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Have you ever stuck outside with no light in the night or in a darkplace? This LED flashlight app can help you get rid of the dark byturning your phone into a LED flashlight. It has not only brightestapp features but also beautiful neon color for LED digital clock,Itlooks very beautiful and cool when you use it in the night Whybother having a ton of features you don't need and will never use.This is the best led flashlight app because it does what is supposeto do, turn the led on. Don't bother doing a million things you'llnever use. The one true feature you need is to look your app, andbe able to go back to any other app, like read a message, post on asocial network, all while your light is still ON now Turn yourphone camera flashlight or Screen into a torch. Super bright LEDflashlight for Android Phones Simple user interface, elegantdesign. Illuminates your nights.If your camera does not have aflashlight, you can use the phone screen as torch light.a simplewidget included Since your camera flash only shines one color thisapp only promises one color from your LED, but it is the TorchLight app available. Light your way in a dark parking lot. Takeyour dog for an early morning walk safely using this light toilluminate the road. features.- Switch your Flashlight On/off withrealistic Switch with nice sound.- Also Shake your mobile to switchOn/Off Flashlight.- Blinking lights useful for giving signal tosome one.- screen light reduces your mobile battery usage and usefor long time.- Have fun with Disco lights, adjust color and lightsfrequency.- Surprise yourself with beautiful particles animation.-Entertain yourself with laser lights and other features.- Use yourstrobe lights, police siren and sound in emergency.

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    Super LED Flashlight
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    May 3, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Matrane Apps
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As they say, one thing leads to another, and nothing illustratesthat more precisely than dominoes. Granted, this Dominoes game issteeped more in the tradition of grizzled old men sitting aroundworking strategy against each other than it is in the wow factor ofcreating a maze and tipping the first block for visual splendor.Nevertheless Dominoes is a puzzle game with several game modes forvariation and the ability to play against multiple computeropponents.Domino! is super addictive, fast-paced multiplayerdominoes done right for Android.You do not need to pay anything.The game is completely free and does not have a paid version.Dominoes is a simple game with a long history and a huge worldwidefollowing. If you want to win, there are a few strategies to keepin mind when playing the most common variant of the game the DoubleSix Draw. Dominoes 2017 is an awesome dominos game played withrectangular "domino" tiles. No matter elderly,women,children,housewives or pretty girls all love Dominoes 2017.It is a very funny and happy game. Enjoy it with your family. Eachplayer adds a domino to an open end of the layout, if possible.If aplayer is unable to make a move, he/she must draw dominos from theboneyard until a move can be made. If there are no dominoes left,then the player must pass.To move tap a domino you want to place.If there is only one place it can go game will place itautomatically. Otherwise tap or drag-and-drop it to the connectingdomino.A game ends either when a player plays all his/her tiles, orwhen a game is blocked. A game is considered blocked when allplayers make a pass their turn i.e. no player can make a move. Whena hand ends, the player with the lightest hand (i.e. the fewestnumber of dots on their dominos) wins the number of sum total ofpoints in all of his opponents hands - minus the points in his ownhand, if any.
Sudoku 1.0.1 APK
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This is the most full featured Sudoku app that you will find in theplay store or online. This version includes several game types andincludes 5 levels of difficulty for each The interface includeseasy to navigate menus a an intuitive game board design. You alsohave the ability to save multiple games to resume at a laterdate.Levels of difficulty have allows this game to be played by anabsolute beginner all the way to the most hardcore Sudoku Mastervery intuitive menu system Great instructions on if your justlearning. Progress to the harder levels once you have mastered theeasy games.The first game is loaded when the Sudoku puzzle startsfor the first time. The game is completed by filling each row,column and 3x3 square using the numbers 1 through 9 exactly once.Once the entire board is filled, the game is finished. A new gamemay be started by selecting "New Game" from the menu or by changingthe difficulty level Free hints are available if you get stuck. TheSudoku puzzle hints will teach you several strategies for solvingthe game without actually revealing the answer. If none of thestrategies apply and you are still stuck, Sudoku puzzle will offerto reveal a play for you.Sudoku Forever does not require a WiFiconnection You are free to play offline anytime. Sudoku puzzle doesnot request any unnecessary permissions You won’t be looking for apaper puzzle ever again With 3 difficulty levels, intuitiveinterface, and all the functions right at your fingertips, this appis sure to be your favorite. You can start and stop your wheneveryou want it will be waiting there for you.This is a simplyeasy-to-use , with fresh and cool interface very acceptabledifficult levels, suitable for beginner to expert. Features:- Thisgame has 3 levels - easy, medium Difficult*- Rub out your mistakeswith Sudoku Pro Elite.- Auto-saves your game for you.- This app hasno annoying Top scores or History just straight forward puzzlefun.- With Sudoku Pro Elite you have Select digit highlighting.-Incorrect entry highlighting.
Tic Tac Toe 1.2 APK
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Stop wasting paper! Now you can play Tic Tac Toe on your Androiddevice for free. Tic Tac Toe Free is the best-selling mobile gameof all-time This game is a game for two players, called X and O,that take turns marking spaces in a 3 × 3 grid The player whosucceeds in placing three respective marks in a horizontal,vertical row Or diagonal wins the game.This app is a great way tospend your free time if you are standing in a line or spending timewith your children stop wasting paper and saving trees. Due to thesimplicity of Tic Tac Toe, it is often used as an educational toolto teach the concepts of good sportsmanship and the branch ofartificial intelligence Play Tic Tac Toe on your Android phone. Noneed to waste paper! Now you can play on your Android device forfree. Our new modern version appears in a cool glow design.The AIof this game is one of the best you will see It adapts to yourstyle of play and is highly unpredictable. Unlike other Tic Tac Toegames on the market, you will always find Glow Tic Tac Toe AI to befresh and entertaining If not all AI skills can be adjusted on theingame fly. So, you can climb the difficulty while playing or stepdown if you have cornered.Key game features:ANDROID GAMEeasy toplay on Android. You should just choose your level.Low is a kidlevel!Mid level will check out your Tic Tac Toe skills!High level –we bet you will fail to win!Use this app for fun with your kids,family and friends. Guaranteed fun and free!
Anti Theft Alarm 1.0 APK
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Do you worry when you leave your phone unattended while charging itin public places? Try our app!"Anti Theft Alarm" will keep yourphone safe from nosy people and thieves Once you activate the antitheft alarm, a loud alarm will sound if someone moves or unplugsthe phone from the charger Do you feel someone is going throughyour phone while you are not around? Don't worry! We have the bestsolution to protect and secure your device.With the help ofalarMob, we will catch the culprits, there is no need to worryanymore even if you leave your phone unattended in a public placeWith our app, we will catch the culprits who tried to steal yourdevice We have made an App not only the alarm will sound loud withvery bright flashing lights that will immediately make you awarethat someone is trying to steal it, but we also made it to take aphoto of them during the act. Even if they still manage to get awaywith the device, don't worry! With the help of the police, you willget your phone back and catch the thief as the image will beautomatically sent to your chosen email address.Only you can turnoff the anti theft alarm using personal PIN-code or unlock pattern.You will immediately know when someone is touching your phone andthey can do nothing to stop the sound With our app your phone willnot be stolen or used without your permission. Leave your phoneanywhere, no one will dare to touch it!ANTI THEFT ALARM can be usedto surprise people with a loud siren, when they try to use yourphone.anti theft alarm can also be used to prevent your phone beingused by anyone.It also protects your from being restarted or removebattered by anyone else.
It protects your phone from being stolenwhile travelling or using public transport or ride sharing or taxisharing. On being disconnected from charging- loud siren will play,hence preventing phone from being misused. Privacy is biggestconcern when you are in a group, so use anti theft alarm when youwant to protect your phone being used by anyone without yourpermission. It also ask for password to stop siren - which only youcan do it. 1) A notification is displayed to the user when thecharger is plugged in and by a single key you can access theapplication.2) Notify your friends through a message on the phonescurrent location when the phone is lost.3) phone movementdetection4) charger disconnected detection5) Password protection(Pattern / PIN)6) Strong alarm even if the phone is in silentmode7) Select the anti theft alarm sound of your choice 8) Phonevibrates and flashes screen similar to police lights when alarm istriggeredHere are a lot of situations where the anti-theft alarmwill be useful BURGLARS You must be wary APP
Brick Breaker 1.5 APK
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Welcome to Brick Breaker Arcade - re-live your youth with thisretro game!The classic brick breaker game with a new twist! Yournew Arkanoid addiction Can you be the villagers' hero and breakthem out of the monsters' stronghold? Keep up with the bouncingball and deflect it with your paddle in this classic breakoutgame!Brick Breaker is the breakout android game you need to play.This is an addictive free game with cute graphics and music thatincludes many elements, such as multiball, expanding paddle,fireball, gun and much more in Brick Breaker !Please challenge 100levels! You can do it Brick Breaker is the legend of all arcadegames because its popularity is very high. It will bring you backto your childhood. It's very simple and exciting.Direct the Herothrough the adventure, bouncing the ball off the shield and intothe fray of obstacles. Break and destroy each brick, much likeclassic Arkanoid until you've succeeded each level's mission!Destroy enemy minions collect treasure, clear levels, and break outthe helpless citizens This game features various power up pills tohelp you in your exploits such as multi-ball (blue), power-ball(yellow), laser fire (purple), lengthen platform (green) and one toavoid that will shorten the platform (red) . You can save your topten scores on the local leader board and compete againstfriends.Have a good time with this game. Features :- Classic brickbreaker Arkanoid breakout gameplay with a modern, mobile twist!-Over 100 fun and challenging levels with more coming soon!- Manypower-up spells your hero can cast, containing spectacular effectsand aiding your quest to win each level!- 3 difficulty levels:Easy, Normal and Hard- Colorful graphics that will leave you hungryfor moreFeel free to send an e-mail or add a comment here to askany questions or make suggestions to make Brick Breaker game .We'll try to respond and help as soon as possible.
Satellite Finder Dishpointer 1 APK
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You no longer need to search for the desired satellite just enterinto "display mode", direct your Android device to the sky andwatch all available satellites from your location Satellite Finderis a tool which will help you to set up dish It will give youazimuth, elevation and LNB tilt for your location (based on GPS)and chosen sat from list. The result is shown both as numeric dataand graphical on google maps. It has also built in compass whichwill help you to find proper satellite azimuth. It also can useaugmented reality to show where is satellite on camera viewHow touse this app:1. First of all, you should enable GPS and Internet onyour phone. Remember in most cases it is impossible to receive GPSsignal inside buildings. So if you want to get very accuratelocation – please go near windows or go even outside In current appversion location should be found quite immediately. So if you stuckwith ‘no location’ message please make ensure that you got enabledall required features/permissions.2. If app found your location,you must select desired satellite to do this you must find iconwith magnification glass and tap it. On the list you will find allsatellites with elevation angle above zero degrees. Remember: satname doesn’t affect the calculation of angles. Important thing issatellite position.3. The azimuth, elevation and skew angle iscalculated for your location and chosen satellite. Under calculatedvalues there is a compass with graphical representation of azimuthangle The azimuth angle is calculated with magnetic inclination.Remember – every time you use compass you should calibrate it.Green line represents your phone azimuth. So if on compass greenand red indicators are on each other – front of the phone shouldshow you direction to the satellite If the compass value is correct– phone azimuth value will go green.tips:- If your smartphone doesnot have GPS you can manually move the "marker" on the card untilit points your exact location. Use zoom for more detail.- Thecompass is very important to adjust your dish, but if yoursmartphone does not have one, you can still use the application. Inthis case, it will help you to find clues and marks on the map fromyour location. It also allows you to calculate the orientation.Than you can use a manual compass to get a good orientation.- Donot hesitate to recalibrate the compass and avoid too close to theantenna arm, because it is sensitive to metallic elements. Try toplace your smartphone where there is less magneticinterference.Specific aspects.-Elevation-Azimuth-Skew-Thissatellite director have Ability to get the exact point where youare.-This app have Ability to obtain a large list ofsatellites-This satellite detector have Ability to change the pointwhere you are to another point in specific, just dragging a marker.
Magic Piano With Tiles 1.5 APK
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Piano Tiles game is a pop music game with simple gameplay tap blacktiles while listening to piano music avoid the white tile! Have youever dreamed of playing classical songs like Little Star, Canon orJingle Bells on a piano? Realize your dreams NOWThis app have addedpop songs, slider tiles and new instruments. If you like musicgame, this is a good choice. In this game everyone is piano masterThe game interface is simple with more function such as favoriteswhich simplifies the research of music. Fast play enable youdirectly play songs that you last opened, This is the best versionof piano tiles game with more splendid music, better gamingexperience and more excited hand speed competition.Do you have thenecessary skills to master the piano music in esta black and whitepiano tiles ? Whatever you do, just do not touch the white . Theblack are in your home in esta optimistic, casual arcader, whichhappens to be one of the most exciting app. Tap on your way toglory OPTIMIST AND DYNAMIC GAMEPLAYOne thing is for sure PianoWhite Tiles vs. Black is not boring or melancholic. Conversely,applying tiles will keep you interested constantly in everypossible second. Your attention is necessary to avoid all whitetiles. The piano will play an incredible melody, while you enjoythe journey.At the heart of it is a piano adventure and a usefulapplication that is simple. However, expect great challenge as theblack and white keep changing. We dare you to go as far as you can,but we believe, esta piano, white tile adventure challenge you tothe max. We believe we have one of the toughest piano tiles 2 gamesTAKE ADVANTAGE OF MELODIE In avoiding it and not touching the setof white the black tiles play a melody. So we have included a greatmelody while you are tapping and enjoying esta adventure. We willhook you with ease and help you love the game even more.SHARE andchallenge your friendsYou think you have mastered this app? Thenshare your score and challenge your friends with ease. They need toknow your high score drive earned. Believe us it will not be easyExplore this thrilling and challenging top rated Game forFREE!Enjoy the tense rhythm, beautiful graphics and smooth controlfeelings. Do not forget to collect as many coins as possible tobeat you friend’s high score!There are Four modes in thegame:Classic mode, get 25/50 black tiles as soon as possible.Arcademode, try your best to tap the dark as many as you can, and do notmiss one.Zen mode, try your best to tap the black as many as youcan in 15/30 seconds.Bomb mode, try your best to esquivebombs.Download this best FREE Game now!- EXPLORE - various levelsand challenges - SMOOTH - smooth control and thrilling pace -BEAUTIFUL – Stunning Graphics - ACTION – Thrilling actions thatwill keep you on your toes! - DODGE - Race past obstacles whiletrying your best to collect ALL of the coinsHow To Play:The rulesis easy, just tap the black tile to the music and play fast.Youdon’t want to miss this! Tips: 1. Collect as many points as youcan.2. Don't tap the white tiles.3. Share your best score with youfriends and family.Compatible with ALL devices. Download this Gamefor FREE today
Makeup Photo Editor HD 1.0 APK
Matrane Apps
If you are a makeup lover and are looking for a way to accentuateyour natural beauty, we have the perfect solution for you! Our new'photo editor' for Android will help you to show off your bestfeatures! Transform yourself into a princess and dazzle everyonewith your gorgeous look! Discover a lot of beauty effects andstickers, and use them to beautify your cute selfies! Increase yourconfidence with the best "face makeup" and share your photo montageon any social network. By downloading Makeup Photo Editor, you willdiscover a major photo fun!You can try on dozens of trendy presetnew effects inspired by makeup artist and the hottest beautytrends, or have fun customizing a unique style that’s all your own.A vast variety of brows, eyes, blushes and lipsticks are availablefor you. with this app your eyes will be more bright, and yourmouth will be sexy, and any part of your face. Just take a photo orchoose from album to apply your favorite style and increase facebeauty! You can achieve this great makeup photo editor withthousands of beautiful faces from different each other , thedifferent faces of sheet metal paint color also you get , you canset the lipstick color for the lips and the style of your dreams bytrying different eye color from each other for your model you canexperiment with this application and get different ideas andpreview for your own makeup . Which hairstyle how eye color lipnose should be , you can find the answers to these questions in ourapplication !This Beauty app is a powerful makeup photo editor withmany amazing effects :- Eye Changer: Custom made Eye designs toreplaces your eyes in photos. Different eye colors to pop up yourmakeup photos.- Lipstick: Different LipStick colors are madeavailable to apply to your lips in photos in case you forgot toapply lipstick before taking photos in beauty camera.- Eye BrowColorizer: Fine tune your eye brows in photos.A very comprehensiveface makeover, you can try different kinds of makeups you want.-Integrate stickers such as goggles, hats... in the image.-Stickersof various categories are included to decorate your photos.- Editthe face parts like funny nose, eyes, hair and so many things.-Stickers like mustache or others can be easily placed on the face.-You can quickly resize and rotate photo with intuitive tools.-Interface is very user friendly to use so that you can understandeasily.- You can undo or cancel the multiple stickers as youchoose.- Completely free application to enjoy.This beautiful andpowerful application can make your beauty dreams come true. Youmakeup will make you feel better than ever.