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Are you ready to be a superhero cop? Ready to be part of realsuperhero fighting games? Super Hero Flying Spider hero is abouthero legends and superhero adventures. This Grand City RescueMission game is about the flying Spider heroics. Super Hero flyingSpider is a legendary hero who fights with the gangsters wanderingaround in the city. You will be living in a cop city. Super Herowill be given the secret missions for future fights. Mafia CrimeLords will order for shooting assassins, stealing cars killing yourgirlfriend, beach girls, saints and other gangs enemies. AdventureSuper Hero will have to find them and kill them before they do anyharm to the city and to the people of the city. The flying herowill have to have a survival fight with the gangsters. This is nodifferent from the superheroes except that it is the spider world.It is an amazing action simulator where you will experience realflying adventure around the battlefield as a flying robot steelhero legend. It has many rescue missions and as a true militarysuperhero, you have to save your war heroes injured during thebattle with terrorists and criminals. This Grand City RescueMission has the car driving chase. The 3D hero is an undercoveragent and the police are unaware of its being an undercover agent.If by mistake this brave hero kills anyone who was not required tobe killed, the cob chase will be on. This makes this as an angryspider. The superhero flying spider grand city rescue mission isfrom the clan of flying heroes. It is his rescue duty to save othervillagers and heroes and save them from the villains. Punch them,kick them fight them and act as a savior. The city would be calledas a survival city. The flight thrills have never been so crazy. Bea true Military Army hero by flying over gun shooting action filledwar zone to rescue your fellow injured military army soldiercommandos in this thrilling iron or steel mech army rescue robotgame. In the futuristic battle of machines, the rescue mission isassigned to the flying robots and to restore peace. Be the policerobot and fight against the terrorist agencies, capture the bankrobbers performing heist and put the prisoners in Jail. Superheroanimal rescue is an exclusive blend of US Army superhero rescuegames, flying hero games, superhero adventure & super powergames. This is the best rescue game. He is a one-man army and itsarmy rescue mission to save the city. Super Hero Flying Spider madeit look very epic and easy. You will earn coins for killings justlike in real. You will be like city saviors who will be responsiblefor beating the top crimes and war rescues. Whole empire city wouldbe converted to the criminal city and gang city in the game butthen comes the amazing spider and converts it all over back to theoriginal state. 3D action game enables the user to have lots ofreal-time animations and intuitive controls. There is somehowsecret chor police thing in the game. Super hero flying Spider:Grand City Rescue Mission is about following the mission statement.In some mission you are being asked to go on to some particularplace and using extreme guns kills the gangsters of other gangs.Killing people has never been so crazy. Super Hero Flying Spider:Grand City Rescue Mission is absolutely free on play store and isamongst the best city police vs street crime games 2018 Followingare the features of the game:1. Extreme awesome interestingmissions2. Superb 3D environment which awesome graphics3. Intuitiveand easy controls and gameplay4. Superb Kick, Punch, Kill, attack,Fire and run animations5. Sensational sound effects

App Information Super Hero Flying Spider-Grand City Rescue Mission

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    Super Hero Flying Spider-Grand City Rescue Mission
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    July 14, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Logix Tech
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    Office # 603 6th Floor Al-Qadeer Heights, Lahore Pakistan
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The US city and innocent people lives are in your hands. The headof rescue firefighters gave you a duty to become an amazing USsuperhero Firefighter rescue hero truck driver, save USA lives andrescue city buildings.Are you hearing the fire alarm? Hurry Up!Drive your 911 firefighter rescue truck to save people's lives!Jump into the US City Firefighter Hero: Rescue Truck SimulatorGame, it is about driving rescue truck in a modern US city, andthen full duty driver fire truck lite rescuing innocent people fromthe fire with fire brigade’s truck. Drive your emergency firebrigade truck fast and save pets, stop water and gas leaks,Electric short circuit and complete many other dangerous rescuemissions, all within a 2017 attractive 3D gorgeous urbanenvironment! The futuristic city is under flames and your duty isto rescue people lives like rescue 911. Use your siren to awareeveryone about the disaster. You are superhero firefighter rescuetruck driver of this futuristic city. Rush to the scene and put outthe blaze. You have to reach the fire and get control on it as soonas possible with the fire brigade. This US 911 firefighter trucksimulation must be for you and your kids! Exercise caution at alltime fire truck 3D parking. It is the best US Firefighter 2017rescue truck driving game & serves your city, town and yourpublic, with this ultimate fire truck simulator 3d game. Well, youhave got your chance because US Firefighter truck will give you theopportunity becoming a superhero rescue truck driver throughdifferent parts of the city and rescue people. Be a superheroFirefighter rescue truck driver and fight with fire at differentlocations. It is a challenge to rescue the US citizen andextinguish the fire from the truck. Look for buildings on fire andhelp the people in danger. Test your speedy rescue truck drivingskills in one of the best simulator free game. Innocent peoplelives are in your hands. Fulfill your chance to become an amazingsuperhero US 911 Firefighter rescue truck driver & save livesand USA city. Children are learning with fire truck drivingsimulator mania how to save our world and nominated king of thefirefighter. Get into your fire truck and rescue innocent human’slives! Then get in your speeding fire truck! Fight hazardous fires.Be the town superhero. Show your bravery in this real grandsuperhero Firefighter rescue truck driver game is about driving ina modern crazy city, and then full duty driver fire truck literescuing innocent people with your fire brigade’s vehicle freegame. US grand superhero Firefighter rescue game includes brigadetruck driving, parking. Race through city roads with your team in aquick fashion. Evade traffic and keep pedestrians safe. Use yourparking skills to avoid clashing with city vehicles.US CityFirefighter Hero: Rescue Truck Superhero Game Features☆ NewFirefighting equipment☆Thrilling & dangerous rescue missions☆Easy Controls & Realistic gameplay☆ Awesome 3D US cityenvironment
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Xtreme Derby Demolition Arena is a car crash racing game. Crashinggame has never been so crazy. Xtreme Derby Demolition Arenaincludes the core concept of a demo derby and crashing withinitself. Demolition Derby games are fun to play. Demolition derbyracing includes the derby skills more than the racing skills. Areyou ready to enjoy demolition derby xtreme racing car death racing?Fasten your seat belt and sit tight to win demolition derby racing.Just hit hard & reckless all other derby cars, crash them anddestruction rivals derby drivers to crash them while damaging toyour own vehicle, hit hard again and again until you win alone atderby racing tracks. Drag other derby cars in addition push yourramp rivals off the track to win the car crash derby death race.Speed up your vintage car & truck and enjoy with amazing carcrash stunts. Demolition derby extreme car racing is an adventureand action packed vehicle destruction game, where your car drivingskills are tested to the extreme level with furious driving torecklessness. Xtreme car racing stunts arena challenge begins withan extra dose of amazing multiple vehicles driving and truckstunt.Xtreme Derby Demolition Arena also is about racing derby. Theracing arena is of two types in the game. Destruction derby andstock car crashing is being carried out in a stadium. One of themis filled with the mud for dirt racing and the other one is filledwith the nicely cut grass field. The demolition rebel cars doingcar wars or war racing and playing the crash derby. Derby Racing isabout destruction of the opponents car by qrash. These kind ofwhirpool car war games are amazing and entertaining at the sametime. The demo derby game awesome stock of cars e.g. bumper cars,smash cars and derby race cars. These multi cars are unleashedbased on the coins. The logic behind getting the coins is to playthe speedway derby. This is about races to death. Demolition racingstarts off minimum cars in the first level. Derby racing getcomplicated once it gets going in the levels. Destruction derbygames have always been a wild game. The crash derby is played bychasing after the opponent car e.g manobra and intentionally doingthe car accident. To destroy cars one have to be very skillful.Xtreme Derby Demolition Arena have monster cars at the end levels.It would be then crazy cars vs monsters. The crash of cars in thecrash arena is depicted by the health bar of your car. You have tobe careful in this car battles. This crash derby days or the stuntcar racing game is absolutely free on the play store and it isamongst the best destruction derby games. Enjoy it, play it andleave us a review. The extreme sports car stunts is here to giveyou the thrilling adventure of driving, drift and demolition derbyxtreme racing. The sports car driving on the racing tracks isnothing less than awesome. Drive monster jack in oppositedirections and crash enemy vehicles to be the last racer standingin car war zone.Following are the features of the game:1. There aretwo modes provided in the game2. Every mode have 10 levels. 3.Difficulty of the levels is handled w.r.t. the level number4.Awesome graphics and easy 3D controls5. Health bar is maintained inthe game play to make sure the player health.6. Awesome modernderby cars in the garage which are unleashed on the base of thecoins. 7. Superb Sounds used in the game
Car Parking Master 3D - Real Car Parking Mania 18 1.0 APK
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Car Parking Master 3D - Real Car Parking Mania 18 game is abackyard car parking simulator game of 2018. Car parking simulatoris absolutely free on Play store and is the best car parking game.There is no valet parking in this car parking master game. You haveto locate your car place by using vehicle parking tracker and itwill be driver job to park the car using parking skills in theparking lot. This is one heck of a classical car parking game. Ithas old cars, vintage car parking, classing car parking as well asthe car that is brand new, modern and stylish. This version of thecar parking simulator does not include the multi-storey carparking. The car parking zone has super parking directions, whichmakes the kind of real car parking 3D city. Use your car parkingskills in this car parking simulator game and park your car as drparking.Car Parking Master 3D - Real Car Parking Mania 18 game hasawesome car controls and big city environment. Car parkingsimulator has many modes for crazy car parking like speed carparking, prado parking simulator, luxury car parking, classical carparking and vintage car parking. There is no auto-park function inthe game as the driver needs manual car driving skills.Car parkinggame has never been socrazy and entertaining at the same time. Thatis somewhat performing parking stunts while avoiding cones andparking ticket in the crazy car parking lot. Real car parking gamehas many different cars to choose from the car selection menu andthen park the car at the desired parking lot. Parking fury in carparking simulator is performing like real car parking game. CarParking Master 3D - Real Car Parking Mania 18 has properly designeda parking lot for crazy car parking lovers. There would be manyother cars parked in the parking lot you need to park your car inthe parallel parking of other cars. Car Driver has to avoid hittingthe other cars in realistic car parking. Hit the car and get achance functionality embedded in the sports car parking game. Thecar parking simulator offers awesome camera views to make you feelcomfortable with the angles so that car driver can save its carhitting something and it would be like realistic car parking. CarParking Master 3D - Real Car Parking Mania 18 has many options tochoose cars from the sports car parking, luxury car parking, moderncar parking, pardo car parking, classical car parking, vintage carparking in this crazy car parking. Choose the best car for you anddrive carefully in the parking lot and park your smart car parkingin this parking fury game. Use vehicle parking tracker to locateyour parked car as there is no valet parking system in thisrealistic car parking. Go Crazy in Car parking, park your car inparking as overnight parking or drive your car at home for carparking. There is no road car parking allowed in the realistic carparking, so you have to drive the car after getting a drivingcertificate from driving academy and become dr driving and doctoron demand in this realistic car parking. Car Parking mania in carparking adventure game is just an excellent feature for vehicleparking tracker in this extreme parking 3d game. Car parkingadventure game has many built-in features like driving academy andparking frenzy to make the car parking game more exciting. Vehicleparking tracker is just another part of this crazy car parkingadventure. Download this classical car parking game and enjoy thecar parking adventureThe game offers following features in it:1. Anumber of exciting and challenging levels of car parking mania.2.Intuitive controls which have steering, brakes and gear box for thecar parking adventure3. Awesome real 3D looking graphics for carparking lot4. Extreme good cars which are unleashed after playingthrough the levels5. 6 Camera views in the game and vehicle parkingtracker system implemented.
Water Slide Real Adventure 3D Ride: Rush Racing 1.2 APK
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Are you ready to enjoy the best water slide real superhero game ofa highly equipped aqua adventurous park? This is going to be thebest water sliding game. Water Slide Real Adventure 3D Ride is oneheck of an uphill waterslide games. Water park sliding game hasbeen designed such that the player would get the feeling of ridinga fully funland fantasy roller coaster ride. This ultimateamusement Rush water game has never been so crazy. The water slidehas tricky bumps and extreme twists which makes this uphill rushwater racing game more exciting. The amazing real superhero race isa single run game. You would be sitting on your boat race. Thefasterslide functionality in the game may not give the user enoughtime to adjust its direction when landing into the pool. There ismountain swim pool in this uphill rush waterslide fantasy game.Waterslide extreme twists are like riding a roller coaster with youbeing upside down on the boat. There is fantasy Shark in thegameplay. The Jumpy frenzy has to avoid them in order to completethe level. This is no doubt a coaster frenzy version of this uphillslide game.Water Slide Real Adventure 3D Slide have tube tycoon inthe gameplay. There would be sports team cheering you up alongsidethe pools. There would be immense water splash when you would belanded into the pool. The pool Splash is so realistic to give areal taste of a water world 3D adventurer. The player wearing thebathing suit in the amusement big water Adventure Park have toavoid hurdles. Water Park Simulator game would be having the peopledoing swimming and relaxing in the pools. You in therollercoaster-style have to make them survive by avoiding hittingthem. There are crazy tunnels in the game. This water park slidingsimulation water game has clean water. This uphill beach race hasice slides. The ice slides are basically the frozen water and arethe faster slide. There are realistic physics implemented alongsidethe boat and other object placed in it. The graphics of the gameare so real of a waterslide.Water Slide Real Adventure 3D Ride influme uphills, while fasterslide in water park has a lot of waterpark sliding fun through all the sliding rings. So be a brave flipdiver in extreme waterslide action in this craziest water parksimulation game. Be a Survivor as long as you can by performingcrazy stunts and slide through all sliding rings in your path. Flipand bounce through death locations and be a brave incredible VRwater parks flip diver.You are a real water park sliding superheroin floating water. Flip on the water slide to go uphill or racedownhill in water slide games; real sliding adventure. Enjoyfreefall and slide on the water in real water park environmentwhich is a VR water sliding adventure game. This water park slidinggame of 2017 has thrilling challenge & entertainment of a VRwater park environment and crazy impossible water sliding trackswithout leaving the comfort of your home. Water Slide RealAdventure 3D Ride Features:1. There is Gender Selection introducedin the game2. There are superb ultimate fun levels of the game andmuch more to come3. The Environment of the game has realistic 3Dgraphics embedded within it.4. Sounds are fun, they are awesome inthe game5. There are four controls in the game to make it moreinteresting6. The near and rear camera views makes the game veryuniqueDownload and give us a review.
City Road Construction 2018 - Real Highway Builder 1.1 APK
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"Drag your heart to play this Real City Road Construction gamesHighway Builder 2018 and be a professional highway roadconstruction builder & real road contractorDo you have skillsof new city road construction & real road constructionsimulator or you are already a city road builder, crane operator oryou have road repair simulation skills? Do you need a heavyconstruction crew to construct a city road in this new city roadconstruction simulation games? Did you ever play buildingconstruction games or bridge construction games on different cityrush roads? If you don't then this games will help you forfuturistic city highway road construction. You are going to be anexpert of road builder, bridge constructor, road contractor and aroad repair expert. Learn and build your new city road withexcellent matt stone construction simulations, use your favoritemachines like a heavy excavator, crane, road roller and a dumpertruck. Explore extreme fun in new construction simulation gameslike a real builder will never be the same as you play other bridgeconstruction, road construction or new highway road constructiongames. Highway city road construction is not a big deal for roadbuilder experts. Download Real City Road Construction games HighwayBuilder 2018 for FREE on your android devices. Put your engineeringand driving skills in this road construction games. Use yourdigital construction skill to be a master bridge builder &tunnel construction and enjoy road building games. This cranedriving simulation games will allow give you control over the heavyconstruction vehicles including heavy excavator, constructiontruck, painter & road roller and be a city builder perfectly.Play this heavy machinery and become a super bridge builder whileworking on the heavy duty rollers.This construction game is newest3d simulator games for you to work as a city constructor roadbuilder. Construction simulation games will let you have the fullcontrol over the heavy construction vehicles including heavyexcavator, construction truck, painter & road roller. Be thecity road builder and drive heavy machinery to get the job done andbuild the roads. Be a real construction truck driver to transportbuilding material on your construction truck and reach theconstruction site. So drive the road roller and be a perfect cityconstruction driver. Enjoy the fun of smooth steering, hydrauliccontrols, and heavy machinery driving all here in city roadsbuilder sim 3d. Experience driving excavator, heavy road roller andtruck already at a construction site.Get ready to immerse yourselfin the city construction simulation games of 2018 with thisremarkable construction simulation games. Road builder cityconstruction is the best way to learn details of constructioninsights and heavy machinery driving skills. Highway roadconstruction games control helps you to drive excavator, heavybulldozer and road roller with ease. Try road construction gamesand driving of the harbor crane & bulldozer. Use your resourcesto construct in this driving simulation games to become a good citybuilder as fast as you can. Because you were a very careful andthoughtful part of the road building games previously. Try RealCity Road Construction games Highway Builder 2018 in the roadconstruction games. Smooth steering, controls, and heavy machineryhandling are the awesome features that make the constructionsimulation perfect for you.Real City Road Construction gamesHighway Builder 2018 Features => Heavy vehicles drivingexperience=> Explore the new Construction Site environment=>Different Missions of Road Construction, Transport &Excavation=> Real-time Best Controls for Driving Heavy Vehicles"
Real Highway Traffic Rider - 3D Racing Game 2018 1.0 APK
Logix Tech
Real highway Traffic Rider is an amazing highway rider racing game.Rider is ready to Buckle up for racing highway traffic and get onthe bike ride to have a real highway traffic driving feel. Realhighway traffic game is absolutely free as bike racing on PlayStore. Real highway traffic is urban biker race. Urban biker onreal highway traffic is considered as the dirt bike king. HighwayTraffic Rider on trail extreme is amazing to drive. Bike racing forhighway traffic rider needs good controls which are offered inhighway traffic bike ride. Real Highway Traffic Rider is aboutRider survival bike racing and highway traffic rider driving.Rider, get on the seat and face the real highway traffic on highwaytraffic rider game. Rider on this bike racing game is one of thebest new bike racing game on play store of the year 2018 in trafficrider category. Bike racing game has the traffic rider and trafficracer has to be a very rash traffic rider to go and complete thebike racing game until the end. Bike stunt game has lots ofmultiple real highway and traffic rider challenges to make itinteresting and attractive. Traffic rider on a real highway has togain checkpoints in the bike stunt game to remain in the real bikeracing and cross the finish line before the time fades away in bikestunt game. This bike stunt game has bike ride as you and you areto show yourself as dirt bike king in this bike stunt game. Realbike racing is not straightforward for the rider. Real bike racingis just like free style bike stunt racer. Urban bike racing in realbike racing game has a great environment of the city for the rider.Rider in real bike racing game on the highway will have realhighway cars coming and going its way. Moto traffic racing isdifferent from freestyle 3D since in order to tell yourself as dirtbike king you need to have strong rider visual skills. HighwayRider in real highway game should be a perfect bike rider and to beable to dodge the traffic rider on the road and finish the levelsof moto traffic racing. The moto traffic racing game has beenprovided with awesome highway rider effects and challenging trafficracer levels. Traffic Rider gets tough to dodge in moto trafficracing and to handle since the bike ride goes into advanced levels.The moto traffic racing game offers lots of extreme cool trafficrider motorcycles with furious trail extreme speed. The handling ofevery trail extreme urban killer motorbike is like a real highwayrider bike with highway racing speed accelerations. Bike racing inthis game looks similar to the dirt bike king motorcycle racer.Therider of real highway bike stunt game has to race through awesomeenvironments that make the rider and bike stunt game look more coolbike racing game. The HD graphics of bike racing game has roadrider which includes the city, buildings, highway and the JungleEnvironments. Rider on highway road rush and uphill racing are keyattractions of the bike racing game. Go pass cars on highwaytraffic in real highway racing game closely and get bonus coins andunleash extreme good rider bikes when having required coins.Features of the game:1. Single-Camera view2. Extreme good racermotorcycles in the garage which are locked but opens on acquiringrequired coins3. 15 levels and much more to come4. Awesome 3Dgraphics5. Real Go Moto Bikes racing sounds6. Intuitive controls ofthe bike
Real Impossible Tracks Car Driving 3D: Stunt Games 1.1 APK
Logix Tech
Are you ready for a ski race on the extreme lush sports car in theseason of real impossible tracks? Woah! That’s kind of RealImpossible Tracks Car Driving 3D: Stunt Games challenge. Performinghigh sky car stunts in the impossible journey game is not anymorean impossible driving. It is like driving a jumper car. RealImpossible Tracks Car Driving 3D: Stunt Games features race cars onimpossible tracks, passing-by mid-air ramps, impossible hoppers,risky jump overs, zigzag run and blocky containers. This crazy carracing simulator game has risky fall jumper. Zigzag wheels on theverge of a zigzag race avoiding hurdles are a nearly impossiblejourney. Car racing Stunt has never been so crazy. Using asphaltsports dashing cars, this isn’t any more impossible. The crazy carchase is on man. Time is limited. Consider yourself the driver ofthe top car. Real Impossible Tracks Car Driving 3D: Stunt Games isabout performing killer stunts, to be honest. Extreme car stuntsawesome cars on blocky roads with awesome sky boxes made it look amission impossible. The excitement of getting behind the wheels oflots of types of sports cars being offered in the game which havedashing range when it comes to their features. If you are not alover of impossible bike games, impossible truck driving, andoffroad heavy wheeler then this crazy car racing simulator 3D gamehas a lot of dangerous stunt tracks. Real impossible tracks carstunts games are very popular in the new age people. You will loveto play farming tractor from tractor farming games. Ramp chainedcars racing games are the new season of crazy impossible trackssimulation games.Real Impossible Tracks Car Driving 3D: Stunt Gamesneeds to have a legendary car driving skills. Driving through theimpossible journey and a little mistake can make you a furiousjumper off the track. The crazy car racing simulator 3D gameaccidents by colliding against the few hurdles placed at differentlevel check up the quality of skills car furious jumper have.Losing a hint of concentration can make your car fall off the highsky roads. The paths are narrow and extremely tricky. Whilst thecar crashes and fall off the sky through the impossible lookingtracks, the game offers a new life for its users. It's more of anoff-road parade driving simulation game placed betweenskyscrapers.Real Impossible Tracks Car Driving 3D: Stunt Games canlet you get off the height phobia by driving through the possiblejourney and thrilling massive tracks. This crazy car racing 3Dsimulator game is absolutely free on play store and it is amongstthe best games of the year 2017. Download it for free and enjoy. Wewould be happy if you leave us a review for future improvements.Driving a monster 4x4 heavy truck stunts can be challenging, willyou be competent to complete all the fast and furious missionsgiven to you? As you have in the game with multiple choices likeLamborghini, heavy monster farming tractor, and 22 wheels trailerto play on high sky roads.Real Impossible Tracks Car Driving 3D:Stunt Games is one of the best games for the crazy car racinglovers. Use your impossible car driving skills and make your cardrive through the impossible tracks on the high sky roads andbecome champion in car racing simulator game. The car driver wouldperform car stunts on the Impossible car tracks in mid-air rampsand jumps from the impossible car tracks to another impossible cartracks. Just you need to focus on the car driving and become thechampion of the impossible car tracks. Download this crazyimpossible car tracks game and enjoy the crazy car stunts.Followingare the features included in the game:1. High Sky Roads, paths, andcontainers.2. Awesome stunts placed in the air3. Impossible tracksbut really awesome driving gears and realistic physics4. Xtremecompetitive levels and tracks with obstacles and hurdles5. Amazingsounds
Tank War Battlefield: Grand Tank War Blitz Strike 1.0 APK
Logix Tech
Are you ready for Tank War Battlefield 3D: Real War of MachinesStrike in the world revolution of tanks offline blitz? The world ison the edge of super tank rumble which is warrior tank game justlike the Tank War Battle offline blitz. Logix Tech comes up withyet another masterpiece army tank game named as Tank WarBattlefield 3D Real War of Machines Strike. Tank killer game is afree warrior tank game with the war of steel tank. If you arelooking for super tank war, download and install Tank WarBattlefield 3D. It is amongst the best tank killer game based onwar and top super tank rumble of the year 2018 on play store.Enjoythrill in army tank game with the new tank battle categorized asthe real war machines strike. Warrior tank game is full action tankbattle amongst the modern tank with new military tanks war ofmachines in the season of tank war revolution army fighting games.Army tank game has tank battle with the offline blitz in the WorldWar 2 firefighters giving a new experience of tank killer game. Thewar of tanks are not a new thing in the battle of tanks, the armyhaving a lot of weapons and new army can fight back during thecounter-attack against the terrorist or against the enemy withhighly equipped modern tank and high destroying super tank. BattleTank is entertaining and explosive. Tank War is one epic andexplosive 3D tank shooter battle game. Go ahead in your rivalry andselect the tank mission or the place of battle for tank attack. Thetank warfare game of tanks has never been so crazy and interesting.The user of steel army will have blitz war game taste. This TankWar Battlefield 3D: Real War of Machines Strike game offers lots ofworld tank in the super tank rumble game. Prepare for a real battleof tanks with Tank War Battlefield 3D: Real War Machines Strike.Get to the battlefield! Many World War II Super Tank to choosefrom. Choose what side you on: Soviets, German, British orAmericans. Gain gold on every mission by destroying enemies in thewarrior tank game. Use gold to upgrade your modern tank or buy asuper tank you want. There are many power-ups to choose from formilitary tank in the super tank rumble. Battlefield echoes with warthunder and the new battle of tanks world war of machines. Thisarmy tank game tanks offline blitz becomes deadly when 2 tanksbattle with each other and are given the mission to destroy eachother. New tanks options e.g Russian Tanks, Military Tank andbattle tanks are unleashed based on the free-to-win thing. Destroyas many tanks as possible and unlocked these more deadly panzer warmachines.US army is always looking for peace in the futuristiccountry to finish the world war with winning. In this World War 2battle of tanks game, you have to fight against the enemies withfirefighters who are attacking your army base in tank killer game.Make a strategic military and armoured forces plan to penetrateenemies using brute force and firepower to get back the peace ofthe futuristic country. Tank warfare in the new battle of tanks areready to step in the world war machines, so be ready to attack withyour firefighters to eliminate the enemies.The world of tank blitzhas dirt, sand, forest, and containers as places for tankbattlefield. Tank battle 3D offers health factor and reload timefor tanks to get reloaded and attach back the enemies. TankMissions get complicated as the game proceeds and that is todestroy tanks. The 3D game offers armed warfare during the tankbattle. Enjoy this war game for free and leave us a review. TankWar Battlefield 3D: Real War Machines Strike Game Features:1. Lotsof upgraded and deadly tanks which are unlocked based on effortearned.2. Awesome realistic sounds of war between the games.3.Physical Simulations and superb cool 3D graphics.4. Easy andintuitive controls of the game.