1.0.8 / February 18, 2017
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Super Jumper is small game funny for everybodyGame play very easy,you need tap of left screen to chan color box when you jumb it, Youtouch into right screen to jumb and jumb.You ean coin to open newseasion game .Enjoy!

App Information Super Jumper

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    Super Jumper
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    February 18, 2017
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Gold-Star Jsc
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Viet Remix, Remix - Nonstop 1.0.8 APK
Gold-Star Jsc
- Nhạc Sàn - Nonstop Tổng Hợp - ứng dụng nghe nhạc dj số 1 trênAndroid.- Ứng dụng Nghe Nhạc Nonstop DJ Mix Online là một ứng dụngnghe nhạc Nonstop DJ Mix trực tuyến mới nhất.- Ứng dụng này rất đơngiản, chỉ với một diện chính, nhưng mà nó bao gồm đầy đủ các tínhnăng, hỗ trợ tối đa cho người sử dụng!- Nghe nhạc trực tuyến vớidanh sách các bài nhạc DJ, nhạc sàn, nhạc bay mới nhất được cậpnhật liên tục.- Giao diện đẹp và thân thiện, nghe nhạc không giậtkể cả khi hết lưu lượng tốc độ cao.- Ứng dụng nghe nhac dj với hệthống lưu trữ âm nhạc được đặt trên các máy chủ mạnh mẽ, bạn có thểnghe nhac dj nonstop viet online, nhac san online nhac remix vietnam ...Thật tuyệt vời khi bạn có thể nghe nhạc rất tiện lợi và đặcbiệt là hoàn toàn miễn phí!*Ứng dụng nghe nhạc Viet Remix bao gồm:-Nhạc dj, nhac san, dj nonstop- Nhac san cuc manh.- Nhạc dj remix.-Nhạc vietmix- Nhạc house mp3.- những bản nhạc dj được chọn lọcnhiều nhất.- Phát ở chế độ nền: hoàn toàn có thể vừa nghe nhạc, vừanhắn tin, xem hình ảnh, duyệt web, ...- Tự động tạm dừng khi cócuộc gọi đến.- Tự động chuyển bài- Có thể chuyển bài tại thanhthông báo, hoặc man hinh khoa.- Hỗ trợ tải nhạc để nghe offline.-Chế độ mặc định của phát triển ứng dụng sẽ tiếp tục chơi bài háttiếp theo.- Liên tục Lặp lại 1 bài hát hoặc bài hát chạy ngẫunhiên- Tự động phát hiện toàn bộ trật tự danh sách hoặc lần lượtngẫu nhiên.- Tự động tạm dừng khi có cuộc gọi đến: Bạn có thể tiếptục nghe sau.- Musical Floor - Nonstop General - dj musicapplication on Android No.1.- Application Listen Online MusicNonstop DJ Mix is ​​a music application Nonstop DJ Mix latestonline.- The application is very simple, with just one main area,but that it covers the full range of features, maximum support tothe users!- Listen to music online with list of DJ music, musicalfloor, flying the latest music continually updated.- Nice andfriendly interface, recoilless player even if all high-speedtraffic.- Dj music application with music storage system placed onpowerful servers, you can listen to music nonstop viet online dj,music remix music san online viet nam ... It's great when you canhear music is very convenient and especially it's free!* Viet Remixmusic app include:- Music dj, music san, dj nonstop- Nhac sanintense.- Music dj remix.- Music vietmix- House Music mp3.- Djmusic is the most selective.- Play in the background: Full canlisten to music, texting, view photos, browse the web, ...-Automatically pause when a call comes in.- Automatically switchesall- You can move all in the notification bar or lock screen.-Support for downloading music to listen offline.- The default modeof application development will continue to play the next song.-Continuously Repeat 1 song or songs randomly run- Automaticallydetects full list order or random turn.- Automatically pause when acall comes in: You can continue to listen to later.
Super Jumper 1.0.8 APK
Gold-Star Jsc
Super Jumper is small game funny for everybodyGame play very easy,you need tap of left screen to chan color box when you jumb it, Youtouch into right screen to jumb and jumb.You ean coin to open newseasion game .Enjoy!
Gold-Star Jsc
About application - The funny picturesfunny images will bring youthousands of photographs in the world humor. Includes many topics :fun photo life, photo funny comedy, funny pictures of animals, ...In each theme will be broken down into sections for easy easily seethe funny pictures that you like.Funny photos of animalsThe pictureof the pet with humorous moments, it really is fun, but many animallovers have been. Under these funny pictures of animals you'll seea lot of situations cry smile of the animal. As the owners of thecats were shaved into super cat with funny pictures. Or theinstitutional image of the happy owners have inadvertently createdthe mind pictures of animal humor processing. These situations havefun adorable pet is recorded and becomes his funniest world. Youwill no longer feel tired, stressed when watching the funnypictures anymore, it is great that you like and share that hepleased both to social networks for all to see.Top child funny picsThis app also provides you with millions of funny photos of comedymoments our children. You will see the witty, mischievous kidsthrough a series of funny pictures of children in the application.Child theme is always the concern of adults, the mischievous boyfell roller next to the pet, lovely moments of the children willindeed bring you moments of relaxation and love their children moreinjured. Or the parents will be prepared creatively excited aboutour image, bringing laughter to netizens. The main feature of thethe funny picturesYou spend only 0.5Mb for application, but you cansee the whole image processing Gb humor, it is because we havestored the images on the server and your humor just connect to theInternet is. Furthermore each picture comedy has been optimized toa very small size, to improve page load speed and saving data.Allowdownload all funny pictures to your deviceThis is an indispensablepart of the app, when you want to copy photos to share with someoneyou just press the button donwload, immediate image is downloaded,you just download the folder to view the photos humor that you havedownloaded. Very simple and convenient, saving you the cost of 3Gcapacity.Add to Favorite Many funny pictures you do not want todownload it right but to save the path. Very simple you just pressthe button favorite image has been added to the app's favoriteitems.
Collage Photo Easy 1.0.5 APK
Gold-Star Jsc
Fun and easy way to createPhotoCollages.Awesome features:* Import photos from your photo Gallery* Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize, flick to delete* Just tap on the lower-left Frame icon, and swipe to select aframeto make an instant collage!* Lots of backgrounds and stickers to choose from!* Share your creations to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Pet For Kids 1.0.2 APK
Gold-Star Jsc
Pet me is a free cool fun game for kids. Kid just love this coolgame and spend hours playing it!In this fun game the kids can petthe animals and see how their little heart is filled with joy(heart indicator on the right). Once the heart is full the cool funbegins and the animal is wearing cool happy costumes for the kidsand music is played..In this free fun game version 18 cool animalsto choose from each one of the animals will surprise you kid with afun happy reaction for the petting. Soon enough you kid would havehis favorite happy animal in this free fun game.AniWorld is a gamedesigned to help your child learn more about animals in aninteractive enjoyable fun way.Your kid would love this game andduring this fun game will learn more about animals and theirworld.The game offers 3 groups of animals for the kid to choosefrom: - Jungle, farm, pets.- 36 animals and sounds the kid canchoose and play with.When the kid choose an animal in the game heis transferred to the animal screen. In this screen the kid seesthe animal and hears the animal sound and nameFor each animal thekid have the following fun game functions to explore:• Animal home**************The kid can press the animal home to discover wherethe animal sleeps. Each animal is presented resting the gameeducates the kid about the animal natural environment. In thebackground you hear the sound of the animal snoring with bed timemusic.• Feed me **************In this game section the kid feedsthe animal by choosing one of three different food types. When theright food is selected, the picture is switching to the animaleating. In the game background you hear the chewing sounds ofanimal eating.Choosing the wrong food the animal would respond witha “nooo” fun sound.Your kids would love to play with pet me - funcool free game. Kids just love to pet animals and they love fungames. Pet me is the perfect free fun game for your kids. Kids justlove to play this free fun game for kids and discover more animalsand more fun stuff. This fun free game never stops amusing the kidand they keep on petting the animals for hoursPet me is a perfectfree fun game for kids in varies ages. Kids in different ages findthis free fun game appealing.1.5 year old kid enjoys this fun freegame because of the music and the vibrations!!2 years old kid lovepet me free cool game because of animals they learn about!4 yearsold kid love pet me free cool fun game and return to their favoriteanimal.Adult love this game - it make them laugh.Pet Me is a coolfun game for kids free. Kid just love this cool game and Spendhours playing it!In this fun game the kids can pet the animals andsee how có heart is filled with joy little (heart indicator on theright).Once the heart is full the cool fun begins and the animal iswearing cool happy costumes for the kids and music is played ..Inthis free fun game version 18 cool animals to choose from each oneof the animals sẽ surprise you kid with a fun happy reaction forthe petting. Soon enough you kid would have his favorite happyanimal in this free fun game.Designed AniWorld is a game to helplearn more about child của animals in an interactive enjoyable funway.Your kid would love this game khi this fun game and learn moreabout animals and sẽ có world.The game offers 3 groups of animalsfor the kid to choose from:- Jungle, farm, pets.- 36 animals andsounds the kid can choose and play with.When the kid choose ananimal in the game he is Transferred to the animal screen. In thisscreen the kid SEES the animal and hears the animal sound andnameFor each animal the kid have fun sau game functions toexplore:• Animal home**************The kid can press the animalhome to discover where the animal sleeps. Each animal is restingthe game educates hiển the kid about the animal naturalenvironment. In the background you hear the sound of the animalsnoring with bed time music.• Feed Me**************In this gamesection the kid feeds the animal by one of three khác Choosing foodtypes.When the right food is selected, the picture is switching tothe animal eating.In the game background you hear the chewingsounds of animal eating.Choosing the wrong food the animal wouldRespond with a "nooo" fun sound.Your kids would love to play withpet me - fun cool free game. Kids just love to pet animals andchúng love fun games. Pet me is the perfect fun game for your kidsfree. Kids just love to play this free fun game for kids anddiscover more animals and more fun stuff. This fun free game neverstops amusing the kid and keep on petting the animals chúng forhoursPet me is a perfect free fun game for kids in varies ages.Kidsages find this free print khác fun game appealing.1.5 year old kidenjoys this fun free game vì the music and the vibrations !!2 yearsold kid love pet me free cool game chúng vì animals learn about!4years old kid love pet me free cool fun game and return to ask fortheir favorite animal.Adult love this game - make it add laugh.
Camera Blur and Collages 1.0.4 APK
Gold-Star Jsc
Camera Blur and Collages is the best app effecter photo for android2016.Camera Blur is the app perfect for everyone like photocollages. Verry easy how to user this app.1 - To use blur photoeffect your can do step by step: + START menu with number onceimage button blur + NEXT step : SELECT A PICTURE FROM GALLERY andcop it.+ Next step : CHOOSE a frame cropper and wait blur proccesscompleted.=> you have a blur picture simpleryou can room anddrag or movie crop picture on blur image bacground => save yourphoto blur and share with your friends.2 - To user collages photoyou can follow steps below:+ From menu you sellect button imagecollage + YOU SELECT some picture from gallery + DRAG and zoom subpicture collages+ CHANGE background picture with 30 backgroundcollage cute, or user color. if you want change background by yourimage you can chooose button gallery.3 - save your pic collage andshare with your friendsENJOY.
Karaoke online - Karaoke Sing and Record 1.0.4 APK
Gold-Star Jsc
Sing Karaoke & Recording - Mykara: help you unleash yourburning voice, discover talent in your stars. Please join withmillions of people sing karaoke, and burning, and put passion. Theapplication has powerful search feature can help you find all whatyou want as the current hot songs, favorite singer now, musiciansand any kind of music do you like, you need the fastest.Mainfeature:Singing: Categories listed clearly and fully affordablegenres you love, plus you can search for any kind of music youlike.Recording: Once you've selected a song for her, now is thetime for you to shine promote his singing talent, and this is afeature that helps you record the emotions and tone of voicesoaring star of the song you just present.Replay: This is a greatfunction, you can replay, share your moments shine when singingkaraoke, this is the condition for you to evaluate their voicesincreasingly progressive or not.Share: You can share yourperformances on any social network you like facebook, twitter.Freekaraoke application with our wish to record your own voice and helpyou shine!- Sing and record your voice- Quick Search function helpsyou search all you want to sing a fastest way.- Recording yourvoice, share your voice with your friends via Zalo, Facebook ...-Store more songs and is constantly updated- Search karaoke songseasier with Talk To Search feature.- Record while singing karaokewith high quality.- Scoring vocals- Sing karaoke online with videoyoutube.- Sing new songs, sing favorite songs anytime.- Have funwith your friends by Karaoke Online Score feature or send yourrecording files to your friends.FREE KARAOKE application which canrecord your performances on every favorites song and make you shinelike a star!Just choose the song you want to sing and your voicewill be mixed with the song just like you record in a professionalstudio. Incredible all are FREESo much songs to sing becauseapplication work with YouTube’s unlimited library of songs andvideos.With this application you can sing and record all yourfavorite karaoke to audio, you can share all your karaokerecordings on most social networks quickly, to send affectionate,loving words her to friends and relatives. With highlights suchas:- Karaoke Online- Karaoke ofline- Record high quality karaoke-Share all karaoke recordings to your social networks.and many otheroutstanding features.
Battery Power - Battery Life,Battery Saver 1.0.2 APK
Gold-Star Jsc
The unique technology to maximize your battery life!Displayingremaining usage time under over 10 different tasks!Is your batteryalways draining quickly? Keep doing full cycle charge with BatteryPower once a month and following the tips in Battery Powerstrictly, you can maximize your battery life to the degree youcan't even imagine! Besides, Battery Power can also count andindicate, based on the current remaining battery, how long you canmake phone calls, play game or browse the web! With suchinformation, you can better balance your battery life betweenenjoying yourself in the games now and preserving the remainingtime for an important phone call coming later!► Precise BatteryPower Accuracy 0.1% to 1.0% for max Battery Usage & Powermonitoring ► Maximize Battery Life and Increase BatteryUsage...Everything is Here!► The inventor of Charge Complete - Noone does it Better!► Awesome Large Battery Photo Themes! Build yourown or use 100's of ours!► Our app that increases battery lifeusing maintenance tipsBattery Charge DashboardOpen up Battery MagicElite, plug-in your Charge cable and click onyour Charge icon, nowwitness a Dynamic World-Class Charging Dashboardwith Chargingprecision to 0.1%. No Battery App is as precise withmeasurementsfrom 0.1% to 1.0%. We give you the exact time it takes for eachCharge then alertyou when the Charge is complete!Battery StatusIndicatorsWe monitor the status of your device for the conditionsthat consume your Battery,from how much talk time you have to 3DGame, you will know theprecise time down to the last minute youhave left to complete theservice you are using.►Full CycleCharge◄This program helps you maintain a Healthy Battery. We logeach instance that youperform a Full-Cycle Charge and let you knowwhen the next Full-CycleCharge should occur. Just open BatteryMagic Elite and plug-in your Charge cable. ►Battery Tips◄We haveMANY Battery Tips on how you can extend your Battery Lifeto theMax, given to you in a wonderful slide presentation. Thisisextremely important when you are traveling with no access topower.►Battery Maintenance and Health◄This is also included inbattery magic , we tell you everything.Features and Benefits► FastEconomy: the easiest way to conserve power. With just the tap ofthe screen, PowerPRO takes care of the rest. Use it several times aday, especially if you use your phone frequently and can’t rechargeit.► Super Economy: stop apps you aren’t using from consumingbattery life. The Super Optimization functions as an on/off switchso you can easily choose which apps you want to keep running andwhich ones you can turn off to extend your battery.► Screen Saver:worrying about your screen’s brightness eating up valuable batterylife is a thing of the past. Our new technology shuts off up to 33%of your screen's light output without compromising brightness andvisibility.