3.2 / October 14, 2016
(5.0/5) (4)


Help Super Sponge Bario Bross to recovertheprincesse in the World of Dreams from hands of darnkess andenjoythis great adventure. Super Sponge Bario Bross is aclassicalplatformer / side-scroller adventure 2D game.

Features :

- Incredibles graphics 2D;
- 4 different worlds;
- 32 levels;
- Amazing boss battles;
- Special suits to Super Sponge Bario Bross;
- Run, jump and swim in different scenarios;
- Collect hearts and coins to win more lives;
- Collect the pieces and complete the puzzle;

How to play:

- Use the arrow keys to move Super Sponge Bario Bross left/right;
- Tap the arrow top button to jump;

Download, play and enjoy with Super Sponge Bario Bross!!

App Information Super Sponge Bario Bross

  • App Name
    Super Sponge Bario Bross
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    October 14, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 3.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    10 - 50
  • Price
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Super Sponge Bario Bross 3.2 APK
Help Super Sponge Bario Bross to recovertheprincesse in the World of Dreams from hands of darnkess andenjoythis great adventure. Super Sponge Bario Bross is aclassicalplatformer / side-scroller adventure 2D game.Features :- Incredibles graphics 2D;- 4 different worlds;- 32 levels;- Amazing boss battles;- Special suits to Super Sponge Bario Bross;- Run, jump and swim in different scenarios;- Collect hearts and coins to win more lives;- Collect the pieces and complete the puzzle;How to play:- Use the arrow keys to move Super Sponge Bario Bross left/right;- Tap the arrow top button to jump;Download, play and enjoy with Super Sponge Bario Bross!!.
Luna Road Fighter 2.1 APK
In this game Luna Road Fighter monster truck,you must collect the rocket by your character Luna Road Fighteranddestroy the monster car and be a road fighter with themonstertruck .Collect rockets on the road and then press fire button tolauncha rocket to explode monster car. Also you need to collect gasorthe game will be over. Avoid collisions with monster cars.This game of Luna Road Fighter is an addictive game withHDgraphics. you can drive through all obstacles to get to thefinishlevel in the road fighter by you monster truck . Gamehasinfinitely number of randomly built levels. Enjoy Luna RoadFighterwith monster truck it!Avoid all the road fighter on your way, control luna and bearoad fighter with your monster truck with Physics becauselunatrucks bounce, drift and tire slips as real driving with LunaRoadFighter-- Features of Luna Road Fighter* Thrilling and addictive to everyone!* Stunning HD Graphics art design* Attractive background sound play* Fast action Extreme racing fun Luna game in road fighter withthemonster truckSo, why you are waiting for? Everything about road fighter withLunabliss truck games is here! Get fun.DISCLAIMER:This is not an official game of Luna This is just a game fansforroad fighter with monster truck . Not intended to infringeanytrademark. All rights belong to Disney Channel.
Paw Crossy Puppy Blocks 3.6 APK
You love adventure games? Game graphicsandamazing controls is what excites you? This awesomeclassicadventure game iswhat you need. Paw Crossy Puppy is fun and adventure gamethatcombines classic gameplay with modern controls andgraphics.The adventure game has a cute pupy is paw crossy in modecraft.You must help Paw Patrol craft to collect coins ashe explores amazing worlds. Jump on top of enemies todestroythem and use your wits to stay alive since the game isanything buteasy. Using collected coins .During the course of this adventure game, Paw Crossy Puppywillencounter various enemies, including powerful bosses,while you enjoy a great gameplay and well-crafted design.GAME FEATURES:★ Classic Gameplay - Retro-style platform gameplay to helpcutepuppy to jump his way to the castle. This adventuregame takes challenge to another level.★ Easy Controls - Tap Left or Right to move puppy paw and Jumptoadvance from one platform to another or todestroy the enemy.★ Multiple Worlds - Puppy crossy spans over 3 different worldsso40 well designed levels in total. Gounderground or swim through lava worlds defeating powerfulbossesand crunchy enemies.Paw Crossy Puppy adventure offers a great gaming experiencenomatter if you are a retro-nostalgic or not. Try it out andenjoy!This app is the most simple game and you will enjoy playingthisclassic adventure game .
Binoculars Mega Zoom Camera 3.2 APK
Now you can easily super-zoom (This versionislimited to 3x zoom, you can use 30x zoom only on FullVersion)using your Android device. Just reverse-pinch/pinch to zoomin orout and easily take a great photo of the zoomed picture.This is the best binoculars you'll ever use, See screenshots andtryit out!Application "binoculars Mega Zoom Camera" will let you takephotoseven with zoom x80 (maximum zoom depends on your built-incameramodel).You will be able to set maximum hardware zoom value whiletakingphotos. Additionally the program was equipped with megadigitalzoom, which will let you observe and photograph objects,which arein the far distance."binoculars Mega Zoom Camera Pro" can be also used asvirtualbinoculars, telescope or digital magnifier. It is ideal toolforspies and wild nature lovers.You will be able to take quite clear, stable and well qualityphotosof very far objects.Attention! "Mega Zoom Camera" works best on phones with 8megapixelscamera and more.Now with full Camera2 manual controls!! Join millions of peoplewhouse Camera ZOOM FX.There's so much you can do: action shots, stable shot,photofilters, collage, photo composition and more.★ New On Android ★SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICEFREE!!!BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP!Easily extremely zoom your camera, take a picture andshareit!Now you can easily super-zoom (This version is limited to 3xzoom,you can use 30x zoom only on Full Version) using yourAndroiddevice. Just reverse-pinch/pinch to zoom in or out, use thespecialbuttons and easily take a great photo of the zoomedpicture.This is the best zoom camera app you'll ever use, Seescreenshotsand try it out!Features of this version:- Easily zoom from 1x to 3x using pinch or special buttons- Works fully on every Android device camera: Use it as zoomcameraor as a zoom-mirror- easily take a photo of the zoomed picture- Slick and easy to use design, See screenshots.- You can also use the built-in flashlight- Universal app, Works perfectly on phone or tablet- Photos saved to a dedicated folder and can be reached from theappitself.- It's FREE!On FULL version you can also zoom to 30x magnification!DISCLAIMER: This app in no way can damage your phone!PrivacyPolicy:http://kidzgamedroid.blogspot.com/2017/03/kidzgame.html
Doctor Battery Saver 2017 Pro 3.2 APK
Doctor Battery Saver 2017 and Fast Chargingcanboost charging speed, save battery life and optimizeconsumption ofbattery for your tablets or smartphones.Doctor Battery Saver 2017 gives your phone the ability toenablesettings for killing background running apps whilefunctioning asMemory Cleaner, Ram Booster, and Task Killer for abetter batteryperformance.You can save battery life up to 2x - 4x more to boost your phonegetalong a lot more faster.Fast Charging is an ultimate app, which can help to boostyourbattery charging speed by 30-40%. APP automatically activatewhenconnect your charger and it will boost your chargingspeed.How Fast Battery Charger works, you review it throughthisapp.This app will automatically activate when you connect yourchargerand it will boost your charging speed. When you connectyourcharger, Fast Charging will detect it and limit thepowerconsumption of your phone/tablet.Doctor Battery Saver 2017 2x - Fast Charger is a FREE smartbatteryoptimizer app gives your mobile the ability to enablesettings forkilling background running apps while functioning asMemoryCleaner, Task Killer and Ram Booster for a betterbatteryperformance.It's capable of extending battery life and increase chargingspeed.Complete battery doctor of your device.With its many features, including power consumption ranking andyoucan easily change the battery saving mode for extendbatterylife.Doctor Battery Saver 2017 is a FREE battery saving app. Ourspecial1-tap optimization feature stops power-consuming apps with asingletap.Doctor Battery Saver is a FREE Battery app that can chargerfasteryour phone 30% and extend your battery life up to 50% byfindingapps and settings that drain power on your device .This app is the most efficient and professional Androidpowerbooster. Battery Doctor - Battery Saver helps user to savebatterylife just in a single Tap whenever it starts trickle.Key features of Doctor Battery Saver 2017 and Fast Charging► Battery Saver dispaly battery status and remaining time► Battery Saver display charging remaining time► Battery Saver displays your phone battery information suchasbattery temperature, battery voltage, battery health► One tap optimizesave power straightway► The advanced task killer for Android serves to shut downallunwanted background processes consuming your battery'senergyFEATURES of Battery Doctor Battery Saver Energy & FastCharger2017 PRO:1. One-tap Battery OptimizerWith click on one-tap, the apps( user and system )which runningifthe background would close and recommends you functions to turnoffin order to save more. When it closed your apps then work asmemorycleaner or app booster, as well as help your phone for speedandsaving battery power. Optimizer define you how much time youhavebefore draining your phone.2. Deep Sleep ModeYou can manage your mode for pre-define mode for save batterylifeof your mobile phone, as we have pre-define number of waywhichdrain your battery life, so you can move your phone on savingmode.Various modes are available for your convenience. While notusingyour phone, set your "Sleep Mode" to save time!We also provide the custom mode, so you can easily made yourownnumber custom mode and save your battery life and make yourphonefast change.3. Remaining Time TrackerIndicates the remaining/limit time for Talktime, Game,Standby,AudioPlayback, MoviePlayback, WebSurfing, and Reading. Alsoshowslife level in percent (%) at status bar. You can easily managebynotification bar through our Widget.4. Power Doctor WidgetAccess and turn on/off various functions from HomescreenWidget.This app not only work as Battery saver, but work as SuperFastCharger not only improves charging time but also extendsyourbattery time.Privacy Policy:http://kidzgamedroid.blogspot.com/2017/03/kidzgame.html
Kung Fu Fighting Survival Dash 2.1 APK
Master Kung Fu Fighting Survival ,Thelegendary fighting franchise returns with new game plot!Freeclassic Fighting arcade games to enjoy with androiddeviceNow!In Master Kung Fu Fighting Survival Game, player's character Leeisa martial artist that practices his family's Kung Fufightingstyle. He enter the City to rescue him sister, MAI. Intheirfights, Lee learn that the Lily became the target from thecriminalgangs, and decide to face him.KIM is very serious about Kung Fu and loyal to his family. Hehasbeen given discipline through his Kung Fu training by his father.He earned the nickname, “The Grandmaster of Kung Fu” due tohisremarkable use of his Kung Fu fighting style. He uses the KungFuto fight with criminal gangs Boss.Master Kung Fu Fighting Survival is the most gorgeous 2Dgraphics,based on thousands of beautiful original artworks. Masterpunchesand combine them with devastating Special Punches andFocusabilities creating the ultimate combo to KO your opponent.Themostsophisticated battle effects and move presentation,perfectlyrestored the fighting style of “Boxing Champion 5 and kangfusurival”, give you the finest ko fighting experience!youcancompete against masters of kung fu, MMA, karate, wrestling,boxingand other forms of struggle, to enjoy an epic battle.Trainyourboxers, and earn glory and money.Complete the challengesandreceive ability points that you can use to become the nextboxingchampion. Develop your boxer’s Strength, Stamina, Speed,andEndurance, level up your abilities, and equip powerful booststocreate your own unique fighting playstyle.Overcome your rivals dead or alive! Explore different locationsanduse your Kung Fu power to destroy. Enter the world ofJapaneseninja and let the biggest fighting contest begin! Beat alltheopponents and prove your worth as a Master Ninja playingamazingNinja Kung Fu Fighting 2D game!Try different fighting styles including Taekwondo, Mauy Thai,KungFu, Boxing and other and enjoy being a real Japaneseassassin!Check contest and survival mode – fight against enemiesand killthem to earn points or survive on the ring as long as youcan!Become the strongest fighter on the earth playing Ninja KungFuFighting 2D action game! Upgrade your power, speed and accuracyorunlock new strikes and fighting styles getting points foreachkill. It’s high time to assassinate!Features of Master Kung Fu Fighting Survival:• Tons of epic levels• 10+ Kung Fu masters• No time limit. Play as long as you want.• Unique fighting skills• Cloud save. Your game progress is being saved online.Privacy Policy:http://kidzgamedroid.blogspot.com/2017/03/kidzgame.html
Volume Booster & Equalizer Pro 2.1 APK
Volume Booster Pro 2017 with thefriendlyinterface, ultra-small capacity will help you to increasethe musicvolume of your mobile phone by 30% - 40% with just onetouchwithout distorting the sound.Your phone is not only amplified music and volume louder butalsothe quality of sound is better than the original. The app tomakevolume louder is suitable when you make video calls insocialnetworking applications.You can freely customize the volume to fit your requirements,usethe pop-up slider in best equalizer sound booster. Thesoundbooster for android does not distort when the amplifying soundtoits highest level by effective monitoring functions.Volume Booster Pro 2017 is an excellent volume control appthatcontrols Android phone volume for all sound streams(music,voice,alarm, system). You can easily boost your phone sound tomaximum byjust one key.In android system, you are unable to independently adjust themusicvolume, alarm volume, call voice volume and other systemvolumes.Thanks to this Phone Sound Booster, you can easily adjustall thesein few seconds.Volume booster Pro for androidVolume Booster Pro 2017 with inbuilt music player feature.Nowincrease yourmusic volume of your mobile phone 30%-40% by using it. Itsamplifieyour sound and gives higher sound boost.This app use to improve sound when you are usingfollwingapps.Whats App, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Kakao Talk, LINE Chat,SnapChat, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Zalo etcYou cann eraisly modifie sound by using 5 Band EqualizerwithBassand treble effect.Try this new modern style volume booster. It will increaseyourspeakers volume up to 10-20%.What sets Volume Booster from other similar applications isthatwhen a user activates boost this app not only amplifies thesoundto the end, but also uses the built-in Android equalizertooptimize the frequency channels by means of a special algorithm.Sothe result is a stronger and clearer sound.You can choose three types of volume to be boosted:* Media player volume,* Ringer volume,* Alarm volume,* Any combination of all threeIt will improve the volume and sound of your speakers andheadphonesand make them sound like a HiFi system.MAIN FUNCTION of apps to make volume louder on the phone:* Equalizer sound booster* Does not distort sound while boost sound volume* Flexible Control* Customize sound for many applications* Turn on / off music player with volume boost* Music amplifier equalizer sound booster* Several preset equalizer sound booster and music player* Boost bass and volume booster loud* Virtual effectDISCLAIMER: This app in no way can damage your phone!PrivacyPolicy:http://kidzgamedroid.blogspot.com/2017/03/kidzgame.html
Solar Battery Charger Prank 2.0 APK
Solar Battery Charger Prank is thebestsolution to charge your phone, fast and environmentalfriendlly. Nosooner does your phone has enough light than thebattery ischarged. In addition, thanks to quick chargingtechnonoly, solarbattery charging speed is faster than 80% comparewith the normalcharging speed.Charge your phone using Solar battery Charger with the power ofsun.Solar battery Charger uses the phone's light sensor tochargebattery. Just a few minutes in the light and you will seeyourbattery level increasing.Better than other solar battery charging apps in the market.ThisSolar battery Charger free app for Android Mobile phones.The first, most realistic solar charger application on themarket!Check out the screenshots and see for yourself.Solar Battery Charger Prank doesn't charge in actual but behavelikecharging battery by using solar power. This app is only forprankand entertainment.Solar charger prank just simulating and show that your batterylevelis increasing. It has awesome graphics, attractiveinterface/layout,looks and work like really charging.Share this app with your friends and family and prank them.Features:- Solar charger- Realistic and impressive graphics- Faster : Charge your phone faster with this Solar batteryChargerprank for Android Mobile- Virtual battery power display- Use light sensor with solar panel to quick chargingyourphone- Show a notification when your phone is fully charged- Wonderful charging theme, useful and friendlyNote: Charging phone through solar light is not possible. Pleasedonot expose your phone to sunlight as it may damage it.Thisapplication is a prank and developed for fun andentertainmentpurpose only.

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ROOT REQUIREDXPOSED FRAMEWORK REQUIREDIF You dont know What is XPOSED Framework then do not try thisapplication (it wont work)Hi Guys,I read about the Xposed framework in xda and other websites.somewebsites have really good tutorials about it.So what I understandis that we can modify a function and its return values using theXposed Framework.I have created and Xposed Module For Changing (MASKING) the IMEI Noof the PhoneChange Means How Other Application gets the IMEI No of the deviceusing below codeAs you all know,The Value is not permanent as it is an XposedModule :)XDA-Developers Threadhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-imei-changer-t2847187Pro version :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.imeichangerproStepsInstall appEnable module in xposed frameworkCome back to app and enter new valuePress ApplyGo to xposed moduleOpen framework pageDo a soft rebootOpen the appAnd you can see new valuecheck the value by dialing *#06#, you can see the new value