1.0 / November 22, 2016
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Super Ricochet, from the maker of Salt&Pepper: A Physics Game. Super Ricochet is a silly physicsgamefeaturing insane ricochet based puzzles. Players can choosetoquickly get the goal or ricochet off the platforms to earnmorepoints.

There are several ways to complete each level so have fun andtryto get a perfect on each level. There are no time limits inthisfull-featured physics game.

[Super Ricochet Features]
• Simple gameplay,
• A few hours of gameplay,
• 100+ stimulating levels to play,
• Super Hardcore Bean Mode to unlock,
• Beautifully designed for Android,

[Connect With Us]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/appdore
Twitter: http://twitter.com/appdore
Web: http://appdore.com

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App Information Super Ricochet: Ricochet Game

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