2.1 / December 2, 2018
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Super Sonic Jump In one in every of the simplest jumping gamesyou’ll play this year, you would like to assist the high-strungSonic in his quest to complete all levels. it's one in every ofthose arcade free jumping games which will challenge you to thefullest, as a result of we've got worked very exhausting to make aworld that's difficult and amusive. CLASSIC FREE JUMP The SuperSonic Jump – Arcade Jumping can cue you of these arcade jumpergames you’ve in all probability contend within the 90s. However, inentirely revived graphics, background and gameplay, you'llpositively celebrate throughout the various worlds and enemies.UNIQUE AND attention-grabbing ENEMIES Throughout the journey, theSuper Sonic Jump jungle won't solely ought to collect all coins,however additionally to avoid and defeat his enemies. we've gotcreated attention-grabbing enemies like: bonkers, robots, ancienthuman and far a lot of. be careful from the bonkers, they'reemotional their child bonkers World Health Organization will hurtyou! The physics and therefore the length of the jump is creatingSuper Sonic Jump one in every of the foremost thrilling jumpersyou'll ever play. The movements, graphics and sound effects canthrill and excite you! There ar three worlds, however you wouldlike to unlock them by passing through the amount. FEATURES: -high-strung arcade options - classic jumper - pretty character andenemies - 30 levels ***************************************Addictive, thrilling and ultra-interesting jumper! Free jumper gamethat you simply will play in your free time. Continuously difficultand fun! Completely FREE!

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    Super Sonic Jump
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    December 2, 2018
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    Android 2.2 and up
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