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Hurrah! The fashion girl hairstyle salon is open for our superstargirl now 👱‍♀️! Every girl wants to look like a beautiful andgorgeous superstar girl 👱‍♀️ and deserves a perfect look. Come on!Come to our super star girl hair salon and have a perfect look likea superstar fashion girl 👧. Get ready for the fashion girl hairdesign, makeover and dress up. Make superstar fashion girloutstanding in star girl hair spa salon. Give them a proper haircutand make different stylish hair design by using curler andstraightener ettc. as a superstar hair salon designer. We know it’svery easy for you to make pretty fashion girl more prettier 👩. Now,fashion super star girl wants makeover and proper dress up. Dofashion girl makeover with makeup accessories and dress up superstar girl with beautiful clothes. Features: 👩 Different stylishfashion girl hairstyles. 👩 Be a best superstar girl hair designer.👩 Open your own girl hair spa salon. 👩 Makeup & dressup thegorgeous star girl. 👩 High quality graphical effects. 👩 Bestcutting, straightening, curling animations. 👩 Addictive musicalbackground sounds. 👩 User-friendly gameplay control.

App Information Super Star Fashion Hair Salon Stylist

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    Super Star Fashion Hair Salon Stylist
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    October 10, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Sweet Maker Shop
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    162-C askari X, New Airport Road Lahore Cantt Lahore, 54000 Pakistan
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Let’s do some house chores today. Let the girls enjoy the clothescleaning games. It’s time to wash the dirty clothes now and havefun. Let’s learn how to wash clothes. Enjoy the fun with the mombaby laundry game. The baby toys are dirty. Mom needs to wash themas well in the washing machine. Enjoy the toys and clothes cleaningfun now and start the learning process of the washing, ironing andfolding. It’s fun and exciting! Start the clothes cleaning fun timein the house simulator with the mom baby. Enjoy different scenes inthe house chores with cleaning, hanging, ironing and putting in thecupboard. First the mom baby needs to wash the dirty clothes, thenhang them for dry in the open air of the house. Iron clothes afterthey are dried. Lastly, put all the clothes and the toys in thecupboard. Enjoy these clothes washing game now and clean your housefrom dirty stingy clothes. Baby needs to help the mom in thelaundry room. The dirty stinky clothes are put in the basket forsome clean washing laundry. Put the dirty clothes in the washingmachine and add some laundry detergent into the washing machine.Put the coins in the washing machine to start it. Wait for a whileto another pool of colored clothes in to the machine to washclothes cleaning fun. Kids and girls will have fun in playing thisgame by washing their dirty toys and clothes. Play the mini game ofcollecting different types of clothes i-e, colored or white, earncoins by collecting the correct types of clothes and put them intothe laundry basket. Earn coins and enjoy the clothes and toyswashing fun game. Enjoy the exciting experience of your laundryprocess to clean up the messy dirty clothes. FEATURES Fun and easyto play clothes laundry game Play different scenes in the wholewashing process Amazing and addictive fun house environment 4scenes to play in the cleaning fun game Amazing animations of thewashing machines, clothes ironing Mini game to earn coins
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The squishy ball slime app is the anti stress toy game that willhelp the user to release the stress. Relax yourself and Downloadthis stress relieving game by playing the anti stress slime ball.Enjoy the best feature of make and play the satisfying slime. Enjoyplaying with the squishy slime ball. Calm yourself down and feelrelaxed with this relaxing and satisfying squishy ball maker game.Calm nerves and relieve the anxiety. Play with these stressrelieving toys and relax yourself. Enjoy this DIY ball toy squishyslime simulator. Make and play the squishy jelly in differentcolors. But if you don’t want to the slime maker first then you canjust play with it with variety of squishy slime ball toy and othershapes. Enjoy playing with this satisfying slime simulator now andmake yourself calm. The anti stress ball helps you forget about therage and the cruel real world. Tap on the DIY squishy toy ball withyour finger. You can choose different colors from the color optiongrid. Earn coins with every tap on the make and play anti stressball squishy DIY. You can purchase and unlock other shapes of thesquishy slime when you have enough coins. So, enjoy tapping on theball and get coins. Enjoy the DIY glitter squishy balls also. Playwith them to relieve your anxiety now. The squishy ball slimesimulator will help you to give the comfort. This game is for bothkids and the adults. Kids enjoy the slime maker part in thissquishy anti stress ball slime and then play with it. if you don’twant to play with the squishy ball toy directly, don’t worry, thegame has the option to first make the slime and then play with it.For this, you just need to add the powder in the bowl, add thecolor of your choice then add the glue. After that put somedetergent and then mix it well with the spatula. Start stretchingthe jelly toy until ready. Do you want to play with this DIYsquishy jelly toy? Put the slime into the balloon mold and basketit. Earn the points and coins after that. Let’s back to the playingscene where you can play with the squishy ball with differentcolors. FEATURES 2 scenes in the squishy slime ball game Differentcolor options to play with anti stress ball toy Stress relievingslime simulator Fun relaxing game Calming app with the squishy ballMake and play slime maker simulation game
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Welcome to the new baby wild animal pet care nursery where you canfeed, bath, check up to your favorite virtual animal pet. Groomyour baby pet nursery animal in your very own animal care nursery.This is the fun filled cute pet happy animal care game. Downloadand enjoy the jungle animal baby pet care. You have got the chancefor the care, feed, dress up and salon as well. Perform differentactivities to care the newborn baby pet nursery animal daycare. Ifyou are the baby pet lover, then you will be going to love thiscute wild animal baby pet nursery daycare simulator. Enjoy the careof different pet animals. Start your day to become the loved onecute pet babysitter. Provide the baby pet nursery animal with hisfavorite food items. If it is injured, give him the propertreatment. Give the cute puppy pet a bath. Play with the cute bunnypet, baby lion, and other cute pet animal in the playground. Enjoythe virtual jungle animal care in the cute pet daycare. After that,clean the dirt and wash them properly. Become the best animal carebabysitter and make the baby pet a happy animal. Experience theinteractive gameplay with high resolution graphics. Love thenewborn cute baby pet nursery wild animal now and start caring themtoday. Have fun with all the virtual wild animal in the baby petnursery. This is an amazing game, enjoy everything in thisaddictive gameplay. There is so much fun in this cute pet jungleanimal care game. Feed them properly and don’t give them food thatthey don’t like. Be the owner of the virtual animal daycare.FEATURES Cute baby jungle animal care simulator 10 different happyanimals to select Random scene selection of the baby pet animalcare Unlock all the scenes through rewarded video Variety of itemsto select in each scene for the baby care User interactive gameplaycontrols
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Are you excited to play the most exciting game of surprise toyclawmachine to get your favorite toys like bunnies, fidgetspinner,candies and surprise gift boxes? Have fun with differenttoygrabber and collect your favorite toy prize. You are welcome totheclaw machine carnival where you get yourself busy with thevarietyof surprise gifts. Get your child a surprise from theamazing toyprize machine. Download this fun free games for kids nowandcomplete your target of the toy grab through the surpriseclawmachine. Play this free toy candy machine carnival game toenjoyand collect the favorite toys. Earn coins as you compete thetargetdisplayed beside the fidget spinner claw world machine. Feelthesense of achievement in collecting the surprise gift. Playothermini games of collecting tickets and cotton candies and getmorecoins. Enjoy and play with different claw toy grabber. This isafun exciting game with different surprise claw machine thatwillgive you the amazing toy prize candy. The best clawmachinecarnival is in town now with different machines like fidgetspinnermachine, candy machine, surprise toy claw world etc. Earnthe coinsand toy grab from the claw machine carnival. Drag yourcrane to thetargeted toy and then drop it to collect in the rack.Collectdifferent toys from different claw vending and earn coins tounlockother claw machines. You will going to enjoy this prizemachinecarnival. If you kids loves to collect the toy prize fromthe toygrabber then they will addicted to this for sure. Come andenjoy inthis claw world carnival to collect the best surprise toysfrom thecandy machine. Keep your child happy and busy with thisgame forkids. Let them enjoy and collect their favorite prizethrough thetoy grabber claw world. HOW TO PLAY Let’s play withdifferent toygrabber. Get into the surprise claw machine carnivalSelect yourfavorite grabber Complete the target to collect thegifts Earn thecoins on each success of the target completion Unlockother toyclaw machines FEATURES 5 Different prize toy machineVariety of toysurprise in different candy machine Target based gameUserinteractive fun gameplay Kids fun carnival claw machinesimulator
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Do you ever wanted to make the ice cream in the dessertmakerfactory? Do you want to make different kinds of ice creamslike theice popsicles, ice cones and ice scoop? Bring your fantasyto lifewith different flavors of icy dessert recipes!! Start and bethesweet dessert maker now. You will going to start learning howtocook sweet icy dessert with this DIY game. Get a chance tolearnand make the frosty ice dessert in the ice cream makerfactory.Make the perfect sweet summer dessert to become the icydessertchef. The sweet dessert maker with frosty ice is the fungame thatbrings you the collection of the largest ice cream makerfactorywith the tastiest dessert recipes.Do you love to make thesweetfrozen dessert in the best kids cooking game? Enjoy theendless funof the icy dessert maker fun in fun ice cream makerfactory. Tie upyour dessert chef apron now and make the yummy sweeticecream now.Make your customers and manager happy with the bestdessert makerrecipes in town. This free DIY game will teach you howto cook theperfect ice cream in the dessert maker factory. Come anddownloadthis best kids learning fun activity game. Show your skillsand becareful about the time limit as it goes really fast when yougetbusy yourself in making the yummy frosty icy dessert. Be theownerof your own sweet dessert cooking factory and do the best icecreamtoppings that you have in the ice cream factory.You are thefrozenicy dessert maker of the ice popsicle and the icecream scoop.Theice cream maker is a lot of fun and when it comes to runningtheice cream factory. With this cooking game you can start theicefrozen dessert making and match the ice cream orders soyourcustomers can be happy. Complete the order before time isrunningout. Move to the next level with the tighter time limit aswell asthe endless orders of the ice cream icy dessert makingrecipes.Unlock the other levels after completing the previouslevels. Sowith this free dessert cooking game, why not try yourhand atmatching ice cream orders to see if you can run a frozendessertice cream factory!Download this free how to cook icydessertrecipe. Use the professional sweet ice frozen dessert makercheftools and the skills in this free kids DIY game. Become thepart ofthis yummy frosty ice making dessert ice popsicle. The bestsweeticy dessert chef is in town now so prove yourself and maketheperfect frozen dessert with different ingredients. We havelaunchedthe game you have played in your dream only. Enjoy this funicecream maker factory game where everyone can enjoy the yummydessertrecipes in a friendly environment. Make this dream ofbecoming thebest owner of the sweet frosty icy dessert. Learn howto cook.Enjoy making the sweet ice frozen dessert with deliciousrecipesand become the famous dessert chef in the town. Enjoy tonsof fun!Step into the cute sweet dessert icecream factory to makeyour owntasty desserts! Mixing all the ingredients together, learnhow tocook your icy desser as well as adding the final finishingtoppingtouches to it. The ice cream maker is so much fun. You willalsohave the chance to make your very own frozen dessert. HOW TOPLAYICE CREAM FACTORY POPSICLE CONE MAKER Tap to play the icecreammaker factory gameSelect the level among upto 50levelsComplete theorder within the time limitDifferent flavors forthe ice creammakerFinish the icy dessert with amazing toppingsTakeyour yummydessert for the testingMake different types of ice cream:icepopsicle, icecream cone and scoopFEATURESRealistic sweeticydessert factory environmentDifferent types of ice creamtomakeDifferent flavors to make: chocolate,strawberry,vanillaDelicious and tempting ice cream topping todecorateColorfuland amazing HD graphics
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Sweet recipes fun cooking game brings you the collection of thelargest food cake baker bakery cake recipes around the whole world.This dessert cooking game is completely free for all the user onthe Play Store. Be the best dessert chef in this ice-cream sandwichbakery cooking game. Do you love cooking bakery things and want tobecome the best bakery chef? You will definitely be tempted to eatyour desserts first. This free DIY cooking game will guide you withall the sweet bakery recipes and be the best one in the food makingcooking game. This is the best free learning fun activity for kidsabout cook dessert in the best way. Be the owner of your own foodcake baker kitchen and do the cake decoration. Show your cup cakebaking salon skills to all the users on the Play Store. Downloadthis new sweet recipe bakery shop cooking game. Use theprofessional sweet dessert chef tools to for the cup cake bake inthis DIY cooking game. You are now in the best bake cake sweetbakery shop for the brownie cake and ice-cream sandwich.Participate in the sweet baking salon competitions and win thetitle of the best dessert chef of the year! There is so much fun inthis cook bakery game in which you are the expert in the frozenfood cake baker. Run the cake bakery shop and make the cakedecoration now. Kids will definitely enjoy this cooking game andget addicted to it. The best sweet dessert chef is in town now soprove yourself and make the perfect hot banana brownie withdifferent ingredients. We have launched the cooking game you haveplayed in your dream only. Enjoy this fun bakery cooking game whereeveryone can enjoy the yummy sweet recipes in a friendlyenvironment. Make this dream of becoming the best owner of thesweet bakery shop. Learn to cook. Make the cream cake, browniecake, raspberry cake and ice-cream sandwich.  You are welcometo the best cooking game. Kids always enjoy shopping for theingredients. So, we have arranged the cake bakery frozen dessertcooking game. But you cannot bake cake in the sweet bakery untilyou yourself go to shop for all the bakery ingredients. First stepis to take the trip to the dessert cooking shop to buy theingredients that are needed for the sweet cake recipe. Buy all theingredients first otherwise you will not be able to bake cakedecoration, brownie cake and ice-cream sandwich. Enjoy making thedough and baking salon the sweet dessert with delicious recipes andbecome the famous baker in the town. Enjoy tons of fun! Step intothe cute sweet dessert bakery shop to make your own tasty desserts!Mixing all the ingredients together, learn how to cook yourdesserts as well as adding the final finishing cake decorationtouches to it. You will also have the chance to make your very ownice-cream sandwiches.  Step into the kitchen and start thecooking the sweet dessert now with a lot of fun to enjoy. This isthe best sweet dessert food maker cooking game in which yourmission is to make different sweet dishes for your customers. Hurryup! Your customers are waiting for your sweet frozen ice cream. HOWTO PLAY Tap to play the dessert chef food maker cooking game Selectthe type of dessert you want to cook Go to the sweet bakery for thebake cake ingredients Follow the instructions Beat all theingredients to make the perfect chocolate sauce Make the dough forthe raspberry cake, banana brownie and ice-cream sandwich Now mixthe sauce in the dough and put it into the mold Wait for some timeuntil the cake is fully ready Sprinkle the cake with different cakedecoration FEATURES Realistic sweet bakery shop environmentDifferent types of dessert to make Raspberry cake, banana brownie,cup cake, ice-cream sandwich Delicious and tempting cakedecorations to sprinkle Colorful and amazing HD graphics What’s NewAdded new features Gameplay controls improvements More fun recipesNew amazing and awesome background sound effects Added button towatch add for unlocking