniperrifles, it will really relax your mind if you achieve yourobjective in hunting. Download for free from Android Play store andhave fun. Deer Hunting in Jungle Game FEATURES:- - Action packedmissions in the jungle full of wild animals- First Person Shooting-Radar system to indicate Deer’s positions.- 3 different seasons tochoose from- Pistol, Assault rifles and Sniper rifles!- Firepowerwhen you most need it- Hunt not just Deer’s, but many animals inthe forest in different levels!- Stand in awe at the beautifullyrendered scenery in multiple weather seasons!This game has IN-APPpurchases. Though you can play the game without purchasing items;they increase your experience of the game many folds.Enjoy DeerHunting in Jungle 3D Game,..!Your suggestion would be our greatpleasure for the improvement of the games features time to time.
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Be an Incredible Big Man Fighting Hero in City Battle to fight aslegend hero - what should you do if your city had been attacked bymost dangerous criminals and mafia? Get ready for the battleagainst criminals and mafia. You play as a big man 3d game withamazing power skills where Monster Hero fights and catch thegangsters, drug dealers, mafia, and criminals. Your Incredible BigMan Monster Super Hero Fighting with special powers fordestruction. Only you will be able to protect civilians and savethe vice city. Use all your fighting skills with fantastic powerand strategy. Become a defender of the law and defend the commonpeople. Crush and smash everything in its path and become anIncredible Big Man Hero. Just like a big man superhero games.Wouldyou be able to defeat these super villains in super city big bulksuper hero games? Remember, your enemies are mortal. It is a newIncredible Monster Big Man Fighting Hero game where Champion is thecause for justice and your future.Monster Hero has special powersfor destruction. The only Hero will be able to save the city fromgoons and another street mobster. Use all your crazy acrobaticfighting styles and tactical moves with fantastic power andmaneuvering strategy to protect civilians from the wrath of thegangster. Feel the thrill of being a powerful beast. Destroy andsmash everything that comes in your way. Become the most courageousand fearless superhero. Survival of the city is now in superhero'shand.Being a protector of a survival city is not an easy task tohandle. You need to fight with fearless courage and self-esteem. Inthis incredible superhero monster game, you need to get the maximumpoint to unlock other monsters. This game will give youoverwhelming experience to overcome adrenaline rush. This game aunique combination of realistic physics with astonishing 3Dgraphics. Game Play:Let’s experience the one and only theIncredible Monster Super Hero against criminals, in this amazingaction and fighting game. It’s time for you to finish the them byusing your unlimited powers and become a true unbelievablesuperhero 3d game against gun shooters, criminals and citygangsters in Incredible Monster Big Man Fighting Hero Game. Playand reveal how you can handle your fists and your skills inincredible monster big superhero fighting games 3d 2017. Be an Epicfighter and counter the enemy attacks, but do not tolerate therivals to strike back. Get ready to test your fighting skills inthis futuristic big man 3d fighting game.Big Man Hero saves peopleand city. The strange monster superhero run legend is known for itssupernatural powers and is ready to hit the road to take down thebad guys. Incredible Monster Game Features:- Realistic Physics andanimations.- Pick the cars and throw them miles away.- Jump high tocover the larger distances.- Run fast to hit your enemies hard.-Use heavy single and double punches and crack the grounds.- Superfight with various combination of strokes.- Fight against bad guysin this amazing action game.- Fun and easy control while you areplaying.- Exciting missions is waiting for you.This is new episodeof Incredible Monster Big Man Fighting Hero you will take on themost dangerous villains and monsters. Be a legendary warrior, atrue super hero against criminals and gangster in final citybattle. Counter the enemy attacks but do not allow the enemy tocounter yours or strike back. Finally, you will stop all the crimesin city. Play in single game modes, put yourself to the test andsee how far you can go! We’ll appreciate your feedback & rating:)Please contact us, if you have any suggestions for the game.We'll try our best to improve the game play to provide you thebest.
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In "Jungle survival Challenge 3D" game, you are alone on a largeswathe of jungle land with hills and bushes around, bursting withdangerous wild animals, hell bent on attacking you, your propertyand your farm bred animals. it's a survival game with multiplelevels with more in the pipeline. It's punishing. The jungle islush, but the night is scary, coupled with the primal terror of thewild beasts like wild boars and big brown grizzly bears which is anessential component to authentic survival games. "Jungle SurvivalChallenge" is anchored by a third-person adventure that puts you inthe shoes of a rowdy rancher who owns a piece of land in a vastwilderness and must find a way to survive amid animal predators andhostile terrain. You are pitched against bears and boars with yourold trusty hunting rifle defending your house and your domesticanimals. You aim and you shoot, optionally using a rifle mountedscope to make the task easier.Features: - Excellent real look 3Denvironment - Vibrant, gorgeous, best-in-class 3D graphics -Efficient weapon control - Efficient navigation control- Walkingand moving around functionality- Radar Display - Life of hunter andobject display- Challenging First-person shooter - Top Addictiveanimal hunting game- Movie Quality sound effects and sound track-Easy GUI and controls- Beautiful Jungle with mountain and bushesaround.How to Play: - Move left and right with navigation buttons-Walk ahead and back with right side navigation button- Zoom in thescope button when you want to shoot with accuracy- Click the bulletbutton to fire - Once you killed the animal, move around and walktowards next- Kill all of them one by one within the time frameprovided. - Accuracy of navigation and fire will bring betterresult.
Agent Wars 1.0 APK
Agent Wars is one of the best 3D First Person(FPS) action and shooter game available for your android device atGoogle Play Store.Your Mission is to Eliminate all the enemy camps based in hiddenlocations so thatthey can not put a threat to your country.Infiltrate the base camps and kill all the enemy. You are AgentAgent Wars so prove you potentials and go out there and kill themall. Save your country show how much passion and patriotism yougot.How to Play:• You can see the enemies' number on the screen to shoot and bringthem down.• You have to clear the base one by one small missions.• Use your pistol and shot gun as per your convenience.• The enemies have strong communication system to alerteachother.• Try to hide yourself much as possible, once you have seen someone, do not give a moment to escape.• Left half of the display is to move forward, backward or left andright.• Right half of the display to view around.• Shoot with fire button and zoom to aim better.Game Features:• Best ever real 3D environment or military camp andsoldiers.• Easy and friendly user interface.• Multiple weapons like pistol and shot gun.• Real sounds with nice music.• Free action game with multiple missions.• Offline play support.Download and enjoy the Agent Wars and do not forget to give yourvaluable comments and suggestions to Improve this game. Remember,the game is just for fun and there is no objective to Promote theviolation, or offense. Let's just enjoy and fun.
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Convoy Strike Bazooka is top free action and real shooting gamewhich is available at Google Play Store for your Android Devicewhich you will play with alone or share it with your bestfriends.Bazooka is the common name for a man-portable recoillessantitank rocket launcher weapon, widely fielded by the UnitedStates Army. Also referred to as the "Stovepipe", the innovativebazooka was among the first generation of rocket-propelledanti-tank weapons used in infantry combat. Featuring a solid rocketmotor for propulsion, it allowed for high-explosive anti-tank(HEAT) warheads to be delivered against armored vehicles, machinegun nests, and fortified bunkers at ranges beyond that of astandard thrown grenade or mine. The bazooka also fired a HESHround, effective against buildings and tank armor. The universallyapplied nickname arose from the M1 variant's vague resemblance tothe musical instrument called a “bazooka” invented and popularizedby 1930s U.S. comedian Bob Burns. During the World War II, Germanarmored forces captured several bazookas in early North African andEastern Front encounters and soon reverse engineered their ownversion. Convoy Strike Bazooka = Summoners war battled field+ sharpshooting + commando shooterIn Convoy Strike Bazooka feel theconceptualization of the Word War where you serve for your countryagainst enemies and forces on the way of attacking on yours armyheadquarter. This is the real game of war in which you can strike,shooting and kill the monsters vehicles and Jeeps which convoy andtransport the ammunition to enemy base. You have assigned a missionas top army commando to kill and destroy the enemy army convoyambush. You act as a one man army who needs to survive in thisbattle and complete the country army mission. You have equippedwith the latest army weapons like Bazooka, Mini Gun, RocketLauncher, Air-Striker and Ammunition to destroy your rivals andopponents, save and survive himself from the brutal enemyattack.Game Features:• Beautiful realistic 3d battlefield • Modernarmy weapons• 3D and HD Graphics• Strategic gameplay• Furious,breakneck commando shooting and striking Summoners war game• Armorsand Shells to protect your self • Air striker help• Real soundeffects• Good control of the weapons• Level oriented game• Accuracyof navigation and fire will bring better resultHow to play:• Hitshoot button to kill enemy• Swipe to adjust the playing screen•User zoom/camera button to closer lookDownload and Play “ConvoyStrike Bazooka” and don’t forget to give your valuable feedback andsuggestions for the improvement. We are continuously update thegame.