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“Prepare for Epic Battle, plan your strategyand defeat the enemy in Super Robot Battle Simulator. Super RobotBattle Simulator provides a realistic war zone and epicbattlefield.”

If fatal and brutal type games are no more fun for you now, thentry this war battle simulator game! “Super Robot Battle Simulator”offers you both the thrill of the battlefield simulator with EpicBattle simulator in ultimate epic battle as well as the mindboggling challenges with war simulator of devising a defense &attack strategy. Epic battle strategy with Tactical BattleSimulator and defense of your super robot army base is all in yourhands now with battlefield simulator, every moment spent on thebattle grounds is a do or die situation, there is no running backnow. Your foes will keep upgrading and devising an un-beatablestrategy for battlefield simulator, but don’t just lose hope killyour enemy by wits and win the strategical puzzle.

Build your own super robot army base defense test battle, becauseit’s totally up to your tricky strategy to win ultimate epicbattle. Enter the custom mode game in which you define all thepositions by yourself of your as well as of your enemy army soldierteam, proceed the battlefield and watch the battle as it is realwar simulator. With the totally accurate selection you will move tosuccess as it’s totally up to you how you build your US army teamfor this epic battle modern war. You can play against providedlevels or custom modes. For the level mode; you have to capture thedisputed lands and kill the enemy’s troops. While the custom mode;there are two grids, one for player1 and the other for player 2.The custom mode provides you with multiplayer mode. It is entirelyup to your best strategy to win! With the entirely accurateplacement of your army, you will get the best results!

Multiple soldiers are available to choose from for ultimate epicbattle. It is completely up to you to build your own army base!Fight with guns, rifles, archers, cannons, spears, bows, armybattle cars, battle tanks & grenade launchers.

This super robot epic battle simulator game gives you the feelingof owing an army having Tactical Battle Simulator and fighting withan epic battle strategy with enemy; winning is the only option youhave here so show your leadership qualities. There are no rules atall only army commanders the position you assigned, just enter andfinish all others.

Don't wait, try it now!

Features of Super Robot Battle Simulator:
 Quality graphics
 Improved performance with war simulator
 Fun and interactive robot battle simulator
 Collect coins on successful completion of each level.
 Similar Epic Battle Simulator War field but with SuperRobots.

So! Get ready to attack the Army Base now & start a Robot Warin this epic battle simulator.

App Information Super Robot Battle Simulator

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