1.0 / August 26, 2018
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Super Ninja Adventure World is an exciting and fun jump andrunadventure. Life in a peaceful city arrived taboo in turmoilandcame a terrible threat from the horrors of a monstrousmonster.Plans to control the city of leadership from viciousmonsters sendtheir troops to destroy and seize a peaceful city.Some monstermonsters conspired to dominate the city of peace, andsuddenly camethe form of a great mysterious ninja to help seize thereturn ofwhat the evil monster had taken. You are a great ninja,hero, withgreat strength against the dark forces of evil monstersto protectthe peace of the city to be safe as before. In this SuperNinjaAdventure World adventure game you will become a great ninja,willjoin and experience a very fierce battle. You will representtherighteous to fight enemies, monsters. On the way you willpassthrough cities and caves full of larvae, even the mostdangerousareas, be careful not to be defeated and the city youprotect isrecorded by evil monsters. Adventure immediately startsgettingsepecial items like stars and Kunai, shields to defeatmonsters,you can jump and run shooting in your adventures later.What willyou do to fight the forces of evil? lots of weapons tosupport youlike knight, hammer, archery. other than that Fight andexplorethis exciting adventure. Download this game now for free !!!

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    Super Ninja Adventure World
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    August 26, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Dweller Droids
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