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The most awaited world gymnastics championship is about to begin ina jiffy! The world's best and expert gymnast girls will becompeting for the coveted championship title and the amazingtrophy. The title stays for a year with the fancy medals that willbe awarded. This competition is going to be a little different,these girls will not only be judged for their gymnastics skills andstunts talents, but will also be scored on their overall outlookand prepared presentation. The point of this gymnastic championshipis to completely observe the entire preparation of being a gymnast.They need to know that nothing is overlooked in this championship;this includes their makeup, make over costume, artistic effect andaccessories. To get a top position in this competition you need tounderstand that everything must be on fleek in this gymnastic ring.You can win on basis of your talent, looks and presentation.Everything here is being observed and judged. Don’t let others winjust because of your lack of preparation. The whole world iswatching you. It is not just a game of talents and gymnasticstunts; it is a championship where everything has points. You canget score on basis of your looks, your flawless make, your classyhairstyles or even your unique outfit. Nothing is left unnoticed.There are 3 Steps for ultimate gymnastic perfection.*Spa*Just afteryou have been to the gymnastic training, it’s always sweaty and notso hygienic. So we are going to clean up for the gymnasticchampionship. You need to go to spa for that. Give yourself arefreshing spa look; get your hair washed and dried. Get you facesteamed and release out all the stress that you have on yourmind.*Make up*Make up is the major part of gymnastic competitionpreparation. It shows how much homework you have done on yourselfbesides the stunts training and gymnastic practice. Get yourselfready for the ultimate competition. Set up your eyes, get your eyemakeup done, chose the hairstyle that suits you the most, pick upunique sparkles for your lips and attractive tattoos that goes withyour overall look.*Dress up and dance*You need to pick the perfectoutfit for event. The championship is tough. Pick the best outfitthat brings out the best in you. Chose stylish tops, appealingskirts, classy shoes, your props and get yourself accessorized. KeyFeatures1. Dress up in gorgeous leotard that will make you shine2.Show us this beautiful girl 3. Try out amazing looks4. Get yourgirl ready for the big championship5. Easy and fun to play6.Addictive gameplay that makes you try more looks

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School Girls Cleaning House : High School Game 1.0 APK
Highschool is the golden time of life where everything seems soshiny and new. It is the time of having fun specially forhighschool girls. They get to dress up, go on date, enjoy theirlife with no mystery. Everything looks clear with proper aim inlife. What you do what you think sounds perfect and amazing. Whilethe girls dress up, doing laundry is a mystery for them. While theydecorate their rooms the mess is a myth. As the girls face thereality in highschool, comes out it is alto more complex. Not onlydo they get to enjoy and have fun on their own, but also they needto clean up after everything. It is not easy to chose an outfit anddress up perfectly for the date and then you are supposed to cleanyour room and entire house which is now mess created by you whilegetting ready. Highschool girls are grown ups and much more awareof their responsibilities.In this amazing highschool cleaning androom cleaning decorating game, School Girls Cleaning House:HighSchool Game, the cleaning and decorating skills are tested. Howmuch they have leant in life to keep the house sparkling. Fashionup your house and room. Sort out the mystery of the house cleaningby showing your neat skills and decorating potential. Clean theKitchenAfter the party last night, there is a mess. A lot of junkis in the kitchen. All highschool fellows went home but they leftyour kitchen as a big pile of trash. There are wrappers all overthe floor. The house floor needs to get mopped. There is the dirtyfridge. All the eatables are outside fridge. Solve the mystery ofarranging the food items in the fridge and clean your kitchen sothat one part of your house is done with cleaning, and all of itdone by a sensible highschool girl.Clean the WashroomCleaning houseis not easy, specially when washroom cleaning is one of its tasks.Clean the wash basin and floor of the washroom. The house smellsbad due to lack of cleaning of washroom that your highschool mateshave used. When you are done with cleaning the floor, go arrangethe products on the shelves.Cleaning and decorating the bedroomYournext task is to clean and decorate the bedroom. Cleaning is onetask but decorating the house is another major achievement toaccomplish in 2017. This house cleaning simulator game allows youto fulfil your decorating needs on your bedroom. Clean the floor.Wash the curtains, change the bed sheets. Give you house a bit ofyour highschool fashion sense and glam it up. Your house is a verymessy house that needs to be cleaned up as quickly as possiblebecause this dirt is annoying and can expand really more, and itwill be harder and harder to get rid of them over time, speciallywhen highschool girl has much less time for house chores. There aresome cleaning tools available to you and you just have to get ridof this mess quickly! As we have many games girls this awesome gameincludes three cleaning stages, or three rooms that need to becleaned. Key Features • Throw the leftovers in dust bins.• Plentyof cleaning fun to be had• Place items back to their positions.•Rearranging of personal items and utensil• Easy room choosing,clean your favorite room• Wash the floors.• Remove dust from wallsand floor• Self explanatory
Little Baby Girl Sweet Dentist Kids Game 1.0 APK
Welcome to the dentist clinicYou are a real dentist who is ready tostart the practical training; you have patients in front of you whoare in a need of dental surgery. It is now time for you to give thebest service. Get hand on all your trainings about the dentalissues. This is no easy job; Ella is here waiting for her turn tobe treated for her teeth issues. You need to be extra conscious inthis hospital as you are going to do the surgery on little girl.Don’t go crazy with your potential stay put and focus on the littlegirl. This is your real test of dentist skills that you are goingto apply on a baby girl. This little girl was playing outside herschool and some crazy came up and hit her. Though the ambulance,she has been brought to hospital for treatment. Turned out thelittle girl hurt her teeth and with that a lot more crazy surgeryneed issues came up in her teeth. So now with all the rush in thehospital ambulances going by, crazy patients everywhere and you arethe real and only dentist in the hospital you have to pamper andserve the little girl. Being a kids specialist you know very wellthat how you treat little kids and this baby girl. The amazing eraof simulated teeth surgery by dentist has started with differentreal time operations and now in this hospital surgery which can beperformed just for the sake of fun and adventure like otherprofessional dentist games and bones operation games as well. Youcan consider yourself a real hospital surgeon doctor with doctorsimulation games: Little baby girl sweet dentist kids game. Ella isa very sweet kid who is here with a fear of pain. Treat the babygirl with patience and love, take care of her. Undego everyoperation with affection and in a polite manner. The little girl isscared of all the ambulances and tragedies in the hospital calm herdown and make this surgery a fun operation for the little babygirl.Grab the amazing swirling dental chair for the little girl, lay thesick kid down gently and grab your dentist tools to have a quickdental examination. The baby patient has bad tooth ache now and acouple of other teeth have cracks and weird cavity holes in them.This is what you are going to do.Procedure of surgery on littlebaby girlWhat your major tasks are so fun and easy. Just let thebaby girl relax and treat her.Apply hook to start surgeryYou needto let the little girl sit in chair and place the hook in her mouthso her cute baby expressions don’t distract you. Chose the hook andplace it very carefully at the angle that you don’t hurt the babygirl EllaStart surgery by teeth removalNow you need to startoperating and you have to see the crocked teeth. Just apply numblotion and remove the teeth pointed in Ella’s mouth. Remove theteeth very gently and move on to the next step of the procedure.Eliminate the hospital stink by brushing the teethBrush the babygirl’s teeth with amazing strawberry flavored toothpaste and makeher mouth fresh, avoid the ambulance and hospital stink from herbreath.Start FillingMove on in the surgery by filling the spots inbaby girl’s teeth. Just handle the toots that you have been trainedto do in hospital practices and fill the teeth with expertskillsClean and finish like a pro dentist It’s the last step of thesurgery; you have to do the cleaning of teeth and mouth. Make herhappy, satisfied and pain free. Show your pro dentist and doctorskills on completion of this procedure.Key Features1. Intuitive,easy to use user interface2. Beautiful high quality HD graphics3.Cure and amazing scenes4. Fun interesting to play5. Eye catchingstory6. Free to play7. Easy to learn8. Advance tutorial levelincluded
ATM Cash Crazy Supermarket Shopping 1.0 APK
ATM Cash crazy supermarket shopping is a crazy cash game for kids.Now in 2017 the advance environment lets the kids have fun ofshopping, carrying money around the shopping malls and learn aboutspending money in supermarket for grocery and food. In this 2017atm and supermarket shopping game kids will have all the fun andlearning how to use and operate ATM. Now a day’s kidslearning isvery important major task in life of parents. How to make themunderstand shopping, how to give them knowledge about supermarket,how to teach them to pick food, how to show them way of using cash.All these are daily and routine activities that the kids must knowand learn. They are the generation of the future who will usecredit cards instead of cash on daily basis. They are anindependent nation with true ATM operating skills. If they aregoing to use ATM machines, cash and bank they must learn it today.ATM Cash crazy supermarket shopping simulator is the most fun wayof kids learning in 2017. Crazy supermarket is stuffed with peopleand crowd. Kidslearning is important to make them survive in 2017.Cash register, money, bank transactions are the major tasks theyneed to learn. Let’s start the kidslearning fun in bank,supermarket, grocery and food shopping in this crazy ATM simulatorgame of 2017. Money is the vital asset of every bank, supermarketand shop. Without money there is nothing for shopping Begin thefun, start this machine simulator by checking account and depositcrazy amount of cash in the bank and go for the ATM machine towithdraw the money, enter the pin code that you already know, takeyour cash amount & start shopping in big supermarket mallshopping head towards toy store in this ATM kidsLearning andsupermarket grocery and toy story simulator. Deposit your money inyour bank accountIn this ATM Cash crazy supermarket shoppingsimulator first thing for kidslearning is to deposit money in theform of cash to their bank accounts. This will give them a crazystart as everyone loves to have money deposited in their bankaccountLearn and practically withdraw cash The next thing we havein kidslearning is to withdraw cash from the crazy ATM machine. Youdon’t have to stand in line and wait for your turn in front ofcrazy cashier or the bank manager to get cash out of your bankaccount. Simply go to an ATM machine and operate the ATM machinethrough ATM Cash crazy supermarket shopping simulator kidslearninggame and withdraw cash as neededExplore the supermarket forshoppingHow to use your cash and where to buy food, where to buygrocery is the next thing kidslearning simulator provides yourkids. Just play ATM Cash crazy supermarket shopping simulator. Sowithdraw the money, take the cash to supermarket and enjoy thecrazy shopping. Buy food, carry groceries and come back to learnmore.Key Features 1- Amazing learning app for kidslearning2- TrueATM operating and exploring procedures 3- Withdraw deposit cash4-Enjoy shopping in supermarket5- Learn and earn6- Interactivegameplay7- Attractive visuals8- Impressive sounds
Master Tailor Royal Prince Dress Boutique 1.0 APK
Are you waiting for the lifetime opportunity to serve the princewith his fashion requirements?? If yes then the time is here. Youhave been assigned the most glamorous royal task ever. You are aroyal tailor and you need to design the prince’s clothes. All kindsof outfits should be designed for him for several occasions. Youare a smart kid with amazing little tailor skills. You havedesigned all kinds of outfits for wedding, coronation and parties.But this time, prince needs few casual outfits from your boutique.He wants some of your designs and you have to look out for theclothing sense of a prince. His highness needs the most royaldresses from the famous Master Tailor Royal Prince Dress Boutique.So be the best fashion designer for the prince and dress him upnicely at your tailor shop. The royal clothes are not easy to bemade and designed. True fashion sense is needed. The task becomestougher when the tailor shop gets the order for the clothes of aprince. To dress up an ice princess is easy but to dress a princeis a challenge. Dare to accept this challenge and made hishighness’s day by bringing the sleekest and decent wardrobecollection for the prince. Get him introduces to your Master TailorRoyal Prince Dress Boutique and bring him to the new era of princefashion closet filled with your own designed outfits, especiallyfor him. Remember all the tasks you have to do.Prepare the clothfor royal prince’s royal dressGet the order and idea, what princeis looking for. Bring the royal cloth that suits the prince. Bringout the best from your royal tailor shop and make the most gorgeousoutfit. Cut the cloth; take the measurements of the price. Cut thepiece according to the exact measurements. Get the chalk and drawon cloth, sew the cloth with your precise little tailorskills.Dress up the PrinceDress up the prince in the clothes thatyou have made for him as a royal tailor. You have many choices tomake for his looks. His hairstyle, face, suit, shoes are all theoptions. Play around with all options that you have. And dress himup nicely as you like.What are you waiting for, grab your tailortools and get to work, make him classy, dress him decently andbring out the best look in him. Show your advance tailor skills asa little kid and master the art of sewing, cutting and finishingthe royal dresses.Key Features 1- Amazing choices to make from thecloset2- Appealing visuals3- Fantastic sounds4- True tailorexperience5- Easy and self-explanatory 6- FREE
Girlfriend Cheerleader Love story Breakup Revenge 1.0 APK
I have always thought of myself as the luckiest girl in the world.I am the cheerleader captain and the most popular girl inhighschool. It must be a heartbraking thing for other girls but Iam the most popular girl in the high school. Being a cheerleaderand being the captain is not easy. It’s hard to balance work,gymnastics and other activities. I have waited for the cheerleaderchampionship for so long and I am more than prepared for this.Besides my school life my love life is going perfect as well. Mystory is the best one. I have the best boyfriend ever. Whenever Iperform a task of being a cheerleader he is always there to cheerup me. He is most loving and polite. My best friend and myboyfriend have always supported me. They are the one whom I love somuch. My love story and my cheerleader activities were going sowell, but one day it all ended in such a rush that it left meshook. It was a noon of 2016 when I was headed as a cheerleadercaptain to lead my team to the grand championship. It was that timewhen I never knew my best friend will show me a shocking betrayal.I was not expecting what happened. She was always behind me as mysupport but this time she was behind me as my betrayal. I wassupposed to guide other cheerleaders as I was the captain for teamof 2016. I was performing some tasks when I fell down and broke myleg. My career as a cheerleader finished and my love story endedthat day. Heartbreak was the only situation I was in.I was taken toemergency room and in the hospital I came to know that I will notbe able to be the cheerleader captain in the championship. Since,the betrayal started and my best friend took my place as thecaptain. On parallel my love story was ending as well. My boyfriendcame to visit me to hospital when my best friend was there as well.As soon as they left my friend wrecked my love story and asked myboyfriend out for coffee. They went to the romantic café and Ifollowed them. I got to know that they have planned a movietogether. I was heartbroken, deep down I wished that they won’t goto the theater but I really needed to follow them there. They hadalready reached when I went there. I was upset and depressed.Inside a voice came, it’s now time for the revenge. This betrayalneeds to be ended right now. I need to take revenge from mycheerleader friend and show her what heartbreak really is. Let’ssee how I am going to give her the taste of her own medicine. Justwait and watch. *Key Features* 1- Amazing story based game2-Revenge love story3- Fashion, love story, fight and party. All inone4- Instructive game play5- Amazing dress collection for party6-Attractive visuals
Kids Street Food Burger Cooking Game 1.0 APK
The foodmaker food business company is here with a real incrediblecompetition of street food. This is a yummiest fare in the street.Street food is being cooked by the professional chef, shops areclosed and every the food stand is big shop in its own. The wholekitchen is in the street of my small town. No experts andprofessional recipes are here. In this cooking mania 2017 foodstreet is a place of competition. Every café is looking forward tothis foodmaker competition. The new street food cooking competitionfor kids is the only way a kid can get a job in a resturant as achef and get a food factory for kids.So get the furnance ready, getin my chef competition, learn how to make exotic resturaunt food onstreet. Fry away meet with exitement, toss the buns like a chefmake a masterpiece bruger with your own hands. In my chefcompetition just cooking something is not that easy. You have tosort out some unique for this nre street food cooking standcompetition. The idea is to fry and cook something that can beeaten at stall on street as street food and it can be taken in anyrestruraunt. So get the soft buns, bring out oil to fry, collectthe meat, get the patties ready, fry them till they are juicy, putsome cheese on and woalla !! It’s done. My chef competition is allyours. Kids always love playing streetfood chef games as they maketheir favorite foods mainly burgers all by themselves, and you'lllove that cooking up a chef quality snack doesn't mess up yourwhole kitchen in this 2017 cooking mania!Deep fry the meat to getthe best results you don’t wanna take any risks. Make it best andcook it yummy. Cook and prepare the best stall food of streets incooking mania of 2107. This new street food stand and my chefcompetition is going to pop out your amazing and fast cookingskills. Make a new record by preparing the fast food on a stand inthe foodmaker competition. You are cooking against all resturaunts,they are average against you. You are a master of all chefs. Showyour fast cooking skills and enjoy this foodstreet stand cookingcompetition for kids. Kids street food burger cooking game is thebest cooking game. Cook the best most delicious burger ever made oncooking stand as streetfood. Kids street food is being prepared byevery chef and kids love burgers. Prepare all three kinds ofburgers zinger, chicken and veggie burger. So get differentingredients according to the recepie. Make and deep fry patties forchicken burgers. Grill vegetables like a chef for veggie burger andprepare chicken for zimger burger. Every burger is going to be thebest cooked and it should deliver a great taste to all the kidcustomers at foodstreet stand. Key Words 1- Amazing cooking mania2-Streetfood experience on being a kid chef3- Easy smooth controls4-Fun to play5- Interesting cooking6- yummy levels
Pizza Cooking Fun Shop Game 1.0 APK
Pizza cooking Fun Shop Game is the most interesting game made tosatisfy your cooking and baking needs. With crazy cooking tools andmodern kitchen facilities you are now able to have fun with theepic pizza maker game of 2017. You can make yummy pizza and win thecooking competition mania of 2017. You can run your own pizza shopand make cookingFun with your amazing chef like skills. This gamelets you complete the entire process of complete pizza making thata person does at a personal pizza shop. The cooking skills are akey quality that a chef needs, go with innovation and bake uniqueand greatPizza. Your cooking fever will make you win this yummypizza maker competition. Start the cooking with your full potentialand leave every chef behind with your amazing fast food cookingskills. There has been a rumor that there is no one in the sweettown who can make a greatPizza without professional expertise. Thiscompetition of sweet town is very important for you. You have towin it at any cost. You have to prove that you are no less than aprofessional pizza maker or any chef. You can make yummy pizza withno chef or cooking expertise or cooking guidance. Get it alltogether and bake yummy pizza in no time.Find yummy ingredientsPlaywith the ingredients for making greatPizza. You have a big list ofingredients, Shop your ingredients from the market and get whateverthings you need to bake the yummy pizza without major cookingskills. Think like a chef, see what you need. Look the list ofyummy pizza making ingredients. Keep it in mind when you go to buyingredientsBuy ingredients to make fast foodNext thing you do isbuy ingredients. To make a great pizza you have to precisely chooseyour pizza ingredients. You have been to many pizza shops being runby professional chef. See what is required to win this yummy pizzamaker competition. Chose that, collect those fast food ingredientsand get them in your cooking cart.Cut and dice the vegetables towin the cooking competitionGet ready to make the yummy pizza. Firstthing you do is you dice and cut the vegetables that you chose forthis pizza maker competition. Dice sausages, tomatoes, capsicums,bell peppers and cheese. Get ready to prepare this fast food andwin the cooking competition with your own greatPizza recipe.Preparethe pizza to start your own pizza shopNext make the dough, preparethe dough with your ingredients and the tools. Put in salt, sugar,water and flour. And get ready to roll. Roll the pizza dough untilits sweet and fluffy. Get ready to drool with great pizzaLay downall the ingredients on the dough. Spread them to impress the sweetand show this to every chef in this yummy pizza maker competition.Get ready to drool with this yummy fast food item baked by you.KeyFeatures 1. Amazing pizzaShop2. Yummy pizza maker competitionexperience3. Vast ingredient selection for cooking competition4.Bake yummy pizza with amazing chef tools5. Self instructive game6.Fun to play7. Easy to understand8. Smooth controls