1.0.1 / March 30, 2017
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Get your super hero suit! Go out there tosaveinnocent people and stop chaos at majestic metro city in SuperHeroVs Mad City Mafia. Takedown criminal thugs in this addictivesuperhero game and fight villains.

Government was involved with the mafia lord, they havestoppedmutant superhero from war against the mafia. Strange herohavegiven up all his noble deeds but situation is now out ofcontrol.There is chaos in whole city and bandit gang members areall overthe places. Super hero will have to step in his boots againandwear his power suit, he’ll have to again wear his superheroamazing skin & mask back to save majestic metro cityandinnocent people. Play as a strange mask man with doublemutantpowers. Mafia criminals are spreading terror in the city bykillingpeople and kidnapping them. Looting city wealth from banksandpublic. City peace is at stake as they have taken over andthesegoons are heavily equipped with powerful dangerous weapons.Theyhave kidnapped your girlfriend and now you cannot sit alonedoingnothing. Put on your super hero amazing skin and mask use allyourmutant power to fight mafia gang members. Fly around cityskylineto keep bandit thugs away from innocent people in superherogamesimulator.

Play most thrilling superhero game of 2017 on your androidmobiles.Strange hero is fighting alone against the gangsters in alawlesscity survival game simulator. Police and law enforcementforces areunder influence of underworld mafia bosses, allresponsibility areon your shoulders. Become citizen’s hope as astandard of pure lawand justice, or come to the city as a new superhero vigilante.Using mutant powers you got fight against the mafiaagents, savepeople and live a superhero life. High jump tallbuildings, saveinnocent people on the rooftop wearing a mask. Asyou proceedfurther in the game more powers will unlock, othercostume ishaving flying power. Keep an eye on city and saveinnocent peoplewho are under attack of gangsters. Wipe your city ofthieves,gangsters, and mobs. Don’t let pedestrians get attacked andprotectinnocent from danger. Enemies will be shooting at you buthavingdouble power is the main strength, escape them using superpowers.Chase all enemies and punch them in the face with yourultimatesuper punching ability. Chase the lord of underworld who isbehindall this chaos and hunt him down in a boss fight. Rescue yourcityand innocent people free from deadly gangsters. Be a masksuperheroevery one wishes for and play mafia boss vs superhero.

Super Hero Vs Mad City Mafia Features:

3 different skins with immense super powers.
Challenging missions to become super hero.
Spectacular and challenging 3D environment for fighting withcitygangsters.
Great selection of super powers, vehicles and quests.
Save majestic city from chaos.
Use your mutant powers, fly and fight with mafia gangmembers.

Download this amazing addictive game to become vigilante inSuperHero Vs Mad City Mafia.

App Information Super Hero Vs Mad City Mafia

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