2.0 / October 20, 2015
(4.0/5) (3)


The Super Pig is back ! The adventure is fullof danger, help the hero Pig in this adventurous and running junglegame.

You are now in a quest to help the super Pepapi Pig. Are youable to complete all levels without losing control ? Help the superpig to run as far as possible, Collect Coins and, Achieve Bonusesand Unlock new worlds.

Game Control :
- Tap screen if you want to fly! Beware of falling ! You need to befast and careful.
- Try to collect as much coins as possible.
- Enjoy the adventure with your favorite super fast Pepapi Pig.Collect coins to score points.

Features :
- Many worlds and levels to explore.
- User friendly game interface
- Beautiful graphics and sound effects
- Perfect for All ages : kids, children, and adult
- Easy controls  and Fun to play
- Fantastic illustrations
- 5 world to unlock.

This a great platform game, addictive, and full of surprises! Wewish hours of entertainment to all players of Super Pig JungleWorld.

App Information Super Pig Jungle World

  • App Name
    Super Pig Jungle World
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    October 20, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 3.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    World Game
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
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Vous avez envie d’être Belle et Rayonnante ? Nous avons la solutionqu’il vous faut. Avec notre application Recettes Beauté, vousretrouvez des astuces beauté et recettes de soins naturels faitmaison pour prendre soin de vous.Découvrez des dizaines de recettesbeauté spécialement pour femmes, faciles et rapides à réaliser !1 -Masque pour cheveux fait maison : Pour avoir des beaux cheveuxbrillant naturellement, essayez une des astuces beauté proposerafin de fortifier et assouplir vos cheveux.2 - Astuces beauté etrecettes de masque pour visage :Pour prendre soin de votre visageau quotidien, plusieurs méthodes sont utilisées. Découvrez commentfaire un gommage visage chez vous afin d’éliminer les impuretés etconserver l’éclat et la fraîcheur de votre peau.3 - Les ongles:Vous souhaitez savoir comment faire pour avoir des beaux ongles ?vous êtes dans le bon endroit, apprenez à faire pousser les onglesplus vite et leur donner de la force et de l’énergie.5 - Recetteépilation au sucre pour une peau douce :L’épilation estprobablement la meilleure façon pour se débarrasser des poilsindésirables du corps. Une recette totalement naturelle, quirespecte la peau et la rend très douce. afin d’épiler toutes lesparties du corps6 - Astuces et recettes maison pour éliminer lamauvaise haleine :Certaines personnes souffrent tellement d'unemauvaise haleine (ou L'halitose) que leur vie quotidienne s'entrouve inhibée. Vous allez trouver plusieurs remèdes naturels pourtraiter la mauvaise haleine.Vous souhaitez savoir encore plus ?N’hésitez plus téléchargement notre application : « Recettesbeauté »You want to be Beautiful and Splendid? We have thesolution for you. Beauty Recipes With our application you will findbeauty tips and natural skin care recipes for homemade take care ofyou.Discover dozens of recipes beauty especially for women, easyand quick to make!1 - homemade hair mask:To have beautiful shinyhair naturally, try one of beauty tips propose to strengthen andsoften your hair.2 - Beauty Tips and face mask recipes for:To takecare of your face every day, several methods are used. Discover howto make a face scrub at home to remove impurities and maintain theshine and freshness of your skin.3 - Nails:Want to know how to havebeautiful nails? you are in the right place, learn to do nails growfaster and give them strength and energy.5 - sugaring recipe forsmooth skin:Waxing is probably the best way to get rid of unwantedbody hair. A completely natural recipe, skin-friendly and makes itvery soft. depilatory to all parts of the body6 - Tips and recipeshome to eliminate bad breath:Some people suffer so much from badbreath (Halitosis or) that their daily life is thereby inhibited.You will find several natural remedies to treat bad breath.Want toknow more? Do not hesitate downloading our application, "BeautyRecipes"
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The adventure will start in the Africa. Do youlove to play a game of animals ? So, help cheetah to collect allgold stars in the jungle, that contains more 130 levelsextraordinary.The most exciting and cute cheetah adventure for kids with allnew fun, let’s it run faster in the Africa and avoid obstacle forsurvive.help this big cat in the running game in the jungle. How to play:+ Tap device to make the animal jump.Features :+ more 130 different levels+ Game is free, no purchase required+ Clean and colorful graphics+ Higher jump and exciting levels+ Several missions to accomplish.+ 2D graphicsGorgeous Background soundtracks, colorful and challenging levelsand new obstacles to face in each level. Have fun with cheetah, thebetter hunter in the forest.
Fox Jungle Run Adventure 2.0 APK
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Fox Jungle Run is a great adventure game. Helpfoxy to collect all coins and past all 5 world. You need run andjump and finished all levels. Be careful because Foxy have a lot ofenemies. Have Fun all the way in this funny Jungle Run adventuregame!In this Platform game for kids, children, and adult; our herofox must run and avoid obstacles. Jump over the enemies, collectapples and coins in the jungle.Rules of game :★★★★★ Run and jump carefully and get points.★★★★★ Many dangerous challenges needs to be completed, be carefulis necessary so that you can finish your mission unharmed.★★★★★ Run till end of the levels.Take advantage of the following features when you play thisexciting game :★★★★★ Many worlds and levels to explore.★★★★★ Beautiful graphics and sound effects★★★★★ Different scenarios to play in.★★★★★ Increased difficulty.★★★★★ Lots of obstacle-dodging fun.play with Fox Run Jungle in a platform adventure. There areobstacles on the way, help the cute foxy collect all the items onthis great adventure without falling off from the jumping.Fox Jungle Run World is an adventure game that everyone loves toplay. This game is also very fun! Enjoy it!
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Super Monkey is back ! Help the hero monkey inthis adventurous and running jungle kong world.You are now in a quest to help the super monkey. Take up thechallenge, collect bananas, coins and unlock the 5 differentworlds.Features :★ Many worlds and levels to explore.★ Different scenarios to play in.★ Lots of obstacle-dodging fun!★ Run and finish all levels.Game Control :★ Just tap screen to jump the monkey.★ Collect bananas as many as you can, without being caught byobstacles.★ Run till end of the levels, make the little kong happy.World 1 : The Little Kong & Bananas !! Monkey is nowstarting a new journey of adventure. There are many obstacleswaiting for him ahead. Do you think he can survive?World 2 : The Little gorilla has just escaped from the amazingforest. He needs to run through the jungle in order to fully escapefrom the enemy and obstacles. Help the little gorilla to escapewith successfully to gorilla world.World 3 : You need to protect the super kong gorilla characterand collect all bananas. be careful !!This a great platform game, addictive, and full of surprises! Wewish hours of entertainment to all players of Super Monkey RunningWorld Jungle.
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إليكي سيدتي أشهى وألد الأطباق والوصفات لتعلم طريقة عمل المكرونةالشهية لعائلتك.ستجدين أجمل وصفة عمل المكرونة بالبشاميل باللحمالمفرومة، بالاضافة إلى طريقة عمل سباغيتي بولونيز وسلطة المكرونةبصلصة البيضاء والعديد من الأطباق.من أهم مميزات التطبيق هو إمكانكيتصفح جميع الأطباق بدون الحاجة إلى الإتصال بالانترنت.استمتعي الأنبألد وصفات المعجنات بكل سهولة.Aliki Madam delicious dishes fatherand recipes to learn how to work pasta dishes for your family.Youwill find the most beautiful work of pasta recipe Bechamel choppedmeat, as well as to the modus operandi of Spaghetti Bolognese pastasalad and white sauce and many dishes.Application of the mostimportant features is Amk.ca browse all the dishes without the needfor an Internet connection.Enjoy now country's pastry recipes withease.
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you love adventure games, you're patient andyou're not afraid to regularly restart the game levels? Prepare tolive fabulous challenge with the super kart in 3 worlds.The features of Super Car World are simple to play but not easyto master. Run and jump with the little boy in car to achieve yourgoal and terminate all missions in this imaginary farm world.Get ready to avoid obstacles, you're going to have fun to gofull of magical worlds. you should complete 50 levels for unlockthe next world.